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    • Made some progress with the net today! I changed two things: put the Mevo 6' behind the ball, and at the dot at the top of the ball, pointing upwards, and it worked a lot better. For comparison, here's some data: (Old net data) (New net data) New net data is a lot closer to pure outside data. Here's some 6 iron data that was purely outside: Data seems to be about right. I do think I'm swing slower into a net than outside, which is probably the biggest difference in the data.  The only negative is that it was still missing some shots, although it got better as I used it more with the net (also after I raised the Mevo to higher than the mat). It probably missed 4 of my first 10 shots, but then I think it only missed 1 or 2 after that. 
    • Looks like outdoor practice is back on the menu, boys! Will be nice to see ball flight and numbers at the same time.
    • I pay $1800 yearly and average out to about $.22 per stroke. I only play roughly nine holes per round because of the heat in the summer this year and the cold in the winter months as well. I guess I turned into a fair weather golfer. It used to cost me about $ 0.10-0.12 per strike. I rarely play any course other than my home course. 
    • On the typical public courses I play, probably 70 cents per strokes At the club I was at last year, probably $1.25 per stroke.  I played TPC Sawgrass about 6 years ago. I spent about $2.90 per stroke.   
    • You have the song you love immediately and you listen to it over and over, but a couple of months later, it's still a "just" a great song, but it's not as good as the song which on initial listens is like what is this, then a little later, you totally get it and it's genius and months later it's still genius, not just great. TLJ is somewhere towards the latter song, but not quite there.


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