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    • Welcome to the TST. 
    • Welcome to TST.   We're glad you've joined.   
    • As @iacas wrote above, there's nothing disingenuous about it. I am quite sincere in my skepticism. FlightScope, a company founded to measure projectiles for defense (and continues to operate in that capacity), is a world leader in ballistic tracking. Their devices require a minimum of 15' of space (7' behind the ball at address and 8' of flight). And even with Titleist RCT balls, it still guesses the spin rate on some shots. The Mevo is just a radar device and is $500. The SwingLogic SLX Hybrid X3 Pro is a radar device, GPS, Bluetooth speaker, power bank, and waterproof, for the same price (MSRP). And it requires only 3' of space (you need more than 3' of space to swing a golf club, BTW)? I have to believe sacrifices are made somewhere. Actually, this thing is supposed to provide full shot analysis, right? Like the Mevo+ with Pro Package, but at a fraction of the price? Yea, I'm skeptical. I watched the review video on their site reviewing the SLX MicroSim, BTW. I don't consider that comparison to TrackMan "accurate." Is it in the ballpark? Sure. But is it accurate? Not really. Not by my standards, anyway. Some of us care about that.
    • Yeah, a brain fart. I would be killing it on the Hooters tour if I had a better........mental game. 😜
    • Day 165 (23 May 22) - still nursing the left foot, so I worked on transition from backswing to downswing using the 3w.  Followed with hitting hard foam balls (about 15 total) from my yard to my neighbor’s and back.  

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