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  1. Hey all, I've been hearing that some kids are homeschooled from highschool so they can play golf all day. Is this true, or just a myth? If true, would you say they have an advantage.. also, would you say that you cannot make it into the PGA without doing that in high school? I'm not homeschooled, so... I ask this because after school, I go straight to the golf course and practice until dark. However, with daylight savings, I am only getting 3 or 4 hours of practice these days.. my Dad says that unless you have all day to practice, i.e. being homeschooled, you won't make it to the pros. Your thoughts? On the weekeneds and school breaks, I practice from morning to dark, so whenever I can it's usually 12+ hours on the course, but it's not all the time.
  2. Hello everyone, My name's Travis and I'm planning on becoming a professional golfer. I am 25 years old, I live in Wisconsin and I'm currently a 14 handicap. I've got a LONG way to go but I am dedicating myself to a long journey. If you want to follow me, I will tell you right now that I am hoping in about 6-8 years to really make a push to start my professional golf career. I played my first 9 holes in the fall of 2008 and shot a 51 I believe. Like all of you, I was hooked. In the summer of 2009, I was shooting consistently in the low to mid 90's and also broke 90 with an 89. In the summer of 2010, I shot in the mid to low 80's and broke 80 with a 78. This summer of 2011 was full of job searching, work, and golf where I stayed about the same. Currently, I'm shooting mid to low 80's and am putting in massive work into my game. I've only taken a handful of lessons, I probably haven't put more than 60 hours of practice in my entire career, and I have only been starting to think about this dream of becoming a pro golfer since last year. Currently, I am working full time and live in Wisconsin which makes it very hard to work on my game. I have built an indoor driving range as well as purchasing a golf launch monitor. I also have an indoor putting green so I'm off to a good start for the winter months. Why am I doing this? I absolutely love golf. I am pretty good at it(you can take that with a grain of salt), and why not follow your dreams? This quote in particular really sums up why I'm going to work hard and give it my best shot to become a professional golfer: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark Twain Cheers everyone!
  3. Don't know if anyone has seen this yet but it's a pretty interesting journey this guy is taking. 10,000 hours of practice (6 hours a day, 6 days a week for 6 years) starting from the hole backwards, working his way to become a "professional" golfer. http://www.thedanplan.com/index.php I saw a write up about it the other day and he's just over 1 year in right now. He started literally just putting from 1 foot for a month or something. Then moved to 3 feet, then to all over the green and after a year he's now I think around 75-100 yards away from the hole so he's never swung a driver or long iron before. Obviously to all of us this is an absolute dream, as he mentions many times on his site, but just the experiment part of it is pretty impressive too. If you read any of the backstory on the "10,000" hour theory, it pretty much states that with a predetermined athletic prerequisite, pure talent (that which a lot of people state professional athletes have an us mere mortals don't) is actually much more rare than we think and many things can be achieved by extremely dedicated practice. Here is the essay on deliberate practice if you really want a long read http://projects.ict.usc.edu/itw/gel/EricssonDeliberatePracticePR93.pdf
  4. aku

    College golf

    Hey guys. I was really hoping that id be able to play golf for uc san diego. Im a junior in highschool, and mu gpa is 4.0 uw and 4.3 w. My handicap is around a 1.4 . Im gonna start tournaments soon for ajga. Whats my chances for playing for them, as well as other d2 schools. thx
  5. I took up golf full time a year ago i was a 22.4 after my first handicap index. after a couple of lower rounds in to 80s I realized my love and passion for the game and decided to get a coach and practice everyday 5-6hr im now down to a 0.9 and done well in the last three tournements i have played i want to improve as much as possible do you think i have a shot??
  6. Ladies and gentlemen, I am new to both this site, and game of golf as I only picked up a club for the first time 6 and a half months ago. I believe I belong to a small group of gifted golfers, as I have a 4 handicap and am regularly just barely off of par on a par 72 course. (Yes I understand the claim I just made. No I am not a troll.) my goal is scratch or under by the 10 month mark, as it's currently below zero where I live which makes it difficult to get out and continue my progress. I am an extremely long ball hitter (at 6'5" 260 pounds and 24 years old) and regularly hit 300+ on my drives with a longest personal drive of about 340 yards, and start hitting my sand wedge at 150 yards. I believe I can make money playing golf in the near future (3-4 years hopefully), but how do I get to that point? My state doesn't have much for big amateur tournaments besides your average run of the mill club house scrambles and the like, and traveling to different states to play in amateur tourneys isn't much of a possibility right now. Any helpful tips or ideas are more than welcome. Thank you for your time.
