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    • Read the review that @iacas wrote, and ask me any questions that you have.  With the narrower wheels at the read, it takes a little getting used to.  Its a little bit tippy when you lift the front wheels to turn it, especially on a slope..  But remember, this is meant to be controlled by the panel on the machine, so you're never likely to be far away.   As for durability, after about 3 months of active use, I see no reason to be concerned.  Obviously I may find out different after a year or two, but the quality of both design and construction appear to be very solid so far. I use a Ping Hoofer, and the bag stays pretty stable in its "cradle".  It does tend to twist a little, but that hasn't been an issue as far as how it functions.  
    • A 5 yard difference in height isn't going to make enough difference in the wind to make it worthwhile. Keep the more forgiving hybrids.
    • My daughter, and yes, it's pretty darn secure. I've never had a problem with it shifting much at all.
    • I think it depends on the course, who you're with, and what type of golf is being played. I have a group that we always get 4 of us together to play and one of us will bring a speaker. We also smoke a cigar or two. We also have MULTIPLE beers along the way. It's a guys get together on a golf course. But we are NOT loud enough to bother anyone else. You can't hear the music when we're on the green away from our carts. I have another friend that would NEVER allow a speaker/music during his round. We play significantly more serious golf. I walked 9 the other day by myself and thought that having earbuds might be a nice way to do that.  
    • I see the young lady in the review is using a Sun Mountain carry bag. I have an old Powacaddy, and tried a Kangaroo, and my carry bag moved all over the place on those. Does the carry bag stay in place on the QOD?  


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