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    • Sounds about right. Tiger and his dad came to our plant when he was just starting out. His dad was found behind a curtain in the maints shed, catching a few winks. I forget what year that was. Titleist/Acushnet  Escondido CA. 
    • Alright. So I tried last week to make a vlog but failed miserably. Between the wind drowning out everything I said and bad camera angles the whole thing sucked. So I need time to reshoot and with the unfriendly winter we've had in the Northwest I can't say for sure when I will get another chance. But, I can do the questions. So here is that portion.  Once I get the chance to shoot the vlog again I'll add that to my post. Enjoy!
    • Thanks very much for your time @iacas , I really appreciate that.  In practice I've been aiming to get the clubhead on the right plane behind the ball by trying to get my right elbow in toward my hip but I didn't realise my head was moving so far forward. Coming across seems so hard to change, I've been swinging it that way for years :( now I know about my head it helps.  Should I worry about ball flight with this drill? I gather the ideal would be the ball drawing back to the target line. 
    • 2/21: About an hour in the front yard today with my sand wedge. Tried some slow swings for a bit, but struggled to get comfortable. My brain wanted to check (and work on) too many things. Head movement felt like it was more than usual so I slowed-down and re-focused on that. It felt like my head was moving a foot forward (down the target line) on the downswing and like my whole body was getting way out in front of the ball. Going in slow motion it seemed obvious that in order to have any chance of starting the ball where I was aiming, I had to pull my arms down, in, and across my body as I turned my shoulders...hello Big Fade and Bad Slice, nice to see you gents again. Weight seemed off and I noticed it felt like I wasn't/couldn't extend my left leg and clear my hips, and that extension with the club was happening way to late (like 3-o'clock or so), yada, yada. Definitely need to work on getting video soon since who knows what I was really doing and why(?) (although, I'm sure I can just review old footage since my swing never changes much ). Either way, not to worried about it. I could still hit a draw and wasn't "stuck" in fade-mode or anything. If it's real, it's (likely) just what I've always done. I'm used to fading the ball and account for it in my shot zones, now. Even when playing with plastic golf balls and 5mph wind gusts. 
    • Nice, let us know if they do the trick. I feel for you man.  My cousin lives in N. Cal as well, so I've been staying updated.  Hope things start to clear up!