  7. I Just turned 18, first time i ever picked up a golf club was 3 years ago. My current handicap is +2. I've fired tournament rounds in the 60's. Lowest round is a 5 under 67, which ive done more times than i can remember. The best of those 67's was where i had a double bogey and came in 5 under still.. Could of been -7 if i only made par, Maybe next time lol! Anyways what do you think my chances of playing professionally one day after college would be?
  8. Hello, I was just wondering if anyone has any experience playing on Mini Tours? First off, I am a 24 year old and I'm going to be laid off within the next couple weeks. I hope that everything happens for a reason.I have played golf at a high level for a number of years. I had many golf scholarships after graduating high school but turned them down due to financial reasons. I am currently a 0 or 1 handicap. I have only played 4 rounds this year (70, 68, 72, 69 ). I am very interested in going down to Florida to play on a mini tour while I am laid off. I know that the mini tours like that aren't made for making it rich, I want to use it as a proving grounds to myself that I can play at a high competition level. My main question is, do you need to take a playability test or anything to be considered a pro, or is it just as simple as declaring yourself a pro. If Florida goes well, I am going to come back home and try to raise the funds to compete on the SwingThought tour next summer. Realistically, hoping to be able to play my first PGA Tour event in 4-5 years. Please and thank you for any help you can provide!
  9. I'm a 10 handicap now Used to be a 3 Didn't golf for a year Will be a 3-6 very shortly can you guys think of anybody my age, going pro when they are 30? I'm 26 with a crazy work ethic, thinking I'll be pro when I'm 30-33. Anybody follow igolftv? Awesome guy! Zack
  10. Hey guys/girls I'm new to this Im turning 30 soon and was wondering if its to late to try and make a career in golf ,, I started playing a year and a half back and try and play 4 times a week ,, My brother played a lot of tournaments and has won a cupel of them Thanks you for your time :-)
  11. Hey guys I'm just wondering I want to turn pro after I'm done school I'm in my 10th grade right now so I have two more years of school after this year and I want to know what I want to do after school if I want to turn pro I don't think I will get a scholarship because my marks are not doing very wellbut what's another way of turning pro but not playing college golf thanks?
  12. Hi, (age 22) Played golf for around 3 years, but only casually for the first 2 years. Taken it seriously for 11months after I received my original handicap of 16, but have been cut to 7 since then. Hitting driver on a good day between 260-300, solid yardages with most of clubs down to gap wedge going around 105/110. Really looking for a career in golf, whether it be as a club pro or a tour player (aim high!). Am going to give myself 2 years to get my handicap down to scratch/ +'s. How realistic would that be? And does anyone have any tips towards going down this road? and what would peoples advice be in my practicing any drills and any focus areas towards achieving this goal? cheers
  13. Hey guys I was always told I had a natural talent for golf however I also had a natural talent for combat sports and chose the combat sports rout. I did wrestling in high school and boxing in college. however my history of brain cancer has kept me from competing in those sports but I still participated for the love of the sport but the final nail in the coffin was when I had a stroke about a year and a half ago and the doctors told me to stay away from those sports for life. I was greatly depressed but then decided maybe i can get into golf. It's a little late to consider the possibility of being on the pro true (probably could have done it if I chose the golf path instead of combat sports in high school) but I would like to be a pro at a club or a coach at a small school. I have been hitting balls every day for the past week and my progress has been astronomical. A vast majority of my shots are strait. I am on the path to getting it all back after my stroke. I am willing to put forth the effort (hours a day sunday though friday and all day saturday) and money required for a coach. However I may only be able to commit part time for a while since I am 25 and need a job. Right now my path is to keep practicing everyday and when I am good enough join an amateur locally. what do you think?
