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    • @Shorty your rule of thumb is way of. If a course is changed ( for example more then 150 meters shorter) you can not use it for handicap reasons. So I understand why your eyebrows don’t raise but thats because it looks like you use the system incorrect. Also I told that the wheather was good, but thats common here in Andalusia. We played from the official tees, which we allways do when playing competition. Check the links other people gave here to get a feeling about a score of 43 points as a true 18 capper.   
    • @Shortyyou know anything about the handicap system @Killa was talking about? In the EGA-system it is like he said. Bit ignorant to call it nonsense.
    • Who cares? I mean, I like this forum but if somebody who didn't know anything about golf asked why Group A hates golf while Group B loves it, I'd just point them to this thread right here. I thought Mickelson's actions were hilarious. The USGA can go f*** themselves. As far as I can tell Mickelson should have been disqualified. Again, who cares? Disqualify him. Don't disqualify him. Doesn't matter. It's not as if he was in contention. If some poor privileged white guy can't upgrade his SUV next year to the Asian Hand Job Nanny version, what do I care. DO NOT LOSE CONTROL OF YOUR COURSE IN SEARCH OF A NUMBER. And, Phil, just own what you did. It's fine to own what you did. A big old f*** you to the USGA is an appropriate response.
    • Day 19.  Spent an hour at the range (35 balls) working on maintaining my lag and hitting half shots, primarily.  I also hit several driver shots, both for full and bunting (I don't have a better word for "I need to get this in play but don't need the full driver swing right here, perhaps because it's tight enough that accuracy may outweigh my usual shot pattern").  I then spent 45 minutes putting, working on grip and pendulum (see latest in "my swing"), ranging from 3' to 30'.  Lastly, I spent about 20 minutes chipping, including some uphill lies. 
    • The rule of thumb for Stableford scores according to myself and I assume the majority of players who play competition golf is roughly as follows. Bear in mind that we probably play 4 out of 8 out of 10 rounds ( if you play in competition twice a week) as Stableford competitions and nowadays stroke scores are converted to stableford for HANDICAPPING purposes - not for competition results. Nett 76 can be 36 points if you have 10 on a hole because the 10 scores as a wipe (the score one  above a 1 pointer which would be a double on a hole you get no shots on. 36 points make you happy - you like to think you can get that 1/4 or 1/5 of the time Between 30 and 34 is a very common score Less than 30 is a crap round - but you know you're going to get  You l expect to get 37 to 38 maybe once very 6 or 7 rounds  A score of 40+ is quite common if your handicap is, say, 12 or above. Guys playing off 18 are probably going to score 40+ several times a year  A score of 43 points raises ZERO eyebrows if the person is playing off a handicap of 12 or over. In fine conditions if you walk off with 38 points on a Saturday there is no way you expect to win the competition. A person in B or C grade with 40 points in fine conditions can fully expect to be second or even third or fourth. In other words, an 18 handicapper who get 43 points quite probably feels he has left a shot or two out there. It is not an unusual score at all. The attachment shows a recent Saturday at my club. A, B and C grade. Handicaps are in the right hand column. Notice the guy off +2 with a score of 4 under. There is also a guy off 8 with 1 over. These are unusually high scores because the course is being modified and the weather would have been perfect. My point is that high stableford scores do not imply sandbagging.  


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