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  1. Hey guys what's up. Have you ever thought about the importance of the golf ball and being fit for it? I would like to start a discussion on this topic. Let me know. If you don't yet know the difference between different balls I suggest taking a look here: https://www.golfgalaxy.com/s/golf-ball-comparison-chart It merely scratches the surface but it is very helpful in my opinion.
  2. Winter Depression Thread

    It’s been a hard couple of weeks... When I left for a business trip a month ago it was 85 degrees here, when I returned it was 35. I have spent a lot of time watching videos of my friends and I golfing this summer, eating ice cream, drinking wine, and crying. Do I have anyone else from the east coast feeling the same way? Hope our long lost love (golf) will soon return?
  3. Thoughts on this product? You keep in your bag with your putter and wedge in it. When your close to the green you pull it out instead of carrying a large bag. It has a spike so you stick in ground and it just stands there freely. Also I think it can be used when at the range and want to try out a couple of my clubs rather then bring the hole bag or lay them on the ground. https://www.ebay.com/itm/253242721368
  4. I am subtitling this: “the Tao of Cipher” Last week I was able to play my first full round of golf in over two years. It was not pretty, but it was so much fun. I completely chunked about nine shots and I took at least 4 penalties. I had the absolute best time doing so. A co-worker and I took a couple business partners out and it was very rewarding to be able to do that again. All the hard work, patience and time weighing the tough decisions have been to the benefit of playing again without a concern at this point and without any sort of swing alteration to do so. I am incredibly pleased with the result and with being able to play again. It gives me great joy to know there are many days including yesterday in which my wife will mention the positive change she has seen in me. I don’t want to keep bringing up perspective, because I think it is and has been the least relatable thing in this blog so far based on the reactions and comments. I will just leave this series to be for now with a few final thoughts. This is probably one of the best things that ever happened to me, even if my wrist decides to give out next week. If everything continues to go well don’t be surprised if I play quite a bit less than I did in the past, but also enjoy the game more than I ever have. Don’t be surprised if I do not work on the swing at the same level or someday soon really at all. Don’t be surprised if there are days I would rather go throw a disc into some chains or go fishing with my son and daughter nearly every weekend. Don’t be surprised if I have little to no interest in playing competitive golf. I will however probably try and get the game in shape enough to qualify for and be part of the Newport Cup if I am lucky enough to be chosen. I was looking forward to that the last time and I would like to redeem that missed opportunity. I am most looking forward to meeting some of people I have not met yet from the site and also seeing those again that I have. Thank you to all who have read this series and have wished me well over these past couple years. If anyone comes across this blog in the search for information on this injury, please reach out to me if you are experiencing the same thing. I know the information out there is not great. I will possibly try and continue with another series of blogs in the future, but for this series on the “Reflections on Golf and Life After ECU Injury” I am signing off, for now. Wishing you all great health and don’t forget to take a moment to enjoy each day you are.
  5. Simple premise; what is your favorite movie (with a reason, or just a little blurb about it, if you'd like) about each of the following sports: Football: Baseball: Basketball: Hockey: Soccer: Auto Racing: Bowling: Surfing: Golf: Boxing: Other: I left the original post blank to make copying and pasting easier, I'll come back and post my answers in the second post. "Other" is there in case you have a favorite sports movie that wasn't covered above. I certainly do. :)
  6. Hello Fellow Golfers!, I'm looking for a new destination around Asia that has a scenic layout good for my friends. We've played a couple of nice courses in Thailand, and it never failed to amaze me with the amount of courses they have in each city!. The language barrier in Thailand is decent for a simple conversation, and you could never go wrong with the nightlife. Let me know if you have countries in mind!.
  7. The guy who thought that putting a little pocket within the right front pocket of golf shorts is a good ideaYou are very very wrong sir and if I ever meet you I'll be glad to show you how wrong you are. That is all.Regards,
  8. Hi Guys, I'm fairly new to this website. I wanted to join to begin a forum on Indoor Putting Greens. I know most of us reside in the cold states where we can only sit and dream about golf. I grew tired of this routine of playing golf and finding my game by the time it was too late and the leaves began to fall and soon enough the snow-birds were snow-birding again.... lol. Anyways, I'm an avid golfer, a golf junkie, a golf pyscho, a serial golfer... whatever it is I'm just obsessed with the game. I love it, like all of us do on this site. I've got 3 kids, so this project was a MUST DO. I made a massive putting green in the basement after reading many reviews for the material Kevin Na and Ben Crane were touting about a couple years ago. I learnt many of the tour pros used this material so I HAD to get my hands on it. I thought it would've been pricey but it was super affordable. I spent about 2 weeks building and boy, was it worth it. The finished product was beyond my imagination - I've played many great golf courses and the green actually emulated the best. I even added slopes. And for the record, I'm basically here to spread the word that it is completely possible to have a massive(or small) putting green in your home without breaking the banks like these synthetic turf company's charge. The project literally cost me less than $400. The kids love it, they're down there and have practically forgotten about their Ipads and Ipods and video games(true story). But best of all, the WIFE APPROVES. Here are some pictures - If people are interested in how I constructed, please just feel free to comment. We do not need to be golf hibernators anymore! :)
