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    • Do others have the same issue I seem to have.  Today when I was at Dick's, I decided to try a driver in the simulator stall.  It felt really odd, like I was hitting a ball inside my house.  I kept holding back, getting tense, and after I shanked a shot directly into the launch monitor I decided it was best to not continue. Years ago I hit in one when I was buying a driver. But thinking back on it, that was a much larger stall.  I think the issue is the distance from me to the drop cloth that stops the ball.  The one I was able to hit at years ago felt like 10+ feet to the drop cloth, whereas this felt like it was half that.   Anyway, I can't hit in a stall.  Bummer too cause I kinda wanted to see all the stats from my shots. Now... before my driver experience I did hit a 6I and 4I with little problems.  However my shots were coming up about 15% shorter than than they do when I play.  I'm not sure if I'm holding back in the stall, or if the clubs I was trying (Mizuno MP-25s with stiff steel shafts - I play regular graphite Taylormade R9s).   If I felt more comfortable in the stall, then I can better use it to evaluate my swing.  As it is now, then thing scares me....
    • No, and let me tell you why. I don't like how the bet is framed. Because I know at least here in New York even if you max out you must be paroled out of prison. And parole even on max outs is a mandatory 1 year here in NY.
    • I use Lysol all purpose cleaner (you can use 409 or similar product) and a brass brush on my grips, then rinse them off with warm water and dry with a towel. They will feel like new. I've had the same grips on my clubs for 3 years. I'd say I do this once a season, but I don't have oily hands. Just do it when they start feeling less grippy than they're supposed to.
    • Most valuable lesson I had was one where my coach had me hitting my pitching wedge - hit it 100 yds and keep it as low as you can. Come on, that's not low. You can do better than that. I've used a GW to get out from under trees. Normally I use an 8i. I seriously deloft it. I've had to get good at getting out of the trees. 
    • You always have a do-over on the range. Not on the course.

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