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TST Newport Cup

The Newport Cup is the signature tournament for The SandTrap (TST), representing the camaraderie and dedication to golf expertise that the site is all about. The event ran for several years starting in 2005, and after falling dormant for a few years, we revived the tournament in 2015 to make it more meaningful for our membership.

We want the members of the site to take center stage. Biennially, we will stage the Newport Cup competition in Ryder Cup style, inviting those members of our community who meet three simple criteria:

  • show through consistent participation that they are decent and friendly people,
  • be influential and positive members of the site, and
  • achieve a single-digit handicap.

We see golf as an opportunity to gain life-long friendships, and TST distinguishes itself by fostering real connections between people in ways that are unique:

  • Member Swing Threads, where each member posts video of themselves and invites feedback,
  • VLOGs, where a member takes video of a round (or portion of a round), narrating their decisions if they so choose,
  • regional outings, when a member decides to organize an outing, TST will award a badge for their efforts and staff will try to attend, and
  • The Newport Cup.

The 2017 Newport Cup

The 2017 Newport Cup is being contested at and hosted by the Talamore Golf Resort in the sandhills of North Carolina, right near the Pinehurst area. We'll compete over three days and 90 holes of golf, including:

  • Morning Foursomes at Mid-South and Talamore.
  • Afternoon Fourball at Talamore and Mid-South.
  • Morning singles matches at Mid-South to decide the Cup!

The 2017 Newport Cup takes place from October 19-21, and is graciously sponsored by:

More information on the upcoming Newport Cup at Talamore can be found on the 2017 Newport Cup page.

A Brief History of the Newport Cup

Named in honor of the first U.S. Open held at the Newport Golf Club in 1895, TST has hosted four Newport Cups, with a fifth coming in October, 2017. Our goal is to continue forward with hosting a Cup every two years. Most have been on the East Coast, as the idea of a rotating competition between East and West did not develop until 2015. The Newport Cup 2017 will be held at Talamore Golf Resort in the North Carolina Sandhills, a return of sorts as the Talamore was one of the courses played in 2005.

Past tournaments and results are shown below. The year is a link to a page with more detail about each event.

2015Moon Valley (Phoenix, AZ)Tie27-27
2008Erie, PARed19-17
2006Greensboro, NCRed13½-10½
2005Sandhills of NCBlue11½-8½
In 2015, the East team permanently adopted Blue and the West team Red. Prior to that the team color is insignificant.

Newport Cup Sponsors


  • Talamore Golf Resort - Offers first-class, on-course golf accommodations at our Talamore Golf Villas and the well-appointed and luxurious Lodges at Mid South, as well as two great golf courses.
  • Snell Golf - Launched in 2015, by prolific golf ball engineer Dean Snell, Snell Golf brings golfers "Tour Proven Technology at Direct to Consumer Prices!®"
  • FlightScope - New in 2017, a pocket-sized launch monitor called Mevo, with a pocket-sized price and BIG performance for measuring and improving YOUR game.
  • Mission Belt - Makers of the world's finest hole-less belts. For a better fit and no unsightly worn holes.
  • Headcovers by DelilaH - First-rate custom-designed hand-made headcovers, caddie bags, yardage books, and more.
  • Frogger Golf - Developed the awesome Latch-It technology for rangefinders, phones, towels, and other accessories.
  • PitchFix - Makers of the world's finest ball mark repair tools, customized with your own logos or designs.
  • TRUE Linkswear - #EnjoyTheWalk with some of the best golf shoes on the market.


  • PING - makers of some of the finest golf equipment on the planet.
  • Moon Valley CC - Our host course and the site of Annika Sorenstam's record-setting 59 round in 2001.
  • TRUE Linkswear - The shoe that's revolutionized golf, with its minimalist, zero-drop, low-platform, technology and styling.
  • PURE Grips - The best grips in the world, made from PURE rubber, with easy-on, easy-off no-tape installation.
  • KickX - Makers of the KickX Tour Z Golf Ball, one of the longest, softest balls on the market today.
  • LinkSoul - From John Ashworth, awesome golf clothing with a great sense of style.




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