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  1. Here are three graphs of putting strokes. The s axis is "speed" and the "t" axis is time. We'll take a look at each of these in a moment, but consider first how putting can behave like a pendulum. In virtually all good putting strokes, the ball is hit with a slight positive angle of attack (AoA) - about 2-3° or so. This positive AoA helps minimize backspin, produce no spin, or even to produce a tiny bit of forward spin if the dynamic loft is 1-2°. But the point is: the ball is struck while the putter head is ascending, or after low point . If you were to swing a pendulum
  2. I aquired this mallet from my father, trying to find out more info on it. Anyone heard of it, no other markings. Pictures to follow.
  3. I have been looking into putters and can’t decide which putter I should go with. I wanted to hear your input, thanks.
  4. Every winter I usually get a little stir crazy and buy some random golf club or old iron set on Ebay. I thought I got away clean this year, but now I kind of want a Ping 1A putter. For those who don't know, the 1A was Karsten Solheim's first manufactured putter design and the namesake for the company. Yes, namesake: It's a cool piece of history. The 1A was the first putter designed with engineering principles applied towards performance. Contemporary putters were little more than pieces of metal on the end of a stick with a flat side or two. Karsten Solheim is better k
  5. Hi Guys, I recently purchased a mint condition PING O Blade Karstens Patent Pending putter, what caught my eye was the original Pro Only grip and shaft. Any idea what the resale value of this might be?
  6. I have been playing with the same putter for about 15 years. Is there a reason to change if I putt moderately well with it? Have there been any advances in technology that make it worthwhile to change? Thanks in advance.
  7. Since I am a newcomer to this forum, I wanted to share with you a rather funny You Tube video that I just made... I was out running errands, and decided to stop in that used sporting goods place here in town called "Play It Again Sports" (you might have one in your town too). They have everything in there... You name it, they got it. Some stuff is complete junk and beat all to heck, some stuff is really good, you just never know... Anyway, I stumbled upon an old Odyssey Dual Force putter for only $9.95 and is was almost spooky - I swear, that old putter spoke to me and said, "...a little
  8. Ok, let me clarify the topic here. I'm not looking for a counterbalanced putter. (though that's almost the length, I'm looking at.) I'm 6'5", 31 years old and have a fairly athletic build. I have average length arms for a person my height. (My wingspan is exactly the same as my height). My wrist-to-floor measurement is 36.25". I've played putters all the way down to 32.5" and as long as my 36" Ping Zing 2. I probably feel the most comfortable over the ball with my Ping Zing 2 length wise, but it still seems a smidge short (I have to bend over less than with say a 34" or 35" putter.)
  9. I listened to Brandel Chamblee's interview and around the 25:00 mark he talks about anchoring, and how if he were the commissioner, he'd ask the USGA/R&A to re-write the rule to be clearer, and to avoid the ambiguity that a Scott McCarron or a Bernhard Langer create. So, @Vinsk, here's your chance to re-write the rule. Or anyone's chance. Some things that must be maintained: You don't get to legislate putter length. That's not the purpose of the rule, and some guys need a 37" putter because they're tall. Ostensibly, too, a longer putter is tougher to control, so if someone
  10. History on putters: I had been using a Ping B60 putter for about five years; had it fitted and added weight when I got it. A couple of years ago, I had it regripped with a Winn 1.18 XPro grip. I used it at first with left-hand low grip and later with a traditional hand grip (both with double interlock of fingers). I had trouble getting consistency no matter what I did. Last fall, I came across a Slotline Inertia SL-583F putter (circa 2009) - in a local golf shop. (Slotline history in spoiler.) It performed better than with my B60, giving better distance control especiall
  11. Hi everyone, Do you have a Biomech Acculock. What grip have you used? What is the best stance you have used? What have you liked the most and the least? Let's support each other. Oz
  12. Hello TST members I am looking for a new putter grip. Has anyone put the new golf pride snsr into play yet. I used the superstroke slim 3.0 for awhile and liked it. I recently got a new putter so I am currently using the stock grip. Im looking for some opinions from others. Pros and cons of the golf pride snsr. Feel free to throw in other options as well. What do you game and why? thanks.
