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Handicap Index

  1. To this point, the world has had a few different handicapping systems. Among the major ones, we had the USGA handicapping systems, with course ratings, slope, the 0.96 multiplier, best 10-of-20 system, etc. We had the CONGU system, which had the SSS (standard scratch score). Australia, AFAIK, was closer to CONGU but has spent the past several years quasi-converting to the USGA type standard. Well, scheduled for 2018, the world will see a unified handicapping system. The system is a blend of the two main handicapping systems, in that: Courses will have a scratch and bogey rat
  2. Hi Everyone, I started playing golf again after quitting back in 1975. When I quit in 1975, I could shoot in the 80's on most courses. (Patty Jewett at Colorado Springs.) Well, I started playing again two years ago because of being diagnosed with Parkinson's in my right hand. (Exercise is a key step in controlling this disease.) This year I joined the USGA and started recording my scores for my handicap. It seems I have a very high handicap compared to everyone else. Yet, when I play these "friends", I seem to hold my own and they seem "put out" that a 23 handicap player
  3. I'm doing a research for our Brazilian Golf Confederation Athletes Committee, Do you guys can tell how much do you pay for official handicap providers? what do they offer(if they offer other features to their members)? All the details will help if it's USA, or other countries. Thanks in advance.
  4. Dates: https://www.usga.org/handicapping-articles/handicap-active-and-inactive-season-schedule-25489.html For example we are April 1 to November 14, which I think is good. We used to end in October, maybe even the middle of October, so the extension through November 14 is welcome, particularly in Erie where the lake helps us stay warm. We were playing in shorts in early November this year, too. Sometimes we can play golf in March and the conditions are good, but April 1 still seems "right."
  5. I typically look at the yardage and par. Anything 6700 to 7200 fits. If it's really, really soft, even 6500 can be a good challenge.
  6. Compared to most of the weekend duffers I come in contact with, I find it impressive how many golfers don’t stink. This of course is only USGA registered handicaps. Less than 2% of men’s handicaps and less than 1% of women’s are scratch or better. You folks are a rare breed. Just another something I am below average at. 😏 My dog still loves me.
  7. I need advice on how to best proceed with this. I went to log into my handicap service and my log in ID, password, email address - nothing existed. I am no longer in the system. I am not sure why my auto pay went thru but that was the least of my concerns. I can deal with the autopay issue separate. For some crazy reason I have virtually every score card for the last 5 + years. How far back should I go in entering my data? The last 2 seasons I have been injured so I have a low number of rounds. I need some type of index for the end of April as I am playing in a 4 day event
  8. We've been using an 80% handicap reduction in our big groups (and golf leagues) with some success for a few years. (BTW in our case we are not doing it to reduce the number of par 3 strokes specifically). I'm looking for some opinions on whether the new handicap system should allow us to go to full caps. I'm of the opinion that the changes should make the reduction less desirable. (less-enough for me anyways).
  9. I recently attended a USGA sponsored seminar on the new World Handicap System (WHS). Our Club needed to have one member certified by the USGA and as handicap chairman, I was the logical choice. As a member of TST and from reading material on the WHS, I was familiar with the general outline of the changes and new procedures. My hope was that the seminar would fill in a lot of the details. It did. Two items on the agenda were most interesting to me. Playing Conditions Calculation Because of its newness in the USA, the Playing Conditions Calculation (PCC) was particularly intere
  10. I'm borrowing this from somewhere else, but basically: LCP - Low Cap Privilege LCB - Low Cap Burden HCP - High Cap Privilege HCB - High Cap Burden If you're a low handicapper, you know what privileges and burdens are afforded or put on you, and ditto if you're a high handicapper. For example: LCP: You're invited to play at some great courses because people won't be embarrassed to be seen playing with you. You don't have to take half your bag to a ball that's 50 yards from the cart because you're completely unsure what club you're going to need to
  11. Just started playing again after a ~5 year break, and planning to buy a set of clubs as I currently don’t have any. I’ve been searching on eBay and have narrowed it down to two choices for my irons - the Cobra CXIs or Mizuno MX 20s. They are basically the same price, and both are 4-PW (although the Mizuno set also has a gap wedge). Does anyone have any advice on which would be better in terms of forgiveness/high handicap play? Thanks :)
