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    • I've been Playing Golf for: 19 years
      My current handicap index or average score is: 6.8 handicap
      My typical ball flight is: draw with irons, fade with woods (setup for anti-left)
      The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Historically, snap hook. Second half of this season was more big right miss. Videos: Tried to get them into one video - but tech not cooperating. These are not the same swing in each video, only had one camera, so shot one way for both and then moved camera.  
    • Play much more, and get my handicap down again. Keep fit and walk the course. Hope to get my swing videos posted and rounds posted in GG again. Work on my swing in earnest...
    • Old people can do stupid things like playing rugby too 😂🤪😁
    • I've been putting this topic off for a while because I don't really have any desire to set goals for next year. I've kind of lost the fire for working on my game as hard as I used to and that's largely my own fault because I overdo and over-analyze things often. Anyway it doesn't matter. Goals: Play at least 20 rounds. Should be able to achieve this one. Play with some fellow Sand Trappers. I always enjoy doing this so I want to make sure I make the effort to continue next year. Play more golf with people I know. I'm getting tired of pairing up with random strangers. A couple of guys I know from work are interested in the game so I'm going to spend some time going to the range and playing with them next year, see if I can make some golfers out of them. That's it. No skill or handicap based goals for 2019. I have never hit those goals so either I set unrealistic goals or I'm not motivated by goals enough to make them happen. It's not like I won't be working on my game, but I just think it's kind of pointless for me to set specific goals since I just do whatever it is I do anyway.
    • That’s too many questions, but… If two golfers have the same index they’re roughly equivalent golfers. Some golfers will do better walking; others better riding. The PGA Tour and other major or higher level events require walking. So do a lot of college and high-school level tournaments. Some of those are probably more about kids not being able to drive carts (you don’t necessarily have a license when you’re in high school). Club tournaments where you can ride are not necessarily about being “true” to golf but about making money and getting a lot of people to participate, so they allow carts. Take care.


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