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      Experience Augusta and The Masters this Year!   02/26/2018

      Experience Augusta, LLC is selling daily tournament badges (Thu-Sun) and daily Berckmans Place badges (Mon-Sun) for the 2018 Masters golf trournament. We also have several available homes within walking distance of Augusta National. Check it out today, go to the Masters in April!

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  1. I Wish That Poster Would ...

    We often hear, “that is a 1st World problem,” when we complain about many of the trivial irritants we encounter during the day. The following list clearly falls into that category. In my defense, there is not a lot of golf being played here in the Frozen Mitten right now and that likely explains my irritable mood. Also, I know at some point I have been guilty of a number of items on the list and likely a lot more! Still, sometimes it feels good to just vent. · Very long posts. Yes, I don’t have to read them if I think they are too long. At times, however, I start reading one without realizing that is it going to require scrolling & scrolling & scrolling. · Posters who ask a question but don’t answer the question themselves. For example, “Who is your favorite PGA player to watch?” Well, who is yours? It is one thing to ask a question when you have no idea how to proceed. When someone, however, asks a theoretical question or wants an opinion on a topic, the person posing the question should also provide an answer. · A question is posted such as: “What was your single best golf shot of 2016.” Inevitably a poster responds, “The three shots that come to mind …” and they proceed to describe in detail the three shots. Hey! The question was the single best shot, not your best three (or five or whatever). · Posters who, for whatever reason, choose not to reveal where they are located but post comments like, “around here the average cost of a round of golf is $25.” Thanks for the info but where exactly is “here”??? No one is asking for your address but if one listed a state or region in their profile then comments related to one’s location would make sense. · If you have Game Golf and state that 170 yards is the perfect distance for your 7 iron, at least make sure that your Game Golf stats back you up. So, aside from this blog post, what type of things irritate you a bit when participating in or reading golf forums?

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