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Found 18 results

  1. What are the general thoughts about Brooks Koepka's putting grip with the extended right pointer finger? After playing around with this over the past few days it is a change I'm actually really interested in making permanently. I often feel extreme disconnect between my hands and the club while putting and this is something that really unites the two for me.
  2. My shoulder isn't 100% and it's going to rain, but f*** it I'm going golfing tomorrow.

  3. iacas

    Grip Pressure

    From the album: Full Swing (5SK)

    © 2018 Erik J. Barzeski

  4. MichaelMiller

    Cornu Tension in Golf

    Cornu Tension in Golf Greetings, Mattie watches a lot of golf swings on YouTube. She writes to me about those who have a "hip grip" and those who don’t. She suggests I write something about what she calls the "hip grip” and on Cornu Tension and share it with the golf community. The hip grip The hip grip is the core. Everyone talks about the core. In this view, the view that Mattie wants me to share with you—the core is a grip at the hips. Just like the muscles in your hands make a grip, so do the muscles in your hips. To get a hip grip your biology has to accomplish the physics of making a grip at the hip. Practically speaking, that is the ability to rotate around the axis that runs through your hips. You’re creating an axis of rotation out of thin air by establishing control of it. The muscles act in symphony to establish a grip, because a grip gives you the control you need to move. Or to stabilize. The hip grip stabilizes your pelvis. Hold your palm up; make a grip. That same engagement of muscles making a grip happens at your hips. Your ability to make a grip in your hand is the same ability to make a grip at your hips. One is just a lot more subtle than the other! So I would say Mattie wants me to tell you that the core everyone talks about is a grip at the hips. Cornu Tension Cornu tension comes from oppositional rotation between axes. Cornu tension gives you a sensation of alignment and more uniform usage of your muscles. The body has the ability to rotate around at least six different axes, “endpoints” if you will. The primary one is at the hips. Everybody uses Cornu Tension to move, whether they know it or not. Cornu tension goes to the heart of our biology accomplishing the physics we need to move through space. Students can usually find the feeling of Cornu tension from their ears to their shoulders first. Then, find it from their shoulders to their hips. Cornu Tension comes from the way you engage the muscles of your body, from oppositional rotation between axes in your body. In Cornu Tension, the rotation at the ears connects to the rotation at the shoulders and the rotation at the shoulders connects to the rotation at the hips. Cornu tension allows you to stretch your spine and hold it stable. There you go, Mattie! The Core is a grip at the hips. Cornu tension makes alignment sensational and distributes the load of the body. Thanks for sharing your feedback from watching all those golf swings on YouTube; I hope this post is what you were looking for!
  5. To the extent those of you with overly active hands can sometime fight the hooks, I have been tinkering and really like the idea of taking what Furyk does and modifying it just a bit so that the hands do not disconnect. I tried working on his pure double overlap grip -- but found that the bottom hand (my right hand because I am a righty) kept getting disconnected especially through impact and did not impart a solid, confident feeling. I made a slight modification to that Furyk double overlap and inserted a small interlocking of the tip of the left index tip and that seems to have worked perfectly as a happy medium between the traditional interlock (which for my gets my right hand far too much underneath the club and causes a closed club face that I am constantly fighting). To briefly describe it: >right pinky tip overlapped and kind of Hogan hooked over and around the left middle finger's middle knuckle (stretched over that finger like Furyk does but hooked around the knuckle like Hogan) >place the left index finger's tip in the webbing between the right pinky and middle fingers >keeping both of those pieces of the grip in place, bring the right ring finger over and hook the tip of that right ring finger around the left index finger's middle knuckle
  6. Jack Watson

    Old grip video De La Torre

    There's some good stuff in here and also some ideas that I question. Nonetheless an interesting watch...
  7. Hello! I'm looking to change from standard size grip to midsize. I have played NDMC for a few years now and i think they are alright/good. I looked around on a few forums and found that people liked the crosslines and i thought about giving them a go. The thing is i also read that the new crosslines isn't as good as the old ones? I'm afraid that the good things i have read about the crossline only applies to the old crossline. I'm also looking at some MC PLATINUM which looks good but i'm not sure they are worth twice the crossline. These are the two i'm considering: Lamkin crossline or MC platinum Which ones would you go for? Thanks in advance.
  8. Sierra Magica

