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Found 4 results

  1. My golf foursome has been playing together for years (20+). We are in desperate need of a season scoring system, so that we can look back on the season and determine who holds the Golfer of the Year bragging rights. We don't handicap our rounds, as we are all about the same level. We are trying to come up with a system that awards points to individual golfers, so that at the end of the season, we can tally the points and crown the GOTY. We would like the system to take the following into account; 1. Rank for the day (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th) 2. Course difficulty (a 79 at an easy course, should not be awarded the same as an 84 at a much more difficult course) 3. Actual score (Is winning by 1 with a score of 99 the same as beating the same guy by 12 with an 88?) 4. Season scoring average 5. Absent golfers (today we only assess points when EVERYONE is there. We had one guy not show up for 3 weeks... should the rest of us not be able to obtain points because of it?) 6. We would also like points given for our "achievements"... e.g. three birdies in a round, the most pars, etc. 7. Any other aspect that would help us improve, and just not award points for winning... e.g. I won, but shot a 102. Just wondering if any weekend group has come up with a scoring system that might accomplish these aspects! Please share. I am tired of spending the winter with each guy trying to make a case for GOTY, only cherry picking the data that helps them do it. Looking forward to ANY input. Thanks!!!!
  2. Greetings .... As most here should know by now, beginning in 2015 winners of the Arnold Palmer Invitational and Memorial Tournament receive 3-season PGA Tour exemptions, putting the two events on equal footing with the World Golf Championship Events (WGC's) and the Tour Championship, at least as far as exempt status is concerned. However, the Fed Ex Cup points offered by the two events were -NOT- brought up to the level of the WGC events, meaning that first place is worth 500 points, rather than than the 550 points offered by the WGC events. Does it strike you as kind of odd that the PGA Tour would grant to winners of Arnold Palmer's and Jack Nicklaus' events a 3-season exemption, but at the same time choose not to raise the Fed Ex point values of the two events as well?? Thanx-A-Lot! (But not to the PGA Tour)
  3. Hey guys - been awhile since I posted, but i wanted to introduce everyone to a new version of golf I have been playing with my friends the last couple years... Click To See Rules This is a really fun way to play because it takes a lot of stress off the blow up holes because you are always playing for points over score. Anyone else do anything like this with their buddies?
  4. In 2015, the Newport Cup worked as follows: Two teams of six players. Two rounds of foursomes, two rounds of four-ball, one round of singles Nassau scoring (front, back, total match play) in each 9 points available in each of the first four rounds (3 matches, 3 points per match), 18 in the singles (6 x 3) This set up a 36:18 ratio for the partner matches versus the singles matches In reading the responses in the main thread, most people are saying that they preferred the team matches and didn't like the singles as much. Nobody disliked the singles, it just wasn't as liked. Also, in the Ryder Cup, the ratio is 16:12. 4:3. Our ratio right now is 2:1. For those two reasons, I'm interested in changing up the singles format, but I'm not sure how. I'm not committed to changing them, but I'm interested in looking into it. The goals of any change might be to: Get closer to 4:3 ratio. Include the second opponent in the singles match. Avoid 1/4 points (so no half-point sides or whatever). Avoid complicated allocation of handicap strokes. None of them (except the third) are absolutes. Maybe a 2:1 ratio is good because nobody wants the pressure of feeling really bad if they lose six points in singles alone. I'd also like to preserve the idea that it's a "singles" match. The rest of this post will be me brainstorming a bit, or thinking out loud. 16:12 is 4:3. If we take 36 then the divisor is 9, and so 4:3 would be 36:27. 27 is an odd number dividing by 6. 24 is closer, which means each player can win four points per match the final round. Right now they stand to win 3. So the fourth point, maybe they can just play a singles match against the other opponent in the group? So if A is playing X, and B is playing Y, those matches are for three points, while they also have a 1-point match A vs. Y, B vs. X. Maybe. The handicapping* might be a little weird there, as too might the idea that A is out of a hole and picks up, while Y is also out of the hole and picks up but for one less (because B got a 4 and X got a 5, so for match play, 5 and 6 lose the hole). That could be worked around by requiring everyone to hole out, but… that kind of defeats the idea of match play. It's not the end of the world, but it's a little weird. * If the handicaps are A=1, B=4, X=2, and Y=7… A vs. X means X gets one shot on the #1 handicap hole, but in his single-point match against B he gives two strokes on the #1 and #2 handicap holes to B. That's what I mean by the handicapping can get a bit weird. Perhaps the two bonus points per match should be given to the team that wins the front and the back? Let's say A wins against X 2-up and loses the back 2-down. B loses the front to Y 1-down and wins the back 2-up. A wins 1.5 points, X wins 1.5 points. B wins 2 points, Y wins 1 points in their singles matches. Then AB won 2-up and 1-down on the front, so they win the front point 1-up. On the back nine they halved, as AB lost 2-down and won 2-up. So the bonus points are awarded 1.5 to 0.5. I'm open to other ideas. I'm not married to four-point singles matches (eight points per foursome), but I'm leaning that way just because it puts close to 4:3 ratio on the points. Since it's eight points per foursome, it is certainly possible that we just play front and back versus both of the opposing players for two points each. Each player can then win or lose four points, and you get to 24 again. But this is not without the handicapping issues noted above. I'd love to hear what other ideas y'all have. I'm open to anything. I'm even open to the idea of giving each team a yellow golf ball (maybe an optic yellow Get Sum) and saying that it's worth 1 point - before anyone tees off on a hole you play that ball alternate shot and if you make a par or better (gross) you get the point. If you bogey or worse the opposing team gets the point. That way it's truly an "extra" point that adds a little "team" aspect to one hole per round without complicating the handicaps or anything like that. Just a thought. Let's brainstorm. No bad ideas, so long as you're not completely ignoring the guidelines/goals…
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