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    • Note on Players entered. Rickie has withdrawn (oblique tear) and Rodgers also (Wedding)
      Not sure who obtains their spots?
    • Have you considered the Wilson Staff Tour V6 irons?  My friend has the V4's, is about the same handicap as you, and loves them.  Player's cavity back with a classic profile, traditional lofts (34 or 35* 7-iron) and they have tungsten plugs in the soles of the longer irons to add a bit of forgiveness and help with launching the long irons. I'd love to game these, but don't quite have the ballstriking for them.
    • In other words, the writer for the 'hero' article is a moron.  And no statement from Lexi is perfectly acceptable - non-story, She took her penalty and got on with it. As for the 'media' - they've completely destroyed the definition of the word 'hero'.  It means nothing now.
    • My issue with them is they're far too strong for me, doing the math in my head the distance gapping for them would be too far apart for my liking and I would find myself, far too often, in between clubs on a majority of my shots
    • Get the Rogue Pros.  Some online reviewer said something negative about them?  The most important reviewer loves them.


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