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  1. Hey guys and gals, I golf inconsistently each year, ranging from only once per year to maybe ten times a year. For about 15 years, I have had the Taylormade 360Ti driver in my bag (9.5 degrees, Proforce 65 Gold S-flex). If I catch it correctly, I can hit a 300 yard drive (air carry about 250-260). If I were to consider getting a newer driver, what would be a comparable (but better) driver today? Would it just be the Taylormade SLDR? Thanks!
  2. I am a high handicapper shooting in the mid 90’s and have been using a set of Cleveland 588 cb irons for about 6 years(7-pw project-x stiff shafts). I have been a very casual player but recently decided I wanted to get serious about golf. My question is should I invest in a set of used “game improvement irons” ? I feel like my current irons are unforgiving although it may be my lack of practice and poor swing. Would the benefit be worth changing to something like the TaylorMade m2’s or similar clubs? Or should I just invest the money on lessons and learn to use my Cleveland 588 cb irons?
  3. I've been playing the VRS Covert driver since it's release and I'm ready to upgrade. I hit it well so I've looked to the Vapor Speed and Vapor Fly for about $120. Now Golf Avenue has the M2 (very good condition) and RBZ Black (new) on sale for about $170 each. I figure it's probably worth it to upgrade to a Taylormade driver but wasn't sure, I haven't hit them much. I like that the RBZ Black is brand new but I'm worried it's going to feel cheap because of that original price point. Does anyone have opinions on these drivers?
  4. High everyone, I have got myself in a bind and need some advice and some thinking, other than my own. In 2018, I ordered a Tour Edge, Hot Launch 2, Driver with a 12* offset. Picture below. I think my loft angle is also 12*. (Maybe Not 12* Loft) It has a Senior Flex Shaft. I really like it. It is easy to hit and 99% of the time is straight down the fairway. If I have a really good fairway lie I can hit in out in the fairway. (About 210 to 225 yards off the tee, at Fort Hays playing grass greens) The problem is, the ball flies too high and I lose distance. I play
  5. This is my first post so please be nice. I purchased my first set of golf irons after doing lots of research on beginner irons I went for a set of second hand TM Rsi1's I got them quite cheap as the 7 iron needs Re shafting. On closer inspection it seams like most of the iron heads have started pulling away from the shafts. I've decided on giving the re shafting a go myself but I'm not sure what ferrules I need. Any advice on the re shafting process would be much appreciated Thanks in advance
  6. http://dicks.com/rorywins So my question is simply this: what's to stop someone from buying an M5 Tour (like I did earlier today), leaving it in the package to see if Rory wins, and returning it well within the 60-day return window if Rory doesn't win the PGA Championship, and cashing in on the free driver if he does win? I read through the terms and conditions and I don't see anything that jumps out. Worst case I just pretend this contest doesn't even exist, and I can return the driver the Friday of the PGA if he's well out of it, misses the cut, or whatever. Or by the end of the 60
  7. i currently am looking to fill the last void in my golf bag. here is what we have: M6 Driver-300 Gapr low 250-260 gapr high 230-240 p760's P-4 140-225 (all are 2 degrees strong) 52 degree 110-120 56 degree 95-105 60 degree up to 85 Trying to decide which club or set make up would be solid. All suggestion welcome.
  8. I want to start this journal to show some amateurs and people who are curious about how others prepare for tournament golf and playing at a high level. Day 1 4/18/19 Worked with instructor on flattening out the back swing by getting more bow in the right wrist(lefty golfer) and looking to get more depth in the lead arm. Lesson went good with visible improvement in the swing. Looking to also incorporate the depth in forearm and flatter swing into the iron shots as well. Lesson was one hour followed by 2 hours on the range with slow swings and a lot of practice swings focusing on
  9. Hey everyone I was just wondering if you are able to install an adapter onto a fairway wood. In this case I have a taylormade Rez stage 2 3 wood and I am interested in installing an adapter on it. Thank you.
  10. Rickie Fowler talks about his switch to TaylorMade's TP5x golf ball - Golf Digest Rickie Fowler played Titleist golf balls since junior golf. Here he speaks about his switch to a TaylorMade ball for 2019. Next up… Snell! 🙂
  11. I just bought this bag. NEVER BEEN USED. Still has the fresh leather smell, no lint, NOTHING, for $100. Is it worth it?
