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  1. A tribute to Caddies who worked at Augusta National. Tribute to Masters Caddies One of the most iconic traditions at The Masters is the caddies wearing white jumpsuits. This practice can be traced back to the very beginning of the tournament. Here’s a look at the history of Masters caddies donning the white jumpsuit and other interesting tidbits of information, including how numbers are assigned each year. While the outfits have remained uniform throughout the years and include the white jumpsuit and green cap, there are always two variations on each jumpsuit. The first and most
  2. Post your favorite individual tweets in this topic. I'm not normally a CPG guy, but this thread is great.
  3. We'll get to "who will win" and all that stuff later on. You know, when it's actually 2019. What I'd like to talk about right now is who is going to the tournament? I have a specific reason for asking this year, because I'd like to go, and I'd like to take my daughter. PGA members (I am one) get in free, but I'm pretty sure they can't bring a child with them despite the Masters allowing children to attend free with an adult. The rub is that the adult has to have a badge. So, if any TST members are going Monday through Thursday (probably only through Thursday, as I'll want to drive ba
  4. Discuss Seven Days in Augusta by Mark Cannizzaro here.
  5. How Ken Green got reprimanded for starting two Masters traditions Sneaking friends into Augusta National? A tradition of... Pretty interesting stuff there.
  6. 2020 Masters Tournament Tickets The Official Site of the Masters Golf Tournament 2018. This major golf tournament is played annually at the Augusta National Golf Club. Now accepting applications. https://tickets.masters.com/app Get in line so you, too, can be rejected again.
  7. So this past year I went to the Masters for the first time. It was honestly one of the things pushing me to finish my work and to become a Class A PGA member. Like many, I have some observations. Unlike many, I don't know that you'll hear these observations from too many people. These are in no particular order at all. The Elevation Changes You hear it from almost everyone. They set foot on the grounds and can't believe how much elevation change is down the tenth hole, or even down the second and up the eighth. Me? I was not surprised at all. The 10th looked and felt about exa
  8. I thought I would share some info for would-be patrons on the forum who want to attend The Masters tournament days. I go every year and there's little or no information online about where to get badges (tickets) , prices etc. I never post on forums so if this text comes out messy and hard to read, apologies! So you want to achieve your bucket list, here's some tips how to do it. There are essentially two ways to get to see The Masters, the expensive way and the REALLY expensive way. So you can buy in advance online at various ticket sites and travel companies. But how about if you do
  9. Here is the video: Here are some photos from the video: I thought watching live (well, watching the first time, recorded on my DVR later in the evening) that he had improved his lie. You can certainly see more of the ball after he soles his club than before. But I'm leaning toward "inconclusive." This type of activity reportedly occurs frequently on the PGA Tour and people look the other way all the time.
  10. With the masters behind us () I thought I would throw this out there to keep us talking about the “hallowed” pines of Augusta National. I have been thinking about this all week and thought I would see what the TST opinion is: Obviously, with all it’s history Augusta is a golfers dream come true. But what if the course was designed less than 20 years ago? What if it looked exactly like it does today, but had no history or major championship tied to it? Would it be a bucket list golf course? In other words, if the course had none of the history and prestige it has today would the design its
  11. Pretty straightforward here: What's your favorite hole at Augusta National? What's your least favorite hole at ANGC? Why? Take it however you want to take it - favorite hole if you were to play it, or favorite hole to watch in the Masters… favorite architecture or strategy… whatever you want.
  12. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/tiger-confidential-what-pros-really-say-about-tigers-chances-at-the-masters What fascinated me about that article is the breadth and scope of the opinions, the sheer variety. Others correctly point out, for example, that even after a layoff in 2010, he came out and finished T4. Then two quotes later someone is saying he has no chance.
