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  1. In the other topic (now locked), the question was posed: is golf more mental or more physical. I think it's safe to say that if you throw away the "well, the brain controls everything you do, so it's 100% mental" side of the argument, it's pretty clear that your physical skills affect your score the most: Dustin Johnson on his worst mental day will basically always beat a 20-handicapper having the worst mental game day of his life. Golf, like every other sport, is ultimately a measurement of how well you perform, and the bulk of that performance is physical. Things got contested when
  2. I don't hear the same thing at all. I often will start my diagnosis of a hole by saying "okay, left is dead, can't go anywhere near the OB there." And I almost never do… I'm much, much more likely to hit it well right — even if I'm aimed down the center because OB is 30 yards left. So I don't agree. My body/mind differentiate between "you want to hit it left" and "do NOT go left!"
  3. There is this one hole on my home course. It is a short par 4 with a tree-lined 90 degree dogleg left. The actual distance from the tee to the hole is about 230 yards, but you can't actually go for it due to the trees and then the water on the other side of them. Just, no. The proper way to play the hole is two 9-irons or something like that. It's really quite easy to par this hole. The first time I took my nephew there, he could not resist the temptation. He went for it, somehow lifted the ball barely over the trees and landed his tee stroke on the green. The next bunch of times w
  4. Written out and modified slightly for my golf team (with some disclaimers about how I don't buy into this stuff very much): 10 Reasons Why Winners Win Winners are driven by a love of winning, not by a fear of losing. Winners remain relentlessly optimistic at all times. Winners focus on solutions when things go wrong. Winners are fueled by feelings of excitement more than nervousness. Winners know confidence comes from preparation. Winners surround themselves with like-minded positive people. Winners expect to win each time they compete. Win
  5. Dehydration Alters Human Brain Shape, Activity and Slackens Task Performance Dehydration alters human brain shape and activity, slackens task performance -- ScienceDaily Sweating up a storm gardening? This is what your brain might be doing: Reasonably customary dehydration led to shape changes inside the brains of test persons in a new study. Neuronal activity... Summary: According to researchers dehydration can lead to more errors on task performance. Additionally, fMRI neuroimaging showed dehydration can alter brain structure temporarily.
  6. I suspect I am like many other golfers after a round. We look at the scorecard and begin to analyze our round with a pair of rose-tinted glasses. “If I would have just …” If I could have …” I should have …” It is fun imagining how making better club selections, being more conservative/aggressive and taking a bit more time over that putt would-could-should have resulted in a score several shots better. Perhaps this exercise is why we often over value the “mental game” versus the physical aspects of golf. We assign many bad results to faulty thinking. The truth of the matter is, at l
  7. I'm having a mental game expert address some of my juniors next Saturday, and I had some additional notes for him. Stuff I wanted him to include that may be particular to my program, the way I teach, my LSW information, etc. And I thought some of you might benefit. So here's that part of the email: 1. Practice is not playing. I'd like them to know that when they're working on their swing, they care what the mechanics are, they care what things "look" like somewhat, they care about making the best MECHANICS or something, to change or improve. But when they're playing, it'
  8. "Focus on the process. Once you do the part that you can control, you can't care about the result." I've heard this phrase said a few times lately. The intent is to get you to focus all of your energy on the "stuff you can control" and to give up control over the stuff you can't control - everything that happens after you hit the ball, the play of others in the field, whether your ball gets a good bounce or a bad bounce, whether your 20-footer goes in the hole or lips out… that stuff. The stuff that we control only very indirectly, by setting things in motion. Though I've downplayed
  9. Hi everyone Just seing if other people suffer with similar problem as I currently have. Originally coming down from a high handicap had such enjoyment and no worries on the course. Got down to handicap of 8 and have set myself goals for the future. All of a sudden have this expectation to play good golf and getting frustrated as not playing near what I should be playing. look forward to playing all week and my game has gone to crap over last few months and handicap blown out to 14. Taking more time over the shots, really concentrating seems to be having the opposite effect
