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  1. After buying half a set (so far) of individual clubs from different vendors, I see my wedges are now longer than my 7 and 9 irons. The problem started with the fact that I have very long arms, and am fit to a PING Gold dot club, even though I'm 5'10". So I bought 7 and 9 iron PING gold dot G410s. The 7 iron is 36.75in and the 9 iron is 35.75in. I will say that these do feel short, but I believe they are only .25" shorter than Ping's "standard shaft length" on these clubs. I also ordered a couple PING gold dot G25 wedges off ebay. To my surprise, once I got them I see the shafts on th
  2. PING - Blogs Pretty good article from Chris Broadie, the head of fitting science at Ping, showing the advantage of hitting the ball straighter. Outliers like Bubba Watson (he's mentioned in the article) aside, better players tend to curve the ball less. That makes sense. Straighter shots are more accurate and more predictable, so it would lead to better golf scores. Chris demonstrates the effect of large curves by using a tour pro's impact variability and simulating straight shots ( average of 0° face-to-path) vs a big draw (average of -6° f
  3. PING - PING Japan Range Case I saw the Instagram post and picked up one of each, black and white. They look slick and solve a nice problem. Plus now I won’t look like a chump fisting a cluster of five clubs to take with me. I do wonder if alignment sticks will fit. Lowe’s ones are nearly 48” but mine are 44-46” and should be good.
  4. I have a 11 year old female who is getting started in Golf. I wanted to get her started with the best clubs possible and got her fitted at Edwin Watts. Her Height is 55 inches with a wrist to floor measurement of 22 inches. Her wrist to floor measurement is off the Ping fitting chart. She was fitted to 1 inch off the driver and 3/4 inch off the irons. When the clubs arrived, the Swing Weight measurements were: Driver- SW=B3; 3W- SW=B2; 6-SW=B1; 8-SW=B1; PW-SW=B1; 56-SW=B4. Per the Ping Website, "Irons Custom Turning Port to allow for precise swing weighting during the custom build
  5. Hi All, I've been working on improving my game, and in turn have started thinking about getting a better set of clubs. For context, being serious about golf is really new to me so I may ask a dumb question or make a dumb statement. I found a set of Ping i10 irons on Craigslist for $175. The club heads appear to be in good shape. As far as I know, Pings are pretty valuable clubs. However, I use a 1" longer shaft, and they badly need new grips. I'm not sure on the price of getting new shafts and grips. I'm wondering if it's a good value to pick up that set of irons and get new sha
  6. Every winter I usually get a little stir crazy and buy some random golf club or old iron set on Ebay. I thought I got away clean this year, but now I kind of want a Ping 1A putter. For those who don't know, the 1A was Karsten Solheim's first manufactured putter design and the namesake for the company. Yes, namesake: It's a cool piece of history. The 1A was the first putter designed with engineering principles applied towards performance. Contemporary putters were little more than pieces of metal on the end of a stick with a flat side or two. Karsten Solheim is better k
  7. Hi Guys, I recently purchased a mint condition PING O Blade Karstens Patent Pending putter, what caught my eye was the original Pro Only grip and shaft. Any idea what the resale value of this might be?
  8. PING Introduces G410 Drivers with moveable weight Technology Significant advancements in custom fitting while delivering golfers the highest MOI’s and ball speeds available highlight the new PING G410 Plus and G410 SFT drivers. The multi-material drivers are available for pre-order today, and custom fitting at authorized PING golf shops around the world beginning in mid February. Ping G410 Announcement From Ping:
  9. PING introduces G410 iron, compact distance model Ping G410 Irons Announcement
  10. PING Introduces G410 Fairway Woods, Hybrids & Crossovers Ping G410 Fairway, Hybrid and Crossover Announcement Other Features: Maraging-Steel Face Technology A Focus on Forgiveness PING’s First Adjustable Hybrid Hose
  11. Hello , I just purchased a sweet set of Ping Eye 2 beryllium copper irons. They are from the 1st two years of producing the Becu’s . The Serial #s are D4512577 and D276644. Anyway...if you look closely to the left side, just outside the oval region of the eye inset (right above the U.S.) , you would notice a small number 4 oddly placed. Now, my set is a complete with matching serial numbers. Only 4 of 8 clubs have the 4 and it’s pretty random as to which clubs. Does anyone know what this means? I’ll try to include a pic
  12. I was recently fitted for a new set of Ping i500 irons. I was playing an older set of Mizuno JPX 800 pros. After a few hours on the range, it didn’t look like the new irons were going longer. The lofts on the i500 are about 2 degrees less than my mizuno (long to mid iron, pw and gw are the same) My 7-iron is about a 170 yard club, but I seem to be about 5-10 yards shorter with the new irons. During the fitting, I went thru about 4 different shafts before I got something that gave me good numbers in the Trackman. Does anyone have any experience in this area? I know the i500 has been p
  13. I swapped out my wedges this year. I went from Callaway MD3's to Ping Stealth 2.0's. I changed my wedges because I do play for spin around the green and over time they do not spin as well. I also never got along with the 50 degree for full shots. I was never comfortable with it. I am playing Ping I200's for irons, Ping G400 driver and I figured I try the wedges. I got 50 SS 12 degrees bounce, 54 ES 8 degrees of bounce and 58 SS 10 degrees of bounce. I really have not hit them yet but pulling them out of the plastic I note two things. 1. The numbers are back like the club. That
  14. Good morning, Just thinking about my clubs, assorted models of clubs over the years, and quickly realized that, yeah... My set of Pings are OLD, but I still love how they feel. Iron set = Ping i3+ from 2003. Standard length, standard lie, black dot, regular factory steel shaft. FW = Ping i3 in 3W and 5W. Standard length, standard lie, black dot, regular factory graphite shaft. Driver = Used Ping G10 from Golfsmith / Golf Galaxy a few years ago, after my beloved Ping Si3 snapped off at the hosel, as was deemed irreparable. (My current G10 is also Standard length, standard lie
  15. I am 35 years old and an 8 handicap. I have been hitting the same Ping Eye 3 Blades (black dot) for about 15 years now and love them. They are forgiving but also allow me to work the ball (as best as an 8 handicapper can!). They were a hand me down set from my dad who is 5’10. I am 6'2 and have been fitted for a 1/4 to 1/2 inch extension but have yet to make any changes. I have learned to hit the standard length clubs and I’m really afraid to tweak that much. I have, however, lost distance as I have gotten older. I like a carry distance of at least 165 with my 7 iron. Over the l
