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Found 18 results

  1. I decided I would start this thread because it seems like we have to be talking about this on a regular basis so I figured why not pool them to one spot. As someone who works with back injuries, the speculation, method of treatments and over analyzing makes me laugh a bit. In my professional opinion, I am surprised that Tiger is playing this weekend if his spasms were debilitating enough. Also just because he has a team of people working on him, doesn't mean that he would heal faster. Sometimes you have to leave it alone and do minimalistic treatments to let it recover. He did carry himself last week like he was having problems. The golf channel and having EVERYONE put their 2 cents in on back injuries is irritating.
  2. Tiger Woods documentary set for HBO, could run during November Masters First Michael Jordan and Lance Armstrong got the star treatment in ESPN documentaries highlighting their extraordinary careers. Now, it appears Tiger Woods’s life is set to be examined in an … Supposedly airing around the November Masters dates… The book is discussed here: I wasn't a big fan of the book. They got a lot of simple facts wrong, like the years in which tournaments were played and things you could pretty easily fact-check. Multiple people disagreed with events told in the book:
  3. http://www.golf.com/knockdown/2017/11/28/tiger-full-how-authors-immersive-tiger-woods-biography-unearthed-new-revelations Should be interesting…
  4. How many of his wins did you see and did you ever think he would be able to get this far? And what will he do when he wins 82? Will he go for more?
  5. Ernie created a logo for the Rest of the World team: What do you think?
  6. What in your personal opinion, either from going yourself to a PGA event or hearing from a reputable source, is/are the best course(s) to follow around your favourite player(s)? - sightlines - ease to follow through all 18 holes - viewing multiple holes from one area
  7. This is one year before Tiger wins the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach by 15 shots! I can't believe how amazing he was back then. When do you guys think Tiger was at his best?
  8. http://www.golf.com/tour-news/2017/10/31/tour-confidential-tiger-edition-what-are-your-expectations-his-return-and-his-season I have a hard time believing people still think the chip yips were ever really a thing for Tiger. IMO he was caught between techniques, and playing on some grainy greens. He had put all of his time in on the full swing, and neglected his putting and chipping and short game stuff. He played beautifully only a few months later at Augusta the one time he "had" the "chip yips." But let's see what the poll is.
  9. #tigerwoods has connected with only 45% of his fairways this year, ranking him #213 in driver accuracy. Swing measurements reveal the cause to be early shifting of the hips and a subsequent 267% increase in Front Spine Angle. http://www.somaxsports.com/video.php?analysis=tiger-woods-alignment-problem
  10. Since it appears (knock on wood) that Tiger Woods will be starting his first season in many years with a clean bill of health, I thought it might be fun for us to predict how we think he might do. Go ahead and make your pick in the poll and then elaborate on your answers in the thread if you so desire. To me, as somebody who wants to see him do well, anything from "Not bad" on up will be a good thing. For the sake of fun, though, I'll predict "Really good." He starts the year decent, builds his confidence, and breaks back into the win column before years end. What say you all?
  11. Discuss "The 1997 Masters: My Story" by Tiger Woods here.
  12. https://medium.com/@GrandCentralPub/working-with-tiger-woods-c9ed9cdf7ea4 Worth a read. It's very short.
  13. http://www.pgatour.com/news/2017/01/04/woods-commits-to-farmers-insurance-open.html Good to see his schedule filling out. Hopefully he'll get 2017 off to a great start with an early season win.
  14. It's official. Numbers and details not available as of now. He'll be using the B330S. http://golfweek.com/2016/12/15/tiger-woods-signs-golf-ball-endorsement-deal-bridgestone/
  15. Heard it on sports radio today. Apparently Tiger has committed to play at Riviera CC, in the "whatever it is called now" Open! Or Invitational! It's a new name now, and I don't really recall it. Apparently this a blast of nostalgia since this was the first pro tourney Tiger played in as a Sophomore in high school at the age of 16. Hope this isn't the start of of a "farewell" tour!
  16. Posted this on IG yesterday, just something I thought would be interesting to throw out there. I could be completely off but when you look at players that have had long, relatively injury-free careers they tend to have more "freedom" with their lower body (Phil, Jack, Sam Snead, Vijay). By freedom I mean allowing the hips to turn, trail knee losing some flex and the lead knee moving inward. I've also felt Tiger's swing, especially in recent years, is too restrictive and hurts his downswing sequencing. Someone commented that it wasn't a good comparison because the swing of Tiger's isn't a driver swing, it actually is but I'll also share this driver swing from last year in Phoenix. Here are some of the comments and my responses:
  17. Interesting article on the fall of Tiger... SI Article
  18. From a conversation I just had with a buddy. Couple things you can learn from the 14-time major champion. 1. It's possible to change the picture. He's done it several times now and a couple of them have been pretty significant. You can look at a video of his swing and spot whether it was his "Haney swing" or his "Harmon swing". Here's my take on how he does it, he expects and is determined to feel "uncomfortable". He's talked about this in interviews and I've seen in person how he goes about practicing. So many golfers ditch new swing thoughts because it doesn't "feel good "to them when they should be looking to feel uncomfortable! Of course changing a piece in your swing doesn't feel normal, you're changing a motor pattern. It'd be like changing something in the way you walk, it's going to feel like crap until it starts to become your new normal. Throughout the years we've all seen Tiger go through his slow rehearsals, on the range and on the course (especially after a bad shot). He "maps" out how he wants wants his body to move. Also, since he's hit thousands of balls with the old swing and to ingrain the new motion, he hits A LOT of balls forcing himself to do it the new way. I don't think every amateur has to hit thousands of balls but they'll probably have to make thousands of rehearsal/slow swings in order to see long term results. To make the change stick you're going to have to think about moving your body or a segment of your body in a specific way, you have to do it slowly and do it thousands of times. Seek out that uncomfortable feeling, because if it feels normal, you're not changing the picture. 2. Don't get caught up in a "style" of swing, focus on a priority. I think it's pretty common knowledge that Tiger loves to tinker with his swing. I think Como has him more focused on the important stuff now but certainly in the past he has gotten too concerned with how he wanted his swing to look rather than focusing on making it more efficient. Butch was actually against making all the changes to get to his "2000 swing" but Tiger was able to talk him into it. He wanted a swing where every position was perfect. With Haney it was the same line of thinking, except the definition of what was perfect changed. He bought into Haney's single plane theory and started rolling his forearms to a great degree on the backswing and had the club laid off at A4. With Foley it was about trying to look more like Grant Waite. And when it comes down to it, the changes were more "style" oriented: arms plane, forearm rotation rates, elbow location, his pivot/body stuff hasn't changed a great deal. Tiger is great at changing the picture but he's been changing it for the wrong reasons. It's based on the premise that if his swing looks "perfect" he won't hit bad shots. I think it's a good thing to always be working to improve but you can do that without rebuilding your golf swing over and over again. Rebuilding swings or starting from scratch is a complete waste of time and your natural tendencies tend to stay with you no matter what swing you adopt. Tiger has and will always have the head dip, it's just part of golf swing DNA.
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