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Found 3 results

  1. The 4-Video Lowest Score Wins Video Set is Now Available! Get it here: https://lowestscorewins.com/video-set or here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/lowestscorewins Here's a brief trailer: The four-video set contains about 2½ hours of never-before-seen video. We walk through the concepts in LSW, and each video contains some unique bits you will not find in the book. Video 1: Separation Value® - Practicing the Skills That Matter Using Drills and Games In this video, Dave and Erik take a in-depth look at Separation Value and define it in the simplest way possible. They help you understand which skills matter most and why… and then show you drills and games to work on every important skill in golf. Video 2: Technique - How to Perfect the Skills That Matter Most In this video Erik and Dave discuss the how-to aspect of the technique involved in perfecting the skills that matter most. This video is full of executable ideas to help you get better in your very next practice session! Video 3: Building Your GamePlan - Using Shot Zones to Create Decision Maps In this video the guys get out on the course with you and use interactive maps, flyovers and detailed analytics to illustrate exactly how you can build your own Decision Maps and create GamePlans around them. The information in this video will have you playing better and shooting lower scores tomorrow. Video 4: Speed Kills - Increasing Your Clubhead Speed Is Easy In this video Dave and Erik show you eight great drills and methods to increase your clubhead speed overnight. Easy to understand and execute this is the video to watch to start hitting the driver longer immediately. These videos are available as a set for $89. This is introductory pricing, and will likely rise to $99 or $109 after April, so if you can, get them now. And, because you're a member here at TST, I've actually got a coupon code for you that will make the cost either $59 in the U.S. or 33% off outside of the U.S. Those codes are: THESANDTRAP30 (in the U.S.) or BOOKLSW30 (outside the U.S.). If you'd like direct links, they are: Within the U.S.: https://vimeo.com/r/2AwR/anFkc0Vac2 Outside the U.S.: https://vimeo.com/r/2AEK/M2RhajNpU2 These codes are good through the end of April, 2020 only! Either of these codes makes the cost of the FOUR-video set only $59, and you'll have instant streaming and/or download access! This is not a rental; you will OWN the videos for your viewing today and a year from today, or longer (however long you keep them around!). If you've bought the video set, please feel free to comment here in this topic about it. We'd love to hear from you. Update (May 3, 2020): The $30 pricing for TST members has been extended through Tuesday, May 5, but this is your last chance to save $30.
  2. Good Morning from Houston. I was supposed to get my Shot Zones mapped this morning but it is now at or below freezing this morning after a cold front blew in so I will be waiting until it warms up a bit. However, I have been thinking A LOT about shot dispersion lately, and was wondering what is normal for different levels of golfers. So what is your shot dispersion (left/right) of your clubs? Are you a fairly consistent percentage throughout your bag (say 10% left or right). Or are you abnormally good or bad with specific clubs in relation to the rest of them (10% with short irons and 25% with driver?). Due to your natural ball flight or stock shot is your dispersion mainly one sided (5% Left, but 15% right because you play a fade?) I am curious as to what types of shot dispersion different handicaps here on TST have. Looking forward to hearing from you all!
  3. The three things I can think of that determine when I lay up and when I go for a green are 1) distance, 2) lie, and 3) how protected the green is. (There are other factors such as the weather or how I'm playing on a particular day, but I thought it would be better to keep it simple.) I'll start off by saying that I can't remember ever laying up on a par 3. I don't play long courses or from the back tees much, so a par 3 beyond 200 yards is rare. Most of those longer par 3's generally have more room for less than perfect shots. So I'm mostly asking about approach shots from the fairway or rough. Distance This is probably the biggest determining factor for me. My longest club for approach shots is my 5w (I recently gave my 3w away). While GG shows I average 192 yards with that club, 180 yards from off the deck is a decent shot. I rarely try approach shots with this club, but will occasionally. The other factors - the target and the lie - play a bigger role with this club than with my long irons. I've learned not to hit out of the rough with this club unless the ball is sitting up, and anything with much of a slope almost guarantees a wayward shot or poor contact. It's something I have to work on but for now, better to lay up than to hit out of a bad lie to a tight green with this club. As far as irons, I try not to lay up when shorter than 150 yards (6 iron) regardless of how tight the green is - as long as the lie isn't horrible. I will try for the green with my 5 or 4i as long as there's room somewhere for a miss. Lie I'd define a decent lie as being on the fairway or in normal rough and sitting up. The ground doesn't have to be perfectly flat, but downhill lies are tougher for me than uphill ones. As the slope increases, so does the difficulty. Fairway bunkers can be tough. I've hit greens from them, but it's tough for me to pick the ball out of a bunker with any kind of consistency. When hit cleanly, I get close to my standard distances... maybe a bit less. The thick rough is difficult for me. I have to remember to grab more club and I rarely get good contact and a high ball flight. If I have a water hazard in front of a green, I would have to think hard about trying for the green from 150 yards with a ball in this thick stuff. As for trouble shots, I'll try to get close to the green with them, but I don't really consider that going for it. If it happens great, but that result is generally more of a happy accident. Greens While I don't hit well from green side bunkers, they aren't as bad as water, and water isn't as bad as thick woods or brush (as in always a lost ball or unplayable lie). Any green that is free of this on three sides is an easier green. I don't mean easy to hit, just easier to go for - even with a fairway wood. Water or brush tight on two sides is an average hole. I'd likely lay up if left with more that 180 yds, but with an ok lie, I'm probably going for it from 170 (4i). These are the kinds of holes where shot zones really help. As a high capper, I obviously can't hit small greens very often with long irons. But I'd like to think I can shift the center of my shot zone over to miss the trouble areas. If I have two sides of a green that are open, I like my chances of leaving myself a short chip at worse. There are a couple holes I play that have trouble tight on all 4 sides. These are the holes I'll go for with mid irons and think twice about with anything longer. Not to say I never hit long irons into them, but I'd need a good lie, a good angle and a bit of confidence on that day. So with my giant shot zones and wimpy distances, I'll rarely go for the green from 190 (off the deck), but will rarely lay up from 150 and in. How about anyone else? When do you decide to play it safe and why?
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