  12. I dont understand how they work. Do you need one?
  13. I post scores, including solo rounds, to a website that calculates an unofficial handicap. They use the USGA formula but it does not qualify as a "club" so the index is not official. I also post rounds that qualify for posting to our state association and have an official USGA handicap. The current official index is 8.2 while my unofficial one is 6.7. I play a fair number of solo rounds when I can't rope someone into playing or no one is available to join at the course. I play by the Rules or, if I am practicing, I don't post in either venue. For me, the solo posting ban has keep my
  14. From 2009: http://www.golfdigest.com/story/hotlistevolution-0902 From 2015: http://www.myvirtualpaper.com/doc/Golfweek-Custom-Media/golfweek-5-18-15/2015051202/17.html#16 This post links to an article from 2017: Ignoring the fact that without a floor, you can't really calculate a percent improvement*… the fact remains: golfers are getting better. This seems to be true despite courses continuing to get more difficult, golfers playing longer tees than they often should, and anything else you can think of. Golfers continue to get better, IMO, because: Instruction
  15. My golf foursome has been playing together for years (20+). We are in desperate need of a season scoring system, so that we can look back on the season and determine who holds the Golfer of the Year bragging rights. We don't handicap our rounds, as we are all about the same level. We are trying to come up with a system that awards points to individual golfers, so that at the end of the season, we can tally the points and crown the GOTY. We would like the system to take the following into account; 1. Rank for the day (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th) 2. Course difficulty (a 79 at an easy cours
  16. I have been silent for a bit on this blog. Time to start blathering again. A new tournament season is rapidly approaching for our club-without-real estate. 2018 will be my first season as Handicap Chairman after serving a few years on the committee. We play a 15-event net tournament season so the Handicap Chairman is a somewhat thankless job. There is always a vocal group that believes every winner is a sandbagger and successful players yap about the downward handicap adjustments we dole out. One big happy family! I just got off the phone with one of our members who has been qui
  17. Today I came across to this video and just wanted to share it with you guys Her swing looks great!
  18. My name is Art and I'm excited to have found this community. I've got a son involved in the PGAJGL and his interest and love of the game has motivated me to begin to play more often and get better. I have a passion for the game and the life lessons that it can help to teach you. I have a technical and operational consulting background and in my spare time I'm involved with growing the game of golf, helping individuals to play golf with their buddies more often. I live in the Austin, TX area and would love to connect with anyone on the blog near Austin.
  19. Hi everyone. Brand new to the Sand Trap, but have been golfing steadily since 2013 (at least once per week). I have a serious problem with consistency and keeping the ball on the fairway in general. Beginning to get worried I may just not ever be a good player. I average in the mid-90s, and very rarely hit the upper 80's, but still struggle with keeping my scores under 100 from time to time. Lack of consistency has lead to me feeling insecure who I golf with. I know that my partners won't say anything, but I think they are judging me on the inside. While some of my friends who have been playin
  20. I understand that many PGA players started out when they were kids. Most of them prolly (yes this is a word) had easy access to practice greens, and a club course they could always play on. (could be completely wrong, just assuming) im not wondering about those types of individuals that got to the PGA tour with a ton of time and commitment put into their game. I'm wondering if their are any PGA players that started late (earliest 18 years old) and what was their handicap they achieved in 1 year of playing golf. Ive heard that breaking 90 in a year is really good. breaking
  21. Recently a friend asked me why his USGA Index has had the letter "R" the past couple of revisions. Not fully understanding the power of the "R" used in calculating, I thought it mainly is used to prevent a players handicap from escalating quickly in a short period of time. I assumed it was when "tournament scores" used, the differential would prevent a players handicap from rising "more than a certain amount" for the revision period. Know I have better understanding after reviewing the guidelines and system used by the USGA. But, I'm still uncertain about a stipulation in the rules
  22. Birdies - For me, a golf round never seems very satisfying unless it includes a birdie. My 8-10 handicap certainly attests to the fact that I am no birdie machine but somewhere around 2/3’s of my rounds have an under-par hole. When I am headed to a mediocre score, a birdie at least gives me one hole where I can say I managed to get things right. When I pitch a shutout, it hurts a little. Birds - Speaking of birds, parrots and parakeets often escape from their owners. In Florida, they actually stand a decent chance of surviving. A lone tree on the left of the 3rd hole of the TPC Prest
  23. What was your handicap when you first registered it? I have just made my resolution on 2017 goals thread and it's to get a handicap then start work on shaving it so was wondering what is a starters handicap? Spoke to a chap at driving range today who started on 19 handicap 3 years ago, and still there, but 19 sounded a great handicap to start with to me(in fact I don't mind admitting I was a bit in awe of that number)?
  24. I noticed this clip from Golf Digest which sort of explains the difficulty in substantial improvement. HANDICAPS Q: How often should you beat your handicap? A: Not often. In fact, you should average about three shots higher than your handicap. For example, if you have a course handicap of 16, and the Course Rating is 71.2, you should average 90, not 87. The USGA Handicap System is based on 96 percent of the best 10 differentials (corrected for Course and Slope ratings) of your last 20 rounds. More than half of your scores should be within
  25. This is my first year carrying an official HCP and with the fall here (leaves covering areas of fairways) and winter on the way, how do we handle "lost" balls due to leaves in fairway and in rough and other seasonal hazards? Do we score those rounds? Before I carried a legit HCP, I would play the "leaf rule" giving myself a free drop in cases where I knew my ball was not truly lost from a poor shot, but just hidden. But now that I'm official, I want to do it correctly
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