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Found 14 results

  1. My taylormade burner is unbelievable. Bought it when I was a sophomore in high school, maybe freshman, played 3 years of high school golf with it and a decade of a golf after till now. I just recently changed the grip for only the second time. Used to play one on there that looked like a dog chewed it up. For as long as I can remember that driver has been unbelievably good. I still hit it 300+ Regularly and I recently changed to a new m5 for a stint and came back to my original burner. I hit it so consistently good still. I’m saying best driver of all time. Also making the case for an old trusty club. I feel like golf clubs may turn into vintage guitars where there is an era where they get it right and then everything else is just trying to convince you it’s better. Not saying it’s past or even present, only considering it may start with my Burner. Think your driver is better?
  2. I didn't include an "I don't know" in the choices in the poll above because that's the only answer any of us should choose. Hell, even Tiger and Joe himself don't necessarily know if he's the best choice - Tiger just uses the available information to arrive at a decision. But I've been thinking for awhile now that LaCava may not be the best for him. Stevie Williams was, of course, Tiger's caddie for 13 of 14 majors. He split off from Tiger not too long after the Thanksgiving night stuff in 2009. One of Stevie's best qualities, IMO, was that he didn't take shit from Tiger, and he'd step up and let himself be heard when he had something to say. He made Tiger hit a 60° wedge instead of (IIRC) a 56° wedge on the 18th at Torrey Pines in 2008, going so far as to say something like "I know how much this means to you, and if you don't hit the shot you want, fire me on the spot, but I feel that strongly it's a 60 here." The recent Tiger Woods biography pointed out that LaCava stood by and did virtually nothing while Tiger was walking around and surveying his options and ultimately dropped in the wrong spot on the 13th hole at Augusta in 2013. In fact, I've almost never seen Joey LaCava step in and talk to Tiger when the situation may warrant it - to cool Tiger down when he's running hot, to get him to focus when he's getting sloppy, etc. Williams could be seen doing these things - and more - all the time. He'd engage. He'd put his opinion out there. He'd tell Tiger - again this is documented in the book - to get his head on straight and to pay attention, or whatever. Joe just seems to be a bag carrier. Maybe that's what Tiger wants. Maybe he has lost some of his drive and passion and just wants to be a happier, less focused guy on the course. Maybe he doesn't want to have a guy getting in his face demanding something during his rounds. I don't know. None of us do. But the poll intentionally only has "yes" or "no" as possible answers. So vote. I voted "no." I think Tiger needs a more forceful, direct, in-your-face type of caddie. I think he needs to be challenged more, I think he needs to be held in check more, and I think he needs someone who can slap him around a little bit when he starts to get off track.
  3. Hi All, I was curious what you guys think about the latest driver technology. In a previous post I was asking about new irons to replace my ping eye 2s. I ended up with the Ping G irons and they have been pretty good so far. Now, I have been using the same driver for almost as long as my old eye2s. I use a Taylormade 510 driver with a 8.5 degree loft and a fujikura stiff flex shaft from roughly the same time period. I average about 270 yards off the tee...on good days I hit closer to 280-300...but the average is around 270. I am fairly good with it, but I am just wondering if the latest technology would provide more distance, etc. The reason I ask is because I own a Ping G 3 wood stretch club that has a 13 degree loft. I hit that off the deck about 260 yards. I also have a 3 wood g10 15.5 degree that I hit beautifully about 245-250ish off the deck. I also hit the same model 5 wood about 230ish. I hit the fairway woods really well and with the distances I am getting off those clubs makes me think that I am not hitting the driver as long as I should. My swing speed averages between 105-110 with the driver...topping out at 112mph when I go after it. What do you guys think? A higher loft? I have never had trouble getting the 8.5 up in the air...I am also fairly consistently straight with the driver as well.
  4. I'm going to vote after I give it a little thought.
  5. So I am 21 years old, and never had a set of my own clubs, I’ve always used clubs that have been passed download. Currently I am using a set of Ping Eyes from 82 and a TaylorMade Ti Bubble driver from 96. What clubs should I look at? I’m not very good, but when I make solid contact I can carry the ball well, so I would like something that’s pretty forgiving. I’ve been thinking 5-Pw, maybe a Gw, 3 wood and 5 wood, and a driver. Please tell me what to look for and what to avoid, I’m dealing with about a $1200 budget. Any advice would be great
