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      Introducing TST "Clubs!"   08/28/2017

      No, we're not getting into the equipment business, but we do have "clubs" here on TST now. Groups. Check them out here:

About The Sand Trap .com (TST)

The Sand Trap .com began in mid-2004 when Erik J. Barzeski (@iacas) and a few friends, all golf nuts, wanted a place of our own to talk about golf - to share opinions, to review courses and equipment, and to chat amongst ourselves and like-minded folks. We all loved golf, and we couldn't find very many fan-driven golf sites on the Intertubes. We tried to join a few, but the ones that existed were primarily one-author sites and simple blogs.

The Sand Trap .com offers news, swing tips, opinions, and a whole lot of commentary. We're an opinionated bunch of real golfers with real day jobs. We may not cover every news story - or even the vast majority of golf news - but we're golfers to the core, and that shows in our coverage of the things we do talk about.

The site began with just a blog-powered site that contains articles and allows you to comment. A few months later, a forum followed, and for a number of years, we had a podcast.

In 2011, Mike McLoughlin (@mvmac) joined the site as a minority owner.

Join us, won't you?

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