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Found 7 results

  1. https://www.hangergolf.com/ https://www.hangergolf.com/pages/before-and-after https://www.hangergolf.com/pages/testimonials I know @coachjimsc has one, and I have one I'm reviewing for the site in the next three weeks or so.
  2. I received on Saturday and will today begin messing around with a new training aid, the Chili Wacker (https://chiliwacker.com). As you can see, it's a couple of pool noodles on a tripod with a tilting mount (ball head). It costs $169.95 with free shipping at https://chiliwacker.com/products/chiliwacker. The ChiliWacker was dreamt up by Minnesota PGA Professional/Director of Instruction Eric Chiles over his 22 years in the golf business. As with any good idea, Eric needed help making his idea a reality. You can read a bit more about it here: https://chiliwacker.com/pages/why-chiliwacker. Some videos: As with many training aids, yeah, you could build one yourself. But it won't be the same quality, you won't be supporting a guy's efforts, you won't get the nice carrying bag… and you're not valuing your time. If you have any ideas for how Chili Wacker can be used, please post them here and I'll try to make a video testing out your idea.
  3. http://www.perfectstrokeputtingaid.com The PerfectStroke TPE putting training aid is a multifaceted putting training aid that reinforces a number of good things. It costs about $200 (some discounts are available) including shipping and comes with: A reflective base. Two posts to which you can attach… … one or two carbon fiber bars. … and one of two clear plastic strips with different alignment lines (single, double). The TPE can be used in a variety of combinations. You can attach or detach one or both carbon fiber rails and you can use use either (or neither) of the clear plastic alignment rails, which can also be oriented outward or inward if you're looking to encourage an exaggeration to change a stroke. The reflective base is great for seeing where your shoulders, your eyeliner, and things like that are at setup. The rails assist you in keeping the putter "on plane." If your putter stays on plane, it's tough to mis-hit the putt, and it's tougher (though not impossible of course) to over- or under-rotate the putter face. The alignment strips help you to line up square to the target line, with your feet, putter, etc. working back and through properly (ideally slightly inside the line on both sides, though how much it appears to do so will depend on where your eyes are aligned relative to the strip. Some Videos: This last video shows how easily the TPE can be set up: Over the next little bit, I'll be playing with and using the TPE 3.0 with students, with myself and my daughter, and checking out what else is possible (though the videos above really do show off the versatility!). Ultimately, I'll decide whether I'll recommend - or recommend against - the TPE 3.0 to golfers and instructors.
  4. I received a training aid today that I wanted to share with you all, it's called the HackersRx. It's an alignment and ball position training aid. You can visit their website here: https://www.hackersrx.com/homepage/ I haven't been able to get outside with it yet so I'll just jot some quick first thoughts: It is lightweight and will fit easily into a golf bag so you can take it anywhere. I like how the rods are marked in 1" increments but they are a little hard to see clearly in the glare of the overhead lighting in my house. It's a multitasker. I'm a big fan of multitasking tools. It seems pretty simple to use. One other function I thought of is how you can use it to easily line up your camera for filming swings. They are selling it for $44.95, but are currently offering a fall sale for $10 off plus free shipping. Take a look at their site and let me know what you guys think. @iacas got one, too, and we will both be using this thread for discussion, writing down thoughts, and answering questions anyone may have.
  5. http://www.dstgolf.com/optimise-golf-swing/how-dst-golf-clubs-work You'll notice that everything in that description talks about how the shaft appears, or how a line appears, so that you set up properly. In essence, everything - the shaft being bent, the wide sole with a specific bounce, and the line near the hosel - is geared toward one thing: to get the handle forward at setup. As you can see, I've done that here in two swings: So far so good, right? I added a white line so that you can see the curve in the shaft. I will tell you that it appears to be more severe at setup. Unfortunately, the simple physics of swinging a golf club are that the heavy part - the mass at the end of the stick - wants to line up and form a straight line pointing at the center of the arc on which it's being swung. Consider tying a small weight to the end of a string. Swing it around: over your head, in front of you, beside you, on an angle… and you'll notice that the weight pulls the string tight. Simple physics. So, whether you flip or not, the weight on the end of the string (the clubhead) pulls the string (the shaft) taut. On the left, my weight is moving back and I'm throwing or flipping the clubhead. On the left, a "good" swing. This renders the DST a "visual" training aid only. It fails at doing much more than your clubs do already at letting you know whether you flipped at the ball or not. Here are the videos:
  6. hey guys i was just wondering what is the best training aid out there to cure a slice? I make good contact with the ball but i cant get rid of my slice.

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