  13. @Vinny Cap's thread got me thinking. Some years ago I read that Dave Pelz considered the belly putter (anchored) to be the "best" putting approach based on a statistical study he had performed. Next best was left hand low. I do not know how many versions of putting he studied and now anchoring is not permitted by the Rules. Conceivably, Mr. Pelz might have discovered an even better technique. As the poll demonstrates, there are a lot of ways to swing a putter and I suspect the list is far from complete. I have tried a few times to use "left hand low" but I've used the reverse overlap
  14. http://www.perfectstrokeputtingaid.com The PerfectStroke TPE putting training aid is a multifaceted putting training aid that reinforces a number of good things. It costs about $200 (some discounts are available) including shipping and comes with: A reflective base. Two posts to which you can attach… … one or two carbon fiber bars. … and one of two clear plastic strips with different alignment lines (single, double). The TPE can be used in a variety of combinations. You can attach or detach one or both carbon fiber rails and you can use use either (or n
  15. Titleist Introduces New Cameron & Crown Putters by Scotty Cameron FAIRHAVEN, Mass. (Aug. 30, 2016) – The new line of Cameron & Crown putters by Scotty Cameron offers four of Scotty’s most-trusted models precisely crafted at 33 inches and specifically weighted for players whose setup demands a shorter putter. Available in golf shops worldwide beginning Sept. 23, Cameron & Crown putters deliver the craftsmanship, quality and tour-proven performance that have made Scotty Cameron putters the choice of many of the world’s best players for more than two decades:
  16. I need help iding a putter. Anyone know what this is? Thank you
  17. http://www.golfwrx.com/329484/review-cleveland-tfi-2135-putters/ I just purchased a Cleveland TFI 1.0 to upgrade from my basic Adams Tight lies putter that came with my 5 year old set. I went to Golfsmith three different times and I tried various Odyssey, Taylormade, Nike, and PING models. I was most satisfied with the Cleveland TFI. I have used it in two different rounds since I bought it and I feel much more control over my putts and actually feel the ball more (if that makes sense) than with the heavy tight lies putter I had. The grip that comes with the TFI is very comfortable and I h
  18. Hi, I'm looking at replacing my current toe balanced putter with a new one. I have found a few that take my fancy online at reasonable prices but for some reason they don't state whether they are toe balanced or not. Does anyone have any insight or any useful reviews on the following clubs and which would best suit my my arced putting stroke? Thanks in advance. Nike Golf Method Core MC-3i Putter Nike Golf Method Core MC-5i Putter Cleveland Golf Classic HB #1 Putter
  19. Hey guys my ball striking has been pretty good lately but my putting has been lacking. I feel my putts aren't going straight,have good speed, or have control over them. I use a single overlapping grip and I was using that for everything do you think I should maybe switch it up and do a baseball grip? Or a left hand low grip to maybe get more control? Thanks
  20. Goodbye, anchored putting stroke. Do you have any last words?
  21. What do you think about cork putter grips? I think they sound pretty interesting. I'm not a fan of really soft putter grips but I do like the light weight oversized options. Unfortunately many of the putters today feel too muted for me and I'm not sure if it's always the face, the grip or a combination. Of course like many fisherman, I love the feedback I get with a cork grip. Why not try it with my putter? I think the option could provide some really good feedback and help my distance control and feel. What are your thoughts? Bettinardi had some options available on their
  22. Earlier today I fit a college player and a reasonably good putter with an Edel putter. His putter was a typical blade - the old PING/Cameron/Everyone-Has-a-Version classic blade putter with some heel/toe weighting. He could aim his putter, from about ten feet (bear in mind that the laser reflects back over the same ten feet, doubling the error), to about four inches outside the right edge of the cup. Not great, but not as bad as we've seen from many. His putter had a single, solitary thin line on the top part of the putter. What was his best fit putter? It was an almost identical Edel putter:
  23. My Edel putter story: Short version: Switching to an Edel putter saved me an average of 1.6 putts per round, based on a comparison of 10 years of hole by hole data, all taken from league play at my home course. Best golf money I have ever spent. Long version: For Christmas 2014, my marvellous wife bought me an Edel Putter. My fitting was with Ryan at The Golf Lab in Toronto. Of note: instead of the mirror test, they do the whole thing using a SAM putt lab...which is brilliant. Super accurate, and I got to go home with some fancy charts and graphs showing the difference between my original
  24. Mostly pictures... I thought it would be interesting to show you where the putter started and how it ended up. It obviously started from the "fitting cart" we all have to work with, and then the later shots show you how the putter looks when it comes from Texas. I aimed everything really well, but if I tended to aim to one side of the cup it was typically left a little. A little more offset (S2 hosel) and lines on the top rather than in the back of the head fixed things for me really well. Before: After:
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