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About TST

The Sand Trap (TST), founded in 2004, celebrated its 13th year - a few lifetimes on the Internet - of providing quality content to millions of golfers in 2017, and enters its 14th season as strong as ever. TST is owned and operated by Erik J. Barzeski, a PGA member, instructor/author, and a member of Golf Digest's 2016-17 Best Young Teachers list as well as the 2017-18 Best in State list.

TST's mission is to produce and foster quality content and discussions that helps golfers play better golf, enjoy the game more, and connect with people who share their passion for the sport.

Erik is involved in many aspects of golf (from Lowest Score Wins®, to 5 Simple Keys®, training instructors, working with students, Analyzr, evolvr, etc.), and TST is not his full-time job. As such, TST is in the unique position of being able to work with people and companies whose products or missions add value to TST, while providing true "win-win" partnership solutions. Companies get to reach millions of golfers for a tremendous value, and Erik does not have to spend time chasing every last dollar so that he can focus on the selected Partners, his instruction, and TST content.

Since leaving Huddler in 2015, we've had continued success offering our own partnership packages, and in 2018, we expanded this to ten.

Details are below.


1,000,000+ Monthly Page Views
400,000+ Monthly Unique Visitors
20,000+ Newsletter subscribers


94% Male
86% play more than 20 rounds of golf per year
88% Spend $2,000+ annually on golf
82% in the U.S., 11% in the UK

2021 Partnership Packages

In 2021, five partnership packages will be available. Each partnership package can include:

  • 20% rotation in the top banner advertising spot.
  • 20% rotation in the top sidebar advertising spot (300 x 250).
  • Sponsor member accounts complete with badge, signature, and an open invitation to engage with golfers in forum.
  • A permanent icon and link to your site on every page in the "2021 TST Partners" block.
  • Posting of press releases/news within the forum as requested, engagement through contests, content, and any other reasonable means.
  • First rights to sponsor major championship and Ryder Cup contests.

Five partnerships are available in 2021, and once again they'll be priced at or below our AdSense revenue levels. This means that TST partners will pay the less for a full-year partnership with ads appearing 20% of the time in TWO key, prime areas than they would buying their own ads on TST through Google's advertising program.

For 10 full months of partnership (March 1 - December 31, 2021), you can reach an audience of hundreds of thousands of dedicated golfers, provide content and interact with them, and work with TST owners and staff to get the word out about your products, services, and brand.

Yes, again, we're leaving money on the table. We could make a little more just running Google AdSense ads. But the site looks worse running whatever ads come through AdSense, and golfers are not served as well as they can be with cultivated, active partners with products TST believes in supporting.

Send an email to advertise@thesandtrap.com to get started today!! We're open to discussion about how we can best meet your needs, but expect these spots to go quickly.

Monthly Partnership Plans

Monthly partnership plans are available as well, often for the middle and bottom banner advertising spots. Please email advertise@thesandtrap.com with your ideas.


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    Golfer's Journal
    The Stack System
    FlightScope Mevo
    Direct: Mevo, Mevo+, and Pro Package.

    Coupon Codes (save 10-15%): "IACAS" for Mevo/Stack, "IACASPLUS" for Mevo+/Pro Package, and "THESANDTRAP" for ShotScope.

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