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    • Day 104 (10 Jun 23) - Worked on swing tempo today - used 9i and PW - took time between to simulate approach to shot from elsewhere.  
    • I love this YouTube channel. Specifically the VFX reactions. It is interesting what movie makers could get away with pre computer generation and also motion control cameras. Some crazy shots can be done by just manipulating perspective with the camera.   
    • Day 222, June 10, 2023 Worked downtown after lessons for about 35 minutes or so. That's only about… 27 golf balls. I recorded one on the Casio because it was already out.
    • Just going back to what I need to do. Rehearsing it slowly. Hands went out a little more than I want here, but otherwise… not bad. If you look you can see how my left wrist still palmar flexes after the little pump.
    • Small audience, but high profile.   And I do not believe any part of this or other sports washing, such as the purchase of soccer teams, has anything to do with investment return.

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