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    • Well… Your left arm goes from relatively deep and very high to "out" quite a bit at A5. This makes the forces in your hands work like this: Notice how the clubhead lines up with the white line, which traces the butt of the club and thus roughly the direction in which you're pulling your hands? The club's center of gravity (just above the shaft and above the clubhead) wants to line up behind whatever direction you're pulling the handle. Since your hands are going from high to down, pretty steeply, the clubhead and shaft come down steeply. That's the first issue, definitely. The second issue is that you don't use your lower body much at all: Your fix? Hands have to work down and then OUT more. The down is made easier when your hips are working forward, not just spinning quite so much from the top.
    • No, not that I know of. Occasionally it can get windy at Torrey. But the weather is very mild around here. People that move here from other states will often talk about how San Diego doesn't have any seasons. Which I guess is true.
    • Has there ever been snow on the South Course at Torrey Pines?
    • Okay. I'm just telling you to be cautious, as it can read that way. No. Not true. Kids can learn to throw a baseball pretty quickly. Kids can not learn to play golf anywhere near as quickly. Throwing a baseball doesn't involve the same (longer) radius OR the same level of control as swinging a golf club and hitting a ball solidly. The longer radius with the added control requirements alone make golf more difficult. Yep. You get a whole 90° in which to hit it, and a grounder is sometimes more preferable to a fly ball. Much, much more margin for error. But hey, don't just ask me - athletes from virtually every sport have gone on record as saying golf is the most difficult of the main sports to play.


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