  9. Today I came across to this video and just wanted to share it with you guys Her swing looks great!
  10. I hope nobody else has made a topic on these yet. For about a 2 months now I've been playing a 4 piece urethane cover ball that sells for $19.95 a dozen. This ball is sold by Cut Golf Company and is known as their Blue model. This month has basically confirmed what they advertise on their website (Cut Golf), and that is a high performance golf ball for cheap. I've found them to be just as spinny around the greens as any other premium ball I've tried and perform similarly to any other urethane cover ball I've played with this year. The company offers 3 different golf balls at the moment along with a trial of an upcoming 4th model. The Cut Blue (4 piece urethane), Cut White (3 piece surlyn), Cut Red (2 piece surlyn), and the Cut Grey (lower compression 3 piece urethane - in trial stages). Their prices range from $20 a dozen for the Blues to $10 a doze for the Reds. I've only played the Blues, but I'd say they are a great option for someone who wants to play a "premium" ball, but doesn't want to break the bank.
  11. Just want to get the word out on a relatively new golf ball company, that seemingly makes a great product. Similar to my Cut Golf topic. Sphera Golf is a new company (debuted in March I believe) that currently offers two different types of golf balls. The Pro Threes, and the Pro Fours. The Pro Threes are a 3 piece urethane cover ball that appears to be trying to play the role of ProV1 in their line up. Their ProV1 X is the Pro Fours, it is a 4 piece urethane cover ball. I've been playing the Pro Fours off and on this week and for me they seem to perform every bit as well as any other 4 piece urethane cover golf ball. Prices for the Pro Fours start off at $24.99 a dozen while the Fours go for $30 a dozen. I hope to update this thread with further impressions as I have more time with the ball, but early returns is that it is good ball for the price.
  12. Swinglync?

    Has anyone heard of swinglync? New kickstarter and I'm wondering if I should support?
  13. Hi everybody, Our Socal group has gone through a bit of a rut since the good old days of our large quarterly outings and I think it's time we change that. @tristanhilton85, @Big C, @mvmac, and myself have gone through the trouble of taking care of all of the initial planning stages for this outing so we can skip right to the fun part of finalizing everything. We've already narrowed it down to two Sundays that all four of us are available; Sunday April 23rd and Sunday April 30th. We also all agree on Goose Creek as the location. (Although, it's not a 100% guarantee yet on the off chance they're booked with a tournament for the day or something. If we can't book it, then we'll go with one of the other courses in the general area - Eagle Glen, Oak Quarry, Morongo, wherever.) As long as Goose is available, though, that's our course. So if you are interested, post here with which Sunday you're available, and we'll figure out which works best for the group and go from there. I think by then our crazy wet season will be over and everybody will be itching to play and we'll get a good turnout. :) Tagging all I can think of off the top of my head. If you know of anybody I missed, please post and tag them. Thanks! @Lihu @jefkve @bmartin461 @Shindig @Bechambo @No Mulligans @Pakoh @GolfSwine @chilepepper @Hacker James @Hategolf @gregsandiego
  14. ...Oakley, OR other other comparable products... In other words, eye-wear made specifically for sports. Do they really help you see the greens better? Do they help you track your ball in the air better? What type of sunglasses do you use for golf, and what kind of lighting conditions exist on your home course? Will name brand eye-wear withstand an impact better than knockoff sunglasses purchased at the gas station (for example)? Are expensive sunglasses for sports worth the money? Or is it all hype?
