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Found 7 results

  1. One of our holes in our resort golf course has a wide water area on the left and trees and swamp on the right. Both sides have been designated as red marked penalty areas. Balls hit into either penalty area are allowed a drop area which is in front of all the tees and on the fairway. On the left, the water stretches the entire hole and it is 30 - 40 yards wide. Across the water are houses. Should a golfer who hits his tee shot into the penalty area and further into the houses is he allowed the drop area or must he re-tee. As a follow up if the answer to the above is re-tee, How certain must that Golf be that the ball did not completely cross the hazard as line of sight is sometimes blocked by shrubbery. Another interesting point made by the head pro was what happens on that hole if a ball is sliced to the right across the red line and way up over the trees and swampy area. No one knows whether it came down on the golf course or on land not owned by the golf course.
  2. I think the USGA/R&A got this one completely wrong, and it's one of the two rules changes for 2019 that I absolutely hate. One of the great things about golf is that it's a self-policed game. At every level of the sport, we're supposed to call penalties on ourselves and know the rules. Rule 6-1 - the first rule in "The Player" - is "The player and his caddie are responsible for knowing the Rules." In the 2019 Rules, that says "Players are responsible for applying the Rules to themselves:" Except that they're not, really, because there's absolutely no further penalty to be had if they fail to play by and apply the Rules to themselves. In 2019, all you have to do is claim ignorance of a rule, and if nobody catches you, you get away free and clear. Worst case scenario* - you're caught and the strokes you actually incur (but no additional strokes) are added to your score. Outside of not wanting to get a reputation as a cheater, there's no longer any incentive to apply the Rules of golf to yourself in 2019 and beyond. Only a few short years ago, as you may know, failure to include a penalty stroke meant you posted a score for a hole lower than what you shot, and you were DQed. That rule still exists… so long as you don't claim that you didn't know you broke the rule. Only recently, the rule was changed to add two strokes additionally to each penalty you incurred. The rule got softer. It went from a DQ to an additional penalty. Fine - there's still incentive to know the Rules. Had Lexi brain farted and put her ball down nearly an inch from where it was a second prior, and added the two-stroke penalty to her score, she'd have likely won that major and been hailed as Bobby Jones was in 1925: At the 1925 U.S. Open, Bobby Jones moved his ball slightly while setting up for a shot. No one saw it, but Jones was adamant that the ball had moved and assessed himself a one-stroke penalty, costing him the win, as he went on to lose in a playoff. Praised for his classy move, Jones quipped, “You might as well praise me for not robbing banks.” No, nowadays, we have Lexi Thompson playing the role of the victim, and the press willingly going along with it. Lexi did breach the rules. Did it suck that she gained no apparent advantage (though why did she move the ball so much? to avoid a spike mark or something we couldn't see?)? Yes. But the Rules, except for a few instances, don't care about the "potential" advantage. Normally playing a ball from further away is a disadvantage, but when Tiger Woods dropped two yards back it was, to him in that moment, an advantage. The Rules can't (and thus rarely do) determine whether an "advantage" is gained - one man's advantage is another man's disadvantage. If you drop on a sideslope instead of a flat lie where you're supposed to drop, is that an advantage or a disadvantage? The Rules can't - and thus almost never do - decide. They simply say "you dropped and then played from a wrong place in breach of the Rules. That's a penalty." The full (relevant) portion of the Rules is: (3) Wrong Score for a Hole. If the player returns a scorecard with a wrong score for any hole: Returned Score Higher Than Actual Score. The higher returned score for the hole stands. Returned Score Lower Than Actual Score or No Score Returned. The player isdisqualified. Exception – Failure to Include Unknown Penalty: If one or more of the player’s hole scores are lower than the actual scores because he or she excluded one or more penalty strokes that the player did not know about before returning the scorecard: The player is not disqualified. Instead, if the mistake is found before the close of the competition, theCommittee will revise the player’s score for that hole or holes by adding the penalty stroke(s) that should have been included in the score for that hole or holes under the Rules. This exception does not apply: When the excluded penalty is disqualification, or When the player was told that a penalty might apply or was uncertain whether a penalty applied and did not raise this with the Committee before returning thescorecard. The exception is the big thing here, the big change from even 2017. It says that, if you claim that you didn't know that hitting it OB was stroke and distance and you fail to include the "stroke part," no problem. It says that if you claim not to know that you couldn't hit a practice shot while playing a round after you flub an approach, no sweat. It says that if you drop a ball in a wrong place when dropping on the wrong side of a cart path and gaining a much better lie, or two club lengths from the edge of a yellow penalty area, or two yards back like Tiger did at the Masters… or anything else… that doesn't matter at all! You're all good! That part above about how players are responsible for knowing and applying the Rules? They didn't actually mean that. There's no long any incentive, outside of perhaps not wanting to be seen as a serial cheater, to know the Rules of Golf. Not the ones that can penalize you, anyway. Sure, there are still incentives to know when you get free drops away from cart paths and things like that, but players are now actively incentivized to not only play ignorant, but to actually BE ignorant to the Rules of Golf. If they're not caught, they get away with it. If they are caught, why, they only get the penalty they actually incurred. Nothing more. You're obligated to pay taxes. If you fail to pay, and you're caught three years later… you don't just pay what you originally owed. You owe what you originally owed, plus interest, plus additional penalties. I get that the USGA/R&A are trying to treat players as honest, but in going to this length they've gone much too far. They're actually rewarding the dishonest players. They're rewarding the ignorant players. This saddens me greatly. 😢 P.S. Yes, the poll choices are highly biased. Tough. It's my poll, and I don't think there's an argument to be made. 😄
  3. Phil Mickelson has found himself in breach of the Rules of Golf once again. At least he didn't lie about it and insult his fans afterward. Just a brain fart this time around. Unfortunately that clip also includes the announcers bumbling through stuff. Of course you can violate a rule without a ball in play. Of course you can violate a rule on the tee box. C'mon guys. These rules aren't that difficult, and… if you don't know, don't give your opinion.
