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Found 14 results

  1. PING Introduces G410 Fairway Woods, Hybrids & Crossovers Ping G410 Fairway, Hybrid and Crossover Announcement Other Features: Maraging-Steel Face Technology A Focus on Forgiveness PING’s First Adjustable Hybrid Hose
  2. I'm not asking so much for advice as much as thoughts and experiences that might help me make a decision.... so yeah, I guess that's kind of the same thing as advice:). After a few years of not using a hybrid, I put one back in the bag this year. It's a 4h from my old Adams A4 set. Initially, I was using it for select shots... hitting out of thick rough, trying to get more height when I needed it.... things like that. But for the last few weeks, I've opted on occasions to use it from fairway lies for approach shots with some success. I've owned my current iron set for a few years and the fact that it included a 4i was one or the reasons I bought it. While I absolutely love the feel of hitting a 4 or 5 iron well, I'm starting to wonder if that is really helping my game. My game golf stats don't seem to reflect my lack of confidence. In fact, when I looked up my distances (just now), I was surprised to see the averages were as high as they are. But I do tend to duff these clubs more often. (My bag consists of Driver, 5w, 4h, 4i-gw, sand wedge and putter.) If I put a lot of work into these long irons, it can carry to the course. But monopolizing practice time like that doesn't make sense. My questions are, how many others decided to replace their long irons with hybrids? Why did you replace them? Or for those who carry both, what factors determine which club you pull.
  3. First time playing with these the past few days… wow. I like them quite a bit. The first time out I put the "fade" stick in (well, I put the draw/fade stick in the fade orientation). The ball would NOT draw (unless really forced), and that was impressive. The second round out I put the neutral stick back in, and could shape whatever I needed both ways, without fearing a big big hook (though the ball did draw easily). I really like the squarer, smaller look of the club, too, in the H2 option. @georgep has the H1 model. I have my 19° H2 set at 18° right now with the D1 setting. It takes the place of a 5W/2I between my 3W and my 3I.
  4. Has anybody out there tried the Tour Edge Hot Launch 2 Iron Woods? Thinking of importing a set from the USA. I'm nervous as there are no Tour Edge dealers in the UK and therefore I won't be able to see them properly before buying. How does Tour Edge compare to other brands quality wise? I realise they are quite affordable but this is mainly because they don't have player endorsements to fund?
  5. Hello Sand Trap World, I have been having issues with my bag setup, and am looking for a bit of advice regarding the gap between my driver and my 3 iron. I recently purchased a 3-P set of AP2s, and love them, and I previously gamed a ping G2 set 2-PW. Since they don't make an AP2 2-iron, and the set is a mite shorter than my old G2s, I am left with an open spot in my bag (I carry 3 wedges 52*, 56*,60*), and a big yardage hole between my driver and my irons. I can hit my driver about 310 yards, and can lay off it to about 275 before it starts to launch uncomfortably low. I hit my old 2 iron about 250, so this gap worked out great, and I could avoid hitting fairway metals. However, my new 3 iron is a 220 yard club. Is there a new hybrid that plays like an iron I could put in this slot, does anyone have experience with the Titleist T-MB 2 iron? I'm thinking that may be a good compromise. Any advice would be great! Thanks, JR
  6. Replace mid irons with Hybrids I'm returning to golf after a few years of layoff. I decided early on to rely on hybrid clubs to replace all irons apart from 8-LW. So far it's been fine but I have a nagging feeling that it's taking the hacker's option not to mention a slightly bruised ego when people see my bag which looks like a travelling puppet show. Any thoughts out there? PS be polite!
  7. I dont know why but I can crush and hit straight hybrid irons. If i try to use regular irons from 3-8 irons I suck. Anybody have and idea why this could be?
