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Found 8 results

  1. http://www.golf.com/instruction/flag-or-out http://www.grouchygolf.com/2004/09/golfers-leave-that-flag-in.html Notice the first comment on the latter link above… This will be a quick one. When hitting a shot from off the green, leave the flagstick in. It's really that simple. Unless the flagstick is leaning so far toward you (the Rules of Golf allow you to re-center a flagstick that's leaning because it wasn't put back in properly) that a golf ball will not fit, it can only help you. A ball that's rolling so fast it hits the flag and doesn't go in had NO chance of going in without the flag. The flagstick can only take speed off the golf ball, either letting it fall in or keeping it closer to the hole. And, second: If you're outside of 25 feet or so, consider having the flagstick tended when you putt. People are shy to have the flagstick tended when they putt, but having a person stand there not only helps you aim (though you cannot ask them to stand somewhere in particular - if they happen to stand where you're aiming, it may be helpful to you), but it also helps you with your depth perception and thus helps you with your speed. That's it. Two tips that should help you. I've literally told my golf team members that if I see them playing a shot from off the green with the flagstick out, they strongly run the risk of sitting out the next round because it's just stupid to do otherwise. It's a free way to occasionally save strokes.
  2. Close to giving up the game!

    Hi Guys I've been very close to giving up the game recently and just wanted to see if others have similar feelings post round. So passionate to play golf and improve and will always spend the time practicing to get better. Recently have been playing great golf only to be 3 putting from 15- 20 yards. whenever i'm playing well I can't hole 3 footers its insane!! I play off of 10 but I just can't putt when it means something. if i'm having a mediocre/bad round i'm ok with the putter but Havn't hit under my handicap in 20+ rounds and i'm actually creeping up when i'm playing/ striking the ball well enough to be lower. I'm at my wits end with it and just don't know where to go as it seems more of a mental problem that I just can't seem to overcome. Absolutely love the game of golf and spend every moment outside work thinking about golf if i'm not playing it. I know theres going to be cliché comments about not letting the last shot dictate your mood, I don't have a short fuse compared to some folk I see on the course but when its a constant problem, hole after hole after hitting in regulation i'm losing my head!!! Spend the weekend post round in a sometimes sombre mood and just thinking..... is this game worth playing if its constantly dictating my mood? Sorry to ramble on.... Cheers Guys
  3. I know it's hard to do this without looking at my swing but I am hitting all of my pitch shots high on the face and out on the toe. I don't have any issues with this with my irons or even knock down wedge shots. But for some reason when I get around the green and try to elevate the ball I hit it out on the toe and high on the face. Any ideas?
  4. Strategy to get better

    Hi guys my first post here, and I was just wondering what everyone thought about small yet important things that will make me a better player. Would it be going to the range and trying to better figure out my yardsges with each club. Trying to hit different shots draws fades high low. I have 2-3 hours a day everyday that I'm willing to work... should've said this first but I usually shoot mid-high 80s but that can easily jump up to high 90s. I really want to take my game to the next level. With the goal being regularly in the 70s now I know it won't be easy and don't expect it to be but I'm willing to put in the work to have the benefits of winning (competing) tournaments. Thanks for any and all feedback
  5. Short Game Madness

    My new found golf buddy and I were supposed to play 18 yesterday, but the weather was just too wet, and windy to spend 3+ hours in it. He still wanted to get some competitive golf in, so we decided on a short game match at the local practice area. The idea was pretty typical, as we would take turns dropping a ball, what ever distance, and location off the green we each chose when it was our turn. There were 6 practice holes to chose from. One was picked, and the same could not be used twice in a row. We played 36 holes in a little over 2 hours. We could have played much faster, but my vehicle was near by, which we used to wait out some really nasty weather fronts as they passed through. We were pretty evenly matched up. Being from the wet country helped him, and I was familiar with practice greens. He still had to buy lunch as got him 2 and 1. Some food, and 3 pitchers of beer later, we had our wives come get us, which involved a 4th pitcher of beer.
  6. I'm not going to belabor this point too much because there are a lot of specific scenarios people can use to prove or disprove this. I'm talking very generally here, and "most often" and all of that. If you were given the choice between a 50-foot putt or a 20-foot putt, which would you choose? Why, of course you'd choose the 20-foot putt, even if you had to putt up a tier or down a slope. As we know (from statistics, common sense, etc.), proximity to the hole is the single biggest determinant of the resulting distance from the hole. Duh. Shots from 20 feet finish closer to the hole on average that shots from 25 feet, 30 feet, 40 feet, 20 yards, etc. Yet if I change the word "putt" to "chip" in the above ("If you were given the choice between a 50-foot chip or a 20-foot chip, which would you choose?"), you'll get people that assume they're better off with "more green to work with." Most of the time, that makes no sense. Most of the time, if you have a 20-foot chip, you'll hit it closer to the hole than if you have a 50-foot chip. Quite often, short-siding yourself is not really a sin. You're closer to the hole, and unless there's a treacherous slope away from you, you're more likely to get that ball close to the hole than you would from farther away. PGA Tour pros short-side themselves all the time. Look at how often they miss the green from 75-100 yards: the median player hit the green less than 80% of the time (and that's from only 75-100 yards away!). Why? Because from that distance they're going at the flag and quite often short-siding themselves. To a PGA Tour player (who excels at the higher SV skills), a 20-foot chip is often easier than a 40-foot putt! PGA Tour players willingly short-side themselves all the time. On the treacherously sloped 10th at Riviera they try to avoid it, sure, but the rest of the time they're fine with it. Now, this does not mean you should willingly short-side yourself. Unlike a PGA Tour player, you're comparatively better at the lower SV skills. You're virtually as good as a PGA Tour player from three feet, and you're comparatively closer at putting than you are at chipping. So for you, a 40-foot putt (SV②) is preferable most of the time to a 20-foot chip (SV③). But if you happen to short-side yourself, or if you have the choice, don't worry about it. You're probably fine. If you compare like to like - a 50-foot chip to a 25-foot chip - you should take the shorter chip most of the time, and save the fractions of a stroke that come with it.
  7. Question: I've recently started using my 60 lob wedge around the green but a problem has emerged. While previously, I (almost) exclusively was using my 52 gap and was able to dial distance with the single club I now find that switching between the two is really creating distance problems. Now, the 52 feels like the ball explodes off the head and I tend to hit it too far. I know it's probably just more practice but is there anything clever that can help as well? For longer shots, I've actually taped distances for a full, 3/4, and half swings on a tag on all my wedges and i've found it helps a bunch. Any tricks for the short shots? Tx.
  8. See the questions above. For clarification, A is good, F is terrible, and you're to rate your game compared to golfers of the SAME handicap. So if you rate yourself as all "A"s or all "F"s then you're probably not the handicap you say you are.

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