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    • Day 7: Slow motion backswing practice to improve weight transfer and transition. Finished the night with putting practice through gates.
    • I know it’s her responsibility, but you’d think her caddy would’ve checked it? Maybe Greg Norman will send his best wishes to her…😝
    • I watched it on the AWNA website. It was a free stream.    The coverage was pretty bad, though. They were only covering holes 7-9 and 16-18. So you didn’t really get to see much. 
    • Day 150, March 30, 2023 Hit the new MP-33s. 7I, PW, and 2I. Hit them pretty well, to be honest.
    • Yeah, she said she asked the walking scorer, if I remember right, but that scorer is not associated with the Rules in any way.   The infraction seems odd to me, any time I've played "lift clean and place" (formally known as Model Local Rule E-3) it has been in fairways only, and that's the way the Rules themselves suggest it should be used.  I know that at Virginia amateur events each and every player is handed a rules sheet for today, I'm sure its the same at something as prestigious as the ANWA.  Its simply unfortunate that she didn't read the rules for the day.

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