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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Guys, I'm fairly new to this website. I wanted to join to begin a forum on Indoor Putting Greens. I know most of us reside in the cold states where we can only sit and dream about golf. I grew tired of this routine of playing golf and finding my game by the time it was too late and the leaves began to fall and soon enough the snow-birds were snow-birding again.... lol. Anyways, I'm an avid golfer, a golf junkie, a golf pyscho, a serial golfer... whatever it is I'm just obsessed with the game. I love it, like all of us do on this site. I've got 3 kids, so this project was a MUST DO. I made a massive putting green in the basement after reading many reviews for the material Kevin Na and Ben Crane were touting about a couple years ago. I learnt many of the tour pros used this material so I HAD to get my hands on it. I thought it would've been pricey but it was super affordable. I spent about 2 weeks building and boy, was it worth it. The finished product was beyond my imagination - I've played many great golf courses and the green actually emulated the best. I even added slopes. And for the record, I'm basically here to spread the word that it is completely possible to have a massive(or small) putting green in your home without breaking the banks like these synthetic turf company's charge. The project literally cost me less than $400. The kids love it, they're down there and have practically forgotten about their Ipads and Ipods and video games(true story). But best of all, the WIFE APPROVES. Here are some pictures - If people are interested in how I constructed, please just feel free to comment. We do not need to be golf hibernators anymore! :)
  2. https://thesandtrap.com/b/training/build_your_own_8_x_8_indoor_putting_green_cheaply I wrote that awhile ago, and, well, that putting green "worked" just fine, but: It was small. It was "unfinished" looking. I mean, look… Anyway, I have a 12' x 7' piece of turf and a newly finished basement section begging for a little putting green on which I can work on things. Here's the area: The putting green (which has shelves on it to help flatten out some bumps and ridges from being rolled up) is 12' x 7'. The red area is about 12' x 5' (it's 7' if you go from the wall to the column). So, i could just lay the carpet there, frame the edges to make it look nice… and… have a perfectly flat green (roughly - I'm sure the floor has a tiny slant to it). But, I wouldn't have any holes to put to, and I wouldn't be able to change the break. That's what I want. In fact, my wish list includes: 1 to 3 holes. The ability to change the slant from being 0 to 4% either left-to-right or right-to-left. The first requires the entire putting surface to be at least about five inches off the ground. The cups are 4.25" deep. I have foam blocks I can get from @david_wedzik, but I could also just glue my grass to a board, or stretch it and not glue it, or just put glue in little spots to help hold it in place… I won't be chipping to the green, so the foam isn't a high priority. What I'd like help with is figuring out how to build something that will work as I need: to let me change the slope on at least one side (I could put the cups on opposite sides to get both breaks if only one edge can be lifted and support up to about 250 pounds without bending. Remember, though: it should either have something mechanical (like four screws, one in each corner? hydraulics seems like overkill…) to change the slope OR be light enough for me to change the slope. I also don't really care about lefty putters. @NatalieB and I are righties. Here's a mockup of the putting green itself: I added two grey holes at the bottom just as holes I could add eventually, if necessary. I might not even add them at first. Maybe if the carpet gets worn from standing in the same spot putting to the one hole? Anyway, sides B and D would need to be able to go up and down, and while on the 0-5% slope, to support the weight of a person walking on the thing. And they should be able to go up and down relatively easily. Eventually I would like to not have to go downstairs to change the slope for the kiddo. Beyond that… two "perks" would be nice: The edges: I probably don't want balls rolling off the edges, but I don't want something so high that it's going to interfere with many putting strokes. That means a 1" lip would suffice, really, above the green surface… but at the same time, it feels like 1" is enough to interfere with a putting stroke if the ball is only a foot or 15" away. If I put only one hole in, I could just have a bumper behind it, and keep the rest flush with the putting surface. If the edges had hardware to which you could attach things (like little metal spikes, for elevated string lines and the like), cool. If the edges are wood, that's pretty easily rigged up with a drill, though, so I'm not too worried about that. So, how would you do it? Help me get this done.
  3. I was on Costco site and saw this putting green. Brunswick The Ross Putting Green. I didn't think too much about it because the price is more than I would pay for a putting green but... After looking at the features, it looks impressive. Solid Hardwood Frame with Walnut Finish Dimensions (WxL): 2ft. x 8ft. Adjustable Elevation To Practice Uphill or Downhill Putts 12.5 Stimp Rating Putter Stand Two break stations, one on each side of the green, for up to 50 break combinations Easily elevated on each end to practice uphill or downhill putts Has anyone seen this?
  4. We all hit tee shots into a par 3 with my ball settling just off the front putting surface. A ball on the green was directly between my ball and the cup, in line of play. As I studied my shot the player stood over his ball for a while then placed a marker and left both on the green after someone else prodded them that I was trying to come up. I never asked for the ball to be marked or removed. Being on the green he could have marked and lifted the ball. I played up and around the ball left towards the cup for par. He proceeded to play his ball for birdie during the Blitz. No penalty for anyone since I did not ask him for relief, and I did not hit his ball. Again he was on the green anyway so he could have lifted it after marking. But I think he simply tried to stymie me. Am I correct about the ball marking and/or penalty? No one probably knows what he was thinking. But I had birdied the previous hole 3. He didn't look happy.
  5. Hi All, I have a question that I know the rule too, however would like peoples ' First thought ' answer so I can get an idea of what the majority of golfers think. So my father was on the 9th green yesterday in our Club C 2nd Round. He missed a putt from inside 5 feet, then went to mark it from about a foot, however he slipped while in the process knocking the ball with his putter. He replaced the ball with his playing partners in agreement, and tapped out. At this point he assumed he'd been giving a penalty, but wanted clarification after his round. The club committee made the decision that it was a penalty under rule 18-2. All happy, he accepted it, and moved on ( he even told his partners he knocked the ball), as they hadn't seen it. So he handed is card and signed over to the match committee on their decision. Anyway, the following morning, the committee were doing the results, and reviewed the decision, and realised they'd unfairly penalised my dad, therefore reversing the rule, which fell under 20-1 (when a player moves the ball or marker by accident while trying to mark the location on the green, no penalty will incur and ball must be replaced). All great my dad was happy, and the club changed his score to this, under the guidance of the R & A. His score was then 75 Gross without the wrongly applied penalty. So this actually meant my dad qualified for the club in 15th position, putting out someone on the same total (157). This has caused quite a riff and two people have complained to the club (one of which it doesn't even affect). My question is really, what would everyone assume this rule would be, if not already aware? To add to this, my father drew myself in the last 16 knockout, as I was 2nd seed. I just feel terrible for him because I think he's done all the right things, but it was the club who called the wrong ruling, not himself, so reversing it seems totally plausible, and within the rules of golf.
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