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    • She had a line of golf clubs, from Wilson I think. Mickey Wright irons, putters, etc. Why "commercializing her success" would make her a bad person (implied), I don't know.
    • I like walking when I play, so that may contribute to playing better in general when I walk. I will ride when they force me to ride (i.e., when the green fee includes the cart fee) or when all of the guys in my group ride. I prefer walking when given a choice as it allows me to reset my thoughts between shots.
    • Sure, but that's not what I was saying at all. It's my money, it's my club, and they are guests. I wouldn't hesitate the play thru a group that was that far out of time.  I wouldn't try to sneak past them though, I'd advise them as to why we were already on the tee when they returned from the snack shack.   I wouldn't hold it against them for the rest of eternity.  I'd just play through. I might even tell them to have a nice day as I drove off.
    • Yes, and she resisted every attempt to commercialise her success. A truly great person. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tZ7VscSBj8
    • Because they are golf clubs, not collectible figurines.  If used properly, they will smash into a hard plastic/rubber ball thousands of times, violently.  They will be smashed into the ground - turf, sand, mud... they might even be sent downrange once or twice depending on a person's temperament.  Golf clubs should be used, not presented as a piece of art.  They are just chunks of steel. When they are worn out, buy new ones.  I bought a pair of brand new gunmetal vokeys last month.  First thing I did with the 60* was take it into a bunker and start (gasp) splashing it thru the sand.  Horrific what it did to the patina.  

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