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Found 11 results

  1. Nelly Korda may prove that she's the better of the Korda sisters this week. She leads by two.
  2. PGA Tour Working On Program to Provide Access For College Stars | Golf Channel The PGA Tour might soon have a new feeder system – college golf. Two quotes stand out to me. … and… Making the leap from college to the pros often happens at a terrible time of year. Either you bail on your team mid-way through the season (in November or thereabouts), or you are stuck trying to make it as a pro with status on no Tour after the NCAA tournament in May.
  3. This is several days old, but June 14-17 I got to caddie in The Decatur-Forsyth Classic, an event in the LPGA's developmental Symetra Tour. Held in Decatur, IL, the Classic is the oldest continuous event on the Symetra Tour. I got to caddie for Grace Na, from Alameda, CA. A four-time All-American from Pepperdine University, this is her second year as a pro. Because Symetra prize money is not that high, most of us locally sourced caddies volunteered for free. Likewise, Decatur host families housed many of the tournament golfers for the week. Caddies are quite a mix: Some of the women golfers have regular caddies they use from week to week, either a relative or a steady hire, while others use on-site volunteer caddies. But, some of them just go it alone with bags on pull trolleys, and a few even carried their own bag during the rounds. Most of the players use stand bags. During the rounds, a golf cart accompanies each group. Players can put umbrellas and orange whip trainers and clothing into the cart to lighten their bags. But, it's penalty strokes if either the player or caddie ride in a cart during the round. Most Symetra tournaments are 54 holes - with a cut after 36. In Decatur, Grace needed a birdie Saturday on the 18th hole to make the cut, but missed a 20-foot putt. Grace rebounded this week at the Island Resort Championship in Michigan, tied for 28th. She shot -3, and got $1,270 in winnings. The course is in the Upper Peninsula at the town of Harris. Michigan played out a bit differently from Decatur. The ladies went from high humidity in the 90s in Illinois to blustery weather in Michigan. Second-round photos from this weekend showed the golfers playing in warm-up trousers and windbreakers. (I just followed online; Shirley and I did not go to Michigan.) ------------------------ For Decatur, the caddie assignment process was confusing. The caddie master didn't announce "who's your caddie" until Wednesday. Word originally was that you would meet the golfers Wednesday, and caddie in a practice round on Thursday. Reality: Most of the golfers played practice rounds on Tuesday, a pro-am on Wednesday, and then rested on Thursday. I helped Grace practice on Wednesday, but didn't actually plant a bag for her on-course until money time on Friday. The golfers said they usually get several days notice on their caddie, so the two can touch base and go over mutual expectations. Still, Decatur was a fun experience - I just worry that Grace might have been able to sink that Saturday putt if we had worked together more.
  4. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/rules-violation-causes-lpga-veteran-lee-anne-pace-to-be-disqualified-mid-round She damaged the club outside of normal usage (slammed in a bit of anger), and played shots with it.
  5. The Midland Country Club will help the LPGA make history in 2019, providing the backdrop for the first official team event in the tour's history. The Dow Great Lakes Bay Invitational, a 72-hole team event, will become part of the LPGA tour July 17-20, 2019, at the Midland Country Club, LPGA officials announced Thursday at the Midland Country Club. Dow Chemical Company agreed to sponsor the event for its first five years. "Dow is a company about innovation, and they wanted to do something new and innovative," LPGA Chief Commercial Officer Jon Podany said. "There has been interest from the players to participate in a team event. They see the men on the PGA Tour playing in a team event and having fun doing it. "When Dow approached us about doing something unique, it was a natural fit." The stroke-play tournament will feature 72 two-player teams competing in both foursomes and four-ball for a $2 million purse. The format is similar to the one used in the Solheim Cup. LPGA golfers Juli Inkster, Katherine Kirk, Brittany Lincicome, Jenny Shin and Angel Yin helped make the announcement Thursday in Midland, holding a brief golf clinic before the press conference. "It's super exciting," Lincicome said. "We're thrilled this event is coming to the LPGA. Best ball is the easiest of the formats. Alternate shots are a little more difficult. My (Solheim Cup) captain Juli Inkster would tell me to stop saying sorry." The 2019 event is the first official team event in LPGA history, but the tour has included unofficial team events dating back to the Hot Springs 4-Ball Invitational (1955-58) and Women's World Cup of Golf (2000, 2005-08). The tour has partnered with PGA and PGA Tour Champions for the Wendy's 3-Tour Challenge (1992-2013) and Hyundai Team Matches (1994-97, 1999-2002). The tournament is the first Tour event at Midland Country Club, which was originally designed in 1928 by Gilbert Currie. It was redesigned in 1970 by Larry Packard, in 1990 by Jerry Matthews and in 2009 by Craig Schreiner. The LPGA has two other stops in the state with the Volvik Championship at the Travis Pointe Country Club in Ann Arbor (May 24-27 this year) and the Meijer Classic for Simply Give at Blythefield Country Club in Belmont (June 14-17).
