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Found 9 results

  1. Here's how this will work. Copy and paste the text here between the lines, and fill out your guesses at who will win each of the six events listed: Players: Masters: PGA Championship: U.S. Open: British Open: FedExCup: Fill in the first and last name of the player who is going to win each event and put their winning score in parentheses. Like this: Tournament: John Doe (-18). If anyone gets all six correct… I'll see what we can arrange as a prize.
  2. I'm going to vote after I give it a little thought.
  3. Watching the Masters, I think I heard them mention a time or two that if Rory wins Sunday, he will be the sixth player to win the pro Grand Slam, the others being Sarazen, Hogan, Player, Nicklaus, and Woods. But should Sarazen get credit for winning a major before it was a major? Sarazen's only Masters win was in 1935, the second year of the event. He famously made a double eagle on the 15th hole of the final round ("the shot heard round the world"), which got him into a playoff against Craig Wood, which he won. The event had a small but strong field -- only 55 pros, including some past their prime, but most of the big names (almost all Americans, of course), along with a handful of amateurs. And it paid well --- $1500 to the winner, when the US Open only paid $1000. However, some regular events, like the LA Open ($1350) and the St Paul Open ($1200) also paid more than the US Open that year, and the Miami Biltmore Open was the richest of all, paying $2500. More importantly, nobody called it a major, or a Grand Slam component. It was only five years removed from the original Grand Slam of Bobby Jones, which included two amateur events. The term "Grand Slam" continued to mean the "Jones version" for decades -- in Jack's autobiography, he talks about the Grand Slam being his goal, and agonizing over the decision to turn pro, because a pro couldn't win it. In 1935, there was not 100% consensus on which pro events were majors, but most people agreed on the US and British Opens, and the PGA. After that, there was less unanimity on the Canadian Open, the North and South Open, and the Western Open. Some sportswriters, hyping the fledgling Masters, opined that it had a potential to become a major one day, but that was about it. Half the difficulty of winning a major is the crushing pressure that comes when contending for a MAJOR. Today, it's a life-changing event. But that wasn't the case even as late as 1960, before Arnie revived the British Open. Most American pros never played the Open, others did it once, as a bucket list item. Nelson, Snead, and Hogan each played it just once during their primes, the latter two not even bothering to defend their titles. In 1935, the Masters was less analogous to a major than to Tiger's Hero Challenge --- a small but strong field, hosted by a contender for GOAT (although the old-timers would tell you that Vardon in his prime would have eaten Jones's lunch). There was nothing like the major pressure that can paralyze players today. I have no dog in this hunt --- I have never, ever heard Sarazen ranked in the top 5 of all time, let alone challenging Jack or Tiger for supremacy. But I'm curious about how other golf fans feel about his claim to a Grand Slam. I don't think you should get credit for winning a major before it's a major. What do you think?
  4. Mod Note: this topic was created from an off-topic discussion in the Predict Tiger's 2018 Season discussion, after about 31 or 32 posts (hence @billchao's plea in post #31 to get back on topic. ??? No more so than almost every player on the PGA Tour. And less so than a good chunk. I don't know where you're getting that, but I disagree I'm getting that from watching this video and othes. He dips down 6 inches on a five iron, and stays down there, pulling off a massive timing move pulling up his left side to have an 8 inch level low spot. Amazing, but I see no one on tour doing that much. Lots of guys dip down to the ball, but non like Tiger. His shoulders steepen from X to X-20, more than anyone on tour. He puts massive twist and strain on his back maintaining posture with that speed with his angles. BTW, I will continue to make absurdist funny (to me and anyone who's ever read more than 3 books) statements as long as I live, cause its the right thing to do. Do you really not get Monty Python? Sad. Seriously, is it impossible to walk away from this absurd game with half a billion and do anything else? Al Frankin made a switch. Now he's back to comedy, but at least he gave it a shot.
  5. I was thinking why the European PGA Tour doesn't establish its own 4 major tournaments. I know the European players believe that they are as good as the American players, but because more money is paid in the USA, this is were the players all over the world are trying to get to. I understand the money in the USA majors will always be greater, but I believe that if the European tour wants to stop playing little brother to the PGA, it should establish its own majors with benefits. Europe can add three more tournaments to The Open as majors, played at non-conflicting times with the USA PGA majors and see how it goes. Television contracts will improve for these tournaments because they are majors, and more players will choose to play in them. Looking at the OWGR as of this writing 4 of top 10 players, 7 of the top 20, 24 of the top 50 and 45 of the top 100 are American. American players do not dominate the top 100 players in the world. 6 of top 10, 13 of top 20, 26 of top 50 and 55 of top 100 are non-American players. Something for Europe to think about for their future, otherwise I think the European tour will sink further below the USA PGA.
  6. So for the period 2019 - 2023 who do you think wins the most majors? Lots of young talent who have already won 1 (or more) - Spieth, JT, Koepka Lots of young talent waiting to break through - Matsuyama, Rahm, Rickie, Fleetwood, Older guys who have at least 1 major - Rory, JD, DJ, Sergio, Rose, Older guys who are still looking for their 1st - Noren, Molinari Someone 40 or older - Phil, Kuch, Stenson Or - some you kid we've hardly heard of who will burst onto the scene (like Rory or Jordan) Note: - Poll closes at the start of the 2018 Masters - see I told you I'd start a silly thread
  7. Yes I'm talking the "modern" slam - Masters/US Open/(British) Open Championship/PGA Only Jack, Tiger, Ben Hogan, Gary Player and Gene Sarazen have a career grand slam. Do you think we will see another Career Slam, and if so who? Rory is missing the Masters Phil is missing the US Open Spieth is missing the PGA and Open Championship Kaymer is missing the Masters and Open Championship ZJ is missing the US Open and PGA Others with more than one championship that still play - Paddy, Cabrera, VJ, Ernie Lots of players looking for their first or second championship - DJ, Hideki, JT, Bubba, Stenson, Day, Scott..... I think we will see on, and obviously Rory is the likely candidate and Jordan seems to the only other with a crack at it; as the game is so competitive and the fields are so deep.
  8. I think it is Dustin because he has had the lead so often and then blown it! I still cannot believe he 3 putted the last hole at Chambers Bay from such a short distance!
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