  13. The Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSZxaHGo1OEs06vQumIooug The archive has been opened on the Masters Final Round broadcasts from 1968 to 2017. I'll say that again in case you skimmed over it… The archive has been opened on the Masters Final Round broadcasts from 1968 to 2017. Tiger's wins in reverse: So much for sleeping tonight. Here's another way to view the videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/masters/videos
  14. Experience Augusta, LLC is selling daily tournament badges (Thu-Sun) and daily Berckmans Place badges (Mon-Sun) for the 2018 Masters golf trournament. We also have several available homes within walking distance of Augusta National. Like all years, prices are high. We generally come in about 10% less than broker sites once their fees have been added in. If you're looking for yourself or for a corporate group, we can handle it all for the Masters. All badges must be picked up and returned on the day of event. Our pick up/drop off house is located very close to Augusta National. If int
  15. Hello - I was lucky enough to get tickets for the Masters practice round on Monday, April 2, 2018. Since I'll already be in town, I'd like to try to attend Tuesday, April 3 as well, and am hoping to trade either one or two of my Monday tickets for an equal number for Tuesday. Is anyone out there interested and able to make this happen? Thank you!
  16. http://www.cbssports.com/golf/news/former-masters-chairman-hootie-johnson-dies-at-age-86/
  17. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2017/jul/13/rory-mcilroy-scottish-open-golf-poulter-fowler Sky faces golf embarrassment after losing rights to next month’s US PGA Then… http://www.telegraph.co.uk/golf/2017/07/14/opening-two-days-masters-danger-lost-uk-television-no-deal-place/ Exclusive: Opening two days of The Masters in danger of being lost to UK television with no deal in place for live coverage Ooof. I wonder how our compatriots across the pond are feeling about this…?
  18. Some questions to kick off the run-up to and playing of the 2017 Masters Toonamint at Augusta National: Is Jordan Spieth the favorite to win after his collapse last year? Is it the best story in golf? If not Jordan, how about Dustin Johnson? Will Tiger Woods make the cut? Will he play? Will he surprise everyone (likely including himself at this point) and finish in the top ten? If he skips this tournament, will this be the last time anyone really cares? Last year's winner Danny Willett… does he contend again, or will his drop in play (evident at the Ryder Cup) continue
  19. The 2018 Masters Tickets lottery is now open! I submitted (again) my application just moments ago (4x3, 2x4). https://tickets.masters.com
  20. I thought 2016 was the year I finally got to get inside the gates, but unfortunately it didn't work out. Are there any Sand Trappers who have had the opportunity to go to The Masters? Was it everything you hoped it would be/everything that you had heard, or did you think it was overly hyped-up?
  21. Good day all. First time forum poster here. I hope that this question meets the eyes of someone who can help. I've been offered a miracle out of nowhere: 2 tickets for The Masters. These are not my passes or badges (whatever they're called). They came from a close friend, in other words from what I've read on other site - I'm not the "accredited patron" I have read about. These were gifted to me. I wanted to go with my wife and take our two kids (9 & 12). Before I price out flights and book hotel, I'd really like to get the scoop on this. Should it be just my son and I or can
  22. I think winning 4 majors is almost impossible in 1 year, tennis it can be done but golf there is too much parity. If we add the Players championship to another Major this will credit a lot more deserving golfers with more major.s
  23. In 1958, Arnold Palmer hit his ball over the 12th green in the final round at Augusta National in the Masters. His ball was half embedded, and he asked the walking official for a ruling as he felt he should get a free drop. The free drop was denied. He played out the hole, making a 5, and then, with a defiant attitude, dropped his ball near where it had been embedded and played out the hole again, making a 3 this time. The 3 was upheld, and Arnold Palmer won his first major and first Masters. Ken Venturi was pissed about it. Not because he disagreed that Arnie wasn't entitl
  24. Let me first say that I hope Arnie, Jack and Gary Player are with us for a long time and can continue their tradition at The Masters and at other tournaments. Given some of the concern for Arnie's health this year it made me wonder who would be the next Big 3 to carry on the legacy. I thought about doing it as a poll but there are too many options to choose from and some of the obvious choices might not be willing or deemed worthy to be considered. My guess is; Watson, Phil, Tiger - in the order that they would be asked should one of the current Big 3 not be able to attend the event.
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