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  1. After buying half a set (so far) of individual clubs from different vendors, I see my wedges are now longer than my 7 and 9 irons. The problem started with the fact that I have very long arms, and am fit to a PING Gold dot club, even though I'm 5'10". So I bought 7 and 9 iron PING gold dot G410s. The 7 iron is 36.75in and the 9 iron is 35.75in. I will say that these do feel short, but I believe they are only .25" shorter than Ping's "standard shaft length" on these clubs. I also ordered a couple PING gold dot G25 wedges off ebay. To my surprise, once I got them I see the shafts on th
  2. There are roughly three basic motions or shots you can hit with a wedge. They are: Full swing (includes any "normal" swing down to as little as a 1/4 swing). Chip (short to medium length shot, good shaft lean, uses the leading edge) Pitch (short to medium length shot, minimal shaft lean, uses the bounce; includes bunker blasts) In each, bounce is important: Full swing (gets the clubhead out of the ground, prevents taking big divots, enhancing feel) Chip (same as a full swing, but you don't want so much bounce you need to have your h
  3. Do you have a club that you default to around the green, say 40 yards and in? I've typically leaned towards the strategy of using the same club and practicing different types of shots with it. It's usually my lob wedge. I've tried to transition to using my sand wedge, but would always go back to my lob wedge. I've also tried getting used to a less lofted iron (8 or 9) when hitting a shot with a lot of green to work with that runs, but find when I do that I'm just not as confident since i haven't practiced and done it as often as just hitting my lob wedge.
  4. Hi! I'm struggling with chip shots with my wedges. Let's say I have 25 yards to the pin and I have to fly the ball 15-20 yards to land it on the green. My typical miss is a duff (maybe feeling unsure, not moving the weight to the left), but recently I also started topping! This happens both with my 52 and 58 degrees. PW works better but goes too low. Any advice? Any swing thought? Any drill? Thanks in advance!
  5. Good day, all. I have buckets of questions, but this one comes up consistently in my game: I don't really have a good tool for the 100 yard shot. And it comes up all the time. My first method was to lay off the pitching wedge. I hit it about 130 yards on a pretty good stroke. Then I got myself a gap wedge. Note: my budget is pretty tight, so I picked up a used one. It is peculiarly short, 52 degree loft. I like the club, but it only hits about 85-90 yards for me. That is similar to what my sand wedge hits, so I do not have a club for this distance. I am not entirely unsatisfi
  6. I was digging through the basement of my house which is stuffed full of old stuff. While digging through I found these guys. They are Wilson brand - they say Custom - They say "Ed 'Porky' Oliver" - The wood wedges have B4250 - The irons say 1002. I really have no idea what I am looking at but I am hoping you all can help out. Do you know the year? Are they worth anything more then the nostalgia? They are in pretty good condition from what I can tell. Any information would help, or even suggestions on a better place to find the information I need? Thanks!
  7. New to this forum so hi all! I've played for a year now and always played with a poor set. I've just took over a set of TaylorMade RSi2's (4-Pw). As I'm 6'4 the clubs are 1 inch longer (once got measured at an open day somewhere and this is right for me). So this is the setup with lengths: Nr - std - plus1inch i4 - 38,25 - 39,25 i5 - 37,75 - 38,75 i6 - 37,25 - 38,25 i7 - 36,75 - 37,75 i8 - 36,25 -36,25 i9 - 35,75 - 35,75 Pw - 35,5 - 36,5 I don't have the sets Aw (50) and Sw (56), but the standard length for those are: Aw - 35,5 - 36,5 (same as Pw) Sw -
  8. Getting a good deal, maybe too good to be true on this SM6 Vokey. Was wondering if anyone could help tell if these are authentic or not. Would be a huge help and thank you in advance
  9. What bounce and grinds would you use on a 52 and 58, in a setup with a 47 degree PW? I'm looking into getting wedges that would allow me to use this set of lofts so I can drop a wedge from the bag. The 58 will basically be my lob and sand wedge, and my bunker club of choice most of the time. For somewhat longer sand shots the 52 will be used. This makes it hard to choose the right bounce and grind because both clubs will need to play well opened up, without raising the leading edge, but both are used from the sand too, for which higher bounce usually helps. The gap between 52 and 58
  10. I've been talking with the fine folks at Orange Whip and today it seemed like a coincidence when a student/golfer had an Orange Whip Wedge in his bag. Though it's intended mostly for working on the short game, I filmed two swings in order to demonstrate how the shaft goes into slight forward deflection and how the forces in the golf swing act on the clubhead and to help line up the shaft at impact. First one was pretty good, second was a bit on the toe. The super whippy shaft (again, the OW Wedge is primarily intended for short game work!) leads to an odd follow through (my left
  11. I got a new 52 degree wedge and I noticed that it's shaft is smaller than my 60 degree wedge that I've been having for awhile. my 52 degree length feels absolutely fantastic and I have a lot more control with it over my 60 degree (which I realize now why I've been choking up on it so hard) how much length should I cut off my 60 degree? I'd say my 60 is just shy of an inch longer than my 52
  12. TL;DRers read the bold text: Currently, beyond a 46* GI PW, I have two Warrior Golf wedges from a garage sale; one 52* wedge with practically no bounce at all, and a 56-12 sand wedge. They have served me well, and I haven't had to deal with Warrior Golf's iffy marketing which is a plus, but these wedges have a very prominent square heel which sharply limits the situations in which I can open the clubface for that nice high 20-yard pitch that sticks hard where you put it. I've gotten better at that open shot out of sand and thick grass lies, despite the equipment, but now I'd like a wedge
  13. From the album: Memorial 2016

