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  1. The Titleist website has a tour and description of their manufacturing process for the ProV1 and ProV1X lines. It doesn’t go into great detail, but I found it interesting. I assume other balls are made in a similar fashion. Titleist Ball Plant 3 Digital Tour
  2. Of course, this isn't a "new" idea: https://thesandtrap.com/b/balls/caesar_featherie_dimpleless_golf_ball_review. It's not even a very new topic: (I might merge these after this one gets a little bit of run-out…)
  3. They generate almost exactly the same numbers. Why are there two different versions of this ball?
  4. Well, Titleist has come up with something mildly innovative. Titleist brings experimental EXP-01 golf ball to market: FIRST LOOK Titleist's EXP-01 golf ball is unlike anything the equipment manufacturer has ever brought to market. Here's what you need... But you've got to buy the ball to see what it does! Actually, it's a concept I like. They don't tell you all about the ball so you don't have pre-determined expectations about it. Just buy it, try it, and report back. Word on the street (well, on the course) is that it's the trick exploding ball
  5. 2019 Golf Ball Buyer's Guide This is the most impactful test we have ever published. Over the past 10 years, MyGolfSpy has conducted hundreds of tests, and published thousands of articles You can use the Tableau table directly here if you wish: MyGolfSpy 2019 Most Wanted Ball Test - TABLES MyGolfSpy 2019 Most Wanted Ball Test - TABLES I like the tables more than the graphs because the graphs make things appear farther apart than they are, because the scale and range of the axes. Anyway, Callaway doesn't come off very well here.
  6. Hi, This is my second topic on this wonderful forum. The bags new PXG 1 iron head (driving iron) just arrived and needs a shaft. Any ideas? Requirements: X-stiff/x100 Mid-high launch Same for 1 iron, spoon and driver 47"48" driver shaft, 45"46" spoon, 41"42" 1 iron (PS: Current 681 2 iron is 41" and therefore above specs are requested Thank you in advance! Cheers Br, Vega
  7. Rickie Fowler talks about his switch to TaylorMade's TP5x golf ball - Golf Digest Rickie Fowler played Titleist golf balls since junior golf. Here he speaks about his switch to a TaylorMade ball for 2019. Next up… Snell! 🙂
  8. Looking to buy new wedges Mack Daddy 3 VS SM6. Looking for everyones opinion. Thanks
  9. First time playing with these the past few days… wow. I like them quite a bit. The first time out I put the "fade" stick in (well, I put the draw/fade stick in the fade orientation). The ball would NOT draw (unless really forced), and that was impressive. The second round out I put the neutral stick back in, and could shape whatever I needed both ways, without fearing a big big hook (though the ball did draw easily). I really like the squarer, smaller look of the club, too, in the H2 option. @georgep has the H1 model. I have my 19° H2 set at 18° right now with the D1 setting. It
  10. Hi all. Great to be here and talking to some fellow golfers. I am looking at getting new irons for the 2018 season. For the past year ( last leg of 2016 to present ) I have been taking my golf really seriously. I have dropped from a 15 Handicap to a 6 in the last year. I want to change my irons. I am looking at Mizuno mp 18 MB , Titleist 718 MB , Taylormade P730 and Callaway Apex MB. From a little of my own research I have found Mizuno to be the best "Blade" according to people ( This is based on my own research ). Which out of these will be the better brand? Second question. What are yo
  11. I honestly don't know much about these balls other than the Volvik ball has more of a following on the LPGA and come in a bunch of color. Right now it seems like it's only a rumor, they'd have to come up with a lot of money for Bubba to switch. http://www.pga.com/news/golf-buzz/bubba-watson-will-reportedly-switch-volvik-golf-ball
  12. Hey Guys, I'm new to the forums, but have been reading for years. I really appreaciate all of the commentary and opinions on this site! I've been playing golf my whole life, nothing competitive, but I'm a decent weekend hack! (Currently a 6.7 index). I've been playing a set of titlleist 690cb irons since I was fitted new in 2004. They have the rifle 6.5 shafts which are really heavy. When I strike them well, they still go where I want them and they feel like butter, but the miss hits are horrible! For reference, my 8 iron goes 165 and my 5 iron is 200 yards. Is it time to
  13. Titleist Introduces New 718 Irons New Models for Every Dedicated Golfer – Including All-New AP3 – Maximize Ball Speed and MOI for More Distance, More Often FAIRHAVEN, Mass. (Aug. 24, 2017) – The new line of Titleist 718 irons – featuring the powerful distance and ultra-forgiveness of AP1, the tour-proven consistency of AP2, and the introduction of AP3, the longest, fastest Titleist players iron ever – provides dedicated golfers with the breakthrough technology and proven performance that have made Titleist the #1 iron on the PGA Tour since 2005. Available in golf shops
  14. Hello, I hope everyone reading this is having a great day thus far. I'm a PGA Member and 7 year Titleist Club/Ball staff member. I've experimented with different shaft/head combo's but would like some input from your experience. I'm a scratch golfer with moderate to highish club head speed. My 7 iron speed is 91-95 depending on the day and my driver is 111-115. I've played anywhere from full MB's to a combo of TM-B/AP2. The last few sets I've had were AP2's with PXi 6.0 (felt soft), Steelfiber (bad idea) and most recent DG X100 (feel good but heavy). I tend to hit the ball HIGH (110-
  15. Hi all, I'm not entirely sure if this post is supposed to go in here but it's here now. At the current moment i am jumping between a 5-7 handicap. My last irons fitting session was in 2013 (age 14, 5 ft 4) but have recently started growing out of my old Mizuno's (MP54 (5i-pw), KBS tour 120 Stiff, Golf pride multi compound). I have had a fitting session with my coach and have been prescribed 716 ap2's with standard lie + loft, with the same KBS shaft. However, after looking at the price of these clubs online and through my club I have realized that they are quite expensive ($1500+).
