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    • Couple of members at my CC have said good things about it. Would love to get out there for a late fall weekday..
    • I thought I had regular flex shafts in my irons, until my instructor said (paraphrasing) "these would have been considered stiff shafts back then" - back then as in less than 5 years ago, when my irons were new. Imagine my surprise... Actually, I still don't know what this means exactly, but it has inspired me to experiment. I bought a stiff shaft for my driver. I'm going to test it this off-season. For now that is a cheaper option for me than buying a new driver or getting fit. As it stands now, the only way I can remotely keep my driver (R-Flex) in play is by swinging it so excruciatingly slow it feels completely unnatural. @KloeshumanThank you for posting - I've been curious about people's experience w/ this sort of thing a while now. 
    • Finally got around to ordering and reading LSW.  Took me too long to do something I should have done awhile ago!

    • I had a thought this morning. Since this is spelled out in the Article II of the Constitution, would it not take a constitutional amendment to change it? p.s. - I wish they knew how to spell choose. 
    • So... almost every night before I go to sleep, I've got the Golf Channel on my TV.  I'll even go so far as to DVR some of the rounds I may miss and watch them when there is no golf being shown on a certain evening.  This leads to me turning off the TV and thinking about my golf game.  

      More often than not, I'll fall asleep thinking about a golf course I've played or am going to be playing and playing out certain shots in my mind.  I figure with a golf obsessed community such as the one here at TST, I can't be the only one that does this.

      So... my question is, what course or courses do you think about most often?  Are there holes you look forward to?  Are there holes you dread?  

      For me, it rotates.  I quite often think back to the course I played the most often in high school.  It was a 36 hole county course and we typically played 9 holes at a time, so we only ever really got to see the front side of each course when playing in those matches.  

      I loved the first 2 holes on the 'red' course and always think back to some of my best shots on those 2 holes.  There is also a hole on the 'white' course that I always loved, number 5.  If I'm having trouble falling asleep, I will walk through either of those 9 hole courses and think about how I'd play my shots.  

      On my current home course, the 14th hole kills me every time.  It's only 330 or so yards, but it's a little dogleg to the left with a tree on the corner.  I can never seem to draw the ball enough to get it around that tree.  I've tried hitting a 4 iron, but it usually catches the mounds on the right side and that feeds the ball off into the rough (which is very thick on that side to protect from players bailing out).  I've tried hitting as big a draw as I can with a driver, but I can't get myself to start it on an aggressive enough line to ensure it finishes in the fairway.  I believe the only par I've made on it was after having to punch out from the rough on the right side and then sticking an 8 iron to an inch.  Usually, I can guarantee myself a bogey or worse on that hole.  I often think about that hole when I've got a round coming up there and I try to 'game plan' for it.  

      Those are my courses and holes.  What about you?