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    • Ok, we played a par 3 course after our round today. I think I worked out a few things.  Full Swing @ Setup, feel like there is a bit more pressure under the left foot and keep the pressure there a bit more during the back swing. Then try the best to turn better on the downswing. When I did this, it just cleaned up contact and ball flight.  Short game - My consistent shot is the ball in the middle of my stance chip type shot right around the green.  Putting - A bit more shoulder turn versus hand movement. 
    • Welcome to TST.   You'll find there is a lot of great information here which will help your game.   It's great to golf with your dad but don't hesitate to pair up with strangers.   It's a great way to meet people and make friends.   We're glad you've decided to join.
    • How ever you look at it, it's a sweet deal for them.
    • Don't want to be the guy that says "Told you so" but nah.....Told you so.   
    • I have used this app in the past but when they added the new features and wanted to charge extra for them, I abandoned it.   I now just use my rangefinder.    The app would reload frequently.   It seems the app is still in beta mode although it has been released as a final product. 

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