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    • Biggest thing I can see is that your backswing is too long for two reasons. You're overswinging with the arms and hinging your wrists too much at the top. Beyond that, the second piece I can see is that you're standing up through impact and the right heel is lifting. This can lead to inconsistent strikes and especially thin shots if you're not careful. Both were things I did in the past, but the first thing I'd recommend fixing is the backswing length. What really helped me was a tip given by @iacas to make a conscious effort of feeling my arms in front of my torso on the backswing, which helped everything stay in sync a lot better without sacrificing any lag on the downswing.
    • A problem with this is that the players don't agree or talk about this stuff out on the course (maybe except the LPGA incident). Judging by the comments from some players, it's just something they do to help eachother and not be percieved as an asshat. If "everyone" on the tour has "agreed" to leave the balls there to help others, that's not something they have to do on the course. Everyone just does it and nobody is penalized because they obviously can't go around asking for other players to leave their ball. And they don't have to if the standard is to leave the ball if it can assist a competitor. That LPGA video is just terrible. I don't know from where or who, but something has to change.
    • Hopefully it’s still in good shape.
    • I have been working a lot of this....not easy for the untalented! Anyone able to help with Flexion>Side Bend in BS? I am still heavily suffering from pulls/curvature on the ball flight  
    • One of my golf goals for '19 was to have more under par rounds than over par. 19 rounds in, seven have been under par and five have been over, so good start (hope I didn't jinx it 😉). Had a good session with my swing guy two weeks ago. When I showed up my shaft was getting on the shallow side going back and staying too shallow on the downswing. Basically the opposite of what most do.  Pivot stuff was pretty good so worked on feeling the com of the club load a little further away from me, higher at 4 and then keeping the shaft in the same orientation (across the line) into 5. Have worked on this before. For whatever reason when the hand path and shaft is "steep" I do a better job of lowering in transition. Making sure I rehearse this with a good amount of speed.
      Instead of just sending swings where I'm just making the picture look good, I'm sending him a dtl and caddy view of me exaggerating the feels and a dtl and caddy view of me making a stock swing at play speed where I'm just focused on the target/shot. Then we can compare the differences. Gotten to the point where it doesn't make sense to just send him good swings and then show up with it looking different, not a good use of our time. First couple swings here are the exaggerated swings and the second set are the "play" swings. Play swing hold up ok, especially with 4 and 6. Ideally want to see it more inline with the hands.


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