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  1. Help choosing irons

    I know I should get fitted, but I have a toddler, live a couple hours from a city, and don’t get much time to myself. So eventually I’d like to do that, but I’m pretty tempted to just order a new set of irons. I went to the range today and tried my friends clubs (strata), and they felt amazing compared to my 90s callaways. I’ve been looking at some taylormade sets online but I’m not too sure what to look for. Anyway, I am in my early thirties, swing too hard, and on a good day am a bogey golfer. Would anyone be willing to point me in the right direction? At this rate I am pretty sure anything I order would feel better than my current clubs. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Merit golf clubs

    I just received these clubs for a Christmas gift and I can't find any information about them. I know that Merit is no longer in busniss but not much else. The club set is single length, 2 tru pw, sw and 60. Anyone know age, retail cost when new, today's value, any history? Thanks for anything you might have.
  3. Hi all, i have only ever had one set of clubs, given to me by my father. They were given to him as a second hand set 35+ years ago. i was playing a corporate day recently and the resident American golf pro got far too excited by my irons (I am in New Zealand) and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how old they are? I have checked the Google but alas, no help... they are Slazenger Ben Hogan Power Thrust irons (full set). I haven’t been able to find any others with the words Ben Hogan in non-italicised text but Power Thruat in italics. any hints or ideas appreciated. Picture below
  4. My first post and looking for some feedback on choosing a set of irons. I took up golf again a year ago at the age of 60, after a 35 year lay off. I am very slight, swing speed 95mph and my handicap is 17 but that will improve when I fix my short game (40 putts per round). Currently using Ping s58 with regular graphite shafts. I know they are not GI but I find them easy to use, longer and mishits are less painful than any other club I have tried. I have tried Ping eye 2 and eye 2+ with stiff steel shafts but timing seemed a lot more difficult. I like the s58 but there is no sand or lob wedge. I tried a g15 7iron and loved it but then there is no 2 or 3 iron (home town is called the windy city). Questions: Would I give up distance moving from s58 to say G20? Graphite shaft should be less tiring and less jarring on hands that are starting to get a bit arthritic? Graphite shaft might give me give me a little more distance over a steel shaft? Any idea how much on a 27 degree 5 iron? Seems to me I should just stick with my s58? Thanks
  5. I've heard a lot about the Aerotech Steelfiber shafts, and got to hit a few shots with SF here and there. Not all golf shops carry them for fittings. Recently, a golf shop let me hit some used Ping i200 irons with SF 95 in S.flex. The Pings felt nice and smooth with the SFs. The Ping 7i with SF only carried about 135 yds., though, on most solid shots. (I have hit the Ping i200 with AWT 2.0/R and gotten closer to 145 yds.) My current 7i carries about 145 yds. with the NS Pro.With my 7i and Driver data, the SF charts recommend me more for SF.80, but I worry the shaft might feel feathery.So, what are the fine points on the SF line? An SF.95 S.flex, even softstepped, might be a bit much. Is SF.95 R.flex iffy, or maybe R.flex soft-stepped? Any advice on how the ball flies, are the SFs stiffer to flex, anything that might help. @boogielicious, @DocPartyany thoughts?
  6. Interesting. A foam-filled cavity-back from PING? Wonder if PXG will sue them too.
  7. Eight irons, with KBS Tour C-Taper Lite R-flex shafts (105 gr.); standard length (5 iron =38.75”) and lie angle; Golf Pride Tour Velvet midsize grips. Clubs in excellent condition, used for nine rounds of golf and some practice. Shafts too long for me. Price: $450; free shipping within CONUS.
  8. Hey guys, Ive been thinking about getting some new irons. I’m an 8 handicap. Right now I am playing Taylormade RSI TP irons. Should I stay with players irons or go back to game improvement irons? I like the feed back of players irons. But could I also benefit from game improvement irons? Just asking to see what people have to say.
  9. I have a habit of rotating my fairway woods. Once I throw down the bucks for a driver, it stays put for at least 5 years. My irons (MP-14), over 20 years now. My putter changed from a Ping B-60 (20 years) to an Odyssey Marksman (past 10 years). Still have the B-60. My wedge is Cleveland Tour Action 56 deg that I've had for over 30 years. I've killed a rattlesnake with it. The fairway woods are like old girlfriends, you think about them once in a while, but the memory fades. There is always that one that seem to stick in your mind the longest. Mine was a Ping ISI 3- wood with a regular flex steel shaft. So I searched and searched without my wife knowing, and set a date ( 1 week shipping) to get reacquainted with my old friend:) Diablo move over..... Here's a picture. After all these years, I don't look that good either.
  10. Hi guys and gals! As of recently, I am in the market for a new set of irons and am looking for your help. In the past I have been hitting Callaway's XR irons that provide a lot of forgiveness but am now looking to make the transition to a club with a little less forgiveness and more precision. I am currently an 8 handicap. Any thoughts?
  11. I was fitted for G400 irons, lie, length, shaft, grip. An item that was left open was whether to have the irons set to "strong". Apparently this yields more distance and less loft. I already hit VERY high irons (old Titleist DCI's) and receive a boat load of verbal abuse about nose bleeds and seeding clouds. I play to about a 6. Nevertheless, is there a downside to going "strong" if there really isn't a quest for more height? Any opinions appreciated... Thanks !
  12. Iron Upgrade Advice

