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    • It's hard to say what happened, but OTOH it's pretty obvious when a person is trying to sell your clubs in a Golf Galaxy parking lot. He apparently looked at then and recognized them. Then he went back to get his gun and confront the seller (who was a criminal anyway for selling stolen goods). I remember reading in one of those articles that Mr. Acree's cell phone was still in the bag as well. Can't seem to find that link, now. Mr. Acree will likely be free of any kind of action from the perpetrator. He might get his wrist slapped for saying "I'll kill you" and kicking the perpetrator in the head. Unfortunately, Montgomery will likely go free as well. Hopefully, he learned not to steal clubs or anything else any more. . .
    • The round I've been waiting for for weeks.Shot 43 stableford points,hcap cut 2.8 points. Now playing off 22.1.
    • Everybody is a little different and teach different things. I play all my irons further back than most to help promote a draw. When I want to cut the ball I put it up in my stance along with a couple other things. Also keeping the ball back in my stance helps me flight the ball better because I naturally hit the ball really high.
    • Wow. Over a year since I posted. I don't anticipate there is much difference in my swing except that I live in Orlando now.  Most people think that I moved down here for golf, but it was actually a plentiful job market that brought me here. Living in a golf mecca is icing on the cake.  Went to the range tonight and dusted off the old camera and tripod. Although I've been hitting the ball good (mostly) the last few times I've been out, the shots I hit while the camera was recording were awful. Once I packed the camera up, I was back to hitting pretty good. Perhaps my swing is camera shy, or maybe I just tense up thinking I need to make a perfect swing. Regardless, hopefully I will have some new videos to post soon.
    • Sponsors don't really "over react'. They decide to spend personal money or not based on
      what they perceive as a a negative representation. It's much different then the press.  Let's face it. The first time yo see Lochte in an add for Speedo's what would you be thinking?