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Found 21 results

  1. After buying half a set (so far) of individual clubs from different vendors, I see my wedges are now longer than my 7 and 9 irons. The problem started with the fact that I have very long arms, and am fit to a PING Gold dot club, even though I'm 5'10". So I bought 7 and 9 iron PING gold dot G410s. The 7 iron is 36.75in and the 9 iron is 35.75in. I will say that these do feel short, but I believe they are only .25" shorter than Ping's "standard shaft length" on these clubs. I also ordered a couple PING gold dot G25 wedges off ebay. To my surprise, once I got them I see the shafts on th
  2. I was recently on a golf trip to Portugal where I hired some clubs. The driver was a TM aeroburner with a Matrix Speed Rul-Z 50 R flex. I don't seem to be able to find one for sale online or ebay. Assuming this shaft has been dis-continued does anybody know of a similar Matrix shaft that may be very similar to the above? I have a TM M1 and I am keen on changing the shaft.
  3. Hi, This is my second topic on this wonderful forum. The bags new PXG 1 iron head (driving iron) just arrived and needs a shaft. Any ideas? Requirements: X-stiff/x100 Mid-high launch Same for 1 iron, spoon and driver 47"48" driver shaft, 45"46" spoon, 41"42" 1 iron (PS: Current 681 2 iron is 41" and therefore above specs are requested Thank you in advance! Cheers Br, Vega
  4. Bought a new to me shaft pull Hzrdus black 6.5. Cleaned it all up and went to install the adapter and noticed there was alot of pressure. Got it installed and tried it out and it was like a steel rod. My average ss is 118 and I have a pretty aggressive transition. Pulled it off and tried to clean the tip out. Got 3.5 inches into the shaft and it was still solid?!? Did something change? Are shafts not hollow anymore? Dont want to dig further in and break something.
  5. I was hitting a Seve driver Ballesteros 10.5 loft driver and irons with regular flex. Never gave flex much thought until now. Was looking to buy a set of TaylorMade (TM) M1 Irons and 'woods'. To better understand what flex I needed, I went for a 30 min lesson with radar for club head speed and tracker for distance etc. TM recommend assessment using 6 iron and driver. 6 iron head speed was 92 mph and distance 168 yards. TM would rate this as Stiff for distance and Tour Stiff for head speed. The driver head speed wasn't measured but average distance over 100 balls was 258 yards and max was
  6. So im going to be buying a new shaft for a driver i bought. dont like the shaft at all. its a 915D head. When i cut the shaft how should i measure it? I need a 43 inch shaft, thats what i was fitted for. So is that measurement from the tip of the adapter to the end of the shaft before i put the grip on? Or do i cut the shaft at 43" then put the adapter on? Thanks in advance
  7. Hello, I am hoping someone has experience with this. I have titanium plates and screws on both bones in my forearm on my right arm from an injury. I golf right handed and I have stiff steel shafts. I am in pain 70% of my shots and my question is. Would graphite shafts be more forgiving on my arm? I’ve had the plates since I was 20 and I’m now 41 I doubt i’ll ever get them removed. i have a graphite shafted pitching wedge that I swing for fun and it seems to be less energy transferring to my bones but it is very flexible and obviously not going to match my swing speed. Than
  8. Good Morning, I have finally got some extra spending money to re-shaft my driver shaft that I broke last month. The club is a taylormade burner super fast 2.0 10.5 degree loft. Would it be best to just get it re-shafted with the stock shaft (if thats possible) or is there a particular shaft that would be beneficial for me to try out (22 cap, 95-100 mph swing speed average)? Do you guys typically buy your shaft online and have it re-shafted at a local shop or just have the local shop turnkey it? I am fairly new to details about my golf equipment, and I have always just used what cam
  9. Well yesterday I was on Trackman trying to get my shot zones (which was not what I hoped it would be, but thats a different story) and during my driver swings I broke the shaft on my driver!! Caught a couple shots in a row near the heel and all of a sudden it felt like my driver head was loose. It took two more swings to figure out what was causing the feeling, and I looked down and sure enough my driver shaft had a crack in it. I was pretty bummed because I was really looking forward to hitting driver more often, due to what I read about the distant gradient in LSW. Looks like I will either
  10. I'm having a hard time producing the right launch angle on my driver, last week I worked on a trackman and my carry distance with my driver was on average about 215. My ball speed came in at about 139-141 on average but my launch angle was only at a 9. I haven't shot higher then 82 in the past three months but I feel like if I can get my drivers distance up a tad I can have more shorter irons into greens. I have a stiff shaft that came with my driver (titliest 915 d2). My swing coach says that usually if a players ball speed is under 140 is best to stay with a regular shaft. I'm right on the e
  11. Hello there! I went to get fitted for a new driver fully expecting to get the Epic, but turns out the new Ping G400 LTS is the club for me. It keeps my spin rate down low enough and I was getting an extra 15 yards or so of distance from my current driver. However, the club fitter fit me for an after market shaft at $400. I just can't afford to spend almost $900 on a driver right now, so I am going to just purchase one of the stock shafts from Ping but I am looking for some help selecting the right one. I was fitted for a Mitsubishi Diamana W series 60, which of the shaft options would be
