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Found 11 results

  1. Hi All, I've been working on improving my game, and in turn have started thinking about getting a better set of clubs. For context, being serious about golf is really new to me so I may ask a dumb question or make a dumb statement. I found a set of Ping i10 irons on Craigslist for $175. The club heads appear to be in good shape. As far as I know, Pings are pretty valuable clubs. However, I use a 1" longer shaft, and they badly need new grips. I'm not sure on the price of getting new shafts and grips. I'm wondering if it's a good value to pick up that set of irons and get new shafts and grips. What is the rough cost? Would it be worth it? Should I just buy a new set of clubs? I appreciate any suggestions.
  2. Hi there!I wanted to ask if anyone knew if it is legal to use a tennis overgrip tape over a worn golf grip, or using a tennis grip on the club. I understand it is legal as long as the grip has no grooves and is plain (as the common golf grip).I think this topic was discussed previously but I wanted to have an update since rules changed.Best regards!Rod
  3. Q. How are clubs and grips fitted for the individual golfer?
  4. I've been thinking about reminder ribs lately and was wondering how people felt about them. I have a tendency to grip with my left hand too strong at times and I think a reminder might help with that problem. I usually like full cord grips that I can install with the label down, but lately I've been using PURE DTX grips with the label up because I think the grip texture is meant to be oriented in a certain direction. I was looking at one of two possibilities: Getting ribbed PURE DTX grips from Value Golf Getting ribs from The Golf Works and installing them under my current grips I can probably get away with the second option because my grips are in pretty good condition, but it might just be easier to go with the first option. Should I put reminders on all my clubs or skip the wedges? Do I even need them at all? With the PURE DTX grips, I can turn the label slightly so that I can use it as an alignment aid for my hands, but then I'll have to learn to grip the club with the grip as a visual reference rather than the clubhead. Plus I don't have PURE grips on all of my clubs. I'm curious to see what others think.
  5. Ok first off, squeaky new 54 yr old ball chaser. I currently have a set of Ping eye 2 blue dots 1-9 pw,sw, lw, Ben hogan 3 hybrid, tour edge bazooka QL Driver, odyssey DX putter. Ok the irons have a arthritic grip on them but grips are to big for me. But I do hit them straight. Now instructor commented on how I either need to regrip all the clubs minus the putter. Now not sure about length or flex. I got the whole iron set for 5 bucks at a garage sale so I'm not that vested in them. So regrip or buy new. Now with info in hand not really playing a full 18 yet mostly play 9's either a par 3 (shot 41 yesterday) or 9 on the par 72 (48 was last round). Short to mid Irons I hit pretty straight. Long irons and drivers I slice/fade right. Many info thoughts or jabs( in good humor) budget about 500.00
  6. Hello TST members I am looking for a new putter grip. Has anyone put the new golf pride snsr into play yet. I used the superstroke slim 3.0 for awhile and liked it. I recently got a new putter so I am currently using the stock grip. Im looking for some opinions from others. Pros and cons of the golf pride snsr. Feel free to throw in other options as well. What do you game and why? thanks.
  7. I've tried a few since I generally buy used clubs. I started with Tour Velvets, but I have tried multi-compound, full cords, wraps, basic rubber, super tack, etc. However, I've settled on Golf Pride CP2 Wraps and Pros in midsize. They're very soft and tacky, but what I like most is the lack of taper. What do you guys and gals prefer?
  8. Hi I have a ton of shafts and grips that I inherited. How can I find out how much they are worth? Are used shafts worth anything? Thanks in advance for your advice.
  9. I need to get my clubs re-gripped for the first time and I'm wondering about different grips out there. I bought two wedges recently, one has a softer Winn dri-tac grip and the other has a firmer Lamkin grip. I like them both but those are my wedges and I swing them with slower tempo. I'm wondering if any particular firmness is more suitable for me. I'm 24 with above average hand strength and a faster swing speed. They both feel fine but I don't know if any potential issues may be amplified with longer clubs than my wedges. I've started playing golf more seriously this past year so there's a lot to learn about smaller details. And there's always the case that I may be overthinking it and it's just a matter of feel. Just wanted to get y'alls input. Thanks a bunch!
  10. I have tried many different grips, so I was tempted to try a new model to me to put on my 2010 titleist ap1's. I foolishly went for the Black Widow Torque grips due to their colour (white) the fact they were advertised as 'full cord' and had a fleck of red in the colour scheme that would go well with the look of the irons. What a waste of money. Absolutely crap grips. As hard as concrete, no feel, didn't notice any cord, felt like 25 year old grips. To be honest, I would have been better off fitting them inside out. After one round they have been cut off with a Stanley knife and I smiled at each and every one I cut off.
  11. It's the time of the year where I re-grip my clubs. I have big hands and I need larger than standard grips. The damn problem is the Grips that I have been playing only come in standard size in Red (I'm OK with the Grips on the E8's but I'm still going to re-grip all of my clubs) So should I get some other grip in midsize or get the same grip and build it up... Anything I need to know about building up the grip? Are there any tricks to installing a new grip on 6 wraps of tape?
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