  16. I went to a Titleist fitting centre yesterday to get fitted for some new irons with the view of either getting the AP1's or AP2's. I am a 10 handicap, decent ball striker, 7 iron 165-170 yards. I went in with the view of maximum forgiveness (AP1's) but after hitting both clubs my numbers were virtually the same (except AP1's went little further due to lofts). My fitter was leaning towards recommending the AP2's as he didn't feel with my swing speed I would get anymore forgiveness out of the AP1's. However I still feel I would be giving up some forgiveness. I preferred the l
  17. This is quite interesting to me. Funny I read in another article that he actually had a buddy use a hack saw to cut his old driver down, then put a bunch of lead tape on it to get the swing weight right. Jimmy claims he has much better "feel". This kind of contradicts the 45+ driver shaft length push for more distance. I know Taylormade had their mini driver and @mchepp used something like it in the Newport Cup when he was my partner. I guess to Jimmy, its more about hitting fairways than distance.
  18. I'm getting a new toy for Christmas. I'm getting a new driver and it's going to be a Ping G30. I'm stuck between the regular G30 and G30 LS Tec. My solid/proffered hits are push draws with a mid launch. My mishits are blocks and the occasional push slice. My straight hits tends to be slight fade bias. Which way should I go? I'm leaning toward the LS.
  19. Hi guys, I'm a 6-handicap (floating between 5 and 6 for a few years now) although being honest my long game is more like a 8/9-handicap. I've been using Callaway Big Bertha irons for about 10 years (big chunky heads on them) and am looking to buy some second-hand irons. I've always had an eye for Titleist irons - anyone have a recommendation? I hit a 5-iron 175, hit the ball pretty consistently so I don't think I need the heads I have at the moment. Would appreciate any advice! Thanks
  20. Titleist Introduces New Cameron & Crown Putters by Scotty Cameron FAIRHAVEN, Mass. (Aug. 30, 2016) – The new line of Cameron & Crown putters by Scotty Cameron offers four of Scotty’s most-trusted models precisely crafted at 33 inches and specifically weighted for players whose setup demands a shorter putter. Available in golf shops worldwide beginning Sept. 23, Cameron & Crown putters deliver the craftsmanship, quality and tour-proven performance that have made Scotty Cameron putters the choice of many of the world’s best players for more than two decades:
  21. I thought I was doing pretty well putting (was averaging about 1.8 holes for a long stretch, a few months at least) but I knew in the back of my head that my putting stroke was primarily based on "feel." My "technique" was to "pop" the ball with an accelerating force to get it to cover a distance gap. So the amount of "pop" I gave it was largely (almost exclusively) based on feel. I would pull the club head back about the same length for any gap, but would give it a stronger pop for longer lags. I'm trying my darnedest to develop a true putting technique with the guidelines found in
  22. 6'5" 230, two torn shoulders, and in the woods Jk, but really. First post here, but not new to a forum community. Quick back ground. Played baseball til I was 24, have a slap tear in both my labrums from it, and need some help with swing path due to range of motion. My lead (left) shoulder has a tendency to click when my backswing is on the ideal path, so my natural path gets reallyyy shallow to subconsciously avoid that pain. I shoot anywhere from a 74-85 and the driver is all 11 of those strokes.Thanks a bunch in advance. Been a long time reader -- look forward to co
  23. So, I'm on a limited budget but I can get a set of used 716 AP1's for under $600. I was wondering if people thought it was worth the risk to buy them and then going to a fitter and having them modified, if needed, to fit my swing.
  24. Hello everyone, I recently got a fitting and looking to get new irons. During the fitting a tried out a couple clubs(ap1, ap2,t-mb,callaway Xr,). I didnt really like the feel of the ap1 or XR(ap2 was a little better) but as soon as I started hitting the Titleist t-md I immediately felt a great connection. It wasn't the farthest hitting club out of all tested but it really felt like butter and I was hitting it the best out of all of them. Unfortunately its a little too expensive for me. I was wondering if anyone has some alternative suggestions that would have the same feel, even if its 1-2 yea
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