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  1. We're in that special hell of rules controversies with the implementation of the new Rules of Golf. There have been some growing pains with the new rules, and that has allowed the golf media to tee off on its favorite target, the USGA. Which, to be fair, can make itself an easy target: https://www.golfdigest.com/story/despite-harsh-words-from-some-tour-pros-usga-pleased-with-roll-out-of-new-rules-of-golf. That aside, I wanted to talk about the "controversy" about the knee-height drop that the Rules now require. Rickie Fowler got a one stroke penalty for dropping from shoulder height this past weekend. Cue the complaining from him: https://golfweek.com/2019/02/22/rickie-fowler-hit-with-one-shot-penalty-for-illegal-drop-at-wgc-mexico-championship/ I can forgive him - he just had a brain fart, probably didn't gain an advantage in this situation, it cost him money. I'm always annoyed when I get a penalty, personally, and it's absolutely never my fault, okay? But cue the pearl clutching from the media: https://www.golf.com/news/2019/02/25/backstopping-pro-tours-under-policed/ I'm here to tell you that this is wrong, and knee-height drops actually make a ton of sense. One of the best things the new Rules do is simplify dropping. Now, all you have to do when dropping is land the ball in the relief area (without touching you or your equipment before hitting the ground) and ensure the ball comes to rest in the relief area. If you don't do this, you have to redrop. Pretty simple. Yes, you have to figure out what your relief area is, but that's pretty simple, too. (For a fuller explanation of this, see Rule 14 and the definitions in the Rules of Golf.) The old rules were much more complex. Specifically, if your ball rolled to one of 9 areas after you dropped it, you had to redrop. For example, if your ball rolled more than 2 club lengths away from where your ball hit the ground, you had to redrop. You had to know all of these 9 areas to know if you needed to redrop or not. So, the new way is simpler, right? Instead of learning 9 different triggers for a redrop, you only have to learn 1. Great! Why am I talking about when you have to redrop? This is why we're dropping from knee height. Generally, under the new Rules, your ball cannot go as far after hitting the ground as it used to without triggering a redrop. Dropping from knee height reduces the chance that a redrop will be necessary. It also means that a ball has less of a chance of embedding in sand when you drop it. It makes a ton of sense, really. Now, you might say, that's all fine, but why not allow dropping a ball from anywhere above knee height? I think you could easily game the rules to be able to place the ball when you really want to by simply dropping from shoulder height instead of knee height. Think about dropping on a side slope, for example. You're much more likely to have to redrop and place if you drop the ball from a higher point. Sure, this is rare, but why take the chance? We're all on the same page, right? Knee-height drops make a lot of sense. (If you want to know more about the changes to dropping, this is an excellent article that talks about this in a bit more detail: https://rulesgeeks.com/2018/12/30-days-of-2019-rules-changes-day-16-procedure-for-dropping-a-ball-in-playing-it-from-a-relief-area/) Now to the point of all of this: golf media, please take 5 minutes to understand the rule before issuing a HAWT TAKE about the rule. The USGA has a one page sheet that explains the rule: http://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules-hub/rules-modernization/major-changes/new-procedure-for-dropping-a-ball.html. You don't come off very well when you fail to read that. I know it's fun and easy to just mindlessly bash the USGA, but they do get things right. This is one of them. (Oh and by the way, the Rules are actually really good, as a whole. Maybe I'll talk about that in another post later.)
  2. Hello Sandtrappers, My name is Justin Tobin. I'm 32 years old and live in the Philadelphia area. I work as an event staging video technician for corporate (and collegiate) meetings and events. I sometimes work events at very nice golf courses, and it's torture looking out at the course not being able to play. My golfing background is not extensive at all, but it's somewhat interesting. I began playing at 15 years old with a set of junior lefty clubs; I'm naturally left-handed. I took two group lessons and played a few rounds but gave up the game about a year later due to a higher interest at the time in other sports. About 12 years later (at 28 years old), I picked the game back up playing very casually maybe one or two times a month with my buddies, and would rent lefty clubs when I played. I never broke 100 during this time and would routinely end up shooting around 110. About two years ago, my uncle gave me his old set of clubs and they were right-handed, so I relearned the game right-handed. After some practice (this was the first time I had actually put effort into practicing and developing a swing by myself), I played my first right-handed round and shot my normal 110. I had lost power switching sides, but my consistency improved (I was still putting LH but everything else RH). After about a year with very minimal improvement, I realized that I enjoy and play the game enough to justify making a big (for me) purchase and buying a set of LH clubs. On a friend's recommendation and after my own research, I decided to build and purchase my own set of custom LH clubs from Gigagolf. It is a good starter set for me given that I'm essentially starting over. After receiving my clubs exactly one week ago today, I have since become obsessed with the game and developing myself a new swing from scratch. I started by reading Harvey Penick's Little Red Book, and then watching a bunch of free videos I've found from various sources on the Internet. I decided to study Gary Player's golf swing since he has been a very successful player and has a similar build to me (we are both short at 5'7"). I haven't adopted his famous step-through follow-through, but have listened to all the instructional videos of his I could find. After 8 hours of practice over two days, I played my first round on that 2nd day walking my local course and scored a 111. I shot a 51 on the front, but then I guess I was sore and tired because I really ran out of steam shooting a very ugly 60 on the back (this was also my first time playing strictly to USGA rules). I practiced for four hours again the next day, and the following day played another round on a much tougher course and shot a 107. Anyway, after much research I stumbled upon this site, and I'm excited to be here! I'm looking forward to learning from the experience of everyone in here as well as offer up any insights I may have despite my very beginner status. Once I have time, I plan to upload videos of my swing in the member swing forum, and be active offering input there. Thanks in advance to any and all who help me with my progression. Best, Justin
  3. Hello everyone ! I am Steven from Vietnam. I am learning about golf, how to play and how to design golf course mini in home. I join this forum to receive some advise from everyone for newbie (Don't know more about golf before). Now i know a little about: What does a golf course include ? The golf course does not follow a certain standard but will be scheduled according to a set course consisting of 9 or 18 holes. Corresponding to each hole on the pitch, there will be a tee box or tee and an area with a hole called the putting green. In between the tee and the putting green, other terrain types will be available: Fairway, rough grass, sandbanks and other obstacles (water, rocks). , Grass dust, ...). These obstacles will be arranged according to the design of each type of yard and not follow a standard. How to play golf (just a little). Golf has two forms of play: stroke play and match play. In it, the play stroke play golf is the most popular. And i am learn more about this 2 forms of play. The questions i am finding out the answer is: Which form of play is easier for golfer. If anyone know, please give me some informations. Thanks very much.
  4. Hello All. I’am new to this forum discussion. My curiosity to learn something new has brought me here. I’am a passionate golfer and really enjoy playing golf with my friends. I started golfing last year and am really enjoying it. Looking forward to your advices and ideas. Thanks
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