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    • I have them on all the time !!!!!!!!!!!!
    • 93 today...could have been better. I played a course I've never played before, and it was by far and away the most difficult course I've ever played (the scorecard rating wouldn't lead you to think that; it's about as difficult as most of the courses I normally play). Mostly shot bogey (11) with 4 DB, 1 TB, and 2 Pars. The big thing today was really tricky, fast greens (I've never played greens this fast; I would barely touch the ball with the putter and it'd fly, and when I tried chipping or pitching, It'd be one bounce and off). Driving has actually significantly improved; I hit 6 fairways, and had approach shots very close to the green (usually about half a club length short; I decided that since I struggle with long irons, I'd take them out of the bag. The longest iron I had in the bag today was my 5). 
    • No, it's comparing risks and rewards. In the proposed scenario you are risking 5 years spent in jail if you fail, but the reward if you succeed is $5,000,000. In the comparison you are risking a horrible death in a car crash if you fail to make it to the ice cream shop safely, among other things, and the reward is getting ice cream. The odds of failure are low enough to offset the relatively small reward, however. The odds of success are 99.99%, or more. In this case the odds of success are somewhere between 70% and 90%, depending on your skill level. This means you have a 10-30% chance of going to jail for 5 years, but a 70-90% chance of winning 5 million dollars. The "average" expected outcome over the course of many golfers would thus be 0.5-1.5 years in jail and 3.5-4.5 million dollars. It just comes down to how risk adverse you are when you're wagering jail time against money. For those who are older it's likely a bad move. I outlined on the 3rd page why I would take the risk, but the general gist is that because I'm young losing those 5 years wouldn't ruin my life (with only about a 15% of it happening to me) but the $5,000,000 would be a huge boost that could help me ensure financial stability and success for the rest of my life.

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