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    • This company man. Burn rate baby. Burn rate. http://www.slashfilm.com/moviepass-ventures/
    • As a long time blade user, I have to chime in. I am now on my 5th set of blades. My first set were older Hogans, my second set were Mizuno MP30s (what an improvement) my third and fourth were Titleist blades, and I have had Callaway Apex MBs in the bag for 3 years now. I love blades and hope there is never a day when I need to go away from them. IMO blades are just better, the feel, the look, the playability, all of it. There is nothing like the feeling of a crisply struck shot with a forged blade. My thoughts about blades differ from some people's opinions on this subject. First, you are an 8.1 and most likely strike the ball well enough to play blades. Modern blades are not near as harsh as the muscle backs of the 70s and 80s. People think they are so hard to hit, with a repeating swing of a single digit handicap, they aren't. Mishits will ring the hands more than you are accustomed to, but I doubt very much you will notice any drop off in your ball striking or your scoring once you switch and get a few hundred balls under your belt. I didn't notice any difference when I switched, in fact my ball striking and scoring improved. You will, however, notice a bit of a loss of distance due to the fact that most blades are not lofted as strong.  Anyway as @iacas said life is short, those clubs are beautiful, get them and enjoy them. 
    • I played in those frozen conditions a few days ago. All my chipping, and pitch shots were done with my 7W. Actually I didn't use my irons much at all that day due to the hard turf.  Using my 7W allowed the club to sort of "slide" over the hard turf. By choking down, and using my putting stroke, chips were not a problem. I actually practice this shot from time to time.  Pitch shots were ok. Again the 7W design didn't allow it to try to dig into the turf, and bounce off causing topped contact.  I love my 7 wood. 
    • I think Mevo can only really measure up to 30 to 40 feet depending upon the ADC converter and noise filtering they do in the electronics and firmware. I actually have prototypes of the sensor they use and am starting to experiment some with it. Cool stuff. Even though I know how cheap the actual sensor is, Flightscope did a great job integrating everything. Loving mine. Full up Flightscope and Trackman are much better off with outdoor measurements. Otherwise, you would waste their capabilities.
    • Yes they do but if the net is 10 or 20 feet away it estimates the rest of the flight.


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