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Found 9 results

  1. Hey gang! I'm a 20 handicap after taking several years off from golf. I used to shoot consistently 90 - 95 per round at Pine Hills in Hinkley, Ohio. I'm now lucky to break 100. I had a package of 10 lessons at Golftec in North Olmsted, Ohio during the off season about 5 years ago. I learn visually so I really liked the instant video feedback and instruction. The one thing I didn't like was that they only had one bay for left-handed people and it was quirky at best. Didn't always work consistently. I'd like to take lessons again in the off season but haven't seen any recent feedback. When I took lessons the attitude was pretty much "take it or leave it" and I couldn't select the instructor I wanted to work with. I'd like to hear any recent feedback on Golftec and, in particular, experiences at the North Olmsted, Ohio location. Thanks in advance.
  2. Heya. I am going to my first lesson in a few hours. It is technically called a swing evaluation. I am unlikely to be able to get many lessons purely due to the price tag. So I would like to hear some wisdom on how to get the most out of the lesson. (After it is done, I will probably have additional questions I bet.) The company is golftec. I have seen the place. They have a pretty sophisticated setup and a team of instructors. What do you wish you had asked at your first lesson? What should I be looking for to gauge the quality of the instruction? What can I do while in the lesson to get the most out of my time? Thanks for your thoughtful responses.
  3. LADIES and GENTLEMEN: Can anyone make a referral to a good Golf Pro for lessons in the Pasadena, CA area? Please and Thank You in advance.
  4. I plan to head to Scottsdale over New Year, first week of January. I am a female golfer moving from a high handicapper golfer to a mid level golfer. We would like to spend the week playing, having lessons or participating in a clinic and basically focussing on improving golf. Don't want to spend a fortune unnecessarily or be just one of a big group with different objectives but I do want to enjoy the week. Haven't been to AZ before so not sure how to make the decision on a) area to stay b) accommodation c) golf pros or lessons d) golf club e)anything!! Any input from this group of experts would be welcome, thank you!
  5. How often do you take lessons?
  6. Planning to get into golf again. Last time I played was 15 years ago when I was really really young (like <10). I'm planning to get coaching but because the prices are a bit steep, the plan is to have it once a week and just hit the driving range by myself a couple of other days per week. Would that be okay or is it really necessary to have more than 1 session per week? Goal isn't to be pro or anything. Just good enough to play on an actual course without delaying anyone or looking horrible. I can aim for better handicaps once I reach that point.
  7. In the past, I've mostly gone dormant with my golf swing instruction over the winter. This year, I want to keep up a little bit each week because I feel like I've made so much progress in the past couple months. Shame to lose that, and I'm genuinely excited to see if I can get through a major piece that I've been stuck on for too long. For those who have stuck out video lessons for a winter season, I'm curious to know your experiences: - worth it? - did you notice any progress (or perhaps less degradation) when spring rolled around? - since I won't have an indoor hitting area, doesn't it get boring just submitting indoor drills? - whatever else about your experience that comes to mind. Maybe I need to find an indoor facility. At any rate, I'll give it a shot (and talk with the instructors about it too), but just curious if anyone had strong feelings one way or the other about video lessons being useful for someone who isn't able to take advantage of a golf facility for the winter months.
  8. I gave a lesson to a guy the other day who said he wanted to learn "how to play golf." He was being sarcastic, as he's played golf for 40 years or so, has made many nice changes and improvements to his golf swing, and is playing quite well for his age. Despite this, his texts from the day before were of the panicking type. I gave him a lesson. I wanted him to do two things. First, I wanted him to take his left shoulder down a bit more so his head didn't drift back and up during the backswing. Then, I wanted him to slide his hips forward an inch, two at most, further forward on the downswing. The former would clean up contact, the latter would bring the ball flight up. Three balls in I'm hearing about how "ecstatic" he is. Ten balls in and I'd heard the word six or seven times. We switched to the driver. The success continued. We added the hip piece. The success continued. Back in "the room" I drew some arrows and lines and measured some things in the video and made his before/after photos with notes. Then he said something which prompted me to look at his first lesson about sixteen months prior. What he saw didn't surprise me at all, but shocked him quite a bit. He saw essentially the same arrows. The same lines. The same measurements. The same notes. He'd been working so long on his "latest piece" (all summer, really), that he kind of forgot about his "first" priority piece. That thing that will always tend to creep up on you and nag you. That thing you always have to watch for. That's all. Long story short, if you're struggling, look back at your old images and notes and videos. Odds are, you may just need to remind yourself of something you thought you'd licked previously.
  9. Just came back from an awesome lesson. I hadn't been for a lesson in about a year. I've been doing ok - making steady progress . .but I've been feeling, lately, that I've been stumped trying to make improvements. I'll start out a range session hitting it great - and then after a few dozen "experiments", I can't even hit the ball anymore. I've been trying to get "wider" . .been playing around with having my hands "deeper" or not in the backswing . .trying to fool around with my tilt, etc. It turned out that I need to get my lower body "quieter" which I never would've come up with on my own. I thought I was doing great with all this lower body action. I was actually *trying* to do the very thing he got me to stop doing, lol. I got a new drill, though, and the proof is obvious. I have been feeling like I've been getting *almost* all the power out of my swing that I could based on my age and personal fatness. I think I can get probably another, say, 15% . .with the quieter lower body I'm getting a noticeably more powerful, whipping "smack" at impact . . .and I'm much more balanced instead of kind of falling forwards a bit in my follow through. Anyway- lessons are awesome. Can't say it enough. I'd go more often but it takes me a long time to really incorporate the stuff I learn in just one lesson. Otherwise I feel like we're just working on the same thing every lesson.
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