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    • Played a new course on the coast... Hill View Course at Dara Sakor in Koh Kong, Cambodia.

      Tricky course for people who struggle with their driver like me. Nice hotel and beach area with hardly anyone around. 
    • In order to "post up" the weight has to get forward first.  Use the red/white sign in the background as a reference. DJ doesn't just start rotating from the top without the weight going forward, notice how the hips transfer and then he extends and stretches his left side. Also let's not lose sight of the priority here, the backswing pivot needs work. Of course your rotation is going to be off if you sway back and don't turn. The only chance you have of hitting it solid is to slide forward aggressively. Look at DJ's right hip on the backswing and compare it to yours. Fix the cause, not the symptom. 
    • Thanks for the clarification. No it was in exactly the same spot and lie. 
    • So based on everyone's replies and Ping's tracking statistics of their staff players, it might be around 15,000-20,000 steps and most definitely >10,000. I have this golf fitness hypothesis that walking that many steps a day is what every serious golfer should do to improve their endurance on the course and lower their scores. 
    • I think the point of the article was that he lost the desire to be out there. Almost like he missed that 4 ft putt "on purpose" so he could be done.