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    • I binged the first season of Discovery while on holidays and am only an episode or two behind now.  I quite enjoy it.  Shows I watch on a somewhat consistent basis: Game Of Thrones Star Trek: Discovery Project Blue Book (although I need to catch up) The Walking Dead ( such a chore sometimes, but I actually like it more since Rick left) I also watch a lot of my Edmonton Oilers, and a fair bit of the Golf Channel (if they still aired the Big Break that would be on my list) Some shows I've abandoned over time: Suits CWs Arrowverse shows Vikings ( Floki sucks, man)    
    • @Thelonious_Funk, if you're not committed to changing a setup position, and you don't think you want to do it, why should anyone think you're willing to change a dynamic piece, which is much, much more difficult? Actual question.
    • I would have argued the opposite. I think it's harder to be a startup in club manufacturing because the industry is dominated by giants, especially when what you're offering is priced significantly higher than those of your peers. Even well established companies like Srixon or Cobra who don't get the same kind of exposure as Callaway or Taylormade aren't given the same consideration on the buying rack. The golf ball industry is much more diverse. Yea, Titleist still has a bigger share, but seeing new brands of ball manufacturers isn't uncommon, and a good amount of top pros are playing Taylormade, Bridgestone, etc. I don't think $70/dozen golf balls will sell well, but then again I thought the same of $350/club irons.
    • Caught up to Disco. This season of Star Trek is also really good. Lots of good tv lately and more to come. Do see some hating on the season, not liking Tilly, not Star Trek enough. I think it’s just about right. 
    • Thanks everyone!  Thats what I needed.

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