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    • This time of year the spring peepers (small frogs) are awake and singing like crazy. The sound is almost deafening at night. It's great and let's us know that spring has sprung. Also - we're starting to see and hear the red-winged blackbirds. Another great song bird around here.
    • O'Keefes is nice. I have a jar in my office at work, and I used it daily when I actually worked at work. It was necessary due to the constant hand sanitizing, hand washing, and glove/double-glove wearing in cleanroom work. I should order a jar for home, or go pick it up. It would definitely help cracking/peeling on my thumbs and index fingers. Probably need to put on golfers tape for the blisters and hot spots on my left hand finger pads from the DTX texture, but I'd have to do a lot of taping. Drywall compound definitely sucks all the moisture out of one's hands. This is kind of what I do. I'm going to drop my compressor to 60 psi and use microbursts and see if it helps. If it still balloons, I'll slide a cake tester under the grip to break the seal before removing and adjusting.
    • Haha.....love the wise cracks, to me golf without humor for losers. But will try some of these suggestions. If I recall, didn’t Roy McLvoy have a weird shanking problem in ‘Tin Cup’?🤣
    • I realize this off topic with the shingles but "YOU DON'T WANT IT".  Yes I had chicken pox as a child and all of my vaccinations. On topic.   We have some friends that have decided not to get the vaccine.   They are up in age and anti-vaccine.  I'm sure we'll not see them again until I get the vaccine.   They have a large family and have a large group of friends and aren't concerned about getting General/Major/Colonel Covid-19.   Our other friends were in the hospital and know the virus is real and are taking it serious.  
    • This was some entertaining golf this week. Interesting course, good personalities on the leaderboard. Top notch!

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