  8. After compiting in Scratch tournaments, i was faced with several shots between 200 - 220 yards of carry on approacho shots an even for laying up on par 4/5´s, distances that are not common at my home course so i don´t have a club to hit that shots. I currently hit my 3 wood 230 carry and my 4 iron 190 carry. That´s a big Gap i need to fill. In orther to fill it i will buy an 19° Hybrid (set to 18°), my issue is what club to take out off the bag. This is my current Clubs/Degrees/Carry Distances. Driver 9° 250 3 Wood 15° 230 New Hybrid 18° 210 (Gap filler) 4 Iron 22° 190 5 Iron 25° 180 6 Iron 28° 170 7 Iron 31° 160 8 Iron 35° 150 9 Iron 39° 140 P 43° 130 (chip wedge) W 47° 120 G 51° 110 (pitch wedge) S 56° 95 L 60° 85 (pitch, lob, sand wedge) Note: G and L wedges are in my bag since 2000. The rest were bougth in 2016. So, witch club I take out of the bag ?
  9. For sale is a brand new Bridgestone j40 2h (18*) Hybrid head. This is a right handed club. Please note: this is the head only...it is not a complete club. It's a stock head and has not been modified or altered in any way. The head has never been shafted or used. Sorry, no headcover. Features of the j40 hybrids: Larger profile design positions the CG in an ideal location for higher launch, longer carry, and maximum distance Stainless steel construction with thinner crown allows discretionary weight to be moved to the perimeter for added forgiveness Tungsten weight at heel to optimize CG for easy launch and low spin Uses .370 tip shaft $60 + shipping to lower 48. No trades please.
  10. I've been Playing Golf for: 20 years My current handicap index or average score is: bogey golfer My typical ball flight is: range: straight and long, course: sporadic The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: inexplicable shanks in general I first started chipping balls around a baseball field at the age of 12. Played leisurely through middle school and high school, mostly summers with friends. Never took the game seriously. Never had a lesson, never even watched a lesson, or so much as had another good golfer check me out and give me pointers. Dropped the clubs after high school, attempted to pick them back up again several times as an adult but life always got in the way. At age 32, I'm finally in a place now where I can work on my game and play regularly. I have no idea what comprises my swing or where it came from. I just swing how I feel. I don't know what's good or bad about it. This is the first time I've ever looked at video of myself. I would say that my posture looks pretty terrible. My arms could be straighter. Not sure really. In these videos, I'm using a 3 hybrid. I'm hitting it long enough (200+ yards carry) and straight fairly comfortably. 3 hybrid is my easiest club by a mile, though no issues with any of my clubs on the range except the driver. On the course, though, I shank it constantly and I'm not sure why. It feels like there's no rhyme or reason to my ball striking, which is frustrating because I feel in control while practicing (after a few minutes of warm-up). These videos were also taken the same day I experienced a revelation in my game. I just purchased a Nike Vapor Fly Pro with adjustable loft. I set it on 8.5° just as an experiment. I realize now that I've been hitting the wrong loft my whole life (normally 10.5° which I chose because...I thought the shittier a golfer you were, the higher loft you should have for a driver). I was hitting the best drives of my life at 8.5 today. It's the biggest swing breakthrough I've had as a golfer, though we'll see what happens when I try it on the course. I'm not sure if this is the kind of forum where people flame each other or provide respectful criticism, but either way I'm very happy to read your comments. Finally ready to eat my humble pie and learn something. Videos: [ ]
  11. A couple weeks ago, I was playing to my personal best ball-striking ability. These were the first few rounds of my season, and my short game was way out of whack and I still ended up shooting 88,89, etc. Since then, my short game has magically appeared and saved me multiple times, but my iron play has became very inconsistent and my tee game with driver/wood/hybrid has been absolutely horrible. I went from hitting 10/14 fairways 2 weeks ago, to hitting just 2/14 fairways yesterday at the same course. And one of those came with a 4 iron. I have been hitting huge slices instead of my normal slight fade. I shot 47-49-96 at the same course that I went 45-44-89 with 5 3-putts at just 2 weeks ago. I feel like I am hitting the ball in the center of the clubface with the face relatively square, so I must be coming over the top. I was looking in the mirror at my set up, and noticed when I have driver/3w/3h off the tee, my shoulders are considerably open to the target. I'm a righty, and my left shoulder has to be pointing between 15-25 degrees left of target. I haven't been able to work on it yet, but I'm assuming this is the most likely cause of my slicing issues. I was wondering more about the effects of shoulder alignment... Should my shoulders be square to the target at address? What about at impact? And what are the effects of improper alignment? Thanks in advance to all responses.