  6. Simple question. I voted for Woods. I'll close the poll when either of them wins.
  7. https://www.pgatour.com/tournaments/farmers-insurance-open.html I think he makes the cut, finishes 20th to 40th.
  8. Mod Note: this topic was created from an off-topic discussion in the Predict Tiger's 2018 Season discussion, after about 31 or 32 posts (hence @billchao's plea in post #31 to get back on topic. ??? No more so than almost every player on the PGA Tour. And less so than a good chunk. I don't know where you're getting that, but I disagree I'm getting that from watching this video and othes. He dips down 6 inches on a five iron, and stays down there, pulling off a massive timing move pulling up his left side to have an 8 inch level low spot. Amazing, but I see no one on tour doing that much. Lots of guys dip down to the ball, but non like Tiger. His shoulders steepen from X to X-20, more than anyone on tour. He puts massive twist and strain on his back maintaining posture with that speed with his angles. BTW, I will continue to make absurdist funny (to me and anyone who's ever read more than 3 books) statements as long as I live, cause its the right thing to do. Do you really not get Monty Python? Sad. Seriously, is it impossible to walk away from this absurd game with half a billion and do anything else? Al Frankin made a switch. Now he's back to comedy, but at least he gave it a shot.
  9. Tiger underwent an "Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (MIS ALIF) at L5/S1". I honestly wondered why he didn't do this before. You can have a few fusions and still turn plenty well enough to play golf. http://www.tigerwoods.com/news/2017/04/20/225438912/tiger-undergoes-successful-back-surgery-to-alleviate-pain
  10. http://www.golf.com/tour-news/2017/02/12/tiger-woods-shows-support-nikes-equality-campaign He's largely avoided being political int he past, but he has commented on race a little in the past. He's not in that commercial, from what I could see, but he's tweeting about it.
  11. I have been having trouble properly filling my gapping when I get over 200 yards right now I am hitting my 4 iron 205 and my 3 wood goes 240. I am currently playing a 3 hybrid but I don't like the feel of it. Im thinking about adding maybe a 5 wood. i have a three iron currently out of my bag because it is difficult to hit and it only goes about 210 right now.
  12. Hello TST Universe, I recently picked up fitted Tour Edge EX9 Driver, 4-wood and 3-hybrid... My clubhead speed is around 105 mph... I was "technically" fitted for Stiff flex, but I decided to get X-flex to tighten the dispersion some... Good move, or should I have stuck with S-flex?
  13. Christine is an excellent sports writer for USA TODAY. Today on page 1 of the Sports section. She was picked to do the birthday column since today is Tiger's 40th birthday. First, I want to wish Tiger a Happy Birthday! Christine discusses Tiger's 7 surgeries and his present physical condition, based on his own words. She then sums it up by writing that he is 40 going on 70! She gives a retrospective on his brilliant career since it is over! If Christine is right, then Tiger finishes 2nd to Jack in total professional Majors won (18 vs 14). He is 2nd to Jack in Masters won (6 vs 4). In the US Open, Tiger is 2nd again with 3 compared to the 4 won by Jack, Willie Anderson, Bobby Jones and Ben Hogan. In the Open Championship, Jack and Tiger are down the list with 3 apiece. Vardon won 6, and James Braid, J H Taylor, and Peter Thompson had 5 piece. In the PGA, Tiger's 4 is second to the 5 won by Jack and The Haig. In total PGA wins, Tiger's 79 is second to the Slammer's 84. Will Tiger continue to play? He says "Yes, IF his body let's him. And if it does NOT let him, then he has a contingency plan. "If I am not able to compete at the highest level in golf, I will find other things where I can compete at ". I guess we need to sing Bob Hope's theme song to him. "Thanks for the memories". It WAS a great ride!
  14. Patch

    Tiger Turns 40

    I met a guy a few weeks ago who was traveling to Vegas who worked behind the entertainment scene as a "Grip" or "Key Grip". (IDK what that is). He saw my clubs and we started talking bout golf. On his phone he had picts with Woods and himself at some commercial that was being made. I believe he said the commercial was made last July. He basically said the same thing, that Woods moved around like an old man. That when he was not needed on camera, that he would be off, resting by himself, and that his people would be working with the commercial people on what they wanted Woods to do, or say. It's interesting that a reporter would also come up with the same "old man" scenario......40 going on 70.
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