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    •   Unless the picture shows a ball where the bottom of the ball is touching the ground outside the hole and can therefore be replaced, the 'right' ruling hasn't yet been confirmed by either the USGA or the R&A.
    • The Ping booklet catalog from July 2017 shows it on pages between the G400 and iBlade irons. The current Ping website offers irons from the Ping G all the way forward to the G700.
    • The main thing that most OEMs will market is longer is better. Earlier in the thread, I stated that when woods were actually still wood the standard driver length was 43". @1badbadger,  correct me if I'm wrong the first graphite shaft were in the 90-100g range? I want to say. Even then, the driver only went to 43.5 to 44". In the 1990s, the 70-80g graphite shafts started to rule the market... Add another inch. We have shafts out there now, that are in the high 30s for weight... I kid you not... I've never seen it, but I've heard about it. A lot of your 46" drivers that have come out, have had shafts in the high 40s low 50s range. Sorry for the rambling, but I'm 6'5 ish" and I play a 44" Driver, with the swingweight properly returned to it's proper reading. I have plenty of distance... I don't need any... If I could've found a steel shaft to put an EX10 adapter on and put it in my driver, I would have. But 44" graphite is fine by me. (I'm probably going to be deadly accurate with it too). This will probably be the first and only time you will ever see a stiff shaft at 44" on a 460cc Driver head.
    • Yeah... that too. He is probably coming in too steep... I was waiting for you to chime in Erik... Because something didn't add up... Even if I hit an off the rack club on the lie board it's not a half club from the center line on the tape. It's probably around 1/2" toward the toe or so... which I why I play upright clubs. @GJT, it seems like it could be both a swing issue and equipment issue... Read what Erik has to say, he knows his stuff. I think if you need a change, you may be going to blue dot from black dot. @iacas, one degree or standard sound about right to you?
    • The only thing Nicklaus is in favor for is anything that will hinder the chances of the obviously much better golfers beating his records especially the 18 majors. 


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