  12. Hi, i was fitted 6 months ago for a driver and some irons and the fitter was certain that i get a regular flex, as i was a beginner who wasn't getting massive head speeds, i have played a ton of golf lately (18 holes twice a week) and have improved my game immensely, i went in a few weeks ago to get a hybrid and after hitting a few at 80-95 mph head speed, the fitter then (different person) said he thinks that a stiff shaft would be more ideal. i told him i had a regular flex driver and irons but he was still set on the stiff hybrid shaft. im not sure what to do, i like the regular flex on my irons but i think my driver could need a stiffer flex. im not sure whether the stiff shaft hybrid will be good for me, it felt really good hitting some balls but i have always thought the hybrid should be the same flex as my irons? questions... should i go stiff or regular hybrid? should i replace my regular driver shaft with a stiff shaft?
  13. I have decided to sell my 2 iron/hybrid. I bought it earlier this season but after hitting it at the range a few times, it turns out that the yardage does not scale well with the rest of my clubs. This is a pretty good club if you are looking for something shorter than a 3 wood off the tee, but longer than an iron. It has a (stiff) graphite shaft which makes it easy to get the ball elevated from the fairway as well. The shaft length and lie is comparable to that of a standard 3 iron. Loft: 18* Shaft: TFC 949 Stiff flex Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet (new) Ball flight: Mid-Low Practically no signs of wear and tear. I have not sold on this forum yet, but I prefer paypal. I am asking for $135.00 on ebay, but feel free to shoot me a number as I am more willing to make a deal with a TST member. As always, questions are welcomed. http://www.ebay.com/itm/262392421899
  14. Take this with a grain of salt because I'm not the greatest golfer in the world (I shoot in the mid-to-high eighties) but I would like to share my input on the longer iron hybrid clubs. I just picked up a 18-deg and 20-deg Adams Super 9031 hybrids in stiff. I have a ~102 mph swing speed. These are cheap clubs at the moment, new (I paid $40 each?) I was skeptical at first, I have always dismissed the clubs that look like this. They just look so dang awkward that I thought I would despise them at address and hit them terribly. I was wrong. I knew I needed to fill some distance gaps at the top end. And I hate woods. They've never felt right to me. I know I need to work on them more but I knew that the hybrids were "taking over." Figured I'd check them out, considering how well I've been hitting my irons lately. I did some more research and a big component of my research was looking at OTHER PEOPLES' pictures online. For some reason the way Adams is photographing these clubs it's making them look way more awkward than they really are. I saw someone else's picture of the club at address and thought "dang, that looks pretty good!" I bought the clubs and when they came in, addressed them and they looked GOOD. Got the grips redone (they actually had some good Golf Pride grips on them but I'm partial to mine all being consistent) and cut down the shafts for my fit, and took them to the range. First two hits (20-deg) were a bit wonky. Major heel hits but oddly enough they didn't go very far offline. Hit two more shots and they were epic. I've never hit a long club so nicely. It was a beautiful swing feel, sound, flight, and distance. Popped off several more shots and they were almost all dead straight. Looked down at the face and noticed I even had a little dispersion of impact spots and yet they still went straight. I hit off of a low tee, only the head of the tee was sticking out of the ground so the ball was still nestled a little in the short grass. Just my 2c.
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