  10. This topic exists for those of you looking to turn your 76s into 73s because of a mental lapse or two along the way, or for those of you who choke in competitions, or those of you looking to gain just a bit more of the small edge that a great mental game can provide on top of your physical skills. I probably won't have much to contribute to this topic. I feel I play better under pressure. I don't even get too nervous. But, since nobody took this ball and ran with it in the other topic, here's a topic specifically about improving your mental game, so that the 5% or whatever it contrib
  11. There is a lot of discussions on here about the impact of the mental game. Opinions range from it being the most important thing about golf to it having no importance whatsoever. Bobby Jones said, “Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course... the space between your ears.” Ben Crenshaw said, “I'm about five inches from being an outstanding golfer. That's the distance my left ear is from my right.” The movie Tin Cup is primarily about a psychologist who helps a driving range pro get his head straight to compete in the US Open. He does until he blows up at the end. There
  12. Alright guys, I'm sure this question has been asked before and I apologize if it has. The famous saying "best range player in the club" is the name of my game. On the range I'm a +3 handicap. In reality I'm an 8.4 and trending higher bc of this big problem. I can't bring my range swing to the course. Im going through a swing change to get rid of the over the top pull and I can exicute it perfect on the range (this has been going on for about 3 months). As soon as I get to the course I go back to that over the top swing that I'm oh so terribly comfortable with. I'm not looking for tips on my s
  13. I need some mental coaching...OK, OK...my friends would say "So what's new?" Here's my issue. My practice swing is full, smooth, and gives a powerful swoosh. Put a ball in front of me and my full swing turns into a short, quick, jerky movement. Over the past two years I have lost about 30 yards on my drives. My greens in regulation on par 4's are about zip. If it wasn't for the fact that I have a solid short game, I couldn't break 90 whereas before I was knocking on 80 regularly. It only effects my driver and fairway woods swing. My research says that I have a 'hit impulse' not 'full swing yip
  14. Good Morning Golfers, I've been thinking a lot about the mental side of golf these days and have realized there is not nearly enough content available on routine building, head mechanics and analytical vs. creative mental training as it relates to amateur/professional golf and pressure situations. Although golf is a passion of mine, my background is not in golf. My experiences with mental game training and weapon sports are from playing pool. Being a journey man road player for many years, mental training became more and more important as I progressed as a player. For instance, analytical
  15. If you put his mind into the body of a golfer who can't break 100? First try, golfer gets a warm up bucket before the round. Let's say the golfer typically shoots between 105-110, hits 1 green in regulation every couple of rounds, can hit his driver 190 yards off the tee and doesn't have any physical issues or disabilities (other than a bad golf swing). Jack's brain doesn't transfer Jack's swing to the hacker's body. So the question basically comes down to: what would Jack shoot if he only hit it 190 off the tee, missed every green, hit a few OB, hit plenty of fat and thin shots. Inspired
  16. I voted yes because there are players that perform better "under the gun" than others, some guys can even elevate their games. With my own game, I've certainly failed under pressure at times but my best shots and rounds have all come in tournaments/competition. For me getting a little nervous helps me focus. Not saying I can always tap into it but I also remember hitting some good shots, making some short putts when I "had to" get it done. We've all heard Jack and Tiger talk about enjoying pressure and feeding off it. I'm sure there are also pros that get very uncomfortable when they're in the
  17. Some players know exactly what they are shooting while they are playing. Some players have no idea how they are scoring. Where do you fall in? Do you choose to know what you are shooting as you are playing and why? Yes/No: I generally always know where I stand during the round. I don't make a point to know, but I do. On Purpose: No Why: I think it's because I pay attention to my round in sets of 3 holes. I try to limit my score to 1 bogey every three holes. After nine, I just know what I shot because I know how I did on my sets. Even when I try not to know and I'm not paying attentio
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