  14. Hello everyone! Im 20 years old, and im wondering what you guys thinks about the chances for a 20 y/o boy to become a pro? My hcp at the moment is around 10. If i give all, and dedicates a lot of my time to golf, do you think I can become a professional player some time? Best regards
  15. I'm making this thread my "journal" thread. I'm writing a book called "A month to shoot 70's", where it's all my thoughts. The title comes from the fact that I have around a month to consistently shoot in the low 70's until high school golf starts. I'll post here every night for a month, maybe more, with my progress. Pictures, videos, etc will be included. I think it'll be cool for everyone to look back on my notes when I'm in the Big Show. Day 1 Getting at the course around four, to my dismay the driving range was closed. With winter creeping up, irrigation was set in and it was time to let the grass heal. Understandable, but disappointing none the less. I moved my way to the chipping green, where I would slap at the ball for a good 2 hours. By slap, I don't mean "slap", but take focused shots. It's my goal this month to focus on every shot, putting pressure on them like it's the tournament. I feel really good at where I am, and I'm very glad I'm off the baseball field and back where I belong, it truly feels right.
  16. Dear all I have been teaching at the local club with some of the youth this summer and working with the clubs pro, the next step for me is to become pro. Just wondered what people on here thinks as im only 18 wont be good enough to get on a tour. My main problem is most people who have turned pro i know and have spoke to say they have lost interest in playing rounds they just work in the golf industry. Cheers
  17. Hey everyone, new here. So I like the forums here and reading but man, do people knock guys who ask about going Pro later in life. I am no pro; yet. I really want to see where it leads me but here is my basic story: Never touched a club until I was 20 years old with my now father in law.. had some cheap wal-mart wilsons that were my dads and they needed an extra guy. I played a year of college hockey at this point and played baseball/hockey/soccer in high school. I feel I have an addictive personality, and this game took a hold of me; Now I am 25 and here is what happened in 5 years. Year 1: Practiced my ass off, knowing I could get better at the game. I ended up buying some Taylormade r7 Draws that were the thickest top lines I have ever seen looking at them today.. got a driver from my father in law and practiced, practiced, played, practiced. I was playing constantly while going to school. I would play maybe 3 rounds a week and hit balls until I had blisters and it hurt too much to keep going. Progress there: I got pretty good at that point- Hit my driver 260 with a huge slice, scored on a good day an 84 at the END of my first year and on a bad day who knows. This was the funniest part of my whole golf career so far; I really thought I was the Sh*t. I thought I could beat anyone.. I was shooting at best an 84.. not good at all. The good news is, I wanted to play competitive golf.. so I e-mailed all of the University's around me to see if I could get on the college team. Out of 8 colleges, only one would give me a shot at their qualifier for Varsity/JV/ Cuts.. 12 kids were going to be there - 5 varsity/5 jv/ 2 cuts. Also, this is a D3 school.. I had no stats to back me up.. coach was taking a leap of faith that I would work out. First competitive round ever- Shot 102. Still to this day the worst competitive round I have ever shot thank god. But the good news is all of the kids coming out of high school were nervous and I rang off a smooth 82-85 on my second and third round and made the 5 spot. I couldn't believe it. Yes we werent the best but we did get second in our conference and went to nationals the following two years.. nerves would get the newcomers every single year on that qualifying tournament for the team. Long story short; First year- Traveled to 50 percent of the tournaments and averaged 84. Not good Second year: Traveled to 75 percent of the tournaments and averaged 81 Girlfriend(wife now) got pregnant, I had to resign from the golf team. Graduated College with a scoring average of 81 in Division 3 golf after playing for 3 years. Meaning that I was shooting between 77-84 in TOURNAMENTS after only playing for 3 years. Granted I did practice everyday and my drives were now going 290 without the slice, irons 20 yards longer from compressing and hitting down on the ball and my forte is getting up and down. Year 4: Year 4 was very tough financially; I had a new baby/ couldnt find a job out of school but did have some time to practice. I actually gave a few lessons on the side to make some cash for my golf game as we were in a financial spot that was tough for us for about a year and a half. I didn't play