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Found 9 results

  1. Lowest Score Wins has largely helped me make many strategy decisions that may have previously stumped me on the golf course. This one, though, still has me undecided. It is a 352 yard par 4 with a rather large bunker in the center of the fairway. It starts at 217 yards from the tee and ends at about 285 from the tee. At 275 yards from the tee, the fairway is 80 yards wide in total, with the bunker occupying the center 20 yards, leaving 30 yards available on either side of it. To the left is another bunker, but to the right is nothing. It's basically wide open over there. There is also another bunker to the left of the fairway that runs from about 210-258 from the tee. Here's an overhead: And here is a pic of the yardage book: There are basically three options off the tee: Most aggressive: Hit a driver or 3W into the fairway between all three bunkers. In that area you have about a 30 yard diameter circle from 245-275 to hit. If you succeed, you have a short approach (60-90 yards) from the most ideal angle - up the long part of the green with nothing in your way. You also have the most risk of finding a bunker for an awkward length approach out of sand. Mid-range: Hit driver, but slide your shot zone way to the right. The drawback of going over there, however, is that you're coming into the green from the worst angle - its only 18-20 yards deep across it's entire length. The upside, though, is that you probably avoid the bunkers and you're approach is likely going to be in the 70-90 yard range. Safest tee shot: Pull out a 4 or 5 iron and hit into the fairway short of the bunkers. This takes the bunkers entirely out of play off the tee and nearly guarantees you find a fairway that is 60 yards wide at that point. It also leaves you with a 125-135 yard approach shot. Is it worth the risk of possibly being left with a 50 yard bunker shot to try and find that ideal spot on the fairway? If not, is it better to leave a small chance of finding that bunker to give yourself a shorter approach from a bad angle, or is it best to stay away from the bunkers entirely by bunting off the tee? For the record, I played it yesterday and went with driver (option 2) but drew it too much and ended up in the bunker. I hit a good shot from 60 yards and found the putting surface. Based on that, I am kind of leaning towards either option 1 or 2, but I'm not sold on either. Want to hear others thoughts So, how would you play it?
  2. I started this in the LSW club but moving out here per @billchao This hole is at a course I am playing on Friday, which I have played multiple times before. Par 5, 515-535 yds depending on which tees I play from, it is 235 yards to the end of the first fairway, then a pretty significant hill that goes down at least 15-20 feet to the second fairway, which starts at 285 yards from the tee box. The rough at this course is not terribly thick. I have been down the side of the hill where the small red circle is before, its not a terrible spot to be, but still have a slight sidehill lie over there. The first part of the hill above the cart path is pretty steep, but the area below the cart path isnt too steep and more manageable. Still will have a downhill lie but not nearly as severe as above the car path. A well struck 3 wood for me can easily reach out past 235 and put me on the hill (the red dot was a 3 wood), and my new driver has been around 250 carry based on my driver fitting/range sessions so far, rolling to 270ish with the furthest after 1 full round being 295 according to gamegolf. I have not played this course with my new driver yet. With the thought of advancing the ball as far as I can, do I really hit a hybrid off the tee here to make sure I stay on that upper fairway to avoid the rough/hill, leaving myself 280-290 left for my 2nd shot, or is the better play for me to hit driver over the hill and take the good ones that reach the fairway (leaving myself like 220 yds left at the most) and deal with the ones that dont quite make it to the fairway? (most likely a hybrid or 5/6 iron out of the rough depending on the lie) Here is the pic for reference. (Not sure why someone tagged Jackson Hewitt there either)
  3. This hole is the fun hole during the Boeing Classic. I just played The Club at Snoqualmie Ridge yesterday in a pro-am and I had no clue what to do on the tee shot. I'll set it up. You get to the tee, and whip out the range finder to get some of the distances shown. You don't know how wide the fairway is and you could only approximate how much added distance you'd get from the drop. It is about a 50-75ft drop I'd guess, and you have a wind from behind of 5-10mph. The fairway to the right of the bunker (when looking from tee box) is partially blocked, so what I measured was 220yds to carry it versus 200yds. 4iron for me might clear it, and I assumed my 2 hybrid may go through the fairway. I could aim more towards the green but the fairway gets skinnier and more hillier. Or I could take 3 wood and go for it. I thought what the heck, just go for it. I practically topped the ball into the crap, I was scared to hit my 3 wood full. Then took 4 iron and smacked it to the middle with 130 out and put my wedge 2 inches away from the cup. I thought I might've holed it, but it lipped out. When you get down to the FW, you do realize how wide it is. Then at the green, those green side traps are pot-like deep but manageable. How would you play it? Safe or go for it?