  16. Interesting. A foam-filled cavity-back from PING? Wonder if PXG will sue them too.
  17. Newport Cup Participants Review PING Apparel (Shirts, Shorts, Pants, and a Hat) Product Name: PING Apparel Product Type: Apparel Product Website/URL: https://www.ping.com/apparel/default.aspx?gender=male Cost: Varies Below, twelve members of the 2017 Newport Cup squad will write thorough, in-depth reviews of PING apparel (shirts, shorts, pants, and a hat), complete with photos, an occasional video, and a wealth of opinion and information. They're encouraged to be as honest as possible. We'd like to thank the sponsors for the gear, apparel, equipment, and goodies, and we chose
  18. I'm a bit partial to these wedges seeing as how @david_wedzik and I named them… (true story), but I wanted to share this news with y'all… PHOENIX (Jan. 18, 2017) – Precision-milled faces with sharper groove edges than any previous PING wedge model dramatically increase spin rates and trajectory control in the new Glide 2.0 wedges, leading to more precise short-game performance from all conditions, PING announced today. “The new Glide 2.0 wedges represent a major breakthrough in performance for a number of reasons, but it’s the new grooves that are most exciting,” said
  19. Went to the Gateway Chapter PGA merchandise sale at Missouri Athletic Club - West in St. Louis County. This marketplace allows for the regional golf shops and country clubs to have a pre-Thanksgiving clearance. This allows the shops to unload hard and soft goods that haven't moved out during current retail activity. An area the size of a large basketball court was divided up about 2/3 apparel and gadgets and 1/3 golf clubs. Several of the lighter name-brand stand bags were marked down to between $100 and $125. Good deals if you needed them. Change this year: Very little haggling
  20. I don't understand PING's color code system (note: as of July 10, they reverted back to an older style, eliminating some colors like "purple" and going from 3/4° adjustments back to full-° adjustments). For example, my daughter @NatalieB was fit for -1" and purple (1.5° flat) color code in her irons. This tells you what you need to know: length and lie. But then PING wrote to say that my fitter was using the old codes, and that purple was no more, and she would fit into black. They included these two images (bottom of post). Now, someone tell me what I don't understand: black ju
  21. I was fitted for G400 irons, lie, length, shaft, grip. An item that was left open was whether to have the irons set to "strong". Apparently this yields more distance and less loft. I already hit VERY high irons (old Titleist DCI's) and receive a boat load of verbal abuse about nose bleeds and seeding clouds. I play to about a 6. Nevertheless, is there a downside to going "strong" if there really isn't a quest for more height? Any opinions appreciated... Thanks !
  22. Hi, I am looking for a new cart bag and I really liked the Ping Pioneer 2017. Now, I saw one online shop that sells the Ping DLX 2016 at 33% discount, making it less expensive than the Pioneer 2017. Could anyone please advice if the DLX is so much better than Pioneer, that it "justifies one model year"? Thanks in advance!
  23. New G400 driver released this week on tour. No official details yet. Crown looks similar to the G except with the addition of some dimples. No composite crown so I'm guessing the benefits will be better aerodynamics with the dimples, new sole design and slightly smaller head size (445cc). They're also using tungsten weights which is something new. As with the G30 and G there will be 3 versions of the driver, standard, LS Tec and SF Tec. LS Tec Version, tungsten is more forward than with the standard head. This is the version I'm using in my G30 so I'm interested to give th
  24. Hey Guys,Been using ping isi-k's for years and now have recently upgraded to ping ie 1's. On the isi's they were standard loft, lie and length in black code (7 of 36.75" length). They fitted well.The 2nd hand i e1's that i bought are standard loft and length (7 = 37") however the lie's are in colour purple, even with the lie being 1.5" flatter the toe of the clubs are pointing skywards too much and im hitting left of target more often.Using this ping chart im right in the middle of black which makes no sense for the i e1s (5ft 9" and 34.25" wrist to floor). I wouldn't of thought that the .25"
  25. I just found a set 2-PW of Ping Eye 2 white dot irons from a thirft store for $9. I'm 6ft tall and left handed. They were in with a bunch of old ratty sets and thought it was too good to be true. I know they are older clubs, but I've read great reviews. Haven't had a chance to try them, but they feel great. Thoughts?
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