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    • I like the sklz ball first trainer for hitting off a mat.  Feedback for hitting fat, hitting at the toe, hitting towards the hosel. But they are not making them anymore.  My has a crack in it, I think I'll try to make one with that small sheet of polycorbonate.   Me too, same problems with my swing. I have corrected it but sometimes regress. For me I focus on steady head through back swing until contact, and shift weight to front foot at the start of the downswing. (Key 1 and 2 of the 5 simple keys).  I also sight a spot about an inch in front of the ball as my contact point.
    • I definitely hit a lot of fat shots.  I just have trouble hitting the ball first and I am bad about coming over the top. I am 74.  Been playing off and on for years.  My parents probably couldn't  have afforded lessons but I can see that would have been the thing to do.  I have been doing things wrong for years and it will be hard to change.  I got me a new net.  Just going to start fixing self and hit a lot of balls if I can.  I have a good idea of what I am doing wrong but I don't  know if I can change it. I was going to try and change to the single plane swing.  I had better luck with the driver than the irons. Thanks for the ideas.
    • I'm 63. I was using a 12 degree driver with a senior flex shaft. The ball ballooned to much and I had too much dispersion. I have changed the shaft to a slightly heavier shaft in stiff flex and gotten much better results.
    • I agree that a lot of pros and really good players end up at a similar angle at impact as they started.  In this example, would it make mike more consistent/better if he started with his hands higher but got to the same impact angle that he currently does?  Maybe, I’m not an instructor.  Just seems like an easy thing to point out that might not be the most important thing to change, at least not directly.  

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