any competitive rounds except for 2 tournaments. I was still getting better; got 2nd in a one day local event with about 36 players shooting a 72 on a par 70 and then got 4th shooting 4 over through 27 holes. It made me want to get into competitive golf again so bad because I was shooting great scores in tournaments that I wished I was able to do while playing in college. I practiced as much as possible financially and putted/chipped almost daily. Year 5(this year): Finally found a job and got back on our feet. I figured I was ready to go out and play competitive golf against the best players in Missouri/Illinois. So that is what I did. I played against guys on the web.com tour, I played against guys who are on the hooters tour and what not. I shot well but was inconsistent. Next year will be better because mentally I will be able to close out a round. I shot 81-82 first tourney, 84-72 second tourney, 78,81 third, 75,81 (7300 yard par 70 with 4 par 4s over 490). Not happy with my play but my scoring average on the front nine is 37 it was closing out rounds is what I had trouble doing. This year though, actually about a month ago something just clicked. I am a par golfer.. average about 14 pars a round one bird a few bogeys.. but in my practice round for a tournament that gave out world ranking points for amateurs, I made 5 birdies in a row. Most I have ever made.. Last 10 rounds since then have been collectively 8 under par. Long ass story short; I have played for 5 years, I went out two days ago to play nine holes and shot 32. I am a LONGGGGGGGGGGG way to go, but for anyone who puts the work and time and effort to this game can get at least to the top amateur rankings in their area. The key to golf is knowing how to practice. You have to work on one small thing at a time until it clicks. Mental game is my weakness and it is finally coming around. Course management will take a guy who has trouble breaking 100 to trying to break 90 after 2 years of playing just because they play the game smarter. I have no idea how anyone shoots in the 100's.. to me that is crazy. Play every hole with a lay up and you should still only shoot 90-95. Anyways, I want to try and turn pro around 30; that is 5 years away from now but what I have been able to do in 5 years I am proud of. My lowest round from the tips is 63 on a par 70 and I am breaking par just as much as I am shooting over finally over my last 15-20 rounds. Yes, I was that guy who picked up a club and thought hell, I can go pro. But now I am more humble and know what needs to be done and what steps need to be taken to get there. I played with a guy who played in the US Open and am not far from his play. I have never had a lesson. Really it will come down to long iron accuracy and ball striking with those long irons next and then mental game to get to winning Amateur championships. But everyone who plays golf seriously plays because somewhere in the back of your mind, you know that it is possible to get good enough to compete against great players. Otherwise, if we only play for fun.. why do we practice?
  18. I am an Amateur Golfer from Oxfordshire, England. My goal is to make it onto the European tour by the time I am 25. I am trying to play a full season this summer including county matches, county order of merit and National tournaments. I am struggling to find ways to fund my season at the moment, I am happy to work but I am struggling to find a job that will be flexible enough to allow me time off for tournaments and practice and I have only managed to raise minimal sponsorship. So far in 2013 I have already managed to secure a 4th place finish in the Algarve Winter Tour (Portuguese Pro Tour) at Vale De Pinta in some tough conditions and I am hoping it is a sign of things to come this season. If anyone could help me out with sponsorship advice? ways to drive season cost down? Job oppurtunities? it would be greatly appreciated! About me Full Name: Elliot David Bradley Residence: Witney, Oxfordshire, UK Born: June 3rd, 1993 (JR, Ox) School: Henry Box (Witney, Ox) University: Plymouth University (Saltash, Cornwall) Height: 6’2” Weight: 14st2 ‘ I’m the eldest sibling from a rather large family which can make life a bit hectic but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I really enjoy spending what downtime I have available socialising with my friends as any other 19 year old does, trips to the cinema or nandos always make for a good time. If I’m in a bit of a quieter mood I also am quite fond of getting out my guitar and having a little play around with it, I find something quite relaxing about it. My real passion though is golf!’ I am currently studying in my final year at TGC (tournament golf college). The course is designed to provide elite golfers with the knowledge and facilities to prepare themselves for tackling the world of professional golf. I am learning not just about the golf swing itself but also the science behind golf with modules including; fitness training, performance analysis, psychology, nutrition, performance lifestyle management and conditioning for performance. The other aspect of the education is to give a knowledge of golf as a business with different modules covering; business management, golf tour business, research methods, business planning, media and communications and a final research project. About my golf I am a golfer residing in Oxfordshire, UK. My aim is to become successful as a touring professional player on both the European and PGA circuit, I currently play off a +1 handicap and play as a member at both Frilford Heath G.C and Carswell Golf and Country Club. Carswell is where I started playing golf in my early teens and got my first handicap of 22 as a 15 year old. It is a friendly golf club and the atmosphere there is brilliant. I felt I matured whilst playing regularly up there due to the interactions I had with many of the adult members. I have a strong connection with Carswell and I don’t think I would be in the position I am in now without the experience I gained at the club. I was heavily involved in both the junior team and the mens team and I learnt many things which I still carry today both on and off the golf course. Whilst I am still a loyal member at Carswell I made the decision a couple of years ago to also join Frilford Heath. Which is a well established golf club with 54 championship golf holes. As much as I still enjoy myself at Carswell I felt the move was one which would allow me to push myself onto the next level. Since being a member at Frilford I have reduced my handicap from 3 to scratch and become friends with a lot of very impressive golfers. Frilford has six professional golfers who have been competing throughout 2012 and two of which are playing European tour events in 2013. Being able to associate with these players has really brought my game forward and I really enjoy the challenge playing with them presents. Aims for 2013 I have set my sights high whilst setting my main goals for the 2013 season: · Get myself to a +3 or better handicap · Move into the top 1500 in the WAGR (world amateur golf rankings) · Find myself sponsorship to allow me to play a full UK amateur season I have chosen these goals as I believe it will put me on the brink of the England squad for the following year which I see as the next significant step. I believe that these goals are aiming high but they are also achievable which is key to good goal setting. I am a very hard working individual when it comes to my golf, both on and off the golf course. I have a strong belief in the role fitness plays within the game and am working hard all year round to improve my body for the game. I believe it is important to have a stable base and flexibility in order to produce a consistent golf swing. If there is too much lateral movement in the lower body it becomes hard to return the club to impact in the correct position without having to time a compensation, which is a cause of inconsistency in the golf swing and often a loss of distance. I also think that in the modern game physical power is becoming a big factor. Power is a combination of strength and speed and if you aren’t in the gym developing both these factors then you are limiting your potential. I spend large amounts of time in the gym doing big power moves such as; squats, deadlifts and benchpress in order to increase my physical strength which is one of the components of power. I then put that together with explosive full body moves like; pull ups, box jumps and rotation presses to increase the explosive speed of my muscles. Fitness Coach: Ali Galbraith ‘The benefit of using the services of a Personal Trainer is that the exercises you do are personalised to you, based on what you can do and on what you want to achieve - e.g. muscle tone, increased strength or stamina, or weight loss/gain Whatever your goal may be, your Personal Trainer should be with you every step of the way - with Alistair Galbraith Fitness, you can guarantee it. Alistair is passionate about his work and will give you all the tools and motivation you need to succeed - as a team’ Coaching Swing Coach: Darren Gass ‘I have been teaching golf for over 18 years in both the UK and abroad. Venues include places such as the exclusive Emirates Golf Club, Dubai where I was based before moving to St Mellion. Over this time I have had the fortune to work with and learn from some of the worlds leading authorities on golf coaching and its related areas, and it’s these experiences that have helped to shape my own unique coaching development approach. I am now widely known for my work and success with elite players as under my tutelage players have competed on all major European Tours, Asian Tour and in the Open Championship. I have coached National Champions at