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Found 24 results

  1. As much as I love playing golf, my body doesn't. I presently have two painful shoulders and a sore elbow. As a result of playing golf I have had tennis elbow for a year now. I have tried all the exercises, ice pack, and just about every cream on the market, and nothing has helped it. I have been holding off having a Cortisone jab, but alas I have now given in and booked one for a few weeks time. I was wondering how many of you have had to do the same, did it work, and how much did it work ?
  2. I have had tennis elbow in my left arm for 14 months. I have done all the exercises, had a rest for a few weeks, and I even had a cortisone injection which worked brilliantly for three weeks. I am determined to continue playing golf, and realise that if I am to do so I must change something in my swing. I keep my left fairly straight, but not locked, but every time I strike the ball I feel the muscle stretch. Has anyone any ideas that may help ?
  3. Only been playing 6 months, and admittedly I am no spring chicken, however this is crazy. I have shoulder impingement in my right shoulder, tennis elbow in my left arm, I am starting to get golfers elbow in my right arm, and my left shoulder is also showing signs of impingement. I spend the evening transferring ice packs and heat pads from one part of my body to another. As well as this I have tried various exercises, which to be honest appear to make the problems worse. When I play, I go out on the course strapped up like a mummy, covered up by a jacket so I don't look to stupid. Someone once
  4. Just wanted to share my golfers elbow update. (Left elbow, right handed golfer) I have had this since September of last year. Did the ice, rest, PT thing and did not play for 6 months over the winter it never went away. I got 2 shots, both lasted only 5-6 weeks. As for my current activity, the orthopedic doctor I am seeing said "do whatever you want, my experience is that you won't make it worse" so I play 2-3 times a week --- I do wear a band when golfing or doing anything that puts strain on the arm. It gets more sore a day or two after playing, then settles down again
  5. I developed "tennis elbow" in my right elbow (right hand player). I do not play tennis. I don't think it was from playing golf and was by bad ergonomics working on a computer all day holding a microphone, but it gets worse playing golf. Tried one of those braces you put in the upper forearm with minimal relief. Just ordered one of those braces that will put heat or cold over the outer elbow. Someone suggested an injection of steroids but I think that would mask the problem. I am doing some forearm exercises, not playing as much and changed the way I do some things at work but not much im
  6. I have been diagnosed with tennis elbow and have to wear a brace when playing golf. Can anybody recommend one? I am currently wearing an Ace brand with a strap that goes over the affected tendon. It works great, but given that I have to wear it every day, I want to get an extra or two so that I can rotate them and allow it to air out. Does anybody have a recommendation? Here is what I am wearing now.. http://www.amazon.com/ACE-Elbow-Strap/dp/B006BV08P4/ref=sr_1_1?s=hpc&ie;=UTF8&qid;=1407169183&sr;=1-1&keywords;=ace+elbow+strap
  7. Am 49 years old, played golf off and on since I was 17. Never knew how to properly hold a club or really how to hit a golf ball. It was baseball grip and whack away. Started back playing about 11 months ago and decided to try to do it right. Read that my old grip could cause shoulder, elbow, and wrist problems so I started getting the grip out of my palms and hitting down on the ball. Well after about ten rounds got a pain in my elbow and it has lasted for two months. Tried ice, Advil and a topical cream a member here suggested, nothing helped. Broke down saw a doctor he said it was tennis
  8. I play a lot of racquetball, plus I'm getting old, and I had to take a 4 week break from golf because my arm is killing me. I finally hit balls at the range last night, and it's still bothering me. My instructor was there giving another lesson and I talked to him for a minute and he said that a lot of guys play with one of those straps on their arm and it doesn't seem to bother most people. I know that The Mechanic wears one of these. Any of you guys wear one and were you still able to swing alright? I have one already and I'm going to give it a go this weekend.
  9. Hi from PA. this is my first post. I was on another golf forum, but it took weeks to get a response if you got one at all. It was a morgue compared to here. I found this one Saturday and got more information on golfers elbow than I got from my doctors ! I heard of tennis/golf elbow before but never realized how painful it could be. Never is on someone else ! It started in August, I had to quit October 1. I have not played since then, was diagnosed in November, got a shot that only lasted 5 weeks but was not told to do any stretching or exercises.. I then went to an ortho
  10. Western medicine seems to fall short when it comes to dealing with Golfer's Elbow condition. Aside from PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy-- an expensive and painful method- there doesn't appear to be much available. I read an article by Nick Carangi in the Journal of Medical Innovation that details a needle based treatment process that totally resolves Tennis Elbow. I imagine that G.E. can be treated with the same process, more or less. Has anyone tried acupuncture therapy? If so, what successes or challenges have you had?
  11. For those of you who have suffered tennis elbow (outside the elbow as opposed to golfer's elbow which is inside the elbow), how long did you layoff from golf for it to completely heal?
  12. There a couple of threads here talking about treating G elbow... ice, stretching, etc. After ending my second season in a row with a severe case of G elbow (inside, right elbow, RH golfer) I would very much to start a discussion on how to PREVENT it. Yes, I play over 100 rounds a year... but so does everyone in my double foresome. And yet I am the only one crippled by the end of the season. No fun when your grip strength is so weakened you can not push the top on a can of shave cream or your toothbrush falls out of your grip! Is it my grip? Grips? I use sturdy grips, not the soft