    Hey Guys, I'm new to the forums, but have been reading for years. I really appreaciate all of the commentary and opinions on this site! I've been playing golf my whole life, nothing competitive, but I'm a decent weekend hack! (Currently a 6.7 index). I've been playing a set of titlleist 690cb irons since I was fitted new in 2004. They have the rifle 6.5 shafts which are really heavy. When I strike them well, they still go where I want them and they feel like butter, but the miss hits are horrible! For reference, my 8 iron goes 165 and my 5 iron is 200 yards. Is it time to upgrade? I'm not as strong as I once was, and my swing speed is slower as well. Would i benefit from new technology and lighter shafts? I really don't want to sacrifice distance, which I think comes from the rifle shafts, but I'm not sure.. Please help! Steve
  13. Hello, everyone. So, after over a decade I finally decided to buy new irons rather than continue to use the box set I bought from Sports Authority (are they still in business?). The new irons are scheduled to come in in about a week and a half and I had a couple of questions I was hoping people might be able to help me out with. 1) When I get the irons, is there anything I should do with them before I use them to practice or play? 2) Is there anything I can or should do to, for lack of a better phrase, keep them looking pretty and shiny? Thanks for any advice!
  14. Seems like TaylorMade's answer to the PXG irons. From TaylorMade: TaylorMade Golf, the industry leader in iron technology and innovation, announced today the expansion of its globally successful P700-series iron lineup with the addition of the P790 irons, a forged players distance iron engineered with new SpeedFoam Technology for golfers seeking the forged look and feel of a players iron with increased distance, forgiveness and playability. With P790, TaylorMade’s engineers have answered the challenge of creating a forged iron that delivers remarkable distance and playability combined with remarkable feel in a medium-compact head design with a thinner topline and reduced offset preferred by discerning players. This was accomplished by incorporating technologies that improve on feel, sound and consistency while delivering significant distance. The P790 features a soft, 8620 carbon steel body combined with a high-strength forged 4140 carbon steel WrapFace in a hollow body design. The P790’s hollow cavity incorporates SpeedFoam Technology, a new proprietary construction which serves a dual purpose of generating ball speed as well as the management of sound and feel. Injected into the clubhead, SpeedFoam provides the face support and damping properties that make the performance of the P790 unlike any other iron in the TaylorMade family. The incorporation of the WrapFace construction creates a cut-thru Speed Pocket on the sole with extreme flexibility in the lower part of the clubface; it’s this flexibility which creates greater forgiveness and consistency than is typically seen in a distance iron design. The P790 also features an ultra-thin 1.75mm face thickness with re-engineered Inverted Cone Technology optimized for the slightly smaller face area. Whereas the company’s previous ICT which had a larger, heavier profile, the new, smaller Inverted Cone allows for reduced face thickness at the edges of the face, thus increasing flexibility from heel to toe and low on the clubface, resulting in more ball speed across the entire face. For forgiveness and playability, P790 irons feature strategically placed internal metal-injection-molded (MIM) tungsten weighting for precise CG placement and higher moment of inertia (MOI). Pricing and Availability Available at retail on September 15 (U.S. & Canada) & September 29 (globally), P790 irons will be offered in 3-PW, AW equipped with True Temper’s Dynamic Gold 105 steel shafts ($1,299) or UST Mamiya’s Recoil 760/780 ES SmacWrap graphite shafts ($1,499) with Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grips. Numerous other custom shaft options are also available.
  15. I have the taylormade rocketballz (RBZ) irons. I have had them for almost 5 years and I'm ready to upgrade so I need some advice. I'm around 12 handicap. Short game is what kills me. My ball striking isn't the best and by this I mean I don't think I'm ready for blades. I'm also not wanting to drop a fortune on a brand new set. So I need some advice for a new set. I don't want anything to bulky. I like the look of a thin iron. Some that I have been eyeing: rsi1 ap1 jpx850 any others to consider please let me know! thanks
  16. I started looking at the Maltby Playability Factor of various clubs and I'm wondering how valid this system is? I always just assumed I didn't have the swing to play musclebacks but I was surprised to see how low my current clubs are: 2016 Callaway Apex - 349 It's actually lower than the Pro version, as well as a number of musclebacks from other manufacturers. It's surprising because I felt these clubs are very forgiving and I have no problem hitting them at all. So going by the MPF, I should have no problem with most modern clubs, including blades. Is that really the true or are there design elements in the heads that aren't factored in the MPF? Here is a link for those interested: https://www.golfworks.com/iron-head-mpf-ratings/a/870/
  17. What's Your favorite club and why?

