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Found 8 results

  1. Has anyone here ever participated in the Myrtle Beach World Amateur? Or better yet participating this year? I am considering making it my 'summer' vacation and was looking for feedback from anyone who has experience. Myrtle Beach World Amateur Handicap Championship – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  2. New to the forum, I'm heading down to Myrtle beach Monday, stopping at Tobacco Road Tuesday to play. Question is: Is there any way to get deals on golf? Does anyone have rainchecks for tobacco road they are looking to sell? Or are there other ways to get a discounted price at tobacco road? Same goes for any courses in or around Myrtle Beach if anyone has passes looking to sell Thanks
  3. So I surprised my son with a trip south to the golf capital of America. He had no idea we were going there. I told him we were visiting my Uncle out in NY for the weekend for some golf. He got his clubs ready and packed lightly for the weekend. When he was sleeping, I packed a week’s worth of clothes to cover the trip as well as bathing suits and beach goodies. We headed out Sat morning and as we drove past NY he started to ask where we were going. I played dumb and said change of plans… something had come up and we were doing something different for the weekend. By the time the sun had gone down, we were in North Carolina and stopped for the night. Booked a nice Wyndham Hotel in Wilson, NC that was very clean, had a super friendly staff and gave us a great place to sleep for the night. He wondered if we were visiting my Aunt who also lived in NC but I kept changing the subject and offered up no answer. We packed up and head out in the morning. Drove a couple hours down some long stretches of crazy back wood fields, towns and barren land. All of a sudden a Golf course popped out of nowhere. As we pulled into the parking lot he got big eyes and said we are golfing here? In NC? I said kinda… this is SC and yes we are golfing here. Played a place called Crown Park. Was a decent place. Some greens had some issues recovering from the winter but we had a blast playing as it was 78* and we were not in New England! We saw so much wildlife out there we thought we were playing through a zoo. Wild turkeys, swan, geese, ducks, turtles, black squirrels and a couple of cranes. We both had a blast with the golf and the animals. When we were done we headed out and shortly were down in Myrtle Beach. I couldn’t hide the signs so he knew where we were. He was so excited and it got better as we headed to the beach when he saw the huge hotel we were staying in right on the beach! We pull into the Ocean Reef Resort and start to unload the car. Check in and off to our room. Nice room with all we need in it and then I go over and open the balcony door. WOW! What a view! Up on the 12th floor overlooking the beach. I took a couple of pics, we changed into our swim gear and went to explore the pools. They had a huge outdoor pool, a lazy river, some smaller pools and 5 Jacuzzis. This place is NICE! We had the breakfast buffet every day and it was a great spread. Anything and everything you could want. After eating we load up and head on out to Blackmoor. It is a Gary Player course and it was very nice. Real tight and interwound into a neighborhood where you were in backyards and between driveways all over the place. It was in great shape and we enjoyed it. We did dinner and breakfast and then off to the next course. We played Arrowhead, a Raymond Floyd course. They had 3 9 hole setups and they stuck us on the hardest one. It was a beautiful course but the score card didn’t show all the holes and they had a lot of water on the 3rd 9 hole setup. We then played the 1st 9 hole setup and enjoyed it much more. Didn’t try the 2nd 9 hole setup but I think it was in between the others. For our last round, we headed over to Arcadian Shores. This was our favorite out of all 4 courses. It was in beautiful shape and was pretty challenging but they did have the holes on the card and that does help when you haven’t played somewhere before. They have alligators here and we saw 3 of them. My son thought that was the coolest thing. Overall this was the best vacation I have ever had. Everyday was sunny and in between 78* - 82*... couldn't have asked for a better week! My son totally enjoyed it and we did pretty good golfing. I won 2, he won 1 and we tied the other round. I would definitely recommend any of the courses we played and also the Ocean Reef Resort as a place to stay… especially if you have kids. He loved that place. Shout out to @DaveP043 for offering up some suggestions for places to stay and eat on the way down there. Thanks Dave!
  4. Hello, Could I get your opinion regarding private golf courses that provide the best value for the money? Something between Wilmington NC and Savannah GA. I'd like to keep the annual dues under $4,000. I'm not interested in a Pete Dye course. I've played a few Dye courses and did not enjoy them. Thanks!
