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    • In General from 100 feet for me: Good Chipping - I feel great with those shots if I can get within 15 feet of the hole.  Those are good chips and pitches. (yeah, I'm not that good at it yet.)  YEAH Terrible Putting - I feel crappy if I'm outside of 10 feet of the hole.  That's a crappy putt.  DAMNIT Summary - Regardless of how I feel about them, 10' < 15'   - Putting gives better results, even if it doesn't make me as happy.  It's all about expectations.
    • Who is this guy, and why do we respond to him?
    • Just stop man. That makes no sense at all.
    • I prefer the 50 yard shot because while my ball is in the air it  removes much needed putting length. 
    • Yes and no.  Using a time frame from 2017, I played 55 rounds.  I had 15 putts over 50 feet and over 400 chips or pitches, defined as off the green up to 50 yards.  So putting from that distance was much less common. Completing the stats - I doubt if I had any putts over 80 feet.  So from 50-80 feet, I 3 putted 40% of the time.  Not bad.  I can only assume from 90 feet I would be worse than 50-80 feet, so I would expect to 3 putt 50%-60% of the time. Chipping/Pitching - let's say from 10-50 yards to put a distance on it, I got up and down 42% of the time.  Now that's worse than my 50-75 feet of putting, but a lot of the shots were harder as they were from further away.   So I don't expect to see much difference in a 90 foot putt and a 30 yard pitch.  That's just my game and my experience, may not be true for anyone else.  In actuality, I would not be surprised to have slightly more 2's from the pitching, but there definitely would be more 4's, and in total pitching might be worse because of more 4's.  But the topic was about which would you choose.  I'm going for more 2's.  


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