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Found 4 results

  1. Newport Cup Participants Review Frogger Golf Accessories (all with Latch-It technology) Product Name: Various Frogger Golf Accessories (Brush Pro, Towel, Rangefinder and Cell Phone holders, etc.) Product Type: Cart and Bag Accessories Product Website/URL: https://www.froggergolf.com/shop/latch-it/ Cost: Varies Below, twelve members of the 2017 Newport Cup squad will write thorough, in-depth reviews of various Frogger Golf accessories, all featuring the Latch-It technology, complete with photos, an occasional video, and a wealth of opinion and information. They're encouraged to be as honest as possible. We'd like to thank the sponsors for the gear, apparel, equipment, and goodies, and we chose them largely because they produce quality products, but they know we value honesty and integrity in reviews as well.
  2. Product Name: Players Towel Product Type: Accessory (Golf Towel) Product Website/URL: https://www.playerstowel.com/ Cost: $24.95 Ratings (out of 5): Quality: 5 Value: 4 Effectiveness: 4.5 Esthetic Appeal: 5 My Member Review When this product was posted for review, I jumped on it. Golf in Western WA, in winter, is very wet. On some courses when you walk into the fairway, you won't find a spot that isn't standing water. So, it's important to have good rain gear, good rain gloves, and a good towel. Up until 2015, I used a big bath towel. The problems with regular towels is they dry slowly when soaked, can leave behind lint on clubs, and it pushes dirt around more than it picks up. Microfiber towels soak up water and debris, it will dry faster, and not leave lint behind. In 2015, I got the Club Glove Microfiber with pocket towel. Then I got this Players Towel about a month ago. The dye is sublimated, and there is the slit in the middle to go over clubs or alignment sticks. I practice or play 2-3 times a week, so the towel got in a lot of work. I wish I had taken a picture of how dirty I got it. But, after one wash and dry, I got this back. Not bad considering it's a white towel. As far as this time of year where it's mostly about keeping things dry, having a microfiber is imperative. I played in a downpour with this towel and it held up better than expected. It was still soaking up some water at the end but it wasn't really making the clubs or cart seats dry, it was more of a damp surface. A bath towel would've been useless half way through the round. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I played in an event a year and a half ago where it was 99 degrees and a super dry wind in the desert for a tournament. Trying to keep the tail end of my towel (the Club Glove microfiber) wet/damp was tough. If you're looking to keep something damp during the round, I'd stick with the bath towel. But, for all other uses of a towel, going microfiber would be better. There are different grades of microfiber towels. I wanted to see if I can tell the difference in performance between the Club Glove and Players Towel. They are probably the two more popular brands. As for everyday play, from light rains to sunny, the difference between the two is negligible. In that downpour I played in, I had my Club Glove pocket towel, the Frogger towel, and the Players Towel. I would say the Players Towel performed the best (soaking in water/staying as dry as possible). If you do decide to get a microfiber towel, get a premium one. Your typical cleaning microfibers are not very good at soaking up water or really anything golf related. The Players Towel is a bit more expensive but it is the way to go because it did perform better than the others.
  3. Product Name: Players Towel Product Type: Golf towel Product Website/URL: https://www.playerstowel.com/ Cost: $19.95 - $24.95+ Ratings (out of 5): Quality: 5 Value: 5 Effectiveness: 5 Durability: 4 Esthetic Appeal: 4 My Member Review The Players Towel comes in two sizes and has two printing options. The larger of the 2 towels is the Tour Towel, which is 22" x 40" and included a slit in the middle to slip your putter through. They also offer the Mini Tour Towel which is 16"x24" and includes a bag clip, not a putter slit. You can get these towles embroidered or printed, using dye sublimation. The embroidered option incluces one 4" logo or text included for free, witha setup fee charged for custom logos. The printed option gives you the optionof filling the entire towel with logos/images with unlimited color options and no set up fees. This review covers the printed tour towel with a magnificent TheSandTrap.com logo, which sells for $24.99. My first impression when I took it out of the package (which was a typical yellow mailing envelope) was that this thing is HUGE. I could (and might) use it to dry my 2 terriers. It looked good...very soft, chamois-like feel, green stitching around the edges as well as finishing the putter slit. The dying process looked good too, with crisp lines around the perimeter of the letters and logo. I put my putter through the hole, leaving it hanging from my bag, and hit the links. It was a damp, early morning round last week, a great opportunity to see what the towel could do. After my approach shot, I used the towel for the first time to clean my clubs. It couldn't be easier or more convenient. The towel hangs conveniently from your putter. I few quick wipes of the clubface with the towel, I put the club in the bag and away I went. In the past I was never consistent about keeping my clubs clean. Never again, with such a large towel hanging from my bag it couldn't be easier. I got to the first green, grabbed my putter and towel in one swipe and was immediately impressed with having the putter slit. In the past when I needed to take a towel on the green I would waste time detaching my old golf towel. And when I was done, I'd rarely reattch it to my bag, I'd just put in in the basket in the golf cart. I had been living like an animal. Things dried out a bit my the time I hit the back 9. I decided to wet one corner of the towel to help to better clean my ball and clubs. Initially the heavy dose of water I applied to the corner of the towel beaded up a bit, but I was able to saturate it and it stayed wet for the majority of the back nine. Here's the towel after the round: When I finished the round I decided to test its durability by washing it. I washed it on cold and tumble dried it on low. I didn't pretreat any really muddy spots. The towel cleaned up very well, with the exception of a faint brown shadow remained where the deepest mud had been. Overall I love the Players Towel, I recommend it and I'm sure I'll be getting another one in the future. The only thing I'd do differently is I'll get a darker color in the future so it doesn't show the dirt as much.
  4. Product Name: Ragz by MitholoG Product Type: Designer Towel Product Website/URL: http://www.mitholog.com Cost: ~$50 Reviewers: @iacas, @Golfingdad, @Dave325, @Fourputt
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