  12. Hi all! I am currently looking to upgrade from my old Nike Ignite irons. A few years back i purchased a Taylormade M2 driver and was considering going with the 2016 M2 tour irons, possibly just the 2017 M2's, or 2017 M1 irons. But, I have seen quite a few people that have experienced the faces caving in on these irons. I have not measured my swing speed on a trackman, but with the Zepp 2.0 my driver swing speed is around 100mph. I am not sure if this would even be fast enough to cave these irons in. If it is, does anyone know if Taylormade will replace caved in M2 irons if I bought them u
  13. Good Morning, I have finally got some extra spending money to re-shaft my driver shaft that I broke last month. The club is a taylormade burner super fast 2.0 10.5 degree loft. Would it be best to just get it re-shafted with the stock shaft (if thats possible) or is there a particular shaft that would be beneficial for me to try out (22 cap, 95-100 mph swing speed average)? Do you guys typically buy your shaft online and have it re-shafted at a local shop or just have the local shop turnkey it? I am fairly new to details about my golf equipment, and I have always just used what cam
  14. Shirley and I did a quick Friday trip to the St. Louis Golf Expo at St. Charles Convention Center. My brother Sam drove in from Jefferson City and joined us. This year I basically popped in without my usual pre-study of new stuff; just a busy spring overall. Here's what I saw: Rogue Iron Testing Got to try all three versions of the Rogue irons. Here are the head and shaft combos. Note: My impressions are strictly based on feel and eyesight view of launch. None of the hitting stations had launch monitors. Rogue X was iron model used for the GolfTEC swing analysis. The 6i had the
  15. Just curious if anyone is still gaming the original RBZ 3 wood and if you have any comparisons to current 3 woods. I got rid of mine and I think I want it back!
  16. Hi all. Great to be here and talking to some fellow golfers. I am looking at getting new irons for the 2018 season. For the past year ( last leg of 2016 to present ) I have been taking my golf really seriously. I have dropped from a 15 Handicap to a 6 in the last year. I want to change my irons. I am looking at Mizuno mp 18 MB , Titleist 718 MB , Taylormade P730 and Callaway Apex MB. From a little of my own research I have found Mizuno to be the best "Blade" according to people ( This is based on my own research ). Which out of these will be the better brand? Second question. What are yo
  17. Went to the Gateway Chapter PGA merchandise sale at Missouri Athletic Club - West in St. Louis County. This marketplace allows for the regional golf shops and country clubs to have a pre-Thanksgiving clearance. This allows the shops to unload hard and soft goods that haven't moved out during current retail activity. An area the size of a large basketball court was divided up about 2/3 apparel and gadgets and 1/3 golf clubs. Several of the lighter name-brand stand bags were marked down to between $100 and $125. Good deals if you needed them. Change this year: Very little haggling
  18. Seems like TaylorMade's answer to the PXG irons. From TaylorMade: TaylorMade Golf, the industry leader in iron technology and innovation, announced today the expansion of its globally successful P700-series iron lineup with the addition of the P790 irons, a forged players distance iron engineered with new SpeedFoam Technology for golfers seeking the forged look and feel of a players iron with increased distance, forgiveness and playability. With P790, TaylorMade’s engineers have answered the challenge of creating a forged iron that delivers remark
  19. Besides the price, what is the main difference between the taylormade TP5 and the 2016 taylormade tour preferred balls? I wanted to order the TP5's but want to know if they are worth the $44 a dozon
  20. I saw this app in Google Play and thought it was interesting. It is produced by Taylormade with the help of Mark Broadie. It allows users to track strokes-gained statistics. Has anybody used this? It sounds similar to Game Golf w/o the tags. I believe it would be a bother to tag each shot using a phone.
  21. http://www.golf.com/equipment/2017/05/10/taylormade-golf-sold-425-million-kps-capital-partners-lp
  22. Hello everyone, New to the forum and new to the game, just picked golf up about a month ago and I picked up some cheap Wilson Ultra blk clubs new for 130 bucks. I've been to the driving range every other day and I'm looking to go ahead and upgrade the clubs. The driver for the Wilson is horrible for a weak. Looking at the Taylormade AeroBurner for a driver at my local Taylormade outlet on sale for $100. What do you guys think of this driver as it was released in 2014 is it too old should I wait and get a newer driver any opinion is greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  23. Hi all,quick question.. I used to game the r11 with an aldila dvs 60 stiff and I had great numbers with it (never on a monitor but course yardages were great),the end of last year I upgraded my driver on a blind buy as the price was good to an SLDR 12*..it came with a diaman blue which felt boardy (I put it down to a lower torque than I was used to) so sold it and got a prolaunch blue as it was similar to the dvs I used to game (torque wise atleast,prolaunch was high launch dvs mid but hey whatevs) the prolaunch goes some but carrys 220/230 max then falls out the sky,now I know it all dep
  24. The day Nike closed their equipment business, TW put the Cameron back in the bag. Not one of the 100s of replicas Scotty Cameron has made him, he put THE putter back in the bag. The putter he used to win 13 major championships. I am thinking he just sticks with the putter, and voted "No" in the poll above.
  25. This rumor keeps surfacing: Nike wants to buy TaylorMade. I first saw talk of this on GolfWRX in August. After 21 quick replies to the initial posting in a 5-hour window, the GW moderators locked the topic. (Probably the lock came after someone suggested Nike would rebrand TM clubs as Nike to advance their market position. ... Nike only had 3% of golf club market share at its exit.) Next I found the topic in Golf Central, but it ended up being a rather silly comedy spoof. Now, I get a couple minutes of comment from a clubfitter at a local golf shop. He expects that Nike will c
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