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    • Just a note on my M1 Heavy Putter I switched to a few months ago. This critter weighs in at 900 grams.  I am lagging my longer putts closer. I am making more longer putts. Shorter putts, 5' and under are almost automatic.  I can actually feel the muscles in my forearms, above the wrists, working during the back, and forward strokes.  Heavier is good, with the proper counter weight above the Putter head. 
    • Where is the Cup now and who gets it next @coachjimsc?
    • Just to add another 'dimension' to this interesting topic conversation....  I also much prefer heavy putters but also prefer to play with 'blade' like putter. I have experimented with adding weight to head/using Superstroke counterweighted grip etc. etc.  but never really found satisfactory end result - in terms of better performance stats.  However, 6 months ago I tried something slightly different and filled the shaft of my much loved and almost vintage Teardrop TD21 with sugar and fitted a scotty Cameron 80 gram grip making the overall total weight of the putter 594 grams.. Improvement for me has been considerable.
    • Day 53: 5+ Minutes of mirror work today. Just double checking elbow position in downswing. 
    • The Arian race as well as the swastika have an origin in India. The swastika, drawn pointing counterclockwise (as in the putter) can be found in many temples in India. It is a "prosperity" symbol. The Nazi used the symbol but drawn pointing clockwise.


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