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  1. Hey all, I've been hearing that some kids are homeschooled from highschool so they can play golf all day. Is this true, or just a myth? If true, would you say they have an advantage.. also, would you say that you cannot make it into the PGA without doing that in high school? I'm not homeschooled, so... I ask this because after school, I go straight to the golf course and practice until dark. However, with daylight savings, I am only getting 3 or 4 hours of practice these days.. my Dad says that unless you have all day to practice, i.e. being homeschooled, you won't make it to the
  2. Hello everyone, My name's Travis and I'm planning on becoming a professional golfer. I am 25 years old, I live in Wisconsin and I'm currently a 14 handicap. I've got a LONG way to go but I am dedicating myself to a long journey. If you want to follow me, I will tell you right now that I am hoping in about 6-8 years to really make a push to start my professional golf career. I played my first 9 holes in the fall of 2008 and shot a 51 I believe. Like all of you, I was hooked. In the summer of 2009, I was shooting consistently in the low to mid 90's and also broke 90 with an 8
  3. Don't know if anyone has seen this yet but it's a pretty interesting journey this guy is taking. 10,000 hours of practice (6 hours a day, 6 days a week for 6 years) starting from the hole backwards, working his way to become a "professional" golfer. http://www.thedanplan.com/index.php I saw a write up about it the other day and he's just over 1 year in right now. He started literally just putting from 1 foot for a month or something. Then moved to 3 feet, then to all over the green and after a year he's now I think around 75-100 yards away from the hole so he's never swung a driv
  4. aku

    College golf

    Hey guys. I was really hoping that id be able to play golf for uc san diego. Im a junior in highschool, and mu gpa is 4.0 uw and 4.3 w. My handicap is around a 1.4 . Im gonna start tournaments soon for ajga. Whats my chances for playing for them, as well as other d2 schools. thx
  5. I took up golf full time a year ago i was a 22.4 after my first handicap index. after a couple of lower rounds in to 80s I realized my love and passion for the game and decided to get a coach and practice everyday 5-6hr im now down to a 0.9 and done well in the last three tournements i have played i want to improve as much as possible do you think i have a shot??
  6. Ladies and gentlemen, I am new to both this site, and game of golf as I only picked up a club for the first time 6 and a half months ago. I believe I belong to a small group of gifted golfers, as I have a 4 handicap and am regularly just barely off of par on a par 72 course. (Yes I understand the claim I just made. No I am not a troll.) my goal is scratch or under by the 10 month mark, as it's currently below zero where I live which makes it difficult to get out and continue my progress. I am an extremely long ball hitter (at 6'5" 260 pounds and 24 years old) and regularly hit 300+ on my
  7. I Just turned 18, first time i ever picked up a golf club was 3 years ago. My current handicap is +2. I've fired tournament rounds in the 60's. Lowest round is a 5 under 67, which ive done more times than i can remember. The best of those 67's was where i had a double bogey and came in 5 under still.. Could of been -7 if i only made par, Maybe next time lol! Anyways what do you think my chances of playing professionally one day after college would be?
  8. Hello, I was just wondering if anyone has any experience playing on Mini Tours? First off, I am a 24 year old and I'm going to be laid off within the next couple weeks. I hope that everything happens for a reason.I have played golf at a high level for a number of years. I had many golf scholarships after graduating high school but turned them down due to financial reasons. I am currently a 0 or 1 handicap. I have only played 4 rounds this year (70, 68, 72, 69 ). I am very interested in going down to Florida to play on a mini tour while I am laid off. I know that the mini tours like that aren't
  9. I'm a 10 handicap now Used to be a 3 Didn't golf for a year Will be a 3-6 very shortly can you guys think of anybody my age, going pro when they are 30? I'm 26 with a crazy work ethic, thinking I'll be pro when I'm 30-33. Anybody follow igolftv? Awesome guy! Zack
  10. I'm 14 and have been playing for about a year and a half and have a handicap of 17. There are a few players that are younger than me who are better however they have been playing since a very young age. If I were to dedicate all my spare time to golf would it be possible to turn pro? Bare in mind next year I will have GCSE's and then after that I will have my A levels so I will need to spend the majority of my time studying. Please give your honest opinions.
  11. Hey guys/girls I'm new to this Im turning 30 soon and was wondering if its to late to try and make a career in golf ,, I started playing a year and a half back and try and play 4 times a week ,, My brother played a lot of tournaments and has won a cupel of them Thanks you for your time :-)
  12. Hey guys I'm just wondering I want to turn pro after I'm done school I'm in my 10th grade right now so I have two more years of school after this year and I want to know what I want to do after school if I want to turn pro I don't think I will get a scholarship because my marks are not doing very wellbut what's another way of turning pro but not playing college golf thanks?
