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    • flag in certainly helped me in a recent club game over hit hard uphill to flat pin position and hit the pin square to sink the putt had the flag not been in would have run off the green 10yds+ easy saved me 2-3 shots   
    • You’re not offending anyone. I would like to mention that although feels can vary among individuals there is a lot of commonality with beginning golfers regarding mistakes. @iacas has probably seen what you call a a-ha moment thousands of times and understands what the prognosis is. This site is very dedicated to teaching golf. Mechanics, rules, you name it. So when you say ‘ this is my own sorta understanding that I’m finding out as I go along’ don’t take constructive criticism as negativity. I have tons of work to do on my swing. I can hit 200 golf balls and well into that session I’m striping everything. But when I go to video the same mistakes are being made.  Hitting a great shot doesn’t mean you’re performing a mechanically sound swing that will increase your chances of good, repeatable ball striking. And sometimes a lousy shot may result from doing a much better swing. Hitting a slew of good 4i’s can be because you’re grooving a feel that is giving good results, feels natural and simple. But it won’t last because you’re not performing the 5 keys. I like your post and what you’re doing. Golf isn’t simple. It isn’t natural. And that’s not being pessimistic. Just realistic. Enjoy and have fun as you said. I agree. But you might as well make progress in the correct manner and don’t con yourself into thinking that ‘one thing’ that got you striping the ball is gonna happen on your next outing. Keep it real and film your swing. Set small goals and take it slowly and specifically. Cheers and thanks for posting this. It’ll be interesting to follow. 
    • . Whatever dude. This is your white flag.
    • Give a man a fish...Teach a man to fish. Look it up yourself.  You’ll learn more by the process and it will serve you better in the long run.
    • Explain it to me, hot shot.

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