  4. This weekend played a Mid-Am at Newman Golf Club, in Bs As Argentina. I love the strategy part of the game, and search on google Earth the new course i will play in orther to set a game plan. The 6th hole was a really hard par 4 and it was really hard to decide what to do. Played it 2 times over the tournament scoring a bogey and a double (+3), I would spect to shoot (+1) at least. The Hole it´s a 420 Yards par 4, 6th hole for the course. Here´s a picture with the yardage references from the tee, 100/150/200 marks, and width yardages too. This are my totalDistances/shot cones. Driver 270 / 80 3 Wood 250 / 73 Hybrid 230 / 66 4 Iron 210 / 60 5 Iron 200 / 54 6 Iron 190 / 48 7 Iron 180 / 41 The problem was that according to my shot cones i should hit a 6 iron in orther to avoid both penalty hazards and leave me with a 2nd shoot of 230 yards to the green where i have to aim rigth of it because of the hazard on the left. Par chances where slim. Hit Driver/Wood/Hybrid will put the crossbunker into play and both penalty hazards. What would be your strategy in a 36-holes stroke play competition? Mine didn´t work out...
  5. @Parker0065 asked me to do another one of these and specifically this hole. I've come to realize that @boogielicious is way better at writing on pictures so I'll explain this hole. It's a Par 4. There are times when they set up the Men's tees on the first tee box and there are times they set it up on the second tee box. This hole plays as follows: Championship tees: 265 yards Back teebox, men's tees:250 yards From teebox, men's tees: 220 yards The fairway is narrow with only 35 yards between the trees on the right and the trees on the left. You're pretty much in jail if you hit it in the right trees but you might have a shot if you're in the trees on the left. There is a creek which runs along the right edge of the fairway all the way up to and beside the green, There are two bunkers - one on the front left and the other on the front right of the green. I didn't put in the picture but 14 yards separate the bunkers. The green is 30 yards from front to back and 18 yards across. The way I go about deciding how to play this hole really depends on where the tees are as I play the men's tees. If the men's tees are in the back, it also depends on how I'm doing with my driver that day. My miss is overdrawing so I'm not really worried about slicing the ball into the trees on the right, so, if I'm hitting it straight, I'll go for the green and hit driver, aiming between the 14 yards between the bunkers. If I'm not feeling confident with the driver, or I'm playing from the front teebox, I'll hit 5W since it goes around 200 yards and I usually hit it pretty straight and, if I'm hitting from the front teebox, there's a very good chance the ball will go over the greens with driver. Do you play this any differently?
  6. I'm curious to see how others might play a hole that I can relate to and how distance vs accuracy would play on this one. Black-250, blue-200, white-150, red-100 with the flag in the center of the green. As you can see, the fairway is really wide but the bunker is elevated. For those of you who drive 265yds or longer and can shape the ball pretty well, how would you play this 500 yard par 5? Would any of you try for the green in two? Keep in mind that anything outside the darker green (rough) is unplayable. The putting green is a peninsula with a gully/creek in front/left/right and thick woods behind it. For me, the decisions are usually pretty easy because I rarely hit over 250. Tee: driver 2nd: whatever club maxes out before the end of the fairway. If I miss with this 2nd shot, I want to miss right. 3rd: PW or less for my approach. Ideally, I want my tee shot to hit left of the bunker or close to it on the right side of it. That will give me an easier 2nd shot to upper right side of the fairway (best position for an approach). My bunker play is not good, too far right and I have to shoot around trees to leave a decent approach.
