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    • Frigging awful, but that wasn't really a surprise. Never can operate a wedge properly to start a season. Really Windy Knoll is a very generous sort of course. Lots of undulations but very few trees and the water is in places I can avoid. One lost one ball and that was on the first tee shot. Mid-season, I'd be disappointed not the break 90 out there. Aside from being soggy, the course was in good condition for the most part. They did punch their greens not long ago and there was a ton of sand on them. Didn't make for very good putting yesterday, but it ought to be pretty nice in a few weeks.    
    • Try doing the mapping rehearsal even slower. Go to A2 slow 2 or 3 times a bit slower than you did there. Then go to A2, pause, then up to A4 and repeat. Reinforce the feeling of the positions. Then do a few slow transitions to A6, then A6 to impact without hitting. If you have a mirror, this really helps as well. Finally, do the whole swing at at 50% or partial swings to reinforce the feels.
    • I have not, haven't played anything south of Lapeer or West of Saginaw lol. Looks pretty amazing! Although right now I'd play if they cut a hole in the middle of a bean field! I'll have to talk my group into making the drive down there
    • The COVID day 5 drill is very similar to what my Evolvr instructor has had me doing. I’m working on the driver this lesson and Kris asked me to work on punch shots holding the finish at A9. Below I start with the COVID Day 5, then go to punch driver shots. This helps me continue the shoulder rotation after impact.   As an old player, I’m not as flexible as I once was, so I have to keep working on this in addition to fitness work and stretching.    
    • in addition to the Member Swings that @Vinsk posted, I’ve used Evolvr for a few years now from Golf Evolution. It has been excellent. Welcome to Evolvr - Online Golf Instruction - Evolvr - Online Golf Instruction Golf Evolution's online golf instruction.  

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