Men’s, Youth’s, and Boy’s level and for many years lead the coaching for the Cornwall County Teams. In 2001 I coached Scott Godfrey as he became Cornwall’s first and as yet only English Amateur Champion’ 2013 season plan My aim is to use 2013 as my first full national amateur season after building up the experience through county and youths events over the past few years. This will be my first attempt to really go out there and show people what I’m capable of given the proper chance. The tournaments I am looking to have in my schedule are as follows: · Selborne Salver 20 th April (Blackmoor) · Hampshire Hog 21 st April (North Hants) · South East of England Links 9 th -11 th May (Royal Cinque Ports and St. Georges) · Scottish U21’s Championship 10 th -12 th May (Lanark) · Brabazon Trophy Southern Qualifier 14 th May (Enmore Park) · Welsh Open Championship 17 th -19 th May (Royal Porthcrawl) · Lagonda Trophy 29 th -30 th May (Gog Magog) · Scottish Open Championship 31 st May-2 nd June (Southerness) · Welsh U21’s Championship 1 st -2 nd June (Monmothshire) · Gold Medal 12 th June (Frilford Heath) · Berkshire Trophy 22 nd -23 rd June (The Berkshire) · Reigonal Open Qualifying 24 th June (unconfirmed) · Brabazon Trophy 26 th -29 th June (Formby) · Local Open Qualifying 2 nd July (unconfirmed) · Midlands Youths Championship 10 th -12 th July (Stoke Rochford) · The British Open 18 th -21 st July (Muirfield) · South of England Championship 23 rd -25 th July (Walton Heath) · English Amateur Championship 29 th July- 3 rd August (Frilford Heath) · North of England U21’s Championship 6 th -8 th August (unconfirmed) · Stoke Poges Trophy 17 th -18 th August (Stoke Park) · Midland Open Championship 23 rd -24 th August (Gay Hill and Fulford Heath) · Lee Westwood Trophy Date TBC (Rotheram) · BBO Amateur Championships Date TBC (unconfirmed) Clearly this schedule is subject to change as a lot of events are unconfirmed so haven’t been included and obviously a few overlap. I am trying to focus purely on world ranking events and it also depends whether or not I meet the entry requirements for each tournament. My predicted costs for the season is between £5000-£6000 to cover travel, coaching, accommodation, entry fees etc for all the tournaments. As it stands at the moment I will be raising the funds from working full time and trying to practice around my work. Inevitably this will take away from the time I have to spend actually practicing my golf. With these costs clearly succeeding in golf isn’t solely about playing well. I also need to build a business around myself and develop relationships with people who can benefit from my profile as a golfer. In todays world the internet is a useful tool for this: Website www.elliotbradley.com Twitter @EDBgolf Email edb1993@gmail.com I send out a monthly email newsletter to anyone who is interested in what I am doing and how I am getting on. I fairly regularly get into the local press both by representing Frilford and also from my individual achievements which I believe reflects well upon me. I associate myself with a few local businesses who help me out with my season and to show my gratitude I present at events or meetings when requested. There are currently three companies I associate with. One is my fathers company MD2MD because I like to do what I can to help out my dad for supporting me to chase my dreams. The other two are BP Collins LLP and The Rooflight Company. These companies have both made donations to cover expenses in my 2012 season and I am very grateful to them for this. I try to offer what I can in return for the money that is donated to me in the form of regular attendance for the company. That ranges from golf days, to general meetings or even just helping out at events. I also provide a link on my webpage and spread word about each company by word of mouth. Being a member at two golf courses I hope this is of value to them. Unfortunately as an amateur I am unable to wear company logos whilst I am competing due to the rules of amateur status but the people who help me out now are obviously getting themselves into a favourable position for when I decide the time is right for me to turn professional which is certainly the plan for the future.
  19. I know that a lot of people might think I am cocky for saying that I'll become a professional. I am not being cocky, I am setting high to reach goals and on my way to completing them, and How I intend to complete them is to give my best effort everyday. People say I am setting myself up to fail. It is actually the opposite. By giving myself a one way ticket, it means I have to commit and make sure I do everything in my power to get there. Nobody played it safe to become successful, look at Bill Gates, a ivy league drop out and that took a risk, look where he is today. I am taking risk by choosing one path instead of two. You can count on me to make the most of it.
