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Found 4 results

  1. Product Name: "The Navigator" by Dirty Larry Golf Product Type: Training Aid/Putting Aid Product Website/URL: https://www.dirtylarrygolf.com/ Cost: $50 to $60 Ratings (out of 5): Quality: 5 Value: 4 Effectiveness: 5 Durability: 5 Esthetic Appeal: 5 Link to Discussion Thread My Member Review After looking at the www.dirtylarrygolf.com website and watching the initial video on the homepage, I was extremely excited to have the chance to review the Navigator. So I am very thankful to Dirty Larry Golf and TST for allowing me to review this training Aid. Upon receiving the Navigator and ripping into the package, I was blown away by the attention to detail. Initially, the pride taken in showing that the product was American made won me over instantly. I then get to the actual box that houses the training aid, and my first thought was "This is super nice packaging for a training aid." It was not until I began reading the easy to understand instructions that I realized the box was more than just a box. It was integral to aligning the training aid...brilliant! The Navigator itself looked very well made and actually has that "cool factor" to it. I was asked twice while on the practice green about the use of the aid and where I got it. So, I pulled up the website and recited the features: Attaches to any putter Adjustable for any lie angle Ultra lightweight Works for both right and left handed players Available in three colors Easy to assemble and attach 100 % Made in USA I felt like a salesman, but I can say that everything I told him was true. The installation was really simple. You can configure the training aid to fit any putter and to fit any user's liking with the two rod options and the 8-18 stainless steel thumbnail screws. I immediately noticed the putter face angle after aligning the rods with the box. The instant feedback of what I was doing with the face angle during my swing made the training aid's effectiveness just as advertised. The adaptability of the aid to any putter will allow all golfers to have a highly successful practice session. I know for me personally, this training aid will come out for every practice session for a while. I need the help. When I first began using the Navigator, I felt as thought I was being extremely stiff with my swing because I was focused so hard on the aid. Once I got accustom to it being attached to the putter, it immediately pointed out my swing flaws and I love any golf related training aid that gives instant feedback. I have always relied on my golf ball alignment for my line, but I always used the feel and misses as feedback on my swing. With the Navigator, I now have a more solid base to correct swing flaws. I really enjoyed this review. It was an eye opener to what to swing flaws in what I previously thought was a descent stroke. The price may be a little high to some, but with the 30 day money back guarantee (that even includes return shipping), you have nothing to lose. Thanks again Dirty Larry Golf and TST!
  2. Product Name: "The Navigator" by Dirty Larry Golf Product Type: Putting Training Aid Product Website/URL: https://www.dirtylarrygolf.com/buy-best-putting-aids/ Cost: $50 to $60 Ratings (out of 5): Quality: 5 Value: 5 Effectiveness: 5 Durability: 4 Esthetic Appeal: 5 Link to Discussion Thread: My Member Review - The Navigator The Navigator – priced at $59.95 or for $49.95 using the code ONETIME and they ship it for free. When the Navigator became available for an opportunity to review, I had no idea how much fun and the benefit of using a simple putting aid would be. I would first like to thank Dirty Larry Golf and TST for providing the Navigator to members. Information from - https://www.dirtylarrygolf.com/ website indicate “We’re not your average golf company. Dirty Larry Golf is breaking the mold, and we’re damn proud to be doing it all in the USA. We’re on a mission to grow the game.” FEATURES: • Attaches to any putter • Adjustable for any lie angle • Ultra lightweight • Works for both right and left handed players • Available in three colors • Easy to assemble and attach • 100 % Made in USA LASER FREE, BATTERY FREE, HASSLE FREE AND FREE USA SHIPPING A quote from online users reviews revel “The real training comes from the alignment rods and what they do to increase visual awareness and acuity. We built the Navigator to train your eyes, and not to force any huge stroke changes. The benefits received from continued use will build confidence and improve your ability to aim the putter face where you want to, and return it to square at impact.” Even the package is unique with beautiful artwork, a pricey engraved - jewelry styled box container. When I was opening it, I felt like there could possibly be rods, studded with diamond points. First thing you notice when opening the package is the pride Dirty Larry Golf has manufacturing the product in USA, with Red, White and Blue confetti and the logo "Made in America - Home of Dirty Larry" I already like his style. Next beware, you'll see “Skull and Crossed Bones indicating DANGER” and a crucial message one must not ignore. It also boasts the bold statement to “Live Clean. Play Dirty - that golf is more than just a game, it’s a way of life.” The Navigator, looks like a precision instrument with adjustable height / angle and two different length rods which a user may choose how to configure to their likeness. A user can place the longer rod at the front or rear and vise-versa with the shorter rod. With the tilting lever, a user can position the rod in any manner they deem. The Navigator itself weighs 1.2 Oz I like the feature to have the pointing rods directly over the