  12. For the first time in my short golf career, I finally bent a club (4-iron). Unfortunately the shaft is bent and cracked at the ferrule, therefore unsalvageable. Dick’s Sporting Goods wants $57 to replace the shaft. The shaft is a True Temper Dynamic Gold that came stock w/ the club. Dick’s said they could save the grip, which is almost brand new. $57 seems really high to me for this kind of repair. Unfortunately all the local courses also send their clubs out to Dick’s for repair, so I am out of options. Is $57 reasonable for this kind of repair? How difficult is it to do this job at
  13. Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum and would like to ask a series of questions mainly pertaining to a 58 degree wedge that I cut down and regripped. Here's the problem: I recently have gotten extremely accurate with my 54 and 58 degree wedges. Though I've never been fitted for wedges, I noticed that when I started to get really accurate with them I was always choking down. I mean a good 2in's down on full shots(3/4 swings). Being able to stop it where it lands, one hop stops, low shots, high shots, everything. On occasion all that extra shaft would get in the way or make some shots that s
  14. So my Mizuno MP67's have DG S300 shafts in them. I like them and have them in my Miura's. I got some Mizuno wedges for Christmas and they have DG Spinner shafts in them. This will be the first set of irons I have that do not have the same shafts in all of them. Will this be an issue? Does anyone have any feedback for these shafts? How about anyone playing these in their wedges but different shafts in their irons? I want to take them out and try them but have not had the chance yet. I have been chipping plastic balls in the house and so far they feel pretty good. Not sure if th
  15. Hello, I've recently been changing a couple of things up in my swing and game for a couple of reasons and it has been moving along nicely, however I am having trouble hitting my driver. Everything in my bag up to driver I am getting consistent results with, albeit not always what I want. My driver however seems to be very inconsistent in terms of dispersion and flight, moreso than I think it should be relative to the consistency of the rest of my game. I play a Taylormade R15 with the stock Speeder 661 Tour spec in X flex with a larger midsized grip and cut down to 42 inches. It is also t
  16. I have been playing golf for about 5 years now but never really invested time into equipment or training but that has all changed. I got a deal on basically mint JPX 800 pro clubs with KBS Tour X shafts. I had my swing speed clocked around 110 at about 90% effort so I was told the X shafts would work for me but I have some worries. The other day on the range I was hitting shots at about 70% effort which I was spreading the ball (slice/hook/fat) but when I bumped up the effort to 90% I was hitting straight screamers that had penetrating flight with fades. Obviously distances between the 2 effor
  17. Hey guys, I recently got a bomb tech grenade driver that plays 45.5" I'm going to shave down the driver length to 44.5 from the butt end. The current swing weight is d2 and I'd like to stay between d1-d2. Will adding lead tape underneath the grip increase the swing weight? I have no interest in adding lead tape to the driver head.
  18. 6'5" 230, two torn shoulders, and in the woods Jk, but really. First post here, but not new to a forum community. Quick back ground. Played baseball til I was 24, have a slap tear in both my labrums from it, and need some help with swing path due to range of motion. My lead (left) shoulder has a tendency to click when my backswing is on the ideal path, so my natural path gets reallyyy shallow to subconsciously avoid that pain. I shoot anywhere from a 74-85 and the driver is all 11 of those strokes.Thanks a bunch in advance. Been a long time reader -- look forward to co
  19. When say things like "Sergio plays a driver at 43 inches ", etc. Or, "the standard driver length is 45.5". Are they referring to the shaft length (tip to grip) or the total club length with clubhead installed? How much length does the clubhead add to the shaft length for an average 460cc driver? Apologies if this has been discussed before.. Many thanks in advance!
  20. I've been gaming TEE XCG3s w/ ProjectX 6.0 (stiff+) for about 6 months with the thought that these shafts are too stiff for my swing. the P6 have the following flexes; 5.0-Regular, 5.5-Stiff, 6.0-Stiff+, 6.5-XStiff and 7.0-Tour XStiff. My swing speed is about 106mph (play Stiff in Driver, 3 wood and 4 rescue) but isn't up to speed for these Stiff+ shafts IMO. My dispersion is pushed right, straight, and pulled left....with a push right being the dominate approach shot. I had a friend explain soft-stepping iron shafts to me (putting 3iron shaft in 4iron, 4iron in 5iron and so on)
  21. I currently have a set of Ping i15 irons that are 3-4 years old. I like these irons and I'm not one to upgrade often (I played with my previous set of irons for over 10 years). However, I can't help but wonder if I could benefit from better and newer technology. How often should one upgrade their irons? Has the technology advanced enough in the last few years to justify spending $1200 or more on a new set or is that what the golf industry just wants me to think?
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