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    • I tend to avoid those courses, dont want to put a dent in someone's siding or shatter a window 
    • A lot of courses today are built around home developments and between houses and of course streets.    That is one reason for long trips to the next tee.   And there are a lot of people who love Golf but cannot walk the courses, strokes, injuries and so on.    I know this is not about the long ball, but it is a fact and of course you have to pay for the Cart.     As far as the long ball, it does not affect that many players where it is too long, mainly the Tour.    But us hacks do appreciate a few more yards, especially us older Geezers.   So, everyone has an opinion, some good, some bad.  
    • Not really. For losing weight yes, but for health maybe not. This is being found out more and more as studies are showing that carbs cause the body to produce bad health indicators and other health issues. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/carbs-against-cardio/ If you are talking strictly weight loss, sure calorie deficit is a must. Weight maintenance doesn't mean you will be healthy. My point was not to say, "If you eat with in this window you will not gain weight." That isn't true. If I eat 7500 calories at lunch, I will gain weight. That is a fact. At least by now, a good amount of studies have shown that eating during a specific window has shown health benefits. The study of how the body reacts to what we eat is a relatively new science. A lot of progress has been made over the past two decades. It wasn't to long ago a doctor was telling me not to eat eggs because they were high in cholesterol. Yet eggs are really good for the cholesterol ratios. Its the same thing with saturated fats. They though, oh you get fat by eating fats. That is absurd logic. Again, weight loss, portion control and calorie control is the primary driver. For maintaining good health indicators like correct cholesterol ratios, it isn't that simple.  
    • But what would Golf be like without those GPS units mounted inside the $14 carts telling everyone they hit 300 yard drives and 100 yard approaches with their full swing 6i thus making most people feel that the ball is getting too long and inspiring people to post in threads like this one stating the ball length is a problem?
    • And pay the $14 fee that goes with it. Realistically, there are just a bunch of these newer courses where it isn't really an option.  


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