ball in a closer proximity for alignment. Using the longer pointer up front at a low position just above the ball, it provided an exercise for my putting stroke, which indicated when I would elevate the putter too quickly. The pointer would make contact to the top of the ball. I would then practice making a level stroke take away. Next I would reposition the pointer and work on maintaining a straight path. I started practicing indoors daily after receiving the Navigator on my Putting Challenge / Ultimate Edition indoor putting green which I’ve owned for many years. Also, SavvySweede gave me the idea to use a laser light as an additional guide in my practice. The light beam provided a true line for setup, my stroke path and the path of the ball rolling towards the target. Using a new slow motion video app, SloPro helped in reviewing of my putting stroke. Using the laser beam is also great as it shows multiple lighted points on the Navigator and putter at address. With the laser and slow motion video, I could see the ball roll online or off and was better to review my stroke as it shows the flaws I will address and practice to make corrections. Videos can be seen in the discussion thread. At first after practicing with the Navigator, I had a slight transition period putting without the Navigator visual aid. I probably should practice putting a few minutes both with and then without before playing. My first round after practicing was under winter conditions didn't provide a practical means for a judgment. With goose turd’s, ball marks, very wet greens and playing a course that had severe undulating greens, there were many distractions. But I felt like on several occasions, I did benefit from practicing with the Navigator. On one three footer I made, I imagined the pointer at the center of the hole in my subconscious before the putt. After only a few short weeks of practice and play, I now feel I made an unconscious, slight change /adjustment in short putts. As with any putt, aim, speed, a good stroke and confidence will usually produce a good result. I feel the Navigator has benefitted both my aim and stroke and will boost my confidence which is a priority practice routine when working on my putting. As stated “it is absolutely CRUCIAL to your success with the Navigator training aid, start from 3 feet.” While there are many Pro’s and Con’s of many golf related products, the end results often vary for everyone, may and will differ. While most putting strokes can be “classified into a few general categories (strong arc, slight arc, straight back/straight through), every golfer moves their putter from Point A to Point B a different way.” I’ll give the Dirty Larry Golf “Navigator” thumbs up for being a product which I’ve found useful and effective after use and for developing a better practice routine. Many thanks once again Dirty Larry Golf, it’s been a great experience and benefit.
  3. Product Name: "The Navigator" by Dirty Larry GolfProduct Type: Putting Training AidProduct Website: https://www.dirtylarrygolf.com/buy-best-putting-aids/Cost: $50 to 60 Ratings (out of 5): Quality: 5 Value: 3 Effectiveness:4.5 Durability: 4.5 Esthetic Appeal: 5 Link to Discussion Thread My Member Review I had the opportunity to review both The Navigator and a competing product which allowed me to focus on the similarities and differences each offers. I will not provide any details regarding the other product, but this review will have what I feel are the main differentiators between the products. Pros Customizable: Both in the colors it comes in and how you choose to use it. Adjustability: It has several joints that allow it to be positioned to best suit your eyes Quality: This is a well made product Cons Cost: This is a fairly expensive training aid for what it is Effort: This one requires a fair bit of effort to use, you have to tighten it on the putter, then add the guide bars Size: Although you could ditch the box and store in a baggie, the box is also part of the setup Review When I first received it I was very impressed, the packaging is first rate and screams all-american. The setup is very straightforward and the included instructions are good. I've always been a feel putter, I never use the line on the golf ball or putter, but rather just visualize where I want the putt to go. I will pick a spot between the ball and the hole where I want to hit. This training aid helps to provide better alignment as you can pick your spot, aim and setup to putt then while holding the putter rotate around to check to see where it's actually pointing. This is much harder to do without an alignment aid. The Navigator comes with two metal pointers which are different lengths and can be used in either position which allows the short end to be in front or behind the putter head. I prefer to have the short end forward and found the best results using it that way. Overall this is a high quality putting aid that would provide benefit to most that use it. I do think it's a better option when you have a dedicated puting area or when you are planning to do a long putting practice session as it is not a quick process to mount it to your putter. I look forward to continuing to use this and to improve my aiming ability.
  4. Product Name: "The Navigator" by Dirty Larry Golf Product Type: Putting Training Aid Product Website: https://www.dirtylarrygolf.com/buy-best-putting-aids/ Cost: $50 to 60 Reviewers: @bmartin461, @Club Rat, @TN94z, myself This discussion thread is for Members to share their unboxing, initial and ongoing impressions, and to answer questions by others for "The Navigator," a putting training aid by Dirty Larry Golf.
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