    © © 2016, Erik J. Barzeski

  14. From the album: Memorial 2016

    © 2016, Erik J. Barzeski

  15. iacas

    Jason Day Hits a Wedge

    From the album: Memorial 2016

    © 2016, Erik J. Barzeski

  16. From the album: Memorial 2016

    © 2016, Erik J. Barzeski

  17. iacas

    Jordan Spieth

    From the album: Memorial 2016

    © 2016, Erik J. Barzeski

  18. I know Cleveland do a 588 cavity back range, but are there any other good cavity back wedges I can buy?
  19. The absolute weirdest thing has been happening lately today on the golf team I played horrible granted I was a little under the weather and I had to play with 2 kids who really destroy my mental game while playing but wtf was going on my iron play was awful I had no idea why but it was my wedge it was the weirdest thing I kept hit my wedge literally horizontally right like I had absolutely no idea.what was causing this what part of the face was it coming off it was the absolutely weirdest thing can someone plz help
  20. Help! I need help chipping around the greens. I have been taught the Some some, Some No and No No story, but I still often hit the ground or blade it. What can I do to correct this? Also, I am TERRIBLE out of the sand. I have always been taught to aim for 1 inch behind the ball (this is when chipping from the sand, not long distance) but I often get all sand or all ball. I welcome all mockery, as long as you provide a tip. (that's what she said). Thanks in advance.
  21. I have a 60 degree wedge that I would like to use through this season. It's a replaceable face Taylor Made xtf conforming (not Z nonconforming grooves). There is literally nowhere to buy the replaceable faces anymore, they have become like rare gold on ebay. Anyway my grooves are okay but the bottom of the face plate where it connects to the head is becoming cracked, forming a quasi groove. Is this club now illegal by USGA rules because of the fracture? I don't think this created groove comes into play on normal shots, though it may be deep enough to impact something, though not noticeably. Is
  22. Hey guys, I purchased my first set of Vokey wedges about 2 months ago. I've got a 54 deg F grind(14 bounce) and a 58 deg K grind(11 bounce). Both have served me well. However, there is a noticeable problem when playing greenside flop shots within 20ft of the pin. The 58 degree wedge with it's face all the way open will not pop up the ball in "fluffy" grass since the grind an bounce won't let it. The 54 will do it, but the ball arc the club produces is shallow(turns into a bump and run)...even with a half swing. Being that I am a digger, and my wedges are "digger" friendly....wh
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