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    • In my opinion #5 Magnolia is an unsung hero/beast of Augusta. That green is so @#$%$ hard. But I also like the tee shot which is to a very wide fairway sweeping right and narrowing around those superb fairway bunkers and then a tough iron into the very nasty green which does not need sand protection. It is much like another MacKenzie hole I once played, i think at Hadley Wood in the UK.
    • First week back at work broke the little streak I was on... Will try to do better this time!

      Day 1: Spent an hour at the range working on partial wedges with grip change and tempo and launch angle with the driver using the Mevo. Successful day 
    • Ok, so not holding Alina's hand while walking. How about shaking hands with a perspective boss/employee?
    • Hi guys, sorry for the late response. Haven’t had a chance to take any better videos until now. Hopefully these videos allow you a better chance to give some more detailed feedback. I think my backswing looks ok it’s just my downswing and follow through I clearly need to sort out.  Please help. Starting to get frustrated with the inconsistency :(   
    • From my experience, not if the grip lies in the fingers properly. Think of holding a hammer, it's firm in the fingers/hand but your arm, wrist and shoulder are mobile enough to hammer the nail.


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