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Found 8 results

  1. I've golfed since I was a kid but always used someone elses clubs... I'm not 25 Active Duty military and want to golf this summer but don't have the $1000+ to get a nice full set. So I'm looking at used options or all in one sets. Anyone have suggestions on good sets or places to look for used ones? I am currently in Alaska so local places are far and few. I am about 5'10" 180lbs (idk if this helps). My main concern with a complete set is all I really need to last/be good for me is the irons as I know down the road I'll end up getting more woods first. Thanks in advance!
  2. I like the look and feel of MB/blade, the small head size makes me concentrate on the shot at hand. I can't stand the look and size of SGI and GI irons. I can't hit an off set club, I hit behind the ball. Even a 2mm off set in the mid irons messes me up, So I'm looking at three sets !) Cobra FLY-Z Pro, $460 cdn,( great shape) they would need to be re-shafted and grips. 2) Fourteen golf FH-1000, $550 cdn (awesome shape, only used for2-3 rounds) has my spec shafts and grips. 3) MIURA blade, $760 cdn (good shape, used for two years) shafts are my spec but need to be re-griped. If you were in my position, what set would you buy? I would like to buy all three but my wife reminded me that we have been married for 33 yrs and would I like to make it to 34? so one set it is.
  3. Hey everybody, I’m pretty new to golf and just purchased a used Cleveland Classic 270 driver from second swing to upgrade my starter set driver. It was rated an 8. The club looks great except for an ugly scratch on the face. Must have hit a rock or something. Looks almost like a nail was dragged on it. So does this ruin the club? I can return it if so. I just honestly don’t know how much it will affect the ball when hit. Hopefully you can see in the pictures, the scratch starts under the shaft and travels down to the bottom center. Thanks!
  4. I just received these clubs for a Christmas gift and I can't find any information about them. I know that Merit is no longer in busniss but not much else. The club set is single length, 2 tru pw, sw and 60. Anyone know age, retail cost when new, today's value, any history? Thanks for anything you might have.
  5. What's the best used 3 Wood you can get in late 2017 for under $50. Thoughts?
  6. Hi there, thanks for reading also, I signed up specifically to seek help with this unique issue so I am grateful of any feed back. Okay so heres some background, Ill try to not be overly wordy. I am 28, not the best at golf and was given a set of taylormade R7 irons years ago. I usually shoot 105-110 but I hit pretty decent shots and 3 putt or lose a ball and 1 putt. I have started golfing more and wanted to get a newer (used set under 250) of irons. Hit a few dif 7 irons, jpx-800, tm 2.0, ping g15 and liked jpx's the best. So I found a set on ebay, ordered them, they were supposed to show up today and I got a CAR DASHBOARD. Thats a whole nother thread. So ill get my money back, no big deal but heres the dilema. I went to play it again sports (sporting goods store that pays cash for unwanted gear) and I sold my R7 Irons today. Needless to say, ebay turned me off bc I am just frustrated (more at USPS) but what are thoughts on getting a few brand new custom irons aand slowly piecing together a bag. I am 6ft 7 and big hands, so maybe a custom fitting would benefit me? I cant afford a new set of irons custom, but I could work with my Driver, 3 wood, SW, and putter. If I pay 80-90 for a custom ping g30 for my 'bigness' as my friends put it, would that benefit more? I can stock the rest of the bag with a set of spalding something or others that are at my parents. Was thinking a 6, 7 iron (can hit that off the deck about 150 with my r7) and possibly a 9? Anyways thanks for any input. I really appreciate it.
  7. Help me chose between these 2 iron sets. I have a choice between Mizuno T-Zoid Comp-EZ, and Titleist 755. Both are 3-PW and both are right at $100.00. I am a mid handicapper and am upgrading from some adams game improvement irons. Both of these seem like a good deal, and I am split between the 2.
  8. Depreciation Rates of Drivers and The Used Driver Market Generally speaking, when a new model of ANYTHING comes out, the previous model depreciates in value. Sometimes it means big savings and sometimes it doesn't. Computers are a great example of this due to Moore's Law which basically says that the computing power of a cpu doubles every 2.5 years or so meaning your computer becomes obsolete after perhaps 3.5 years of being on the market.... Is there a pseudo "Moore's Law" for golf clubs/technology??? Could we call it "Spalding's Law" after my favorite character in Caddyshack who would never be capable of this type of thinking... so it is ironic and funny...?? Perhaps? When I see a new driver on the market that is hyped up to be the "solution" to all my golfing woes I get excited. When I see the $500 price tag I start looking at last year's model a little bit more critically knowing I could only afford it by donating plasma to supplement my income... or a kidney. I see 2014 models going for $75... I see 2009 models going for $50... I see 2004 models going for $40. Obviously the depreciation rates are NOT linear. There is a value zone here and you can take advantage of it!!! Spring is generally the season of savings in the golf world. New products are fully out and marketed well. HYPE HYPE HYPE!! New driver promises to cure slice and possibly cancer!! WOOT WOOT! That's when I examine the price points of the lowly last years model or even 2 3 years prior. According to the local golf pro ( he is honest and knowledgeable) a driver that is close to 3 years old is the tipping point between max savings and still benefiting from advances in technology. I am in the process of looking for that "perfect" club. It's going to be purchased this spring (April?) It's probably going to be a Callaway model. And it's more than likely going to be purchased via the internet. Which is the next topic. The Used Driver Market.... Yikes. Counterfeit clubs are no where and everywhere depending on who you asked. Remember that local golf pro?? His buddy and #1 salesman told me flat out "Don't buy any clubs online... 50% of all clubs online are counterfeit." I just nodded my head like that I believed that he was telling the truth and was not at all BIAS in anyway shape or form. Obviously if you purchase clubs online then their business loses that opportunity to make a sale. Obviously when you see the "new" driver on EBAY like a Taylormade R15 going for $19.99 you are looking at a counterfeit club. Anyone out there use the online retail stores? The pga certified online retailers that GUARENTEE authenticity? I asked the salesmen about that and he conceded that using "those online stores" "MIGHT" lessen the risk... some what. I'd like to hear what you guys think about this online funny business. I'm not willing to pay $70 for a Cleveland Launcher Comp IN STORE if I can get it for $20.00/free ship online. If you have any thoughts on what's better I'd appreciate it. 1. Callaway Razr Fit Xtreme v. Callaway Big Bertha (2014) 2. Callaway Hyper X v. Callaway X 460 Tour. Any help advice or thoughts derived from your personal experience buying/selling used clubs would be highly appreciated. Thanks!
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