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    • Someone posted a photo of Sleepy Hollow's 16th on the golf subreddit and I never realized there is a donut like indentation in the middle of the green. It's almost like a miniature golf hole.
    • Day 184: Didn’t intend to play today, but when I got to the course, it was empty. Hit some balls working on center-face contact and the course was still empty. So I played 18 solo. It was quite windy and seeming making all the long holes longer. Shot an 84, but can’t post solo rounds. Finally saw someone on 10 when I was finished.    I went back to my car and noticed the basket of balls I left was still there along with an alignment stick I left behind. So I hit a few more to get the ‘swing out from the top feel’ back down. Playing tomorrow morning again.
    • Day 12 (4/12/21) - More "Steady Head" drills today, without a club. I'm focusing on this aspect of the full swing for right now, but have begun the "Weight Forward" drills also. 
    • Well...Langer is an anchorer with an asterisk.😉
    • I can't stop thinking about this picture. I was today years old when I found out that the Butler Cabin interviews were done in what amounts to a TV studio in the basement. 

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