  7. This hole is the perfect example, at least to me, of a good risk/reward hole. It gives you the option of hitting over the lake and onto the green directly (or into the surrounding bunkers), or you can shoot for the closer, but narrower, fairway. The green is very reachable for many people on a given day (this is at 5,000 ft elevation), and also quite wide and receptive. However, should you miss the green and bunkers, there is a steep slope all around the green that will feed balls into the water surrounding it. A few important notes: - This is a par 4 - That shaded area on the right is a red staked hazard, designed to force people who don't feel they are very accurate into a longer layup tee shot in order to avoid the tightest part of the fairway with hazards left and right. - Both the green and the bunker in the front are approximately the same width. Anything that hits the edge above the bunker usually does have enough momentum to get up and over onto the green in good shape - The green has a slight slope from back to front, but not enough to stop a low-flying tee shot. With a tailwind it becomes near impossible to land and stop the ball on the green since they are often quite firm. - There is a slope to the left of the fairway that feeds balls into the lake if they are more than a yard to the left of the fairway. - The rough at this course is practically nonexistant. It's too sparse to greatly affect spin and distance on most shots. I'll share the two most successful strategies (from what I've observed) after I hear from a few different people on how they'd play this hole, because I'm interested in seeing what people think. If you want to look it up on Google Earth and take more measurements yourself, it's hole number 16 at Saddleback Golf Course in Firestone (I rotated it 90*, on Google Earth it has the green on the right and tees on the left by default).
  8. The first hole at Oak Quarry (where our Socal Outing was held yesterday) is a 274 yard Par 4. It's about 140 yards to reach the fairway over the ravine, and about 210 to reach the first bunker. That part of the fairway is roughly 80 yards wide. The first half of this portion of the fairway is flat (140-180), and the second half starts heading uphill (180-210). Any ball on this portion of the fairway could leave you with an awkward uphill/sidehill lie. From 210 to about 240, the fairway pinches down to about 12 yards wide, and continues sloping uphill. Beyond 240, the fairway and green combined is about 35-40 yards wide, and it flattens out. Any miss to the right is dead. It's all a ravine and the chances of finding a ball over there are slim, and if you do, the chances of it being playable are slimmer. The hole plays probably about 20' or so uphill and, at least yesterday, the wind was pretty calm. Here is the view from up above: And here is the view from the tee box (I added the black line for the flag): The view of the green from the beginning of the fairway (about 140 off the tee and 130 to the hole): A view of the green from the fairway, the mound just forming on the right of the picture is the bunker in the middle of the fairway (about 240 from the tee): A view of the green from just left of the fairway, pin-high, 270 yards from the tee: The view looking back down the fairway towards the tee from the same spot: And, finally, the green (and a pakoh and a k-troop), as viewed from the back, looking straight towards the tee (which is directly behind the flag): To everybody: How would you play this hole and why? Also, how much does this being the first hole of the course play into your decision, if at all? To those who played yesterday: How did you decide to play this hole and why? How did it turn out? And, if you had a chance to do it again, would you play it differently?
  9. #16 Keystone River Golf Course in Colorado- Extremely downhill par 4 with a slight dog leg to the left I think this picture shows the gold and red tee boxes. The white, blue and black tee boxes are behind and to the photographer's left. Blacks 509 yards Blues 497 yards While 448 Gold 427 Red 395 Fairway has multiple tiers and mostly slopes from right to left. From the whites, the fairway runs out at 250 yards and turns into 2-3" rough. The main problem I have with the hole is picking the right club off the tee as you get a much different bounce depending on whether you land on the flatter section of a tier or the sloped section between the tiers. It also makes a huge difference if you land in a dry or wetter spot. Take too little club and you are left with 220+ to the green. Take too much club and the fairway falls to the left into scrub bushes or go through the right side and it falls right to long grass and OOB. Similar to above, but a bit lower down. Here is the aerial https://maps.google.com/maps?q=Keystone+Ranch+Golf+Course≪=39.593577,-105.995112&spn;=0.003807,0.008256&fb;=1≷=us&hq;=keystone+golf+course&hnear;=0x874014749b1856b7:0xc75483314990a7ff,Colorado&cid;=0,0,13240230494915743703&t;=h&z;=18
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