    Improve my Golf

    Hi there, I was reviewing basic fundamentals and my first aha moment came with the grip. Now I understand pressure points and their function and in my pre shot routine I include how I grip the club. First I grip the club with the left hand. I try to feel the cock and uncock of the left wrist and its pressure point #2 to allow do the job. Then the pressure point #1 go on its position and try to feel how push the shaft down and how important is to be located on the correct position. Finally pressure point #3. For me its location affect how the face is going to be coming into impact. If at impact the pp #3 is under the shaft the face will be open, the opposite if the pp #3 is more on top of the shaft at impact the face will be more close. How could neglect something so basic!!! Some time we neglect obvious thing as the grip and it can ruin everything. So I recommend to improve review basic and try to understand them and if you can't try to ask to a good golf pro. Good luck this year
  9. I'm working on a stronger grip, and it is dawning on me that I can best do it if I do one of two things: Get to a simulated impact position and then fiddle with the club so that it is where I want it to be, Get to A6, and then rotate the club in my hand so that when my wrist is flat that the club is where I want it to be. Either of those two things will get me the same grip, and when I get into address position from there, my grip is where I think my instructor wants it to be. If I try to get to the grip directly from address, I seem to never get it strong enough. The whole "count the knuckles" thing doesn't work for me, as I think I move my head around to change how many knuckles I see. Over time, I'll probably get better at it, but I wonder if anyone else uses some other position to set their grip. Is there a downside to it (other than it looks goofy on the course)?
  10. @Vinny Cap's thread got me thinking. Some years ago I read that Dave Pelz considered the belly putter (anchored) to be the "best" putting approach based on a statistical study he had performed. Next best was left hand low. I do not know how many versions of putting he studied and now anchoring is not permitted by the Rules. Conceivably, Mr. Pelz might have discovered an even better technique. As the poll demonstrates, there are a lot of ways to swing a putter and I suspect the list is far from complete. I have tried a few times to use "left hand low" but I've used the reverse overlap grip for 5+ decades and I will likely stick with that until I can no longer play. How about the rest of you?
  11. This came up in a different thread so lets see if you do putt with a finger pointed down the shaft, if you did putt with a finger down the shaft or you use a different grip all together. If you select other, you can tell us your grip style.
  12. I use a ten finger grip and find the overlap and interlock grips extremely uncomfortable, however every fitter/coach ive seen has reccomended that i at least try the other two grips at a range and to see if i have improvements. i cant get past 3 shots with out feeling like the club will fly out of my hands or my fingers will break. is the ten finger grip necessarily going to impede my game?
  13. Dear friends: I have been searching for new ways and approaches to golf which will make golf game swing easier and consistent and forgiving. Here goes #1. - use two fingers and let the left hand more leading, and make a handle to be More of ONE unit. This new idea will make you think more and deeper. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!
  14. akammerer

    Putter Grip... What should i do

    Hey guys my ball striking has been pretty good lately but my putting has been lacking. I feel my putts aren't going straight,have good speed, or have control over them. I use a single overlapping grip and I was using that for everything do you think I should maybe switch it up and do a baseball grip? Or a left hand low grip to maybe get more control? Thanks
  15. To put this post in context, I have never been a good putter. In the middle of an AimPoint lesson, the instructor advised me to get a putting lesson, I frequently cut across the ball, raise my head, hit the ball rather than rolling etc. Making anything outside of 6 feet is a rarity, and I'll three putt at least twice a round. That probably gives a good summary. As a 12 handicap, it's comfortably the worst part of my game, and not for the want of practice - it's just never got better. So, about a week and a half ago, I started looking at putting left-hand low after seeing Rory trying it in an attempt to banish his flatstick woes (http://www.pgatour.com/tourreport/2016/03/02/rory-mcilroy-putting-grip-change.html). I've spent about an hour and a half on my indoor putting mat, a couple of sessions on the practice greens and two rounds working on it and it's a complete game-changer. I'm now rolling putts at the hole and I'd say about 8/10 have a chance, whereas it was closer to 1/10 beforehand. Granted, that's partly a confidence thing, but I'm definitely no longer cutting across the ball. In my most recent round (http://www.gamegolf.com/player/benpage101/round/810489), I would say I made five putts (8ft plus) that I wouldn't have with the normal grip. Additionally, the fact that I don't feel too comfortable with my distance control means that I have to use the pendulum stroke, reducing the likelihood that I hit at the ball. There are still a few occasions where I don't quite get it right, but it's been miles better. By no means is this something that'll work for everyone, but has anyone else had that one moment where things suddenly click? If so, what was it?
  16. Just switched all my grips aside from putter to midsize MCC PLUS 4 Golf Pride grips. (From Golf Pride m31 in irons, Lamkin 3 gen ACE in woods, and Golf Pride NDMC wedges. All standard size.) Initial thoughts = WOW. I have regular sized hands, wear a medium or large glove (prefer the snugness of medium.) testing = two buckets at indoor golf driving range/dome i love the feel of the grips. Softer than I am used to. The tackiness is perfect, (at first it thought they were too"smooth") initial concerns went away after two minutes of practice today was able to grip lighter than ever with no issues. The ability to grip lightly is HUGE, some of my smoothest best feeling swings occurred today. I will test on trackman to see if there is any carryover to distance. I was able to control shot shapes with ease, which was my biggest concern making the switch. I initially thought I would be slicing everything..... Not at all. The only drawback = a little less feedback. But when you hit a club on the screws it feels like you literally hit nothing (impressive, considering range balls.) they are definitely a softer feel than I am used to, but that feels better to me. I understand how people suffering from arthritis prefer these to standard, I hit two buckets of balls (first practice session in 3 months.) and my hands feel fine. I literally think this may be the best decision I have ever made in regards to equipment. I will update over the next few weeks to show trackman comparisons before and after. Taco
  17. What do you think about cork putter grips? I think they sound pretty interesting. I'm not a fan of really soft putter grips but I do like the light weight oversized options. Unfortunately many of the putters today feel too muted for me and I'm not sure if it's always the face, the grip or a combination. Of course like many fisherman, I love the feedback I get with a cork grip. Why not try it with my putter? I think the option could provide some really good feedback and help my distance control and feel. What are your thoughts? Bettinardi had some options available on their putters. Salty Grips was the brand they had on their site. Interested to see what others think and if anyone has tried them.

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