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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone. I'm a retired military vet of 22 years. Well retired in 2016. But of course there isn't a such thing as fully retiring from the military. So of course I'm back working. I have been golfing since I was about 15-16 years old when my dad taught me how to play. But I only golf about twice a year. But have decided to get out more. Have a generic brand of clubs I bought about 15 years ago but got fitted for a driver last weekend. Now trying to relearn how to play. So that's what I'm here for. To learn from everyone as much as I can.
  2. I currently have 13 clubs in my bag. Pretty basic set up I think. I am looking to add a club or 2 to fill some gaps, especially between my hybrid and 5 iron and maybe changing my wedges around a bit to get more consistent loft gaps between clubs. I have attached a pic of what's in my bag. My driver is at the top, it's kind of cut off but it's a cheap basic Tour Edge 10.5° regular flex graphite shaft.
  3. Hi everyone, Newbie here. I just started getting serious about improving my golf game and getting course ready. Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the information out there and was hoping to get some insight and thoughts and answers to some basic questions that I have. I've been practicing on the driving range at least twice a week for the past month now and I'm taking my first one hour lesson with a pro today after work. I have also been watching countless hours of instructional videos on youtube which I feel have helped a good amount. The last few times at the range I have started hi
  4. Hello All, I have been golfing for about 8 years now. i started to play when one day i came back from work and my girlfriend signed me up for a group lesson at a nearby golf course as a surprise. So at first i was hesitant to start a new sport. I have some background in football and baseball. I know it takes commitment and will to be good at a sport. I went to the group lesson and thats how i started playing golf. For about 2 years I have been playing with a group every Saturday morning at a golf course nearby my home, but since i have to work on Saturdays now i really dont have much
  5. So you want to get started in disc golf? And why wouldn't you - it's cheaper, quite a bit easier (while still being a challenge), and faster to play. Here's what you should do: Find a course nearby. You can do that here: https://www.pdga.com/course-directory . Buy a disc or two, three at most. I recommend you pick up a "putter," a "midrange," and a "fairway driver." See below for specific recommendations. There are two basic forms: forehand and backhand. Many players initially are better with a forehand than a backhand, but the backhand is the workhorse shot for most decent
  6. Hi folks ..Live in Surrey in UK, newbie just starting at 63 yrs young . Got all the gear and no idea at the moment . Off to my local driving range for a few lessons on Sunday...Wish me luck !
  7. Hello everyone ! I am Steven from Vietnam. I am learning about golf, how to play and how to design golf course mini in home. I join this forum to receive some advise from everyone for newbie (Don't know more about golf before). Now i know a little about: What does a golf course include ? The golf course does not follow a certain standard but will be scheduled according to a set course consisting of 9 or 18 holes. Corresponding to each hole on the pitch, there will be a tee box or tee and an area with a hole called the putting green. In between the tee and the putting green, othe
  8. Hey! I'm excited to start participating. Golf foruming can get pretty fun with the right amount of Happy Gilmore references.
  9. So for some back story I had played a little golf here and there up until januaty 2016, it was my junior years golf season start and I wanted to be good. I was a 100s golfer in 2015 and these were my 2016 results thus far 101, 98, 95, 93, 93, 90, 87, 91, 85 each new score is one week later and new tournament. I have started practicing everyday and now work at a golf course and have improved vastly (partly thanks to my swing coach Mark Gray I highly recommend his website www.theprozone.net) as of today my handicap calculated from April 25th to may 22nd is - 7.4, today I played 9 holes and was o
  10. Hello out there... New to the forum as of yesterday, when I got tired of looking at video of my horrible swing (which I finally decided to film after 8 years) and posted it in the "my swing" section of the forum looking for some advice on how to build a better swing from the ground up. Being obsessed with the game, particularly the awesome sight of a fundamentally sound swing, I'm now in search of some solid instruction that can put me on the tough road of changing some poor moves I've seemingly ingrained in my muscle memory (head on over to my post in the "my swing" section to see the u
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