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    • Like many, I think the PGA Tour's policy ties to the Olympic and WADA (?) policy.
    • Yesterday’s session. Didn’t have much time. Wanted to keep my feels/monitor where I’m at. Will have a proper session today. Goals 1. Post up into front leg. More up, less left through impact. 2. Monitor things for potential problem areas. 3. Hit good drives IRON SWING Got a little steep in transition. Will work extra hard on this all week. TWO DRIVER SWINGS I hit the driver a tad better focusing on goal number 1. (Posting up-less around) still not good enough. NOTES 1. Maybe my shoulder turn is getting a little flat in backswing? Might fiddle with it. 2. Work on more depth in transition. Will work slower in the next sessions. 3. Will continue driver work by hitting 4 or 5 7-irons in a row, then 1 or 2 drivers. This should help ingrain my swing fundamentals into the longer club. (That’s the plan anyways)
    • When you’re caught intentionally violating the rules by using a prohibited substance, how can you be “overly apologetic”? Maybe appropriately apologetic...
    • To be clear, I expect to be paired with someone else when I show up as a single, especially on the weekends.  I have no desire to play as a single behind loads of foursomes. But as someone who is new to the area, I just don't have regular playing partners to play with (I did before I moved so I am not a total loner/loser). So at one of these courses (the preferred one of course), which with good weather is generally totally booked from opening to at least 2 p.m., my choice is either to not play or to book as a twosome.  If you book a twosome, they have no problem booking another twosome at the same time. Why is pairing a single with a twosome or threesome so problematic. To also be clear, this is a city course.  My house is way above average value for the city, so I am paying much more than average taxes to support this course.  Yet I'm being denied access to public facilities for being a single.   And if you're a public course denying access to singles, you are missing out on business. Force pair them up (sometimes you meet people to play with next time) and if they book as 4 but are really 2, charge them for it (or maybe be better to tell them NEXT TIME you will have to charge them for it). 
    • I hit them for a night to see what they were like.  I really liked the feel of them.  Would probably go in my bag if I hadn't bought 765's in 2017.  Sending you a PM as well. Pulled a grip off the 5 iron and finally saw the etching on the 4.  These are a KBS Tour stiff shaft.

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