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    • Huh? He said he nailed (hit) the sleeve every time.
    • FWIW three letter words aren’t indexed. Thank you for the stories.
    • IMO this kind of topic will never work, for a number of reasons. First, what some amateur thinks works or doesn’t may not even be accurate. Feel ain’t real and all that. Second, a bad fix for one may be THE fix for another. That stuff depends on fat too many other variables. Third, everyone’s descriptions and pictures are going to be different. For example when you said “steep” that word alone can be so many things. Sorry, just my opinion. Not trying to rain on your parade. Maybe I’ll be wrong. But if golf was this easy people could reach themselves well.
    • I think that many (all?) of us have tried to do things with our swings that somehow made things worse due to being either:  1) Incomplete or nonspecific in description (you thought of or were told something wrong) or execution (you understood or wrong and/or did it wrong/overdid it). 2) The opposite of beneficial or intended, due to it being counterintuitive and/or flat out wrong.  Or even: 3) Impossible to actively ‘do’, for one reason or another. 4) Some other problem. (Feel free to describe!) Then hopefully, we realized the issue with our false fix, or were shown the light by a competent pro.  I’d love for his thread to serve as a compilation of pitfalls and more importantly, ‘a-ha moments’ that we have had over the years. Hopefully a long enough list of these will allow others to avoid our specific pitfalls. I’ll start: Issue: Hitting fat shots. False Fix: Actively attempt to hit ‘down’ on ball in order to ensure ball-first contact.  Problem with False Fix: Swing became far too steep, causing continued mishits due to smaller, and thus harder to reach ‘impact zone’ Real Fix: Shallow out swing, increasing  serviceable ‘impact zone’, allowing for more consistent ball-first contact, reducing number of fat shots.  Very interested to see what we can come up with and glean some tips!
    • Yep. Lesson learned for the kids... it's not only ok to question authority, it's sometimes necessary. This was my favorite part. Typical.  Thanks for the clarification @Asheville.


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