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    • Shifts illegal Pitch clock Bigger bases That about it, right? They're all fine. Though I wish with the shift nonsense that hitters could just "hit it where they ain't."
    • Nabbed a birdie on 8 today, down to 2 left, which of course are 2 of my toughest to birdie.
    • Birdied 18 at Whispering Woods today after: Didn't play the tenth (took a par for GHIN). Missing a 15-footer on 11. Missing a 20-footer on 12. Missing a chip-in on 13 (tap-in par). Missing a 25-footer on 14. Missing a 10-footer on 15. Missing a 10-footer on 16. Missing a 20-footer on 17. (To be fair [or make an excuse] I didn't warmup putt, and the greens were slow because of the heat, so I kept over-reading the break on the putts.) I hit almost every putt just about how I wanted. The putt on 18 was about 20 feet. I drove it through the fairway and the ball was about 18" above my feet. I told my playing partner how weirdly good I am from those types of lies. It was also about 10 yards farther than I typically hit the club I used. Hit it to 20 feet dead online, and he was putting about ten feet behind the hole (he'd already putted out, was just hitting another putt) so I asked him to stop because I wanted to get ONE birdie out of the round. So I'm glad I did.
    • What I'm Working On: Getting the hands down quicker to prevent right wrist from "rolling over" Swing Thoughts: Throwing the hands back behind me to start transition. Feeling as though body transitions toward target while hands start moving down and away I moved away from the feeling of dropping my hands at the transition as that seemed to only make my arms feel even my stuck on the downswing. I read through my Evolvr thread and this one and decided to go back to what my previous swing thought that was more of an active throwing action then just letting my arms drop. I got two range sessions in during this time and things are definitely starting to feel better swing-wise Ball Flight (7i): Now I was getting more pull draws where as before when trying to just drop the hands almost all were slight pulls with a heavy fade. I also chunked a 5 or so shots. I would imagine this was due to now having enough weight on front foot but I notice when I try to get my hands down quicker I am more likely to chunk it.    - This was a pretty big pull draw but doesn't seem like I have quite as much rollover action around impact. Could be wrong though.   Takeaways - When I felt more "connected" in my backswing (feeling of keeping arms in front of chest) my impact seemed to improve drastically but realized this on my last couple swings so haven't tested any further - Overall, my impact and swing as whole FEEL a lot better these last two range sessions so I think I'm on the right track. I even had a couple shots I pured where you can hear the crisp sizzle after impact and the ball just cuts through the air. Which I was yet to feel this year before this - Going to continue working on throwing hands down faster as well as not letting arms travel too much across my chest in the backswing, which should in turn help shorten my backswing a bit  

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