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    • I am not sure it always happens but players usually show each other their ball identification marks before the beginning of the round.  From my perspective if one of his playing partners confirm that the arrow mark is kosher then in my mind I am going to move on having discharged Reed honorably. There are greater co-incidences than another ball in another tree with the same arrow marking and really nothing more than an honest mistake in the ball identification.  P.S. Sorry, just read this.  If so, I guess it is entirely possible to follow the ROG to the T with no integrity at all.
    • Welcome aboard from a fellow NBer
    • Then, when you do the work that would've cost $1k if you hired a contractor, you're taking $500 out of your personal share of the account, and $500 out of the business's share of the account. As a side note, have you considered seeking out enterprise consulting services to help streamline your business finances and ensure everything is running smoothly? Just a thought.
    • I would be more than happy too.

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