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    • If Daly and Cabrera were more talented than Tiger then they both largely wasted their talent.  Which reminds me of this quote:
    • I missed yesterday (Sept 17) too, so I'm starting over at one.  9/18 seems a good time to do that. Day one.  For 15 minutes after work and before a social engagement, I stopped at my home course and used the putting green.  I worked mostly on 10' putts, lining up and making sure I got them to the hole.  Or, at least, I tried to.  I didn't track anything in particular, but I saw enough go in and made enough putts coming back that I'm happy.
    • USA 15.5-12.5 Europe.  USA team is a lot stronger, but home advantage will help keep it competitive until singles.
    • I agree, I think the home course advantage for the Euros is a big deal and enough to offset the undeniable talent advantage the US possesses. It's not a coincidence that the US hasn't won on foreign soil since 1993. I've got a small wager on the Europe money line and am guessing a final score somewhere in the range of 15-13 Europe. As usual, I think the US will have a difficult time winning the partner matches and will mount a modest singles comeback, but fall just short. I hope I'm proven wrong, though.
    • While I understand you're rooting for your home team, you can't deny the fact that even the weakest US player on the team is a contender with all but the top 4 on the European team. There's Rahm, McIlroy, Rose, and Molinari for Europe but after that your next best player is Fleetwood (outclassed by DeChambeau, Koepka, Johnson, Thomas, Fowler, and Spieth) and beyond that it gets even bleaker with Stenson potentially still injured and Sergio playing as his usual streaky self (this time down near the bottom of his streak).  I think up near the top the European team will outperform the US by some margin, but I think in the lower end matches the depth of the US team will end up with a fairly significant points advantage if Henrick, Sergio, and Poulter continue to perform as they have been playing rather than as they used to play.


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