  15. http://www.golf.com/instruction/flag-or-out http://www.grouchygolf.com/2004/09/golfers-leave-that-flag-in.html Notice the first comment on the latter link above… This will be a quick one. When hitting a shot from off the green, leave the flagstick in. It's really that simple. Unless the flagstick is leaning so far toward you (the Rules of Golf allow you to re-center a flagstick that's leaning because it wasn't put back in properly) that a golf ball will not fit, it can only help you. A ball that's rolling so fast it hits the flag and doesn't go in had NO chance of going in without the flag. The flagstick can only take speed off the golf ball, either letting it fall in or keeping it closer to the hole. And, second: If you're outside of 25 feet or so, consider having the flagstick tended when you putt. People are shy to have the flagstick tended when they putt, but having a person stand there not only helps you aim (though you cannot ask them to stand somewhere in particular - if they happen to stand where you're aiming, it may be helpful to you), but it also helps you with your depth perception and thus helps you with your speed. That's it. Two tips that should help you. I've literally told my golf team members that if I see them playing a shot from off the green with the flagstick out, they strongly run the risk of sitting out the next round because it's just stupid to do otherwise. It's a free way to occasionally save strokes.
  16. Very good home-run hitting swing on the left. Better golf swing on the right.
  17. My name is Jim Crane and I have been doing strength training since I was in high school. I am 67, still play volleyball and golf. It really pains me to see golfers have to quit the game or be in pain for days after a round of golf. It seems just tragic to me that a golfer like Tiger Wood, who could have been the greatest golfer of all time have to resort to surgery after surgery trying to just stay in the game, much less compete on the level we were all used to for so many years. I have developed a way of gaining strength, balance,and mobility in the body which I and others have found to be very effective at producing results in almost anyone who is willing to put in just minimum amount of time. I have decided to share this method on this forum at no charge in the hopes that there is someone out there who will benefit from this information.I am going to make a series of videos, which will be short, maybe twenty minutes long for anyone to try. Let me tell you how I got there. I was a weightlifter for many years and then one day my body started to give out and not only did I have to quit lifting, but I was pains in my legs and had to quit the aerobic program I was involved in. It was then out of desperation, I started to look for a way to bring my body. I spent some years trying different things, but to no avail. Then one day I learned they were starting a Yoga class in my local YMCA. I joined and started doing all the stretches. It was tough, the teacher would sometimes stop the class and ask if I was alright because I was groaning from the release of all that stiffness I had in my body. At the same time I started doing inversion therapy. I used the boots as they did not have tables yet. I loved the yoga so much, I started trying different styles and for the next 5 years did as many as I could. Then I discovered power Yoga which I did for the next 10 years, but something was missing and I could feel it in my body. I started to slow the movement down and wow I felt a new connection that I had never gotten for weights or the other styles of Yoga. I have been doing it and teaching it ever since. I found that slow controlled moves that still challenge the body are much safer and more effective than the faster uncontrolled movements that I had been doing. I also found that when we slow the movement down the supportive muscles have to work harder and when this happens, we not only build strength in those muscle groups, but the muscles draw together and start to work as a unit, dynamically, instead of training the muscles to isolate as I believe I was doing when I lifted weights, I am going to attach a video of one of my golf students who has been doing this practice with me for about 5 years now so everyone can see what it looks like over a period of time.The videos I will share will be at an entry level and anyone should be able to do them. In fact for some they may seem too easy, but they build on each other. Again these will be free and I hope someone will at least try it
  18. lets say i putt and chip for an hour to 2 hours every single day for 60 days straight, and lets also say that i am a relatively new golfer that started this summer and shoots around a 55, do you think doing this would increase my scores pretty drastically? and if so by how much like how much would it really help and be worth it? i understand that putting/chipping makes up for half or even more than half your strokes so it basically makes it the most important part of the game. So how much would doing this much practice really help and lower my scores?
  19. Hi Everybody, For the past month, I've been struggling with a major issue, or issues in my swing. In the downswing, my left leg (while initially bent after the takeaway), starts to lock up and straighten. This avoids me from getting any weight onto my left side (I'm a Righty, btw), causing a great deal of power loss in my swing. In addition, in order to compensate for the straightening of my leg, my head dips down, too. What are some tips and drills I can do to get a correct weight shift and avoid my left leg from straightening? If videos and or photos are needed, please tell me. Thanks (P.S. This is my first post so sorry if I messed something up)
  20. Hi there Golf Travelers! Rovos Rail & Long Cove Club (Hilton Head Island) designed an exclusive luxury Private Golf & Safari Train charter. This once-in-a-lifetime trip is open to US citizens only! Trip Date: 10th - 25th August, 2017 All Inclusive Package: This trip features three nights at the luxury Sabi Sabi Game Lodge where you'll be spoiled with the best game viewing experiences in ultimate luxury. Then you'll be picked up by the Pride of Africa, Rovos Rail. We'll take the 10 day journey from Sabi Sabi to Cape Town playing the top golf courses in South Africa. Your Cape Town experience include the famous Stellenbosch/Franschhoek wine lands and the best the Mother City has to offer. Everything's included: Seven games of golf, caddies and carts Private luxury flights to Sabi Sabi (Kruger Park) Three nights in Sabi Sabi luxury private Game Reserve Nine nights on the Most Luxurious Train in the world, Rovos Rail Three nights at the One & Only Hotel, V&A Waterfront Non-golfers' itinerary All meals & beverages All excursions, luxury transfers & guided tours Click HERE for the detailed itinerary Golf Courses: (with their ranking) Leopard Creek (2nd) Durban Country Club (5th) Champagne Sports Resort (35th) Humewood Golf Links (11th) Fancourt Montagu (6th) Fancourt Links (1st) Pearl Valley (8th) For detailed info on the packages available / gallery / contact info, please click HERE. You may also contact me: al@rovosgolf.com We would love to see you in August 2017!