  13. i did some searching and saw a lot of threads on golfer's elbow, but none really that addressed my question. for a while i was playing once a week and the elbow over time would be occasionally sore after a round. and it would just be tender, nothing really that unordinary or worth being frustrated or concerned with. a few weeks ago though i started going to the range a time or two during the week. for about 2 weeks straight i probably went to the range 6 times and played 4 rounds, so pretty much every other day i was hitting a lot of balls. after than my elbow got really sore after
  14. I am a lefty and my right forearm is sore. Based on Dr Google it doesn't sound quite like tennis or golf elbow based on where I am feeling it. It's sore on the outside of my forearm, about halfway between my elbow and wrist. When I flex my forearm, I feel it at the most muscular part. Is there a way to easily tell whether this is simple muscle soreness from developing muscles that I haven't used much before (I've only been playing golf for about 6 mos and have been playing a lot more lately), or a sign of something more ominous to come? All I've done so far is stretching (stan
  15. I finished last season (Dec) with a serious case of golfer's elbow... right arm. After 4 months off I felt I would start the season fresh. BUT after just 2 rounds I can already begin to fell the tightness returning. This year I plan on using an "aircast" strap. Last year's neoprene strap helped but didn't prevent the tightness returning by round's end. I need some suggestions & advice.... First, Why after 20 years of golf am I suddenly suffering from this.... I did change a few grips (went firmer) but find it hard to believe that is the cause? What should I look for in my swing
  16. Since I retired 3 years ago I have averaged more than 110 rounds a year. For Upstate NY that is quite a bit of golf. About a week ago, seemingly out of nowhere I have developed am annoying pain on the inside of my right elbow. Internet diagnosis is a rather classic case of golfer's elbow. I have not played in nearly a week and the pain is still there. Maybe someone can answer some questions for me... First, could the pain be a result of my re-gripping my pitching wedge and 9 iron? I regripped with Lamkin N-Dur with the right hand build up with extra tape. I really can not think of any ot
  17. I have to get this story out to any golfers that suffer for tennis elbow. I'll try to keep this short. I bought my slightly used Titleist 735CM off ebay and the clubs were listed as standard everything. When I got them I found the grips to be midsized. I have average size hands so I've always played standard grips. I was too cheap to change the grips so I played 1 year with the grips. I'm a basically a driving range rat. When it was time to re-grip I did it myself and went back to standard with 1 wrap of tape. After about 2 months I started getting some mild tennis elbow. By the end o
  18. Can anyone who has experienced "Golfers Elbow" aka tendonitis/tendinosis, give some tips or information based on their experience. I caused the injury by playing golf and/or hitting balls at the range almost daily on a quest to break 80. I strained a muscle in my upper back region and strained my elbow. I quit playing golf completely for 4-5 months and the pain hasn't really gone away. I have read that tendinosis can last several months as tendons take a long time to heal. I don't have health insurance so I can't afford to go to a doctor and go through the myriad of tests
  19. Anyone had surgery for Tennis Elbow and if so, how long before you were back playing again. In addition was surgery a success? Thanks
  20. I looked as far as 8 pages back and didn't see a topic like this, so I"m posting here. Forgiv me if I missed one, as i have no intention of spamming the board. I have been having golf elbow for abut a year now. It's not that severe, as I dont feel it when I play. But 2 days after playing, it comes and stays for about a week. Worst case ever was 2 weeks. Is it because i'm whacking the ground too much or is it the amount of force I'm using in my swing? I swing at about 106 with my irons, and i just bought a Superquad driver with a stiff flex 65. i'm gettng this because i was using the big be
  21. I know there have been a few threads about golfer's elbow or other related tendon problems, but I came across some new info (at least to me) that is very important for anyone who has these problems. I have been having problems with my left forearm for a couple of years now, thought it was tendonitis or tenosynovitis (similar). I had it under control for a while but it has recently flared up again. In doing some research I found some really interesting info that proports that chronic tendon problems are rarely tedonitis, even though that is the usual diagnosis, but rather tendonosis. The t
  22. Do any of you guys experience golfers/tennis elbow? Do you use a brace? What stretches/exercises/warm-ups do you do to help this? I'm experiencing this for the first time and although the pain is bearable, it's there.
  23. For those who don't know, from June to September I play everyday...at minimum six times per week. I was shocked when all of a sudden after Monday's round I felt extreme pain in my wrist. Figuring it would go away, in the middle of the night I woke up with a horrible pain going all the way into my elbow. The next day I went to the doctor's and he diagnosed a forearm strain and tennis elbow. He said take two aleve's a day and ice three times per day. Stay off it at minimum two to three days, or up to two weeks depending on how I feel. I'm a little hesitant to go back and play to be honest wi
  24. Cuz

    Golfers Elbow?

    Just starting playing golf this year and everytime I drive a bucket or even half bucket of balls at the range my right elbow is in major pain. Its not in the elbow itself but like on the very ouside edges on both sides of my forearm (outside edges of the crease in the elbow). Its not as bad when I play a round because I'm not swinging as often but it does bother me when doing that as well. Is this caused from golfers elbow, just needing to get more used to it, bad swing pratices or possibly related to something else? I'm in really good shape for being 42 (5'10", 160lbs) and have never had pai
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