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  1. Share any good swing videos of pro golfers that you come across. Can be from any tour. Lots of pro's swings on our YouTube channel. The Sand Trap YouTube
  2. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/adam-scotts-solution-to-the-tours-slow-play-problem-ill-take-the-penalty
  3. Hi Guys, I'm fairly new to this website. I wanted to join to begin a forum on Indoor Putting Greens. I know most of us reside in the cold states where we can only sit and dream about golf. I grew tired of this routine of playing golf and finding my game by the time it was too late and the leaves began to fall and soon enough the snow-birds were snow-birding again.... lol. Anyways, I'm an avid golfer, a golf junkie, a golf pyscho, a serial golfer... whatever it is I'm just obsessed with the game. I love it, like all of us do on this site. I've got 3 kids, so this project was a MUST DO. I made a massive putting green in the basement after reading many reviews for the material Kevin Na and Ben Crane were touting about a couple years ago. I learnt many of the tour pros used this material so I HAD to get my hands on it. I thought it would've been pricey but it was super affordable. I spent about 2 weeks building and boy, was it worth it. The finished product was beyond my imagination - I've played many great golf courses and the green actually emulated the best. I even added slopes. And for the record, I'm basically here to spread the word that it is completely possible to have a massive(or small) putting green in your home without breaking the banks like these synthetic turf company's charge. The project literally cost me less than $400. The kids love it, they're down there and have practically forgotten about their Ipads and Ipods and video games(true story). But best of all, the WIFE APPROVES. Here are some pictures - If people are interested in how I constructed, please just feel free to comment. We do not need to be golf hibernators anymore! :)
  4. PGA Tour’s New TV Deal Indicates Value of Sports Rights Continues to Grow - The New York Times Golf’s current deal runs through 2021, but the tour wanted to secure an agreement sooner than that in the rapidly evolving TV and streaming landscape. PGA Tour Strikes Massive Golf-Rights Deal With CBS, NBC and ESPN PGA Tour strikes new nine-year deal with CBS Sports, NBC Sports and ESPN that significantly raises the costs of televising golf to U.S. fans Golf’s PGA Tour Gets Big Boost in TV, Streaming Rights The PGA Tour is getting a 75% pay bump for the rights to air its golf tournaments on television and streaming services, a sizable increase that shows the growing value of live sports.
  5. The poll is up above. Really consider your choice. And, if you re-consider later on, change your vote.
  6. Golf: Proposed Premier Golf League to feature 48 players and 18 tournaments - Reuters The British-based World Golf Group (WGG) has finally publicly unveiled its plan for a new global tour that would comprise 18 yearly tournaments featuring 48 of the game's top players. Also, the league would have "teams" where players could be kicked off teams. I'd love to hear some of those meetings… "Uhhh, Jordan, come in, have a seat. So, we've decided to go another direction…". Especially if that player has renounced his PGA Tour status or something. I don't see this gaining much traction. I do see it, potentially, doing as Rory suggested when he said this: Emphasis added (by me). I think he's right about that part.
  7. PGA Tour to create list focusing on slowest players for pace-of play-improvement, according to sources - Golf Digest The system goes into effect after the Masters in 2020.
  8. Let's have a little fun. For anything that happened in 2019, let's give out any awards. They can be serious, mocking/sarcastic, silly… whatever. I'll start with a few… Tour Caddie's Favorite Player - Bryson DeChambeau! Most Surprising Major Winner - Tiger Woods, 2019 Masters Tool of the Year - Bryson again! Most Disappointing Player - Tiger Woods… until the Zozo. Seriously, he wins the first major and then vanishes until November? Irishman of the Year - Shane Lowry can beat up Rory McIlroy, so, sorry Rors.
  9. A few points: I'll be the first to say that I don't think marijuana should be illegal across the nation, but that individual businesses, etc. still have the right to determine whether they want their employees using marijuana. The best laws or rules are the ones with a clear line. In certain cases the line may feel like it's too far to one side or the other, but if everyone knows where the line is and there's no grey areas, those laws/rules are best. The last thing I'd want is the commissioner or someone trying to determine on a case-by-case basis whether this was suspension-worthy or not. I haven't seen anything that indicates that Matt Every applied for a TUE (therapeutic use exemption). If not, why didn't he? He's been seeing the same physician since he was five? Pediatricians are prescribing medical marijuana now? The PGA Tour is following WADA guidelines, in part, because it helped them get the sport of golf back into the Olympics. The WADA technically classifies marijuana as a PED for now, though with lesser effects than some other more potent PEDs. In golf, one could see how it may be a performance enhancer for some. Why didn't Every just go the CBD route? Why go straight up marijuana? Also, remember this? This Interview With PGA Golfer Matt Every Is A Train Wreck
  10. https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/golf/article236856853.html We've become a bit numb to numbers like this on the PGA Tour, but to put it into perspective, this small PGA Tour stop the week after the PGA Championship generated $14M in one week. The NFL, in ONE YEAR, generates… drumroll please… $4M LESS than that weak PGA Tour stop. $10M. Those numbers older, but even if the NFL has DOUBLED their charitable output in less than a decade, still falls well short of what the PGA Tour can and does do. Weekly. Remember, that NFL number is for a year.