    Would like to know more about types and brands of clubs? I'm new to the lifestyle and well I can read reviews till I bleed from the eyes but actual users and reasons would be a great help. I personally like my irons (ping eye2's blue dot). I can hit them straight and each club up or down I can get about 10 yards plus or minus. 60-75% I hit them where I pray they go. I know there old as dirt but they hit nice and well just starting I figure I'll upgrade next season. Kinda why I'm looking for input. I have a tour edge bazooka QL 11 degree driver. Still trying to figure that monster out and a Ben Hogan 3 hybrid but have not hit it yet. I also have an older odyssey white hot putter with a fat grip.
  18. So today I was hitting into a net for a short while working on a few key pieces mostly revolving around creating a centered turn and keeping a stable head. It was a very experimental session and for the second half of it I was really visualizing hitting ball then ground which is of course what we are looking for when it comes to striking irons. Typically my good iron strikes are relatively clean picks of the ball right off the ground which I know is not ideal. However during the second half of this session where I really focused on ball first contact I instantly began taking nice looking divots starting at or just after the ball and the contact felt incredible. What I'm wondering is this: are proper divots the result of better control of low point, are they the result of a steeper angle of attack, or is it a combination of both of these? My assumption is that it is a mix of these two things since simply moving the low point more forward on one of my normal strokes where I cleanly pick the ball off the turf will not cause a divot.
  19. Ok first off, squeaky new 54 yr old ball chaser. I currently have a set of Ping eye 2 blue dots 1-9 pw,sw, lw, Ben hogan 3 hybrid, tour edge bazooka QL Driver, odyssey DX putter. Ok the irons have a arthritic grip on them but grips are to big for me. But I do hit them straight. Now instructor commented on how I either need to regrip all the clubs minus the putter. Now not sure about length or flex. I got the whole iron set for 5 bucks at a garage sale so I'm not that vested in them. So regrip or buy new. Now with info in hand not really playing a full 18 yet mostly play 9's either a par 3 (shot 41 yesterday) or 9 on the par 72 (48 was last round). Short to mid Irons I hit pretty straight. Long irons and drivers I slice/fade right. Many info thoughts or jabs( in good humor) budget about 500.00
  20. Should I buy a practice set? I'm considering buying a practice set of players' clubs. I currently play Callaway Apex's, game-improvement, but my thought is that if I practice with some blades it'll lessen my misses when I take the more forgiving clubs out on the course. Has anyone done this and how'd it workout for you? I appreciate any thought, thanks.
  21. Hi, I'm recently coming back to golf after a couple of years of not playing. When I finished playing I was a 12 handicap. I've been going to the range, have played a few rounds and have generally been playing well, around an 18-22 handicap. I've been striking the ball very well (just not hitting it too straight!), and am looking to get back into golf seriously. When I finished playing last time, even though a 12 handicap I was still using 'beginner' irons that were very easy to hit. The only reason I didn't have new ones was because myself and my dad couldn't afford to buy them, so I just stuck with the ones I had. I feel as though I need some new irons to improve my distance, as these beginner irons were designed to help you get height on the ball (which I don't need anymore). I'd also think they'd help improve my accuracy/flight as my beginner irons are offset, which I also don't need anymore. All that being said, can anyone recommend a good set of mid handicapper irons which I could buy? Price isn't an object at the moment, I'm more likely to weight the cost of irons against each based on benefit etc. I don't mind which brand, but have usually steered towards better-known brands (my driver and current irons are TaylorMade, woods and LW are Cleveland Golf). Thanks for any input!
  22. Unique Iron Purchasing Situation