  4. On Huddler, moderators and admins would occasionally place unruly members of the site who were abusing the rules in the "Penalty Box" group. This group could not post, but could otherwise read the site. The group had an expiration date, so most of the time mods/admins (hereafter "we") would put people in the Penalty Box for a day or two or three - enough time to "cool off" and move on beyond whatever was bothering them. As a general rule, we do not ban many people at all here at TST (spammers excluded). In fact, weeks will go by between bans, which on a site as busy as this one, is virtually unheard of. When we moved to IPS 4 on October 1, 2015, we lost the ability to "expire" user groups after a certain amount of time. This means that if we added someone to the Penalty Box, we had to remember to remove them. And, let's be honest, the Penalty Box wasn't as transparent as we'd like, either. Though many members were aware of why a member might be in the Penalty Box, they weren't aware of the specifics, and other members would often be completely unaware. So, "Penalty Box" is going the way of the dodo. Though the expiring user groups is going away, IPS 4 brings with it a fairly straightforward warning system. Through it, we (mods/admins) can issue warnings to people. They have to acknowledge the warning before they can continue to post, and the warning is tagged with a title, points, expiration dates for those points, and a notice for both the user and for us to see. Just as with points on a driver's license or something like that, as users rack up points, their privileges decline. To the right you can see our current schedule. A user who racks up 10 points will have his content moderated for three days, or one day after he's allowed to post again (he's restricted from posting for two days). A user who somehow reaches 40 points will have his content restricted for 24 days and his will not be able to post for 16. After that, if a user has 50 active points, they're permanently banned. Additionally, other penalties may be applied as well, including the loss of PM privileges, the loss of the ability to post status updates, and other features on the site that exist either now or in the future. As points expire, it doesn't change the penalties already incurred. For example, if Random User is warned with three points that expire in 10 days, and that takes him to 11 active points, he'll be moderated for three days and restricted from posting for two, but the points will fall off after those 10 days and he'll fall back down to 8 (if the 8 have not also expired). This simply means that another two-point warning or greater will result in the same or greater restriction being applied, again. Though moderators and admins can customize the number of points, the expiration date of those points, and even whether to over-ride the existing restriction/moderation settings or their duration, our base level warnings right now are: - Spamming, 999 points, never expires.* - Spamming (Light), 5 points, 180 days - Inappropriate Language, 3 points, 36 days. - Rude/Obnoxious Behavior, 5 points, 72 days. - Trolling, 5 point, 72 days. * Note that this triggers the 50 point permanent ban. So, in essence: The Penalty Box functionality is replaced with the warning system. The warning system is a much more efficient, public way to handle this type of stuff. At the end of the day, we use this type of stuff to limit or restrict posters way, way less than virtually all other forums. Golfer are, generally speaking, good people.
  5. http://www.golfdigest.com/story/pga-tour-hands-out-first-slow-play-penalty-since-1995-at-zurich-classic About damn time. The problem with the PGA Tour policy is that you have to be out of position for quite a while and then get bad times.
  6. That thread turned into a small train wreck-But it did raise the question about what a player is to do if he lays his club down, it leaves a line, and then what does he do? Leaving the line there is against the rules.-But so is wiping it away. Or is it not in the area of his stance or swing? But it has to be, so what is the penalty? What is the penalty if he leaves the line and plays the shot?-Just the one under 8-2 right? What is the penalty if he leaves a line-But wipes it all away before he plays the shot? 13-2? Is it just two strokes if he does either of those things? It is not four because penalties often do not stack like that plus he did not make a stroke in the second case with the line there. Tagging @Martyn W, @Asheville, @iacas, @Rulesman.
  7. I like to first say I am not a Day or Rory fan. I hate both their poses when they miss puts and look around to pose for camera's. I also feel Day is too slow and uses it to aggravate his playing partner. Why was he not penalized when his ball moved when he grounded his putter. It was clear on the TV and I heard a fan say "the ball moved" in the background. I think it was when he was on the fringe on the 13th or 14th. He was also 2 holes clear behind for the last 5 holes while DJ was waiting on tee's to go.
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