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    • Day 53.  After losing more than seven strokes putting in my last two rounds, I decided I need to do more putting practice, and focused practice. I had a late start at my office today, so I stopped at a course near me to use their putting green.  I played the "killer" putting game:    for my first 5 minutes.  I sank my first 3-footer, missed a 6', made a 6', made a 9', made a 12' (where was this putting the last two days when it would have counted?), missed three 15' (there we go), made a 15', made an 18', then missed two 21'.  So, 18'.  I'm going to track my progress with this game and see how it goes. I then attempted an around-the-world from 4'.  I just went around the clock for ten minutes.  I never made more than four in a row.  And I know I missed plenty of this distance the past two days.  So, that's the next focus too.  I need to look up how to track around the worlds, and then I need to start doing so.
    • It is not that guy's lack of knowledge that is so irritating, it is his utter lack of anything resembling critical thinking.  The minute someone dismisses something because it cannot be proven mathematically is the minute they show themselves unserious.  Because nothing outside the realm of math can be proven mathematically.  And even things that ARE within the realm of math can be proven mathematically and still be wrong because mathematical reasoning depends in part on the veracity of the postulates.  And thanks to Goedel we know that there are statement which are true but cannot be proven.   The interesting thing is that one of the 'reasons' that is put forth as to why we can't answer the GOAT question is that we don't know how they would have fared against each other.  Well in the case of tennis we KNOW Nadal is ahead 24-15 in all matches and 14-10 in finals.  And still the same arguments made for Jack are made for Roger.
    • I can also add to the list of those who say swing speed can increase with proper technique. I was fitted for clubs 2 years ago at age 43 and was swinging my driver about 100-101 mph.  Now two years later at age 45 with a better, more reliable swing I'm swinging about 105 mph.  Gained 5-10 yds on average with my driver and 3-wood as well.
    • i was just in orlando a couple weeks ago.  I played Orange County National - Panther Lake course.   and really enjoyed it.    Actually, a pretty decent amount of elevation change for central florida.    From the looks of it, crooked cat was probably just as good.   

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