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Found 2 results

  1. So I had an unusual pace of play situation this past Sunday. I'm curious as to how some of you may have handled this. I played 9 holes, walking. This happened on #8. Background: I had been keeping up with the group in front of me all round. I played a couple extra balls at times because I had the time. I play pretty fast by myself walking but they were at a ~2 hour pace (4-some) so I didn't want to interfere. No big deal there. One hole #6 I had a single in a cart I saw behind me waiting on the tee box for only but maybe 1 minute as I was in the fairway waiting for the 4-some on the green to clear. They go, I hit in and hit the green. It's a severe dogleg right with a massive hill so I gave the guy a thumbs up that he could go ahead and hit because my ball hit the green. With a poor shot you can really be in someone's range if you're crazy and try to "drive the green" which is realistically more like just a short chip shot to the green, I don't think there's a realistic line to the green - and it's RIDDLED with hazard if you try. SO I gave him the thumbs up and he waits for me to clear, and hits. Good. The walk from #6 to #7 is the longest on the front 9. I walked briskly and made it to the tee box. Hit my shot, on the green. 3-putted but the guy still wasn't on the tee box so I'm like... hmm. Ok, guess I'll just move on no big deal. Go to #8 where I crush my drive but then I'm really waiting on this 4-some in front. I'm like.... "double-u-tee-eff." The guy behind me goes from playing #7 to being on the tee box waiting for me for about another 2 minutes. A long time I guess. This hole is also a severe steep downhill to the green so I give him a thumbs up that it's okay to hit trying to signal that my approach is ~4 yards off the edge of the green. So he hits in. No problems still. The situation: What happens next is what's funky. I'm 4 yards off the green about to chip up. This ball comes flying up from BEHIND the green and lands on MY green.... and literally lands exactly where I was planning on my ball to land and roll out. So naturally I'm like "umm.... what do I do?" So I'm standing there... waiting to figure out who's freaking ball this is. So I wait... and wait. About 2 minutes go by and I'm about to just move this ball. The guy behind me is now at the top of the hill at about 100 yards with a "what the crap man???" face on. I point to the ball literally directly in my line and I'm like "I don't know what to do." But I know he can't hear me. Maybe he can't even see the ball, I dunno. But then I see this group on #4 (adjacent green, blocked by a hill though. Note that my green is at LEAST 40 yards from theirs'. So I'm like "maybe it's one of theirs." I wait another minute. Nobody in their group is walking up to my green though, they've all grabbed their putters and are walking onto their green. FINALLY, about 30 seconds after THAT... one guy walks up and non-nonchalantly and I'm like "your ball is on the green in my line" so then he runs up and just grabs it and leaves. I chip up and one putt - success. When I get up to the next tee box I'm free to tee off obviously, so I do. Crushed the drive on the par 5 over a tough hill to reach and then it rolls out 40+ yards (great success!). But It's out of the tee box's line of sight. So I stand at the top of the hill with my 3h in hand because I only have 190 to the back pin to be on in 2. The group in front is on the green. The guy behind me quickly catches up and is on the tee box. I swear to goodness, the group on the green took a solid 4 minutes to putt out AND THEN went back to their carts and added up all their scores and started f***ing chatting for a solid 2-3 minutes. I've waited a good 5-7 minutes on one shot. I yelled up at them "WAITING ON YOU!" as I'm saying that I hear a ball land about 20 yards to my right and behind me..... The guy felt it was okay to hit into me I guess. So the group on the green leaves and I just wait. Guy behind gets to his ball and and tell him "If you're in that much of a hurry, so go ahead and play through." He says "Sorry but the guys behind me are pressing." I didn't say anything, just hit my shot to about 5 yards from the edge of the green and just started walking. Obviously he shouldn't have hit into me. But what the heck? He knows I'm waiting on them. He could have yelled or gestured (preferably) at me or something if he really wanted to play through - I looked back at him frequently and obviously. I'm even more curious how you guys would have handled the "mysterious ball on the green and in my line" situation lol.
  2. Ok lately slow play and bad etiquette has been making me angry and depressed at my once great golf club to the point I may not pay to be a member any more. People are so ignorant and arrogant, they never ring bells to let you know its safe to hit on blind shots even though they see us on the tee box. The worst thing is I can never practice by myself or play golf with my friend as a two ball. We/I always get stuck behind a 4 ball of old guys that never let us through. They hack and hack and time waste so much its unbelievable. Once I got so mad I shouted fore to get a group that skipped in front of us out of the way to let us hit and of course we get up and it is the pro playing in the four ball saying it was rude etc etc and he would have let us through, yea right, the time was when we were on the tee box with you!. I am just so sick of this and do not know what to do? Today I was stuck behind a 4 ball of old hacking men, with no one in front of them, for the 4th, 5th, 6,th par 3, 7th and 8th when I eventually walked off because they never let me through. What is there to do about this?
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