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Found 6 results

  1. So a quick question. I was out with a foursome today, and we were definitely not playing "ready golf". Two members made remarks when others went out of turn, albeit "busting chops". I personally waited for each golfer in order, as I find it's rather disrespectful unless you are actually playing ready golf. So on the 7th hole, I hit a couple of errant shots causing me not to reach the green until my 5th shot. Upon reaching the green, the other three golfers were putting to hole out. Is it just me? But if you're going to complain when someone else goes out of order.. is it really kosher to be holing out before the last player even reaches the green?
  2. Slow play etiquette

    I have only started playing this year but forked out for membership at a local course, I just did my first ever 18 holes there with two guests (all of us high handicaps), it is a fantastic course, but signage is poor and confusing and I didn't have a clue how to play each hole, so our scores were everywhere and we were stumbling between holes a little getting lost. The problem came around the 10th hole when a fella approached my group and told us in a very angry tone to speed up play, I said he was welcome to play through, but he wasn't interested (and was borderline aggressive!). The key issue we have is that as a group we often have to hit a provisional ball, so it is not uncommon for all three of us to need two off the tee, which granted can slow things down, but we are playing by the rules. I would hate to annoy other players, but do feel that having paid hundreds on membership and my guests paying steep green fees we have a right to pay by the rules without someone approaching us making us feel unwelcome and rather silly, that being said I would hate to think that I am breaking some sort of etiquette! We let a two ball through on 7, and watched then literally sprinting down the fairway because they were feeling under pressure, madness! What would be the advice? Should skip hitting two and take a drop further up to speed us up off the tee? That feels like we would be cheating - but is that the right thing to do? Or as high handicaps should we book later tee times? In the end we skipped a hole to create room - leaving me feeling a little cheated and my guests feeling like they did not get their moneys worth...
  3. I play with some guys that are usually one stroke ahead of me. Sometimes I'll be waiting to pitch on to the green but they are already putting. So then it seems like the whole thing slows down because I can't hit until they put or move aside. Almost like it divides the group into two groups of 2. Is what they are doing permitted under any kind of ready golf etiquette?
  4. Your Honor, Your Honor

    In league play last night I had a new one to me. The first hole our opponent 'won' the tee flip and hit first. I make a birdie putt for a Gross and Net 2. One of my opponents makes a Gross 3, Net 2. They felt we should hit first on the next hole because I had the lower score but we felt they should hit first because the hole was a push and they therefore kept their honors. It was quite an advantage to hit second on that particular hole. So which team should hit first in that situation? I didn't throw this in the Rules of Golf section because I am not sure if there is such a rule or if it is more of a unwritten rules thing.
  5. Let me start by saying I do not keep a handicap but I am considering doing so next year. My friends and I play ready golf. By ready golf I mean whoever is ready to hit their ball first does so with no regard to who is farthest from the hole or who has honors. Am I right that this is against the rules and I will need to change if I am keeping an official handicap?
  6. Honors or Ready to hit GO?

    Do you guys play honors where if they had the lowest score on the previous hole you let them hit 1st? or If your ready to hit, you just run up to the tee and hit and keep things moving and keep pace? how about in the fairways? further away or whoever is ready to hit just hit?

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