  5. Last year I took the college team (Penn-State Behrend) to Myrtle Beach. Because it was easy, we played the four Barefoot courses and spent a day in the middle at Caledonia/True Blue. The courses at Barefoot were "okay" but this year we're looking to do something else. As I want to avoid playing any "blah" courses while still taking advantage of a discount in lodging and a "package" of sorts, I'm considering playing four (they have five?) of the Legends courses with the same middle-of-the-trip excursion to Caledonia/True Blue again. Anyone have any thoughts on the courses at Legends? P.S. It's a college golf team, but we're Division III, and most of the guys going are about 6 handicaps or so.
  6. It’s been called the Pebble Beach of the East, but Tidewater Golf Club offers more than just sandy views. It also offers marshland holes, plus several internal parkland routings through hardwoods. No. 3 green and No. 4 fairway, shown above, are representative of the many excellent holes. Tidewater has drawn repeated accolades since it opened in 1990. It was recently ranked 39th among Golf Digest’s Top 100 Courses That You Can Play. And it has drawn national attention. In 2014, a Philadelphia foursome on its 45th annual golf trip played their 10,000th hole at Tidewater. Archie Lemon, the general manager, gave me the background and the flavor of the course. The upscale daily fee course was developed and owned by Bill Cassels Jr., chairman and CEO of Southeastern Freight Lines headquartered in Lexington, SC. Tidewater, located in the North Myrtle Beach zone, is the only course he owns. Cassels wanted the golf course to get preference in the land tract, which borders wetlands with conservation easements along the Intercoastal Waterway. “He took the best property and put in the golf holes, and then developed what was left as real estate,” said Lemon. The course architect was Ken Tomlinson, a tax attorney by trade who has a long-standing involvement with the U.S. Golf Association. I told Lemon the Tidewater appears to have a steeper learning curve than most courses. He agreed with me. Players need to learn just how far they need to carry tee shots, and whether a green actually slopes to the left or right. “One reason we have GPSs in the carts is to help the players,” Lemon said. One particularly challenging hole to decipher is Par 3 No. 3. The shallow, well-bunkered green sets below the tee box, with a falloff into wetland left of and behind the green. “The third green is actually three greens in one – you need to know which tier to hit to. Also, you have to learn the breaks,” said Lemon. Another challenging hole is No. 4, a 430- yard dogleg left which skirts beach area the length of the hole 30 feet below. It sports a well bunkered triangular green at the end. A swale in front of the green makes lay-ups testy if you’re recovering from an errant drive. It reminded me of No. 8 at Pebble Beach, except it bends left rather than right. I played this Tidewater in March. Locals said I had come at just the right time, as the temperature was 72⁰ F, sunny and very windy, especially on the back nine. In early afternoon, the course went from breezy to windy. Drives with tailwinds easily flew inside the 100 yards, but anything into headwinds required hard work. No. 17 bore this out. The uphill par 3 measures 177 yards, and we faced it with the flagstick bending back against us in the wind, even though we had our backs to the open water. Everyone tried a driver teed low, and just barely made it up the hill. I had to take a drop from reeds to the right of the green, but put a gap wedge 4 feet from the pin and salvaged a bogie. This is a course where each hole is truly unique. And the scenery is breathtaking and varied. The turf was a bit fluffy on the fairways, especially on the back nine. This results from October flooding and persistent rainy days the rest of winter. Mowing was curtailed to prevent turf damage. Fortunately for me, this week was the first stretch of five sunny days in several weeks. Nos. 1 and 2 and Nos. 10 and 11 are delightful warm up holes. After that, it’s battle stations! I bounced chip shots off the pin for tap-in pars on 1 and 11, but those were the only pars of the day. Head pro Chris Cooper has worked at Tidewater for 18 years, since its opening. He asked me what clubs I had used this day. As I recounted, I noted that the 7-Wood was the only one that stayed in the bag (which is unusual for me; it’s my go-to distance club). “That’s what players find – they hit about every club in the bag.” Once the course was completed, it has remained a work in progress to keep it high in quality. Typical SC turf plan: dormant rough with rye overseed on bermuda greens and fairways. The 2014 season saw play delayed to allow the new mini verde Bermuda strain to fully sprout on the greens. Cooper said that the course crew had worked hard the last two seasons to make the course more user-friendly: challenging but not unfair. “We enlarged the fairways, cleared out the rough – got rid of the underbrush – to make it easier to find your ball,” he said. The crew “limbed out the trees,” removing lower limbs to about eye level so players could see what was in the rough. Also, it made recovery shots more available. The brush pruning meshes with a long tradition of activities to fine-tune the course. “We’ve rebuilt No. 3 green at least three times, trying to get it right,” said Cooper.
