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    • 'Tis a humbling game, just when you want/expect to shoot well.  But "wanting/expecting" almost never gets you anything in golf.
    • I filmed this video for my online Evolvr students primarily, and I'll link to it (and this post) in the first topic. I commonly see people gripping the golf club much too far up into the palm of their hands rather than down in the fingers where it belongs. This video, which in jest I was calling "The Ultimate Grip Video" for my online Evolvr students, covers the poor and better ways to grip the golf club. If you'd like to play a drinking game, take a drink every time I say "Okay?". You won't last to the midpoint. 😉 I'll do a better job in the future.  
    • The Highs and Low's of golf.  This past Tuesday and Wednesday our Mens Golf Association had its end of year championship.  Only 82 players signed up, it was supposed to be 3 weeks ago but a storm blew through and it was canceled and rescheduled.  Forecast this time was perfect.  I’ve been playing really well lately and had high expectations!  In fact my last round in the 80’s was Sept 15th, all rounds since that date previous to the tournament averaged 76.  Low of 72, high of 78. Let me point out that all players will be playing Green tees on courses #6 and #1.  No choice must play the Green. Let’s just say it was the good, the bad and the ugly for two days. Complete collapse!  Day one I shot my highest score in two years, an 89! 6 pars over 18 holes, 1 birdie. Bogeys galore! And for good measure a snowman!  1st in a long time. 3 putted 3X.  Round 2.  A 79. 9 fairways, 13 GIR’s. One birdie. 5 3 putts, missed a couple of two footers.  39 putts!!!   Apparently the field also played like crap as well,as I finished 22nd out of 82. Flash forward to today. Played #6 again but backed up to play the White tees. Slow start, 4 bogeys on the front.  40.  Back nine started with a par 5 which I eagled after I hit my 2nd shot to two feet from 177.  One more birdie and pars all the way in. 73, 11 Fairways, 11 GIR’s and 30 putts. Golf is hard!
    • Another payment made. If you plan to pay by check, send me a DM (and if you don't know my address just ask). I'll add a different icon (✅ ha ha!) to your name. LIST OF GEARS-Heads: @Vinsk💰 @boogielicious 💰 @Darkfrog  @Chris Brooks 💰 @cipher @ChetlovesMer 💰 @billchao @saevel25  @GolfLug @BradSomrak @coachjimsc @bjfox10 ✅
    • LIST OF GEARS-Heads: @Vinsk @boogielicious @Darkfrog  @Chris Brooks💰 @cipher @ChetlovesMer💰 @billchao @saevel25  @GolfLug @BradSomrak @coachjimsc @bjfox10

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