  6. http://www.golf.com/tour-news/2017/06/01/rules-arent-made-be-broken Quotes in red are from the article… No. 1. Video should be used in rules disputes almost never. No. 2. Magnified video should never be used at all. No. 3. The rules officials at the PGA Tour/USGA/LPGA should be ashamed of themselves for hijacking these events. No. 4. Penalties should not be assigned after players sign their scorecards. No. 5. TV viewers at home (and who are these people anyhow?) should not be permitted to influence the outcome of a golf tournament, as it is unfair to the players who get more TV time, and also because it's weird. … Here's an easy solution to the various problems outlined here: Play by the rules. Had Thompson marked her ball correctly in the first place, there would never have been an issue. Really, it's a world-gone-soft that turned Thompson into a victim here. The rule that governs marking a ball on a green could not be more straightforward: Mark, and return the ball to where it was. She didn't do that. … Like Woods, I used to think that the use of videotape, and the whole call-in thing, was strange. But 20 years ago, Davis Love III helped me understand, with impeccable logic, why it makes sense: A player should want his or her scorecard to be as accurate as possible, and more scrutiny will only help make a player achieve that goal. Love's worldview shows an elemental understanding of the game that defines his life. In other sports—in football, in basketball, in baseball, in hockey—trying to get away with something is part of the game. Golf is the complete opposite. Also, what kind of champion would you have if broadcast TV showed a winner hoisting a trophy, and YouTube showed, for example, that same golfer carrying 15 clubs? Indeed, what's so hard about playing by the rules? They're not "unfair" because everyone is subject to the same RULES. No, not everyone is subject to the exact same conditions, but that's never been the case, and attempting to do that is a foolhardy endeavor that will always fail. But everyone can - and should - play under the same RULES of the game. "My side" of the debate is often characterized as saying "the rules are the rules, period, end of story," but that can be said in two different ways. Did Lexi deserve a penalty? Absolutely, per the rules, she did. The Rules don't leave leeway to say "well, but it probably didn't really help her, maybe, so can't we just this one time not penalize her…?" They're written and applied, and that's the way it must be for the rules as they are. That statement does not mean that everyone (or that I) support every rule written and back it 100%. There are a few rules with which I have some quibbles, though understanding where the rules come from and the underlying principles tends to minimize anyone's beef with too many of the Rules.
  7. I live about 30 minutes from the Trump course in Bedminster where the US Women's Open is being played. You can get 4 tickets for $100 but I have had no takers on going to the US Open, even for a half day to watch the players and see the course. When I mention the players I would like to see most golfers recognize Michelle Wie but I get a blank stare for most of the other top female golfers. Perhaps it is the lack of many notable US female golfers or most people want to watch only the best on the men's PGA Tour. It seems a shame since the competition can be tough and the tournament exciting. Most of us male golfers could also learn something from these typically smaller women driving the ball 250+ yards which is longer than my drive. Someone in Marketing at the LPGA should take notice.
  8. So I notice the commentators all rave about Lyida Ko's putting. But looking through her stats, she hits a ton of greens - especially considering her driving distance. So in a sense, if she's that good with her approach shots, she's likely hitting more than her share close and having tighter average proximity for her first putts. So you'd expect her to have a low PPGIR. And she is number one in that stat, probably because she's a good ballstriker and putter. Who you wouldn't expect to have a really low PPGIR is Julie Yang. Now I don't know who she is, but for the past two years she has had the highest PPGiR when you take her GIR into account. In other words she has a really below average GIR, but a surprisingly above average PPGIR. So it seems like she might be the best pure putter in the LPGA. Now it's possible that in Lydia's case she is taking very little risk with her approach shots and hitting to a safe target in the middle of the green most of the time in which case the correlation between her GIR and proximity to the hole may not be as strong. Conversely, Amy Yang may be taking extremely aggressive lines to pins relying on her short game to bail her out so when she does hit the green she has a close first putt. I tend not to think this is the case for either of them, but what do you see watching on TV or what you know of these two players?
  9. With In Bee Park's win in Mexico last week, the battle for supremacy between Ko & Park comes down to the last 2015 LPGA tournament. Here are what's at stake, caveat - best to my knowledge. Number 1 world ranking - the ranking difference (12.4/Ko vs 12.31/Park) is so small that whoever finishes ahead of the other is most likely end the year with the #1 world ranking. Scoring average - Ko (2nd, 69.449) needs to finish 2 strokes better than Park (1st, 69.433) and Ko will claim the title. $1M CME bonus - either one gets it with a win, or higher finish than the other depending on how the rest does. Ko (1st) leads Park (2nd) in CME points. Player of the year - Ko leads 273 to 270 points against Park. See number 1 ranking comment above. Money - Park can take the lead with a win, depending on how Ko does
  10. I have not seen this before from Stacey or any top LPGA or PGA players. This season alone, Stacey has 6 second place finishes, and 2 third finishes without a win. Yesterday, she blew another win, disintegrating on back 9 on Blue Bay Classic held in China. She had a 2 stroke lead but folded under pressure, missing number of makeable putts down the stretch. This is coming from a former number 1 players who won 4 times last year. Is it the age (gets tired by the 4th round)? Pressure? Just not being lucky? I feel sorry for her and hope that she wins the big one at the end to compensate for all the close finishes. At the opposite end, Sei Young Kim pulled off another come from behind win, making unlikely shots down the stretch. She is having exact opposite year to Lewis, winning 3 times this year. PS - Kevin Na is challenging Lewis' luck on PGA side. He keeps finishing 2nd ... and without a win, just one in his career and lots of 2nd place finishes, too many to mention.
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