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  1. Just started playing again after a ~5 year break, and planning to buy a set of clubs as I currently don’t have any. I’ve been searching on eBay and have narrowed it down to two choices for my irons - the Cobra CXIs or Mizuno MX 20s. They are basically the same price, and both are 4-PW (although the Mizuno set also has a gap wedge). Does anyone have any advice on which would be better in terms of forgiveness/high handicap play? Thanks :)
  2. Mizuno’s first American golf balls: RB Tour and RB Tour X If you live in the U.S. you might have heard rumors of Mizuno golf balls over the years or even seen images of some on the web but most likely never played one. Those days are about to end. The new Mizuno RB Tour and... I think Mizuno is underrated for a lot of things, like drivers, but… I think I'll pass, mostly because of the price.
  3. Hoping one of you could help me solve a mystery... Been playing Edel (variable length) irons/wedges for the past 18 months. Recently decided to have my old set (Mizuno MP-53) refit to match the setup of the Edel (length, weight, loft, lie) and leave them at my parent’s place to avoid hauling clubs back-and-forth. Hit the refit Mizunos for the first time today. 60° thru 8i are money - the distances are pretty close to my Edel numbers. The mystery is with the 7i-3i, which are all cavity backs in this set (vs muscle backs for lower irons). The cavity backs are now all crazy short (distan
  4. I recently tested out Mizuno MP 18s with the thinking that I am going to have a mixed bag of MBs and CBs. The fitter was fairly insistent that I go with the "SC" clubs 6-9 instead of the MBs. At the beginning of the fitting I was not hitting shots that great but towards the end, my shots were on and I was really liking the MBs. I have played MP33s in the past and realize the need to hit the sweet spot and didn't doubt that I could handle the 7-PW set up but he was fairly persistent in me not ordering the MB. I play 714 AP2s now fairly decent and although they are a few years old, I am not sure
  5. Didn't really have anybody else to share this with, but I'm in the position to try out and buy a set of good condition Mizuno MP-33s. I would consider this my first "real" set as the first set of irons I bought were old CB Forged clubs, then I upgraded to a knock off CB GI irons (from Gigagolf). I like the clubs I have now, but I've always aspired to having a "good" set of irons, preferably blades. I generally consider myself a good iron player, my most consistent miss is hitting it fat/weight not forward enough at impact. What have your experiences been like going to a new set of "old
  6. I bought a set of these just for the heck of it on eBay about a year ago, and I have no idea what they are. Looking them up online I can't find a picture or anything about them. Anyone what what they are or when they or made?
  7. Hi all. Great to be here and talking to some fellow golfers. I am looking at getting new irons for the 2018 season. For the past year ( last leg of 2016 to present ) I have been taking my golf really seriously. I have dropped from a 15 Handicap to a 6 in the last year. I want to change my irons. I am looking at Mizuno mp 18 MB , Titleist 718 MB , Taylormade P730 and Callaway Apex MB. From a little of my own research I have found Mizuno to be the best "Blade" according to people ( This is based on my own research ). Which out of these will be the better brand? Second question. What are yo
  8. I thought it might be nice to have wedges with shafts that match those of my irons. My old wedges have shafts slightly lighter than my irons, when heavier is typical, and they are an unpleasant color. I thought I might go through with my idea of playing 4 specialty wedges in addition to my set pitching wedge and closeting a wood. I had golf money burning a hole in my pocket. For these reasons and more I went ahead and ordered a custom set of 4 Mizuno S18 Chrome wedges in 48, 52, 56, 60. Fun! Mizuno has no upcharge on the shafts or grips I wanted so they are actually the cheape
  9. Hello, I recently was fitted for Mizuno JPX 900 irons with a true temper XP 95 S300 shaft. During the fitting, i was told that my swing speed was around 85mph. On my long/mid irons (4-8 irons). I can't seem to hold the greens as my ball just rolls off the back. I've only played two rounds. One round on greens that were recently punched. The other was on a very hot day and greens were very firm. I have played a round with a callaway chrome soft and a vice Pro which is a new ball. I have struck the ball fairly well and have placed the ball towards the front of my stance. My que
  10. Need to find out the model name of a set of Mizuno irons. Have looked everywhere on google images and can't find a match. They're unique in the fact that they have the "Mizuno" name on the sole of the iron, so if you find a club with that trait, it's most likely the one. Thanks.
  11. Hi guys, I'm a 6-handicap (floating between 5 and 6 for a few years now) although being honest my long game is more like a 8/9-handicap. I've been using Callaway Big Bertha irons for about 10 years (big chunky heads on them) and am looking to buy some second-hand irons. I've always had an eye for Titleist irons - anyone have a recommendation? I hit a 5-iron 175, hit the ball pretty consistently so I don't think I need the heads I have at the moment. Would appreciate any advice! Thanks
  12. So I wanted to get people's opinion on bladed irons. Is there a point anymore to use blades? Or does today's technology make them obsolete? I know blades are hard to hit and if you don't pure them every time it's going to hurt you. But say for someone who does hit the ball on the center of the face 99% of the time, are they really that much better? I forget what irons he was using but I know a while back Luke Donald wasn't even using Mizunos MP-4s, he was using the set a step down. For someone his caliber you would think he could hit the ball with a dime welded to a shaft. But oh boy are they
  13. I've been Playing Golf for: 10 years My current handicap index or average score is: 8.4 My typical ball flight is: all over the place The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: pull hook So I first picked off this video that I stand way too far from the ball/line it up on the toe. I started working on that while I was at the range today. Anything else feel free to rip my swing apart. Thanks guys! Videos: How to I upload a video properly from my iPhone?
  14. Mizuno JPX-900 teaser is up on their Facebook page: https://facebook.com/mizunogolf/ Only glimpses of the irons, but they look to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing game-improvement irons out there.
  15. Help me chose between these 2 iron sets. I have a choice between Mizuno T-Zoid Comp-EZ, and Titleist 755. Both are 3-PW and both are right at $100.00. I am a mid handicapper and am upgrading from some adams game improvement irons. Both of these seem like a good deal, and I am split between the 2.
  16. Hi, (Skip to final paragraph for main topic.) So I'm new to golf, but not completely. I do have some experience at the range and used to play about 4 times a year whilst in high school, I don't have an official handicap either. Since the end of last year I have been very interested in golf and enjoy the sport way more than I used to in the past. Going to the range and hitting a few balls feels relaxing and enjoyable thus I want to get more into the sport. Now, gear...I went for a club fitting (irons) at my local golf shop (Cape Town) where we tested a few brands, shafts ect. H
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