  13. Hi, (age 22) Played golf for around 3 years, but only casually for the first 2 years. Taken it seriously for 11months after I received my original handicap of 16, but have been cut to 7 since then. Hitting driver on a good day between 260-300, solid yardages with most of clubs down to gap wedge going around 105/110. Really looking for a career in golf, whether it be as a club pro or a tour player (aim high!). Am going to give myself 2 years to get my handicap down to scratch/ +'s. How realistic would that be? And does anyone have any tips towards going down this road? and
  14. Hey guys I was always told I had a natural talent for golf however I also had a natural talent for combat sports and chose the combat sports rout. I did wrestling in high school and boxing in college. however my history of brain cancer has kept me from competing in those sports but I still participated for the love of the sport but the final nail in the coffin was when I had a stroke about a year and a half ago and the doctors told me to stay away from those sports for life. I was greatly depressed but then decided maybe i can get into golf. It's a little late to consider the possibility of be
  15. Hello everyone! Im 20 years old, and im wondering what you guys thinks about the chances for a 20 y/o boy to become a pro? My hcp at the moment is around 10. If i give all, and dedicates a lot of my time to golf, do you think I can become a professional player some time? Best regards
  16. I'm making this thread my "journal" thread. I'm writing a book called "A month to shoot 70's", where it's all my thoughts. The title comes from the fact that I have around a month to consistently shoot in the low 70's until high school golf starts. I'll post here every night for a month, maybe more, with my progress. Pictures, videos, etc will be included. I think it'll be cool for everyone to look back on my notes when I'm in the Big Show. Day 1 Getting at the course around four, to my dismay the driving range was closed. With winter creeping up, irrigation was set in and it w
  17. Dear all I have been teaching at the local club with some of the youth this summer and working with the clubs pro, the next step for me is to become pro. Just wondered what people on here thinks as im only 18 wont be good enough to get on a tour. My main problem is most people who have turned pro i know and have spoke to say they have lost interest in playing rounds they just work in the golf industry. Cheers
  18. Hey everyone, new here. So I like the forums here and reading but man, do people knock guys who ask about going Pro later in life. I am no pro; yet. I really want to see where it leads me but here is my basic story: Never touched a club until I was 20 years old with my now father in law.. had some cheap wal-mart wilsons that were my dads and they needed an extra guy. I played a year of college hockey at this point and played baseball/hockey/soccer in high school. I feel I have an addictive personality, and this game took a hold of me; Now I am 25 and here is what happened
  19. I am an Amateur Golfer from Oxfordshire, England. My goal is to make it onto the European tour by the time I am 25. I am trying to play a full season this summer including county matches, county order of merit and National tournaments. I am struggling to find ways to fund my season at the moment, I am happy to work but I am struggling to find a job that will be flexible enough to allow me time off for tournaments and practice and I have only managed to raise minimal sponsorship. So far in 2013 I have already managed to secure a 4th place finish in the Algarve Winter Tour (Portuguese Pro Tour)
  20. I know that a lot of people might think I am cocky for saying that I'll become a professional. I am not being cocky, I am setting high to reach goals and on my way to completing them, and How I intend to complete them is to give my best effort everyday. People say I am setting myself up to fail. It is actually the opposite. By giving myself a one way ticket, it means I have to commit and make sure I do everything in my power to get there. Nobody played it safe to become successful, look at Bill Gates, a ivy league drop out and that took a risk, look where he is today. I am taking risk by choos
  21. I need your thoughts. My golf game has really developed as of late. I know that I have a good game inside me. I have shot several rounds in the low 70's. My lowest round is 70 at my home course. I have shot a couple 9 hole rounds under par as well. but.... last weekend, while I was playing with the "Sunday crowd" at my home course, I shot an 85. Just could not get it together. Why do I have these days? I really want to start being competitive in some mini tour tournaments, and who knows from there. My dream is to make the NationWie, and be good enough to actually try Q school. Actually,
  22. I am a german golfer who has another handicap than you. The last 7 rounds were 82, 81, 85, 83, 79. My handicap-index is 15,7 and i've been playing golf vor 1.5 years now. I am 14 years old. My next target is scratch golf and i just want to update this thread after every competive round of golf until i am a scratch golfer. My golf instructor is Tiger Woods, because of his book. I read it multiple times and i pay attention to every single point in this book. So my swing looks pretty like Tiger's Swing in 2000 but not as perfect as his swing. I know you all will laugh about m
  23. Your Open Question: I'm 23 and want to go pro in golf. Is it possible? Ok so my friend invited me to Charlotte to play The Pointe golf course on Lake Norman and I went and embarrassed myself really bad. I had hit golf clubs and played a few times in my life but never seriously. I didn't even own clubs. But after that day I was hooked and wanted to play and make myself better. That was February of 2011. I probably shot a 130-140. Seriously. But then my friend got a job at a sports store and got me a nice discount on a new set of Callaway x20's (4-PW) and the Razr hawk driver, 3 and 5 wood and
  24. Hello guys, I'm miky. I'm 28 and I come from Italy. Ma handicap is 10 and I want to became a pro golfer. I'm searching a school for six months /one year, for improve my golf and became an italian pro. I would like come in usa for my training. I need to stay in a campus and practise All day golf with professional teacher. Could you please tell me best school for my goals. Thanks so much!!
  25. Well I am guessing that many of you have had a dream of becoming a tour pro. But I am doing something a tad different! I am Grinding and Grinding and Grinding! Working 24/7 on my golf game! in two months I went down from a 5 to a 2! its incredible feeling to achieve something like that :) I plan to become a Tour Professional after college! People have said That I won't make it, but what what do they know?? haha They also said it would be nearly impossible to get down to a 2 by the end of the year and I did it in two months! This is what I will do to become a Tour Professional! 1. Practice Putt
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