  21. College golf

    Hey guys. I was really hoping that id be able to play golf for uc san diego. Im a junior in highschool, and mu gpa is 4.0 uw and 4.3 w. My handicap is around a 1.4 . Im gonna start tournaments soon for ajga. Whats my chances for playing for them, as well as other d2 schools. thx
  22. I try to practice twice a week at the driving range. $20 a week! Thinking about investing in a golf net so I can practice more often.
  23. I noticed that there were many aspects of golf that related to every day life. The values, ethics, morals, and general uniqueness of Golf translate very well to life and the decisions, actions, and paths we take in life. Golf takes patience. Hard work. Dedication. It cant be perfected. It gives us choices and rewards us for the right ones while punishing us for the bad decisions. At times it's the most frustrating thing and at others its the most gratifying. Because of these reasons, and many others, I created Hioism. It is a way to bring the aspects and attitude of golf to situations in your life to gain happiness, relaxation, and purpose, just like on the golf course.
  24. I find it interesting that early this week I was standing on the spot shown in the photo which is the 18th hole of my local disc golf course and an incredibly heavy feeling of déjà vu came over me. It was as if I were standing there for the first time I had ever played that disc golf course, feeling the weight of the injury and trying to find something to fill the void in which the injury left me with. It cracked me up a bit that back then I could not even throw the disc half way up the hill, and was probably thinking “What the **** am I doing here right now?”. I quickly snapped out of it at that point and took the photo as a memory and a reminder for what was, and how I have gown as I pursue the road before me. It is a bit embarrassing to admit how heavy the injury weighed on me at that time. The void I was left with was not because of the injury I experienced those two years ago, it was because of an imbalance in my life. The fact many of us live with so much abundance that this type of thing is something to be bothered by is not even fathomable to others. I keep coming back to that word perspective. This week I was able to work my way back to making full swings with the irons and the woods. I've been getting a little crap for the way the swing has held up after all this time. I'll admit, that makes me smile a bit, but my current elation over swinging the club like that again is not the same as it once was. It is no longer about trying to build a “perfect” swing in which I can hit a high tight draw at will. I mean, what golfer does not dream of that, right? Sure I still want to eventually play with some kind of playable pattern. However, every swing I make now is with purpose, it feels like a gift. It is not with a purpose for perfection it is with the purpose to fully appreciate each moment I am able to do so. It may be next week or it may be 40 years from now, but at some point I won’t be able to swing anymore. Until that time I intend to live in the chaos of it all with that purpose and I will be ready for whatever may come. If I am lucky enough to do so the next blog will be about playing an actual round again, and hopefully I’ll get a few holes on video as well.
  25. http://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules-hub/rules-modernization/major-proposed-changes/proposed-change--reasonable-judgment-in-estimating-and-measuring.html The proposed rule says: In talking with a few USGA folks, they've said this is mostly for estimating where a ball crossed the margin of a penalty area or GUR or whatever, or for measuring 20" or whatever (i.e. if they measure but the stick is half an inch from the ball, and they drop at the 20" mark, that's fine) on drops. But then in the "reasons for change" they specifically say this: Does 0.7" count as a "small inaccuracy"? To me, for a well-sighted athletic young woman, "reasonable" is a pretty small window. I don't think placing the ball 0.7" away is at all "reasonable." Especially when she did nothing but lift the ball a few inches and put it right back down. She didn't walk away and forget that she'd marked the ball to the side. That's why I still don't think that rule would have saved her. It would have simply led to more controversy. Wayne likely doesn't feel it was "reasonable" either: I think she's at fault of more than a "small inaccuracy," particularly when you consider that she lifted the ball only a few inches and was staring down at it the entire time. If you ignore Wayne's talking, you'll see many replays in a row of her lifting and replacing the ball… poorly. Unreasonably.

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