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Found 4 results

  1. 2020 Masters Tournament Tickets The Official Site of the Masters Golf Tournament 2018. This major golf tournament is played annually at the Augusta National Golf Club. Now accepting applications. https://tickets.masters.com/app Get in line so you, too, can be rejected again.
  2. I thought I would share some info for would-be patrons on the forum who want to attend The Masters tournament days. I go every year and there's little or no information online about where to get badges (tickets) , prices etc. I never post on forums so if this text comes out messy and hard to read, apologies! So you want to achieve your bucket list, here's some tips how to do it. There are essentially two ways to get to see The Masters, the expensive way and the REALLY expensive way. So you can buy in advance online at various ticket sites and travel companies. But how about if you don't want to pay $2k plus fees for one days entry?! Scalpers. On Washington Road within permitted resale areas (not really close to Augusta National) you'll see ticket signs everywhere buying and selling tickets. I will call them badges from now on since that is what they are, tickets are for normal events- this is not a normal event, its The Masters - if you are a patron you must have a badge :0) So how much is it? Ok so if you want the big money option and you want to buy before the day of play or in the early morning on the day, you are looking at $1500-$2000 for the majority of days per badge. Prices may be slightly more or less but usually somewhere around there, and Sunday is the cheapest day as many locals like to watch the final day on TV so sell their badges. You may get in for much less on the Sunday if the big names are not likely to win or someone is way out in front. If Tiger is up there this year do not expect to get a badge for under £2k for the final days play. If you don't want to pay the big bucks, wait until 12pm when the prices come down. This is for several reasons but they will usually come down in the early afternoon and if you are prepared to wait until 2pm or 3pm you may get in for $400-800 depending on the tee times and who played early. If you want to walk the course and just 'get in' then consider going on the practice days as you will get in for way less. Do not buy badges from anyone who approaches you, at Augusta you need to hunt for badges, even the scalpers are sometimes out of them. Go to brokers who have a tent set up roadside as they are usually there every year. Do not expect to bargain with these guys, if you stand around trying to get a deal someone may walk up and offer more. If you have badges to sell, don't even think of doing it near the gates, they have police and security all around and in street clothes. This is handy advice....if you wait outside the either gate of the course remember there are two types of tournament day badge, daily and weekly. Daily are card, weekly are plastic. If you are desperate and decide to wait outside looking for a freebie you have no chance of getting a plastic badge so ask people who you see wearing a paper one. There is a small chance late in the day that someone who has a daily badge may give you one as they leave but remember any 'handing off' of badges near the course is illegal so be discreet. For practice days there are way more paper badges than tournament days so you are more likely to get a gift from Mon-Wed. Thursday and Friday are the most popular days to attend, they are the most expensive scalped badges generally speaking. Don't expect to rock up to Augusta and get a badge from a scalper for $200 from Thur-Sun it isn't happening. Not unless you buy after 5pm or later and have lots of luck. Remember you need to walk from the scalper on Washington Rd to the closest gate, thru security and past all of the people to the first hole, it will take a minimum 20 mins maybe longer. If you have a limited budget - say $500 - don't even bother going to the brokers until 2pm at the earliest you are wasting your time. Remember that they now limit how many times you can enter the course to three times. It is possible you may buy a badge which has been used three times already to enter making it not valid for entry. In other words, the badge you buy looks real because it is but it isn't valid so you can't enter. There is no way for you to check this so if you are going in late don't overpay for your badge as there is a slight chance you won't get in. On the Sunday, the action doesn't hot up until after 2pm so why pay the big bucks and go in early? Wait until mid afternoon and the prices should be way lower. Badge prices for the Sunday are the most volatile as they could be $500 or $5000. Try not to fly from the other side of the world and leave only the Sunday when you can attend, you may get priced out, if anything go on Thursday or Friday as prices are more stable. Tips for if you get in: Don't drink too much beer, Augusta is heaven on Earth, you want to remember it forever. Also sometimes its 20 mins to pee, that's 20 mins of time you are not watching the best sporting event in the world Don't take your phone on tournament days, leave it in the little buildings near the gates, its free and easy Don't expect to have breakfast there they sell out way before the official end time so get there early Make sure you have a sandwich they are amazing. Pimento overrated, try the ham and cheese on wheat with some mini moon pies for a treat. The drinks are all very cold which is great when it's hot Pick up a daily schedule with the tee times and a map of course on the back after security from the little boxes next to the paths as you walk into the course Take sunscreen, sunglasses, a cap, and lots of cash for the store. If you don't go in the store you will regret it! The best store is the one near the first fairway Wear comfortable walking shoes. It's very hilly there, much more so than you think watching on TV Dress smart. This is The Masters Adhere to the rules of Augusta National. Check them out before you go. Don't run or expect to put out lots of chairs on 18 on the Sunday, ain't happening Parking is free if you get there early. If you get there and its full don't sweat lots of local businesses have $20 parking just look out for it I hope this has been informative for anyone who wants to attend, good luck getting your badges!
  3. Hello - I was lucky enough to get tickets for the Masters practice round on Monday, April 2, 2018. Since I'll already be in town, I'd like to try to attend Tuesday, April 3 as well, and am hoping to trade either one or two of my Monday tickets for an equal number for Tuesday. Is anyone out there interested and able to make this happen? Thank you!
  4. The 2018 Masters Tickets lottery is now open! I submitted (again) my application just moments ago (4x3, 2x4). https://tickets.masters.com
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