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    • I don't know about others, but I can't control distance on hybrids below 150 yards either. The moment I try hitting a ~190 yard club ~140 yards, I get a lower trajectory and a much higher % roll. It's the roll that makes it so unpredictable.  It's likely just a trade-off you'll have to accept playing this way.  It's probably possible to a hit a hybrid a shorter distance (than ones full swing would go) and get some distance control by making some adjustments (e.g. higher spin loft, left to right flight) but I think it would take a lot of skill and practice. 
    • @Buckeyebowman  You're 100% right there, and not even strictly age related, tho clearly it helps. Drove from one end of Ireland to the other last year to watch the Irish Open with lil brother. Upon checking in after a near 6 hour drive, we decided to make the hour drive to Ballyliffen GC (this years Irish Open venue, breath-taking). Suffice to say between the driving, the travel-related aggro (and wind!), I seemed to simply forget how to swing a club,as in, fully forgot. Not only was I physically up in arms, my putting was very wild, something I attributed to being generally frazzled. Still, the scenery was amazing, great watching a 15 year old unleash 350-yd (downwind :P) drives and the fact we were told we'd spent enough on petrol helped add to the enjoyment. Would feel much happier playing a rugby game after a bad nights sleep and a long-a*s drive, than a round of golf, too many minor things that need be working, pysically and mentally. Makes me realise how tough those latter stage of match-play days are with 2 (sometimes 18+ hole) rounds to get through, with all the associated stress pro golf brings too...Hardy..
    • I'm not sure about "liking" but any European who watched the Ryder Cup in 2012 will always give Poulter the benefit of the doubt!
    • After doing some more work at my local GC I'm pretty confident I'll go with a "Mitsubishi Tensei shaft" either a the blue Stiff 67g or the white X-stiff  77g (the latter I can buy second-hand for a third the price) trying out the new Tensei blue tomorrow
    • Thanks for your valuable suggestions, I will try to follow these suggestions.


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