Scorecard Beta Testers Wanted

Do you think you’ve got a knack for finding bugs? Want a sneak peek at Scorecard 2?

I’ll keep this short. Scorecard 2 – software I’ve helped to develop for tracking your golf game with simple but meaningful statistics – will enter private beta testing shortly for Mac OS X and Windows.

If you’d like to beta test Scorecard 2 and you’re a member of the forum, please check here. If you’re not a forum member and you’re interested, please see the brief note on my personal blog.

P.S. Yes, it’s April Fool’s Day. No, this isn’t a joke at all. It wouldn’t be a very funny one, now would it?

Leupold Contest Winners

Congratulations to all who entered the Leupold giveaway contest.

Leupold GX-IFor the past two weeks, we’ve had a contest to give away a Leupold GX-I and GX-II laser rangefinder from our friends at Leupold. Today it’s our pleasure to announce the winners of the contest.

In total, 5867 people entered the contest. Winners were drawn randomly, one at a time, from the database, and here are the lucky (and smart!) winners.

First Place
Choosing to go with the GX-II as he “doesn’t play in tournaments that often,” Drew Patten! Drew is also known as drewdown in the forum.

Second Place
Steven Jones is pleased as punch to be the proud new owner of a Leupold GX-I. Steven goes by the username srjorion in the forum.

Third Place
Winner of a fine Leupold hat, John Bonner, a.k.a. Jeepthrills in the forum.

Congratulations to all three winners. More details (and the answers to the contest) below.

Last Day to Enter Leupold Giveaway

The entry deadline is today! If you haven’t entered, do so now!

Leupold GX-IToday is the last day to enter the contest to win a Leupold GX-I or GX-II laser rangefinder (and three super-spiffy hats).

To enter, answer a few trivia and product questions on this page. Every answer can be found at the Leupold golf rangefinder site, our review, or elsewhere on the Web.

So far, we’ve received over 5,000 entries, and the contest ends today. Enter now.

Contest! Win a Leupold GX-I or GX-II!

Win a GX-I or GX-II laser range finder from Leupold and The Sand Trap .com!

Leupold GX-IWe’ve teamed with Leupold to give away a Leupold GX-I, a GX-II, and three super-spiffy hats.

To enter, we’ve setup a page at with a few trivia questions about the Leupold GX-I and GX-II. Entering is simple: fill out the form, answering the questions correctly, and submit it. We’ll randomly choose from the correct answers to give away the prizes.

Every answer can be found at the Leupold golf rangefinder site, our review, or elsewhere on the Web.

Click here to visit our contest page. And hurry – the contest ends on March 11.

Happy Holidays from The Sand Trap

If you can golf during the holiday season, yes, we’re envious.

St. Andrews SnowThe Sand Trap wants to take this opportunity to thank you for stopping by. Everyone here at The Sand Trap wishes you nothing but the happiest of holidays and plenty of birdies in 2009.

Though this portion of our site will be “closed” until the new year (January 12, to be precise), we still invite everyone to join our forum (it’s free). Share with us what you want – or what you get – for Christmas!

We’ll be back soon, and when we return, we’ve got three reviews we know you’ve been waiting for: the Titleist 909 drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids. Until then, can anyone recommend a large-headed shovel with the latest in graphite shaft technology? I’ve looked everywhere at the online golf retailers and can’t find anything!

Newport Cup 2K8: Some Photos

Some photos from the week that was the Newport Cup 2K8.

Newport CupThe 2K8 Newport Cup is in the books, but we’d like to share some photos of the event. Before doing so, again, we’d like to thank this year’s tournament sponsors, without whom the event would not be quite as fun: FootJoy, Titleist, Leupold, Frogger, Zero Friction, and Crocs. Please support our sponsors, as they were not chosen only because they were willing to put some nifty stuff into the hands (and on the backs or heads) of some avid golfers, but because they produce the finest quality stuff available. We all truly appreciate and like their products.

The images are in no particular order (except the first one), but click through to get a small glimpse into the week that was the Newport Cup 2K8.

Newport Cup 2K8: The Results

The Red team wins again, and Cody gets off the shnide, winning his first Newport Cup. 🙂

Newport CupNewport Cup 2K8 is in the books, and we have a winner. The Red team, taking up for Tiger Woods’ absence, overcame a two-point deficit in the Sunday singles to take this year’s edition of the staff competition, 19-17 in Erie, PA and surrounding areas.

As a member of the vanquished side, I can say that the week had a whole lot of laughs, a whole lot of rain, wind, clouds, and cold, and one incredibly stupid golf course.

What follows is a quick recap of the scoring. Though I’m sure the Red team might like to see more details, I’ve (fortunately for many) left those to the memories of the participants, where they will soon (hopefully) fade.

Newport Cup 2K8: The Sponsors

The 2008 Newport Cup is here, as competitive rounds start tomorrow at one of America’s toughest courses.

Newport Cup 2K8The 2008 Newport Cup begins tomorrow, but staff members and competitors will arrive today. We’ll have a cookout, the guys will get settled in, we may play some Tiger Woods on the Wii or Xbox 360 (or watch coverage, if there is any, of the BMW Championship), and in general unwind after what will be a trying day for many aboard our nation’s airlines.

I along with other members of the staff will likely report on the Newport Cup – including the results – next week, but right now I’d like to take the opportunity to thank the sponsors of our event this year. FootJoy, Titleist, Leupold, Frogger, Zero Friction, and Crocs have all come through to provide our staff with a pretty nice goodie bag. All of the goodies were selected by me as “best-in-class,” so their sponsorship of this event can also be taken as an endorsement of their products.

So once again, and not for the last time, thank you to our sponsors. This year’s event is shaping up to be a great one, and we have you to thank.

Slow Play Week 2K7 Recap

One Week, One Hour. You too can speed up the game of golf and make it more enjoyable for everyone.

Site NewsIf you missed “Slow Play Week 2K7,” don’t fret. We’ve got a list of all the articles here.

The unofficial theme of the past seven days here at TST has been “One Week, One Hour.” We dedicated the week to chopping one hour from our times, whether that’s bringing the dreadful six-hour round down to an almost manageable five or the barely tolerable five-hour round down to a more ideal four. Frankly, we all believe can play faster than that, but we’re taking baby steps.

Slow play is something in which you can make a difference. Educate yourself (as everyone can speed up) and educate others, because that’s the only way the word will spread. Help the slow newbies – don’t just curse your luck in being paired with them.