  20. I need your thoughts. My golf game has really developed as of late. I know that I have a good game inside me. I have shot several rounds in the low 70's. My lowest round is 70 at my home course. I have shot a couple 9 hole rounds under par as well. but.... last weekend, while I was playing with the "Sunday crowd" at my home course, I shot an 85. Just could not get it together. Why do I have these days? I really want to start being competitive in some mini tour tournaments, and who knows from there. My dream is to make the NationWie, and be good enough to actually try Q school. Actually, I hit balls everyday. I mean everyday after work, I am practicing. I am 34. Is it too late for me to expect to be competitive in tournament golf? Why do I have rounds at 70, and rounds at 85? What should I do to improve this situation? I need some constructive critisim / guidance. Thanks, Cole
  21. I am a german golfer who has another handicap than you. The last 7 rounds were 82, 81, 85, 83, 79. My handicap-index is 15,7 and i've been playing golf vor 1.5 years now. I am 14 years old. My next target is scratch golf and i just want to update this thread after every competive round of golf until i am a scratch golfer. My golf instructor is Tiger Woods, because of his book. I read it multiple times and i pay attention to every single point in this book. So my swing looks pretty like Tiger's Swing in 2000 but not as perfect as his swing. I know you all will laugh about me but i am serious. I want to become a PGA TOUR PROFESSIONAL and be the best golfer ever and i will work for it. My first step to this is scratch golf.
  22. Your Open Question: I'm 23 and want to go pro in golf. Is it possible? Ok so my friend invited me to Charlotte to play The Pointe golf course on Lake Norman and I went and embarrassed myself really bad. I had hit golf clubs and played a few times in my life but never seriously. I didn't even own clubs. But after that day I was hooked and wanted to play and make myself better. That was February of 2011. I probably shot a 130-140. Seriously. But then my friend got a job at a sports store and got me a nice discount on a new set of Callaway x20's (4-PW) and the Razr hawk driver, 3 and 5 wood and I bought some new vokey wedges (56* and 60*) and I started playing seriously. I kept up with stats from the beginning on my golf app on my phone and have constantly noticed myself getting better. I started out in the 120's and have worked my way to an average round of 88. My low 9 holes is a 3 over par 38 and I'm still getting better. I've always been an athlete playing both qb and pitcher and also playing ice hockey and I have a very flexible shoulder. People at the course will sometimes comment on my swing and say it looks really fluid and powerful and my wedge play is my best aspect but I'm also good at putting averaging 30 putts a round. Is it possible that if I get some good lessons or go to a golf academy, or get an apprenticeship with a golf pro, is it realistic that in a few years I can work my way into competitive golf and eventually be good enough to make the Tour? Driver-280 3 wood- 265 5 wood- 245 4 iron- 210 5 iron- 200 6 iron- 190 7 iron- 180 8 iron-170 9 iron 155-160 PW- 140-150 56*-100-125 60*- 85 I am not saying by any means that I can be a pro, that's why I'm asking you guys what you honestly think. I love the game and if I started to dedicate my life to it by finding a job at a country club, as I am a bartender full time, I would hope to at least be scratch in 5 years. I just don't know how hard it really is. Thank you!
  23. Hello guys, I'm miky. I'm 28 and I come from Italy. Ma handicap is 10 and I want to became a pro golfer. I'm searching a school for six months /one year, for improve my golf and became an italian pro. I would like come in usa for my training. I need to stay in a campus and practise All day golf with professional teacher. Could you please tell me best school for my goals. Thanks so much!!
  24. Well I am guessing that many of you have had a dream of becoming a tour pro. But I am doing something a tad different! I am Grinding and Grinding and Grinding! Working 24/7 on my golf game! in two months I went down from a 5 to a 2! its incredible feeling to achieve something like that :) I plan to become a Tour Professional after college! People have said That I won't make it, but what what do they know?? haha They also said it would be nearly impossible to get down to a 2 by the end of the year and I did it in two months! This is what I will do to become a Tour Professional! 1. Practice Putting 2. Be working from 3:40 PM to 9:00 PM every day 3. Improve my mental game! 4. Have fun with it! My game is getting better every day and I believe by the next revision, I will be around a 1! My actual goal was to become a 2 by the end of the year, but now my goal is to become a scratch!
  25. I hear all different kinds of stuff when ask that question. Some people make it sound like it's as tough as shooting a 59 every time you play and others say if you are a +2 and shoot even par on most courses in tournaments you have a good chance. How tough is it really to make a decent living on the Nationwide or PGA tour?
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