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Found 13 results

  1. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/adam-scotts-solution-to-the-tours-slow-play-problem-ill-take-the-penalty
  2. PGA Tour to create list focusing on slowest players for pace-of play-improvement, according to sources - Golf Digest The system goes into effect after the Masters in 2020.
  3. Ridiculous. Playing partners should penalize him.
  4. I've heard this is a good video. I'll watch it after I post the video.
  5. I watched Zach Johnson yesterday taking an ungodly amount of time over an 8 footer. I thought to myself, if anyone in my 4some did that I'd wrap a f***in' club around his neck. So yes, the pros have slowed to a crawl these days. At the same time, I've never seen any professional just step up to the ball and strike it as many amateur players do. Of course there's a happy medium but sometimes when I play with high handicappers, it disappoints me that they're so self conscious that they rush their shots to get out of everyone's way. Hey man, you paid your greens fees or membership fee so you deserve a little time to settle into your shots. Were were all at your level at some point. I'm definitely not a slow player because I play ready golf but I also play my best when I don't rush things.
  6. Greetings .... In watching past Masters coverage, now provided officially on YouTube courtesy of Augusta National, I've noticed a multitude of things in the comparison of past and present tournaments. One of the most telling tidbits comes from the 1977 Masters replay. At about the 29 minute, 35 second mark of the video, the final round tee times are displayed. The spacing (which may also be referred to as intervals) between each 2-man group going off on Number One Tee is eight (8) minutes. Compare and contrast that with the 10-minute intervals for most current final round tee times. Also, if you have paid careful attention, players back then were moving from one hole to the next much faster then the players of today.. Well, you quite naturally get the idea -- slower play has become the unwritten law of the land nowadays. It's no wonder that coverage of final rounds of regular PGA Tour events will more than often run well past 6:00pm, leaving hardly any time to chat with the winner and then (unless it's a big event) see them receive the trophy. And it is also no wonder that on occasion a sudden-death playoff sometimes gets interrupted by darkness and has to be concluded on Monday. Sadly, the players and the tours are letting this happen, and it seems that all parties are either unable or unwilling to properly address it. What do you think?
  7. Well, the last group of players, in threesomes, took over 6 hours to play 18 holes of golf today. It took them over 20 minutes to play the 18th hole alone. This is getting ridiculous. They over-shot their generous broadcast window by over 30 minutes. And there's a playoff likely coming up here, to boot. I can't wait for the European Tour's shot clock tournament.
  8. From here, comes this: If 6.39 is the average, and that average includes "up to 25 seconds," then there may have been a lot of players below that average, which while statistically significant, doesn't seem to be all that bad. I mean, if four players take an extra 15 seconds on a green in total, that's only 4.5 minutes per round. That is a puzzling one and they don't give much data on it. I generally don't enjoy courses with slow greens. So it increases round times but not substantially, nor even as much as they had guessed/hypothesized. The study is overall pretty weak in the sense that we don't know what the average greens are like, or anything - were we talking about massively undulated greens (where you'd want to keep them at slower speeds), or were these relatively flat greens that could take a little speed and still be very playable? This doesn't tell us much, but it's one of the few non-broken images in the "study": I also wonder if their play is from a regular group of players. If the greens normally stimp at 9, then the players may be surprised to show up and find their greens stimping at 10 or 11, and may putt badly and thus take more time throughout the entire round because it's simply not what they're used to. Players get used to how their course plays, and if they keep smashing the ball by the hole in the first few holes, they're gonna freak out and play slower, and not really get a good feel for the speed most of the day.
  9. http://www.golfdigest.com/story/pga-tour-hands-out-first-slow-play-penalty-since-1995-at-zurich-classic About damn time. The problem with the PGA Tour policy is that you have to be out of position for quite a while and then get bad times.
  10. Ugh. Then he brags about being put on the clock only a few times. This may explain a bit of why I never really felt like I was a Jason Day fan. P.S. As one commenter on Twitter said… "Wait, that was Jason Day playing fast?"
  11. What do you do when play is slow, the days when there is no way to play through and you just have to kill time waiting. Besides the typical chatting with your fellow players, are there any activities you occasionally do while waiting on the tee or in the fairway to play? Some players play a "game" on the tee, putting their balls with their drivers at various objects (usually tee markers). I have tried it but it is not for me. I often scour the tee collecting broken parts of tees and tossing them in the trash barrel. If there is a bucket of sand/soil I will fill in divot holes on par 3's. Often I just sit on the bench and chill. In the fairway/rough, I typically find a tree to stand beneath. If the wait may be prolonged, I might poke around in the tree line or hazard for balls, depending on what hole I am on and my ball's location. I will also replace large divots if there are any in the area. To signal my displeasure with the pace of the group during yesterday's tournament (5 hours as a 3-some with literally no one in front of them), I laid down in the fairway and sunned myself for 10 minutes.
  12. Ok lately slow play and bad etiquette has been making me angry and depressed at my once great golf club to the point I may not pay to be a member any more. People are so ignorant and arrogant, they never ring bells to let you know its safe to hit on blind shots even though they see us on the tee box. The worst thing is I can never practice by myself or play golf with my friend as a two ball. We/I always get stuck behind a 4 ball of old guys that never let us through. They hack and hack and time waste so much its unbelievable. Once I got so mad I shouted fore to get a group that skipped in front of us out of the way to let us hit and of course we get up and it is the pro playing in the four ball saying it was rude etc etc and he would have let us through, yea right, the time was when we were on the tee box with you!. I am just so sick of this and do not know what to do? Today I was stuck behind a 4 ball of old hacking men, with no one in front of them, for the 4th, 5th, 6,th par 3, 7th and 8th when I eventually walked off because they never let me through. What is there to do about this?
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