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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys just wondering how important knowing yardages on all clubs... seems pretty important to dropping shots at this point in my game because I'm constantly on target line but 10 yards long or short.
  2. Having a little issue with video just take frame but frame looking for some advice. Trying to stop lifting my hands at the top and stop the over the top! I've been Playing Golf for: 25years My current handicap index or average score is: 7 GHIN My typical ball flight is: left to right The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: slice my irons
  3. A simple way to simulate the Golf Course pressure on the driving range... Follow these steps to simulate the pressure of the course on the driving range. Step ONE: After your regular stretches, warm up with 12-15 shots. Hit these shots with a relatively short iron. Small swing with a slightly assertive routine. Step TWO: Use FOUR golf clubs. Long, medium-long, mid and short. A good combo will be as follows: 9-iron, 7-iron, 5-iron, FW-wood OR driver, 4-iron, 6-iron, 8-iron. Step THREE: Make groups of golf balls as pictured above: 4-3-2-1. Step FOUR: Hit four shots with the shortest club (9-iron). Three shots with the mid-club (7-iron). Two shots with the med-long club (5-iron) and lastly one shot with the long club (FW-wood). It is 10 shots covering various distances. Get the percentage and be true to yourself. 70% is a great result! Why? Note the following… The shorter shots are ‘easier’ as it is clearly an easier club to hit than the 5-iron. So make these shots count and make sure you get on the scoreboard here. You’ll need it later. By the time you get to the last three shots you are hitting more difficult shots and you feel that pressure, as on the course. Also, on the course you are hitting the very long clubs a lot less than the mid and shorter clubs. This simple drill simulates all of that and you are actually practicing with a purpose. Remember to go through your whole routine before every shot. It’s all about taking the course to the range, not the other way around! Go for a specific target and be honest with yourself. Does the shot count or not? This form of practice also takes time, so you are not wasting time by hitting shot after shot and practicing mistakes!
  4. I haven't been playing very long, ten months to be precise. To get the experience i need, I am playing as many comps as I can, albeit I really don't enjoy them much. Some people thrive when playing a comp, as it makes them concentrate more, whilst others struggle. I fall into the latter. I have managed to win a couple comps, but only because everyone else played worse than me, rather than me playing well. I managed to score 38 Stableford points once, only to be beaten by a score of 42. Other than that I have only had scores lower than my average. It's easy to say relax and enjoy it, but in reality some things are easier said than done. What are your tips ?
  5. So for some back story I had played a little golf here and there up until januaty 2016, it was my junior years golf season start and I wanted to be good. I was a 100s golfer in 2015 and these were my 2016 results thus far 101, 98, 95, 93, 93, 90, 87, 91, 85 each new score is one week later and new tournament. I have started practicing everyday and now work at a golf course and have improved vastly (partly thanks to my swing coach Mark Gray I highly recommend his website www.theprozone.net) as of today my handicap calculated from April 25th to may 22nd is - 7.4, today I played 9 holes and was only 2 over. I plan to keep practicing every day this summer and am playing on the STPGA Junior Tour and the Beltway Jr Golf Tour, I will update yall with each tournament. I hope to earn a spot on a college team, scholarship or not, and eventually move up to a bigger school. I want to either be a tour pro/pro am player or a PGA caddie. I hit about 50% greens in regulation and 80% fairways and these numbers are growing higher every time I play. I can make all 10ft> putts basically and many 15ft and some 20ft. I have basically dropped 20+ strokes in 5 months and am only getting more into golf daily. Any advice, tips, recommendations, etc. Are appreciated! PS I'm 17, going into my senior year, and live in the Austin Texas metropolitan (between Driftwood and westlake).
  6. I wanted to share my excitement that I was able to help a golfer out the other day with their game. I figured I could start a thread on how any of you have helped someone with their golf game. I'm thinking it could be in anyway, but share all the details. It could be giving them tips, equipment, paid for their gold ect.. I will obviously start us off.. I convinced my long time playing partner (of almost 3 years now) to join evolvr.. He has always been critical of me talking about picture changing and taking lessons mainly because he never saw my scores getting any better than his.. It all changed a couple of months ago when I started breaking a 100 regularly and now shoot around 95 with a low score of 89 around a month and a half ago.. He is finally convinced that I have started to improve while he is shooting the same scores over a 100.. I helped him take videos of his swing, explained the 5 keys again for the 100th time and then helped him set up an account on evolvr and he is so excited to see what they come back with and to get to work on his swing. He is now committed to the long run of changing the picture and understands that there is no magic pill or tip that will make him better instantly. I will work with him and hopefully this will help get me a practice partner as well so that we can keep motivating each other. What have you done for a golfer lately?
  7. I attended the Division III ECAC championship this past weekend. And I saw a lot of quadruple bogeys. On a relatively wide open golf course. It made no sense to me. None. This golf course was not that difficult, and the vast majority of the big scores were from two simple errors: Being far too aggressive at the wrong times.Making utterly horrible swings.For the first, I mean stuff like this: you hit the ball in a fairway bunker, and have a 4-iron left to the green. Rather than hitting it out short and left where there's 80 yards of space and taking your chances on pitching it up on the green, I watched a player flare one right into some tall grass from which he couldn't find his ball. So, he replayed the shot… and did almost the same exact thing. He found his ball, played out short and left (throwing milkweed pods everywhere), pitched on, and two-putted. For the second, I'm just talking about shots that are so horrible they don't even really have names. You can't do anything but stare at them as they sail 40° right, or pull-hook so violently you turn around in case it boomerangs back at you. Just get rid of those shots. Where do they even come from? How does a guy who can shoot 75 one day hit three of those shots the next day? I have no idea, but if you occasionally hit one, figure out what causes it and eliminate it immediately. You can't avoid Black Death and you can't avoid penalty strokes if you have a big miss that creeps up into your play now and then. On that point, Hank Haney is right.
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