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Found 8 results

  1. Walker Trolleys - https://walkertrolleys.com - launched a Kickstarter today for their "minimalist" push cart. It's a great look, classic and pays homage to the push carts found in Scotland, made from high quality materials and so on. I was the first backer of the project when it launched earlier today, and I encourage everyone here to check it out. No, this isn't a push cart for everyone. If you're interested in the best all-around push cart, get a ClicGear (my daughter and I have three). This is a push cart that says something about you as a golfer, that you're refined, that you have taste, that you appreciate throwbacks and muscle backs and Hogan. That you contemplate playing with hickories (or actually do from time to time). That you appreciate the smell of fresh cut grass as much or more than winning $20 or drinking a beer while you play. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/walkertrolleys/walker-trolley-a-push-cart-for-the-player-and-purist
  2. Clicgear Model 4.0 Golf Push Cart Clicgear's flagship 3-wheel cart. Refined and upgraded through the years. Features Warranty Shipping & Returns New silicone bag strap system New adjustable upper saddle New lower saddle Quickly Folds Down to a... The ClicGear 4.0 is now available. The URL (for now; I emailed them so I hope they change it) is funny: https://www.clicgearusa.com/collections/carts/products/copy-of-clicgear-model-3-5-golf-push-cart The changes for 4.0 include: The umbrella holder is pointless because the adjustable umbrella holder is a must-have. The lower saddle will supposedly get stand bags away from the wheel (I've used the little "bump" thing on the 3.5+ I have). The silicone straps are nice. Natalie's cart elastic is wearing out a little; I wonder if I can replace them with silicone? The adjustable upper might be nice, and the lid lock and other things are nice too.
  3. I am looking at purchasing a new push cart. TGW is now making its own cart. It looks like it has all of the features I want and is substantially cheaper than name brands. Anyone have a TGW push cart?
  4. My antique BagBoy push cart has finally failed me. I have seen some great conversation on the forums about push carts, but no mention of an umbrella. I use an umbrella to prevent baking in the sun as I don't typically wear sunscreen. Any of you have recommendations for a good universal umbrella attachment or a push cart with comes with one?
  5. Just curious. I don't have a big preference between ClicGear and Sun Mountain. ClicGear has a few more accessories, and I slightly prefer the way their three-wheel carts fold up into 3D rectangles versus the "triangles" of the three-wheel Sun Mountain carts. But both are great models. We have Sun Mountain carts for my home and for my college team, and ClicGear carts for my home, too.
  6. Please vote once in each of the two polls above. You can change your answer. Here are the links to check them out: Bags 2Five Bag Three5 Bag ZeroG Bag Front9 Bag Four5 Bag C130 Stand Bag XCR Stand Bag Looper Caddie Bag Push Carts Reflex Cart Speed Cart V1 Sport MC3 Micro-Cart
  7. Predict the Winner of the 2016 U.S. Open with The Sand Trap and Sun Mountain! WHO do you think will WIN the U.S. Open in 2016 at Oakmont and what SCORE will they shoot? PLEASE READ the rules thoroughly. Each contest people are disqualified for simple mistakes. To enter, post your answer right here in this thread along with the bold text "I am Staying Ahead of the Game with Sun Mountain!" Note that you are NOT predicting who will finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd; you are picking three players to win and the score(s) they will shoot. The first choice carries tremendous weight (see the rules below for more), while the second and third choices exist simply in case we don't have a winner selected by anyone's first selection. The Prizes First Place One first-place winner will win a Sun Mountain Reflex golf push cart and a Sync golf bag (the color of which is up to you!): https://shop.sunmountain.com/best-product-reflex.html https://shop.sunmountain.com/sync-bag-18750-detail.html Reflex golf push carts from Sun Mountain fold and open easier, have a smaller folded footprint and weigh less than other golf carts. With a new, innovative folding process, Reflex is arguably the easiest cart on the market to fold and unfold. And, the Sync golf bag has a bottom molded specifically to sync with Sun Mountain carts. Second Place The second-place winner will win one of either a Three 5 golf carry bag or C-130 golf cart bag https://shop.sunmountain.com/best-product-c130.html https://shop.sunmountain.com/2015-superlite-3-5-17919-detail.html The Rules - All qualifying entries must be received no later than Wednesday, June 15, 2016 at Midnight eastern time zone (New York City). - Winners will be notified within 24 hours of the completion of The 2016 U.S. Open and will have 48 hours to claim their prize. - You must have a shipping address within the 50 United States of America or Canada. - You must be a registered member of The Sand Trap in good standing. - You must be aged eighteen (18) or older as of the date of entry. - Your answer must include the visible and bold text "I am Staying Ahead of the Game with Sun Mountain!", the FULL NAME (first and last, for the purposes of proper and unique identification) and the score in relation to par (+2, -4, E, etc.) of the player you are predicting to win the 2016 U.S. Open, as well as your 2nd and 3rd choices (same rules apply - full name, score in relation to par). - The Winner will be selected as the first person in the contest to correctly pick both the winner and the score. The runner up will be the second person to correctly pick the winner and score or be the first person to pick closest to the winner/score. - One entry per person and per household. Any additional entries or modifications invalidate all entries. - If we suspect fraud of any kind - suspicious multiple entries, for example - we reserve the right to award the prize to the next valid entry in the order established above. Details regarding the green, underlined rule: - It's very simple. The winner is the first person (who satisfies the other rules) to choose the correct winner and score with their first choice. If nobody picks the correct score, the winner is the first person to have the closest score for the correct winner. If nobody chooses the correct winner with their first choice, we repeat the process for everyone's second choice, and then the third. - In other words, if someone chooses Joe Smith for their first choice - at any score - and you choose him for your second choice, you've wasted your second choice. - Think of your picks like draft picks. Your second and third choices should be someone you don't think will be chosen in the first "round." Winners will have 48 hours to claim their prize after being notified.. Again, please read the details about how to go about entering the contest and picking players. Don't pick top ten players for your 2nd and 3rd picks. Example for this contest would look like this: I am Staying Ahead of the Game with Sun Mountain! 1) Old Tom Morris -3 2) Francis Ouimet +2 3) Gene Sarazen -5
  8. Hey TST, Let me start off by saying one thing I'm a BIG guy close to 350 lbs. I thoroughly enjoy walking the course for multiple reasons. The first is cost, at roughly $15 per 9 hole round or about $850 a year for unlimited rental. That alone is a huge added expense. Second is the frame of mind I stay in during a round when walking. I find it easier to blow off the steam from a bad shot. Riding in a cart always seems to be darting through the course looking for a ball and swinging at it for me. Very quick but sometimes not thoroughly thought out. The third reason is simply I enjoy walking through the course and seeing many things that blow past on a cart, birds bugs animals etc.... One of many questions I have is what push or pull cart do you use and recommend? I mainly carry my bag when i walk and it seems like everything will start to add to much to enjoy the game. I'm starting a YouTube channel solely to document my journey of trying to get and maintain a scratch handicap. This means I carry a camera around now and that's a hassle carrying my bag also. My setup is not going to be anything fancy just a gopro and the gooseneck attachment, but I digress.... I've got a few friends that have click gear carts they seem nice but are pricey and they don't seem to have many issues. I've got an old Dunlop two wheel pull behind that works but it isn't the best thing around. So to sum it all up, walkers (not zombies). What do you use? Do any of you vlog like I'm planning on doing?
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