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  1. When I first started playing I was taught what "athletic" posture was in the golf set-up. Straight back, stick the butt out and have the chin up. Similar to what this article and video recommend. Posture Article Quote: Good posture can be attained by bending your knees so they cover up your shoelaces. Then you must also bend from the hips at the same time. Sticking your butt out while keeping your back straight is the proper way to bend correctly from your hips. Adam Scott was said to have the most athletic posture and that having the chin up allowed the shoulders to turn. I'm going to share why I feel that information is wrong and can be harmful to your body. According to this Tilteist Performance Institute(TPI) Article Quote: Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints of all golfers. This is usually due to the high velocity rotary forces that are applied upon the lumbar spine during the golf swing. Some golfers actually put themselves into this position on purpose because they heard it was good to stick their butt out at set up. Unfortunately, if you arch your back to stick your butt out at set up, you are also putting your lower back in jeopardy of being injured. The Lower Crossed Syndrome / “S-Posture”: One of the most clinically relevant patterns of muscle dysfunction is a lower crossed syndrome. Simply stated, the lower crossed syndrome is a grouping of weak muscles combined with overactive or tight muscles, that create a predictable movement pattern in the lower back that can lead to injury. S- Posture would be the pic of me on the left. “S” posture is caused by a player creating too much arch in their lower back. We’ve all been told to stick our butt out at address, yet when over done, it impinges the spine and the body’s ability to rotate. Feeling some posterior pelvic tilt and rounding my shoulders inward. I can view the ball out of my central vision in the right pic. Weight is also balanced, too much into my heels in the left pic. As I said I'm feeling posterior tilt, in reality I am closer to anterior but adding posterior. By tucking my tailbone under me, posterior, I place the hips in the best position to release the flexion of my right hip during the backswing, not to mention how much easier this position is on the lower back. The shoulders feeling rounded, inward and down, allows the chin to be down, which allows for the ball to be seen with central vision. The eyes which are located in the head are what need to be stable or centrally foviated on the object to maintain the balance centers located in the eyes, ears, and muscular system. When we are looking at the golf ball, and our head is down, we are able to see the golf ball out of the middle of our eye sockets and in the center of our vision, called "foveal vision". When an object is in foveal vision, we are able to make more detailed processing of the image (being golf ball and surroundings) during the golf swing. If the eyes are being forced to strain within the eye socket and keep relocating the golf ball because vision is temporarily lost from one eye, this is called "saccadic eye movement" and is slower and less detailed processing of sensory input from the eyes to the brain. If we lose the ability for depth perception, which can cause compensations and make it difficult for our brain to calculate where we are relative to the ball. This could cause the golfer to have to adjust to see the golf ball out of both eyes and make the fastest adjustments during the course of the golf swing. Adam Scott has made some changes the past couple years. So even though there may instruction that advocates what Adam was doing in 2002, it's hard to find examples of this kind of address position from the best players. Especially players from Hogan, Palmer, Nicklaus years. TPI would call a Hogan or a Palmer address a "C" posture. I will say that today's players have the chest "taller" than players in the past but still do the neck tilt piece well. More of a neutral posture between the C and S postures. I like the way the classic guys did it, I think it just looks much better and sets them up to perform a very dynamic motion. A lot of address postures to me look too static. Check out these pics And a few good videos to share From Martin Hall's show Couple posture drills - Place your heels 2-4 inches from a wall or stick - Stand up straight, bend from the hips and add knee flex until..... - ....y our butt touches the wall. - Then soften the upper back and lower the arms Here's a feel/visual/drill for those that struggle with an upper back that is too upright. Balance a cup of water on top of your neck/cervical spine. If you can't do it, then your eyes are looking up too much and/or you're not "slouched" enough.
  2. New Golfer looking for some advice on my bag setup. I love the Ping G400 Hybrids but am finding that I hit my 30* 6H the same distance as my 7 Iron. I was looking to get the G15 8 Iron to fill in the gap in my setup but am worried the loft gaps are wrong. My current setup is in the picture below and the 4H & 8I are the clubs I am looking to add but am wondering if I need to change my approach to the iron setup. The only other setup I can see that would have more even loft gaps would be to have two Pitching Wedges which seems insane! Any advice would be greatly appreciated and suggestions on irons that might be suitable as I would like to keep my Vokey wedges and also really like my 47* Ping Tour Gorge Wedge. Doesn't have to be Ping either just anything that would work better than what I have! Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi all! The videos were impromptu so I know the angle is not ideal. The first is 6i, 5i, 3 wood and the second is driver. At the end of the driver video (at the 3:40 mark) there is one slo-mo swing...threw it in bc why not, and it looks cool (the slo-mo, not the swing!). Most of the shots in the video are baby draws, which I what I typically play. There may have been a small push with the 3 wood and also one good pull with the driver. I fight the pull/draw (not pull/hook) with the driver - not terrible pulls but pulls none the less. Things I have been working on: I think I have some EE and have a tendency to stand up a little. For the life of me, I cant fully figure out what the exact cause is (setup, over swing causing lift maybe). I really think this relates to my setup - too much knee bend maybe? I have been working hard on keeping my "back turned towards the target" during transition and this has helped my striking tremendously. I know I setup closed - this leads to alot of the pull tendency, but they arent bad pulls and I rarely pull-hook, so I've been playing it decently. I'd like to fix this but just trying to explain as much as possible. I have a small swing-speed meter which I think is fairly accurate. On the driver swings, I am consistently 100MPH on the button. As Im sure we all would, I would like to get that number up a little and at this point in my game, it has to be mechanics so I'd love to get feedback on this. Thanks in advance, ANY feedback would be greatly appreciated because I feel "stuck" with my current swing and have been struggling to figure out how I can make improvements: 6i,5i, 3 wood Driver
  4. My Golf Swing Worries The following is a list of 20 things at setup that I believe affect the outcome of my swing. yHow much to choke down Arm separation. Arm to chest separation How many knuckles show on left hand. Where is the left thumb. How much of the left thumb is covered. How firm is left grip. How firm is the right grip. Open, closed, or square face. Feet separation. Open, closed, or square stance Body alignment left or right of target, or square. Feet open, closed, or square Knee bend. Left side-right side weight distribution Shaft tilt Upper body tilt. Spine angle Angle between upper and lower left arm How much pressure, and where, on the inside of right foot. These are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, each one of which needs to interlock perfectly with the ones next to it. If the shape of just one of the pieces is changed, at least one other piece--and perhaps all of them in a cascading chain reaction--must also be changed. Our sun will have burned out and life on Earth extinguished before the average golfer's search by ytrial and error for the right shapes for all 20 pieces is completed, because there are 20! (20 factoral), or 2,400,000,000,000,000,000, possible ways for the 20 choices to be made. And this is only this is only the setup.
  5. I know we've been talking lately about how setup is "automatic" (or it's not ), but I must say… I fix a lot of setup positions. I don't save out the images from all of my lessons. In fact, only a small percentage of the time do I feel I've done something I want to CC to myself for various reasons. But of those lessons, well, take a look: I'll often tell students: They'll answer "none" or "hardly any" or something like that, and I'll say "Great, you're right! You just have to remember to do it, and know how to do it." I fix a LOT of setup issues.
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