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    • Correct. I was pretty good with the chip and run but I'm reconsidering. My course has three tier greens and you must, must, must get to the correct tier or you will have a very difficult putt.  So ... I made a list of 12 shots that I can play from 30 yards and in depending on the lie and the pin location.  Here's how I dug my hole. I spent Sunday calculating my carry to run distances for all my chips. After I was done, I researched it and compared it to typical charts and as I did, one of the articles mentioned that with the slopes on today's greens, that "chip and run" is not a shot that is used much anymore. Instead, most players use a single club (52 or 56) for all the shots around the green and vary the trajectory and the swing length to flop the distance.  This was an "a-ha!" moment for me as I remember a tour player on Mark Immelman's podcast who said the same thing ... and that got me thinking.  So here is what I practice ... < 10 yards: Chip Putt (a la Paul Runyan) 10 - 20 yards: Basic pitch, trap pitch, trail edge pitch (all the same shot, only thing that changes is the trajectory), downhill version/uphill version, flop shot (as in over a bunker) 20 - 40 yards: 1/2 wedge (sw) from fairway, and from rough 40 - 60 yards: 3/4 wedge (SW) 40 - 100 yards: low spinner Short sand (less than 30 feet), long sand  Does this make sense? Or am I overdoing it? I feel like if I'm inside 30, I can score. In 25 rounds this year, my putting average is <2 from nGIR so I feel like even if I miss the green, I can still score and my confidence has soared as a result. I welcome thoughts. 
    • Luau Pork: Rub Black Hawaiian lava salt to generously cover the pork butt. Lay strips of bacon across the top to cover the pork. 2 Tbsp liquid smoke 1 tblsp olive oil 1/2 cup of water or beef stock. Cook 15min/lb. ———————- The black salt gives the appearance of the pork being cooked underground as it usually is in a deep cooking pit. The liquid smoke gives that rich ‘slow cooked Smokey’ flavor. Amazingly good!
    • My understanding is that an "Old school" chip is using an 8, 7 or 6 iron and letting that sucker run.
    • Old school chip is just a really weak pitch?  I practise way more on the modern chip but that is just more secure.  Chipping is a part that frustrates me. Use pitching metod is safer as its harder to duff it but can easilly get overpowered and harder to create backspin. The new metod is more pro but frustratingly easy to fail and leave no room for error.  I am so close to surrendering a wedge for a chipper. That way you can use a simplified pitching motion also known as puttning. I have played with a cheap chipper and it does work. For longer ranges it fast get i precise but then you generally can use an easy pitch where its okay to use some muscles to secure good contact.  However can do way more with a wedge and better feel but so tired of loosing strikes on what bar puttning should be the easiest stroke. 

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