  11. My buddy Lou shared earlier today a thing we've talked about the past few weeks re: short-siding yourself on the PGA Tour. The image: In chart form: At first glance this flies a bit in the face of the idea that "being closer is better," but that really only holds if you insist on taking this literally and completely disregarding the shades of grey. We've never said that being buried in a deep bunker 15 yards from the flag is better than having a 60-foot putt (or even a chip from off the green). And clearly, short-siding yourself on the PGA Tour can present some problems. (Though, in a brief aside, you'll note that Tour players average 8.0 feet with 40-50% Green, but don't get below 8.0 feet from 26-30 yards until they have 80%+ Green.) Now… I've previously posted this: The main audience of that article is average golfers playing regular golf courses. Those golf courses, in comparison to the PGA Tour courses: Have lighter rough. Have slower greens. Have softer greens. Dave and I still stand by the previous topic because we feel that short siding yourself is much less dangerous on a typical golf course than it is on the PGA Tour. The greens are softer and slower and the rough is shorter. But, ultimately, this topic should serve as a reminder that not all situations are created equal. A 12-yard chip shot from rough with 6 yards to the green and another 6 to the pin (50%) might be easier, the same, or more difficult than another shot - including a long putt - from somewhere else. It depends on the unique and specific circumstances. Hell, sometimes a short-sided miss will be a 15-foot putt from the fringe. Judge the situations uniquely. Use the Shades of Grey, which on approach shots and greenside shots includes all of the factors that affect your next shot. And, should you get out on Tour, give this stuff even more consideration, because the chart is pretty definitive. 🙂
  12. Has anyone ever golfed at a course shortly before a major PGA tournament? Was it loud and intrusive? I have the opportunity to play Pebble Beach over Memorial Day weekend (2 weeks before the US open), but am concerned grandstand and other event construction will be a distraction and ruin the experience. I'm wishfully thinking it's either quiet or would be completed by that time... but its just wishful thinking. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  13. Ive always wondered this myself because every current golfer I looked up they all shot decently low scores in there High School years.
  14. Yahoo Sports had an entertaining article today about Tour Players at the range. Give it a read, there's some very funny stuff going on each week. At the range I've quoted a few of the funnier comments
  15. I think Amanda Balionis is one of the best things to happen to golf media coverage in a long time. Knows her stuff and is creative. Gives the pro the mic and sits back. Cool stuff. What do u think?
  16. I had no idea that PGA players earn retirement money from making the cut in an event; and winning the Fed Ex cup $1million of the stated prize money goes into their retirement account with the lower places having their entire Fed Ex prize put into retirement accounts. And based on the article it is not just the top guys who can get a hefty account. Seems like a pretty good gig, if you can qualify Here’s how much pro golfers earn in ‘free’ retirement money from the PGA Tour - MarketWatch This year the top golfer will win a FedEx bonus of $15 million, and $1 million of it will go into his retirement fund.
  17. Not a bad field, for being the week after the Masters (but it seems like a really big Masters hangover, as everyone is still recovering from that exciting finish) Feature groups Thur morning/Fri afternoon G-Mac, Sneds, Fleetwood Molinari, Simpson, Spieth Thur afternoon/Fri morning Kuch, BDC, Kodaira Kisner, DJ, Xander
  18. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304636404577299702668540234.html?mod=WSJ_hpp_MIDDLE_Video_Third Quote: At their presentation in Phoenix, summarizing research for a paper to be finished soon, they compared the world ranking of the top 200 players to a ranking of those same players' skill levels calculated using a statistical model they also devised, which simultaneously takes into account players' adjusted tournament scores and the difficulty of the courses. In every two-year period going back to 2003, the bias was stark. "For every given skill ranking, the official world golf ranking for PGA Tour players averaged 36 positions worse than for non-PGA Tour players," Rendleman said. At one point Pat Perez was ranked 95th in skill, according to their model, but 195th in the world rankings. One of the main flaws in the current system involves strength-of-field ratings used to determine how many points players earn for good performance. Tournaments receive a minimum point value, depending on which of the world's tours is sponsoring it, regardless of how many quality players are in the field. Strength of field ratings based on the participating players' skill levels would be more equitable, they argue.
  19. Sorry @colin007 - still a strong field, but interest just dropped by 50% (or more)
  20. Adam Scott might be eliminating the World Golf Championship events with new compact PGA Tour schedule - Golf Digest WGC-Mexico is immediately followed by: Honda Classic Bay Hill/Arnold Palmer The Players Championship Valspar / Innisbrook The next week after those five events, the WGC Match Play, which is followed by: Texas Open The Masters The WGC-FedEx St. Judge is in late July, immediately after and then before: The British Open WGC the next week Wyndham The FedExCup Playoffs start after the Wyndham So this begs the question… how many other top players will skip the WGCs? Are the free OWGR points and the virtually free cash (no cuts) worth the extra compacted playing time?
  21. Zach Johnson's caddie Damon Green 'shocked' by split Damon Green had been Zach Johnson's caddie since 2003, and the duo won two majors and nine other PGA Tour events. There is talk that perhaps Damon hasn't taken care of himself as well as he should, and he's had to drop out of a few tournaments mid-round or mid-event in the past year. Dehydration, etc.
  22. PGA Tour Working On Program to Provide Access For College Stars | Golf Channel The PGA Tour might soon have a new feeder system – college golf. Two quotes stand out to me. … and… Making the leap from college to the pros often happens at a terrible time of year. Either you bail on your team mid-way through the season (in November or thereabouts), or you are stuck trying to make it as a pro with status on no Tour after the NCAA tournament in May.
  23. From Geoff Shackelford: GOLFTV Powered By The PGA Tour" Is Launched For Eight Countries Link: GOLFTV Country roll out schedule below.
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