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    • I have an answer written up, but I'll wait a little bit to post it. Go ahead, keep arguing. But stop changing your votes, please. Your vote is your vote. If you're wrong, let the vote show it.
    • Has anyone tried to rough up the surface of their grips to make them tacky again?  or what is a time tested solution - besides replacing them of course.
    • Thank you for that!  Always wondered what those were called..good topic.  I finally got out to the range after almost 6 years and surprisingly hit my irons decent.  I have also decided to put a few irons away.  thinking of replacing the stronger lofted with my hybrids and going down to the 6i and down.  
    • Exactly! That loft number is all you need. The fact that one OEM calls it an Approach Wedge and another calls it a Gap Wedge is irrelevant. For me, I need a 50 degree wedge; then I know what to do with it. OEM’s are in business to sell golf clubs, period. If you think they have some altruistic motives as well, you have probably drunk the koolaid.
    • Here is the overseed schedule if you're looking for more courses... https://snga.org/2021-overseed-schedule/  

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