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    • Played 9 holes today,  mediocre really,  just got a lot of photography done,  all displayed at https://trainsmokegolf.wordpress.com Tallwood country club,  CT. Highlight was a hole out eagle from 155 yards on a par 5 😂 
    • It's official, I have ordered them.   Will be at my house on Tuesday.   Super excited.    Current swing speed is about 100-105, which gets my typical drive in the 255-265 yard range.   If I can get that speed up to the 108-113 range, we could really be talking about some scoring changes.   Also, what is often forgotten is that swing speed doesn't just help off the tee.   It creates better outs out of the rough, and numerous instances where a bit more power is helpful.   color me excited for that potential.     
    • Sports psychologists make big bucks in situations like this. If your serious about taking your game to the next level maybe you try it out. 
    • Have you ever taken one of those practice balls to the face?!  Geez man, get a net, or at least put foam on the wall.
    • Been a while. Playing season has started, so I've been practicing a lot less and playing more. Unfortunately, it's been an inauspicious start scoring-wise. Short game is especially atrocious, and I have just started practicing that. Decided to film the swing at home. It's a beautiful day, but I'm stuck inside working. Will get to the range this weekend. All in all, I'm pretty happy with how these look. I think I could use some more shoulder turn/hip turn on backswing and loosening up the wrists a bit. These were short swings, but pretty close to full speed. Would love any feedback. I've included some stills below with markings too. Thanks!    

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