Most Memorable Masters Moments

In this first installment of a new weekly feature here at The Sand Trap, we take a look at the most memorable Masters tournaments.

Trap Five LogoWelcome to a new column here at The Sand Trap .com. Every Tuesday, the “Trap Five,” an admittedly non-clever play on words (“top five”) will count down the top five… whatevers! One week we’ll have the top five swings in golf, and the next week we may have the top five hottest player’s wives.

We’re starting it off in style as we count down the “Most Memorable Masters Moments.” Our criteria vary, and any list is up for debate. You won’t find Phil Mickelson’s victory last year here, nor will you find Faldo’s in 1996 over Greg Norman. Larry Mize’s chip-in didn’t make the list, and Mike Weir’s victory was pretty ho-hum. Roberto de Vicenzo is missing, as are a whole host of others. Who did make the cut? Find out…