  7. Opened in the 1980s, this Dan Maples design was billed as “not old, but old school.” The holes wind through stands of ancient oak trees, with creeks and lagoons to cross and avoid on the sides. No. 11, a 336-yd. par 4, is shown to the right. Golfers get a mix of clever holes, with small history lessons along the way, marked by on-course plaques. When Willbrook course was being built, the developers found that an old black slave cemetery was located in the area near future hole No. 8. Contacting state historians, the developers preserved the cemetery pocket, routing the hole around it. Kevin McGuire is head pro for Willbrook Plantation, which is one of six Founders Golf group courses in Pawley’s Island on the south end of the Myrtle Beach zone. Despite being surrounded by residential areas, the trees screen the holes off from the houses. A course map shows the path of the holes, but you really don’t notice the houses that much when on the course. Willbrook Plantation Par 72 Tee Rating Slope Yardage Blue 72.4 132 6722 White 70.3 129 6292 Gold Gold - L 68.3 74.1 120 133 5829 Red (W) 67.7 118 4981 Distance control off the tee is critical. I got to talk to assistant pro Tim Self, a Michigan native working a PGA apprenticeship. He said the course requires golfers to be ready for anything.The course originally had a large membership, but nowadays is semi-private with plenty of outside play. “It’s a course where you need to be able to use all the clubs in your bag. You need a variety of shots.” Tee shot placement and distance control proved to be two major features of the course. On No. 2, I hit an excellent drive that blew past the landing area and into a deep fairway bunker. Due to the steep lip, I chopped a 9 iron diagonally back to the fairway rather than going for the green. Self also noted that several of the holes feature one or two major trees which really shape the route, a feature of designer Maples’ architectural style. Also, if you like sand you’ll love Willbrook. Fairway bunkers come into play on several holes. The huge cross bunkers which rise up atop mounds about 100 yards out on Par 5 No. 3. These bunkers not only gather in shots, but can block the view of the green for those who choose to lay up. Also, holes 12 and 13 have sand waste areas. Going from tee to green you are driving through what appears to be huge sand bunkers. But, the course designates them as waste area. Back 9 has more elevation change than the front. My wife played with me, in her second season playing again after just occasional play for more than a decade. Although she had trouble on some holes, she loved the scenery and wants to come back and play it again. One of the best features is the practice area. The driving range has its own little niche off to the side, and you find the practice green bordered by a small creek on your way back. Chris King, whom I met at the PGA Show in Orlando, arranged for me to play Willbrook. He runs Kingfish Communications in Myrtle Beach, and helped develop the area’s golf websites. Willbrook is a course I want to play again – both for the scenery, and to see if I can improve my score with what I learned the first time through.
  8. A few days ago we booked our spring break trip for Penn-State Behrend (I'm the men's and women's golf coach). Six team members and myself are going. @NCGolfer may join for a round or two (he's an alum). We're playing… GOLF ITINERARY 12:04 12:12 Barefoot Norman 10:04 10:12 Barefoot Love 10:04 10:12 Barefoot Dye 08:00 08:10 Caledonia 01:30 01:40 True Blue 10:04 10:12 Barefoot Fazio Caledona and True Blue are on the same day. Looking forward to it! I've played most of the Barefoot courses, but haven't yet been to C/TB. Which Barefoot course does anyone here like most? Who here has played Caledonia/True Blue?
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