    Hi there, thanks for reading also, I signed up specifically to seek help with this unique issue so I am grateful of any feed back. Okay so heres some background, Ill try to not be overly wordy. I am 28, not the best at golf and was given a set of taylormade R7 irons years ago. I usually shoot 105-110 but I hit pretty decent shots and 3 putt or lose a ball and 1 putt. I have started golfing more and wanted to get a newer (used set under 250) of irons. Hit a few dif 7 irons, jpx-800, tm 2.0, ping g15 and liked jpx's the best. So I found a set on ebay, ordered them, they were supposed to show up today and I got a CAR DASHBOARD. Thats a whole nother thread. So ill get my money back, no big deal but heres the dilema. I went to play it again sports (sporting goods store that pays cash for unwanted gear) and I sold my R7 Irons today. Needless to say, ebay turned me off bc I am just frustrated (more at USPS) but what are thoughts on getting a few brand new custom irons aand slowly piecing together a bag. I am 6ft 7 and big hands, so maybe a custom fitting would benefit me? I cant afford a new set of irons custom, but I could work with my Driver, 3 wood, SW, and putter. If I pay 80-90 for a custom ping g30 for my 'bigness' as my friends put it, would that benefit more? I can stock the rest of the bag with a set of spalding something or others that are at my parents. Was thinking a 6, 7 iron (can hit that off the deck about 150 with my r7) and possibly a 9? Anyways thanks for any input. I really appreciate it.
  23. I dont know why but I can crush and hit straight hybrid irons. If i try to use regular irons from 3-8 irons I suck. Anybody have and idea why this could be?
  24. Rare Stats

    To know my weeknesses i record my stats with a stroke gained approach. After 15 rounds i can see clear that i was bad with long irons and short irons. But what was rare is that my average spected score of my mid irons (7.8.9) where better than my short irons (P,W,G). Avg Wedges: 2,92 Avg Short Irons: 3,25 Avg Mid Irons: 3,21 Avg Long Irons: 3,54 I agree the fact that closer is better but in my case beetween a 7 iron and a Gap wedges there practically no different, moreover it´s better to have a mid iron in hand than a short iron. I know i have to work to improve my short irons but how could you explain that numbers? Note: the average only take in consideration the iron shot, not the result of the chip/putt after that.
  25. Forged Iron Opinions

    Hi all, I wanted to swing by here to quickly get opinions on some of the better forged iron sets that are relatively modern (post 2005 at least). I'm in the market for a second-hand iron set to tinker with and wanted feedback on what you all had great experiences with or have seen great reviews of. I'm not locked into any brand specifically but have seen fantastic things about early Nike blades and really any Mizuno forged blades. I'm looking to spend no more than 350 if that helps at all. I'm looking to lock down a purchase in several weeks before the season in the Midwest really picks up. Thanks for any opinions or suggestions! I look forward to scoping them all out!!

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